Known Issues in 19R3

Pre-Release Date: November 18, 2019 | Release Date: November 22 & December 6, 2019

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future releases. Between the limited release and the general release, we may remove issues that are found to be caused by user error or are working as designed. This list is subject to change until the general release.

An asterisk (*) next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Vault doesn't return the appropriate error response for the Create Casebook API for an invalid Study, Site, or Study Country, when a user without the appropriate permission sends the request, or when the Site doesn't have an Active Casebook Version. VDC-35762*  
Vault allows users to set an Event Date on an Event that already as a date without including a change_reason. VDC-35984*  
If a user provides an empty or invalid date for the Set Event Date API, Vault returns "An unexpected error has occurred". VDC-36221*  
With the Set Event Date API, Vault returns an exception if a date falls outside of the planned date range. VDC-36227*  
Users are able to set an Event Date for log-type Events using the Set Event Date API. VDC-36288*  
Vault returns an unexpected error if a user attempts to set data for a time-type Item with the Set Item Data API. VDC-36537*  
Vault doesn't allow users to Set Item Data on a repeating Form or Item Group until it's created from the EDC user interface. VDC-36666*  
If a user sends a request to Set Item Data on a Form that is in Edit mode, in progress post-submission, Vault returns an error that "Change reason is required" when the change_reason parameter is included. VDC-36682*  
Vault may not return the correct key value pairs with errors on the Open Query API. VDC-36783*  
The error message for an invalid date format includes suggestions for unsupported date formats (DD-MMM-YYYY and M/D/YYYY). VDC-36793*  
Vault allows users to answer closed queries via the API. VDC-37590*  
Vault returns an UNEXPECTED_ERROR when a user attempts to create a Casebook in a Site with no Active Casebook Version. VDC-37992*  
If a user doesn't provide valid or existing definition names when closing or reopening a query, Vault doesn't return the correct error message. VDC-38241*, VDC-38253*  
Vault allows principal investigators and clinical research coordinators to close and reopen queries via the API. VDC-38242*, VDC-38256*  
Vault doesn't return an error if a user attempts to close an already closed query via the API. Instead, Vault adds a new query message and keeps the query in the Closed status. VDC-38243*  
Vault may return an unhandled exception when a user attempts to reopen or close a query. VDC-38244*, VDC-38257*  
Vault doesn't return an error if a user attempts to reopen an already reopened query via the API. Instead, Vault adds a new query message and keeps the query in the Open status. VDC-38254*  
Vault allows users to edit Forms that are blank, in progress, frozen, or already in edit mode using the Edit Submitted Form API. VDC-38862*, VDC-38863*, VDC-38872*, VDC-38875*  
Vault allows users to submit a frozen Form with the Submit Form API. VDC-38895*  
If a user attempts to edit a Form within a Planned Event or an Unscheduled Event, or a repeating Form sequence that hasn't been created yet, using the Edit Submitted Form API , Vault does not return the appropriate error message. VDC-38912*  
Vault does not return the expected error message when a user without API access attempts to set form data or set an Event Date via the API. VDC-38961*, VDC-39040*  
Vault allows users to set Item values for read-only and derived Items via the Set Item Value API. VDC-38987*  
If a user edits a controlling Item for a Skip Item rule using the Set Item Value API, Vault doesn't update the dependent Item. VDC-39012*  
If a user sends a Set Item Value request without the value body parameter, Vault returns a successful response instead of the appropriate error message. VDC-39030*  
Vault returns an exception when a user attempts to set an Item value using an invalid format on a DateTime item. VDC-39038*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Vault doesn't remove an assessment after a data entry user updates the controlling Item that creates the assessment. VDC-32555*  
When an Add Assessment rule references a repeating Event Group, Vault may create duplicate Assessments. VDC-32629*  
If an Assessment includes several Forms for supplemental data, Vault may not load some Forms in the Snapshot panel. VDC-32776*  
If a user's study access is disabled, they receive a server error upon opening the Assessments tab. VDC-37150*  
Vault doesn't show the Bookmark icon in the Snapshot panel for the repeating Form that triggered the assessment. VDC-37923*  
After a user saves an assessment, Vault displays any answers to time-type questions in the vault's timezone instead of the user-entered time. VDC-38020*  

