Fixed Issues in June 7 Release (19R1.3)

Release Date: June 7, 2019

Release Date: June 7, 2019

A * next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.

Audit Trail

Issue Description Issue No.
For query correction and prior to submission changes, Vault does not capture the reason for change in the Item Audit Trail. VDC-26053*
In certain circumstances, Vault may not show the correct "Previous value" in the Change Indicator hover card. VDC-26710*

Casebook Versioning

Issue Description Issue No.
When a new casebook version removes an Event from the schedule, a retrospective amendment does not remove that Event from existing Casebooks. VDC-23001*
Retrospective amendments for single Subjects fail when the updated version removes a Form with entered data from the Casebook. VDC-25361*
Vault applies retrospective amendments to Events where the Event Date is locked. VDC-25556*
For prospective amendments, Vault deletes and then re-creates Events that are frozen or locked. VDC-25579*
Prospective casebook amendments fail when the new version contains a new Offset Event selection. VDC-26577
After a successful prospective amendment, Vault updates the amended casebook's Status to Locked, Frozen, Signed, and SDR Complete. (SDR was deprecated and is not part of the current application.) VDC-26583*
After a prospective amendment, data entry users may receive a server error when attempting to open an updated Casebook. VDC-26631*
Prospective amendment jobs remain in "In Progress" when a casebook version contains an Offset Date causing a circular reference. VDC-26666*
If a prospective amendment fails on a Casebook, Vault does not return the impacted Casebook to its original, usable state. VDC-26980*
Retrospective amendments fail when a version contains a Form with only a repeating Item Group. VDC-27046*


Issue Description Issue No.
Listing page pagination is not distributing Code Request entries to secondary pages. VDC-22477*
When a Grouping property is set to No Autocoding property must also be set to No. VDC-22869*
During autocoding, Coder is not assigning matching codes from the synonym list, it is only autocoding from the dictionary. VDC-22887*
If Indication or Route are left null values for a Code Request, the Code Request does not meet relevancy requirements for autocoding and is not autocoded. VDC-22900*
The Listings page should paginate at 50 records per page. VDC-23073*
ConMed verbatims are displayed in AE forms. VDC-23389*
Back button is not working in Coder. VDC-23482*
Coding panel states are not being stored. VDC-23500*
When a Code Request is selected in the Code Request Listing table, the entire row for the Code Request is not highlighted. VDC-23503*
When a user scrolls to view all columns in the Coding panel, some columns are cut off from view. VDC-23505*
Sorting order is not preserved on Listing page when a user switches viewing modes. VDC-23506*
In the Coding panel, the position of the vertical scroll bar prevents all columns from being displayed. VDC-23507*
The Autoassign button is disabled when a coded Code Request is selected. VDC-23567*
The Delete Note confirmation dialog is displayed on the page in the incorrect position. VDC-23569*
When a user clicks into the Search Verbatims field, the field should be outlined in blue. VDC-23579*
In the Dictionary subpanel, a user must scroll horizontally to the far right to view the vertical scroll bar. VDC-25265*
The Coder Listing page displays codes rather than decodes. VDC-25382*
When the user attempts to add a new Verbatim to a Stop List, the error "r.updateValid is not a function" displayed below the Verbatim text box. VDC-25430*

Coder Tools

Issue Description Issue No.
When a user clicks on the Coder Tools tab, the system does not navigate to the Coder Tools page. VDC-23074*

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No.
After freezing and unfreezing an Item, users can't edit that Item until they refresh their browser. VDC-21628*
Vault does not set Planned Event Dates correctly when a Events do not have an Offset Event selected. VDC-21909*
Derived item is not cleared when a form is marked as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-21975*
In some cases, locked events cannot be unlocked by a user. VDC-24405*
Vault allows users to mark a Form as Intentionally Left Blank when that Form includes controlling Items. VDC-25954*
In certain circumstances, Vault does not set Planned Event Dates correctly for Events added by Add Event rules. VDC-26085
If a user uses their keyboard to select a value for a radio button codelist Item, Vault may be slow to save the Form and may not save the selection for the radio button. VDC-26698
Users may receive a server error when attempting to open a Form that has never had a query. VDC-27431*

Data Review

Issue Description Issue No.
Users receive a server error when attempting to unfreeze a Form with the Event-level unfreeze action. VDC-21594*
Vault displays Item Group headers in the Review tab when the Header Visible property is not selected for that Item Group. VDC-22211*
When using the Review tab in IE11™ or Microsoft Edge™, users can't dismiss the subject info callout when switching subjects. VDC-23809*
The Casebook-level Actions menu (Data Entry) and More Actions (Review) does not display the Unlock Subject and Unfreeze Subject actions correctly when the subject Casebook is locked or frozen. VDC-25132*
In the Review tab, when a user creates a manual query, they are able to enter more than 500 characters. VDC-25342*
After a user clicks the SDV All or DMR All button, the page does not reload to update the SDV and DMR status icons. VDC-25550*
When a Casebook contains Events with Review States, users must execute the freeze, lock, unfreeze, or unlock action twice for it to take effect. VDC-25910*
With this release, we made several fixes to Subject-level freezing and unfreezing. The Freeze Subject and Unfreeze Subject actions display appropriately based on the Casebook's status. Vault now displays helpful tooltips indicating the reason that the Freeze or Unfreeze Subject action is unavailable. VDC-26209*
When a user is responding to a query, Vault does not disable the queried item's control. VDC-27305


Issue Description Issue No.
Vault doesn't disable the Sign Form button and allows users to sign when a Form has an open query. VDC-22010*
Vault displays the casebook-level Clear Signature action to CDMS Sub Investigator users, even though users with that role do not have permission to sign or clear signatures. VDC-23770*
Vault does not allow users to sign Forms that are Frozen. VDC-26413*


Issue Description Issue No.
If an EDC Tools user runs an SDV or DMR Re-assignment job and then also runs the other review type's re-assignment job before the first job finishes, Vault may not update SDV and DMR requirement modes correctly. VDC-16166*
The Summary file for the Re-assign DMR Mode job may have inconsistent entries. VDC-16241*
In some cases, when a user runs a Clinical Coding job, the job does not complete. VDC-26665*
Users receive a server error when attempting to download output files for the Autocoding and Suggestions job. With this release, Vault no longer displays a download link for this job type. VDC-26752*


Issue Description Issue No.
Vault does not include translations for the "Welcome to Veeva Vault EDC" email notification. VDC-25214*
The "Delete {Object}" confirmation dialog does not have a Japanese translation. VDC-25219*
The Event Type picklist does not include a Japanese translation for "EDC". VDC-25230*
Several labels in the Studio Properties panel are not translated. VDC-25461*, VDC-25509*
Several labels in the View Editor are not translated. VDC-25530*
Except for the dialog's title and buttons, the Copy Form dialog in Studio is not translated. VDC-25537*

PDF Export

Issue Description Issue No.
In exported Detail PDFs, links to Log-type Events in the Table of Contents are broken. With this release, there are no longer links associated with Log-type Events in the Table of Contents. VDC-27588

Rule Editor

Issue Description Issue No.
The autocompletion drop-down does not differentiate between Identifiers and Functions. VDC-23203*
The Rule Editor can't format expressions including expressions within parentheses. VDC-23465*
Vault continues to display the auto-complete drop-down when a user leaves the Rule Editor without saving. VDC-23484*
For some expressions, the Rule Editor does not format line breaks correctly. VDC-23485*
The autocompletion drop-down is not sorted correctly. VDC-23712*
The Rule Editor does not mark two decimal points (e.g. .4.1) as invalid. VDC-25234*
In the Rule Editor, users can't use "Open in New Tab" or "Open in New Window" for the Back to Rules link. VDC-25238*
In the Rules Editor, Vault does not display a confirmation message when there are unsaved changes and a user clicks Cancel or Back to Rules. VDC-25446*
In the Rules Editor, Vault does not display a confirmation message when there are unsaved changes and a user clicks Cancel or Back to Rules. VDC-25449*
When a Set Item rule uses an @Form identifier, casebook validation fails. VDC-25979*
In some cases, when a user adds an Event Group with the Rule Editor, the rule is later deleted. VDC-26536*
The Rule Editor displays a + button when a user selects the Add Event Group action type. VDC-26558*

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No.
When a CDMS User Administrator user imports users, the Job Queued dialog includes a link to Job History, which users with this Security Profile and Application Role cannot access. VDC-24831*
Users receive a server error when attempting to re-assign SDV or DMR when the Review Plan references a Review State Definition for a different Study. VDC-25388*
Users may receive a server error when opening a Rule in EDC Tools > Query Rules. VDC-26074*

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault doesn't place the cursor correctly after a user inserts a function. VDC-23065*
Vault does not display any notification or confirmation when a user deletes a design definition that is in a layout relationship with another, such as an Item used in more than one Item Group. VDC-23662*
For unit conversions, formulas must include a whitespace character after "$value_v". When a user does not include that whitespace, Vault saves the formula, but treats "$value_v" as an invalid identifier. VDC-24753*
In Studio, the New {Object} dialog does not include a useful validation message for Name. VDC-25197*
In the Properties panel, Vault displays a "{Field} is required" error after quickly deleting and entering a new, valid value. VDC-25222*
After a user changes an Item's type from Read-Only to Derived, Vault does not allow the user to edit the Item. VDC-25305*
ODM Import may fail unexpectedly when importing into the same version. VDC-26463*
Vault fails to generate a Study Design Specification when there are Events and Forms without custom labels. VDC-26465*
Vault adds dynamic Forms based on the casebook version associated with the Form and Item Group or Item Group and Item layout relationship. VDC-26582*
Object record Private Keys may contain "__" (double underscores) which can cause errors with rules. VDC-27307*
Vault attempts to enforce study update restrictions against all prior versions, instead of just the most recent version. VDC-27430

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault may take a long time to delete an Event. VDC-10129*
When a Study is locked, the tooltip indicating that + New Casebook is unavailable continues to display even after a user clicks elsewhere on the page. VDC-21480*
In some cases, Vault is slow to autosave entered data. VDC-21762*
Events Action menu is not rendered. VDC-22070*
In the Review tab, the PDF Job Started dialog does not have a Close button. VDC-23301*
The form icon is not displayed properly when multiple Events and Forms are present. VDC-23399*
Toolbar is not aligned with SDV/DMR columns. VDC-23572*
Review UI does not realign when page is expanded. VDC-23962*
In the Review tab, there may be minor alignment issues after a user resizes their browser window. VDC-24055*
In the Review tab, long query comments may extend outside of the text field. VDC-24077*
In the Review tab, Vault does not display the Frozen status icon when the Casebook is frozen. VDC-24404*
When the Properties panel is in Edit mode, and a user zooms out their browser window, the gray overlay does not cover the window's full height. VDC-25231*
In Studio's Design view, the Browse button may move around the header when a user drags and drops components on the design palette. VDC-25260*
In some cases, Vault doesn't display the query header for closed queries in the Review tab. VDC-25274*
Vault does not display the Answered Query icon to users with the Lead Data Manager and EDC Lead Data Manager security profiles. VDC-25657*
In the Review tab, icons in status banners for repeating Forms don't display correctly. VDC-25907*
Some labels in the Data Entry and Review tabs don't display configured Display Override labels. VDC-25923*
Vault may be slow to load certain Forms. VDC-26134*
If a repeating Form has sequences created by an Add Form rule, resulting in non-sequential sequence numbers, Vault does not display the correct Reference # in the Data Entry area. VDC-26219*, VDC-25980*
If a repeating Form has sequences created by an Add Form rule, resulting in non-sequential sequence numbers, and the user increases the version for a Form, Vault does not display the correct Reference # in the Data Entry area. VDC-26222*
When a user repeatedly clicks SDV or DMR for an Item Group, the status of the Item Group becomes inconsistent and the user may receive a server error. VDC-26459*
In some circumstances, Vault may be slow to autosave data. VDC-26549*, VDC-26640*
If a user accesses Vault with Internet Explorer™, Vault may be slow to load Forms in the Review tab and may not automatically scroll to the chosen Form. VDC-27082
The Casebook listing page displays incorrect column labels for "Last Event" and "Next Event". VDC-27171*
If a user uses their browser's Back button to navigate back to Vault Loader from the Coder tab, Vault continues to display the Coder tab as selected. VDC-27308*
Vault does not prevent users from performing additional actions while SDV or DMR is still in progress. VDC-27337
When Vault autosaves an Item, the form's status icon in the form carousel does not update to In Progress. VDC-27494*

Views & Data Export

Issue Description Issue No.
When a user creates a new View from within a View Set, Vault doesn't autopopulate the View Set Definition field. VDC-21734*
In the New Column dialog, Vault does not order the drop-down Object and Field menus correctly. VDC-23131*
On smaller screen sizes, the New Column dialog extends outside the viewable area. VDC-25207*
When a user adds an Item Group to a View, Vault does not show any in progress indicator. VDC-25211*