Audit Trail

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The Audit Trail Export job output doesn't include system queries that were deleted during Form reset. VDC-38159*  

Automated Deployments

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Vault requires the Name for Study Instances and other deployment-related object records to be unique. VDC-31761*  
When in a UAT environment, users can't view Coding Configuration, repeating Item Group Default Data, or custom labels on repeating Event Groups. VDC-37629*  
When creating a new study by copying an existing Study, Vault may not successfully copy the study if the source study has more than one version and the "Ignore import casebook version" checkbox was selected. VDC-37726*  
Users may receive a server error when locking a study environment from EDC Tools > All Environments. VDC-37847*  
If a connected vault is down for maintenance or deleted, users can't select a vault in the Upgrade to Automatic Deployments dialog. VDC-37862*  
Vault displays Environment Types in the incorrect order for that filter in Studio > Environments. VDC-37974*  
Vault doesn't name Review Plan Object Definition records correctly during deployment. VDC-38062*  
Vault doesn't allow deployment into a UAT environment where the Study Build number is "7". VDC-38066*  
After deploying from UAT to training, and then deleting the training environment, deployment fails when the user attempts to deploy from UAT to production. VDC-38069*  
During deployment, Vault does not delete Add Schedule rules in the target environment when those Rules are deleted in the source environment. VDC-38180*  
In certain circumstances, Vault doesn't populate the Highest Casebook Version field appropriately. VDC-38199*  
If the Study Build number is greater than 9 in the development environment, Vault doesn't allow deployment to UAT. VDC-38207*  
Vault shows Organizations that don't exist in the current Vault as filter options in Studio > My Studies. VDC-38218*  
When upgrading a study to automatic deployments, Vault shows Studies in the Select Study field that the user doesn't have permission to view. VDC-38250*  
Study Designers may receive a permissions error when attempting to create a new Study Master by copying another study design. VDC-38258*  
In certain cases, a deployment that includes a new Assessment Definition may fail unexpectedly. VDC-38270*  
If a deployment to a UAT environment is unsuccessfuly, Vault removes the link to open that environment in EDC Tools > Environments. VDC-38271*  
In automated deployment Studies, Vault may not send users an email notification after they're added to the Study. VDC-38312*  
Deployment administrators may receive an "EDC Job: No study id was found on the context" error when attempting to delete study data for an environment. VDC-38323*  

Casebook Versioning

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
When running a prospective amendment, the full event schedule is duplicated instead of only adding forms and items to events that haven't started. VDC-37309*  
When comparing casebook versions, if the user inputs incorrect credentials and tries to navigate back using the back button, they cannot move forward with the process until the dialog is closed and reopened. VDC-37808*  
For larger studies, creating a new casebook version may take a few minutes. Vault doesn't display any indication that the casebook version creation job is running while it's ongoing. VDC-37989*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Batch coding when the batch includes an already coded request can result in duplicate synonyms. VDC-38320*  

Coder Tools

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
After a user initiates upversioning for a Form, the page may freeze. The job still runs. VDC-38613*  

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
When all Items in a repeating Item Group are disabled by a Skip Item rule, Vault displays the same message as when the Repeat Maximum has been reached, instead of a helpful error message. VDC-38179*  
Users receive a server error when entering a date with an unknown day that has the month as lowercase. VDC-38234*  
If a user marks a completed Form as Intentionally Left Blank, Vault shows the change indicator on read-only Items. VDC-38275*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The Data Listing job fails when there is a coding-enabled Form with multiple Verbatim Items. VDC-36330*  
The completed CSV for Data Listing jobs is missing Form Status Datetime fields. VDC-36733*  
In Review > Study Jobs, the Actions menu was replaced with three buttons (Edit, Delete, and Run Now). These buttons don't initiate the respective actions. VDC-38055*  
In the Review > Study Jobs tab, attempting to schedule a weekly Data Export or Detail PDF job results in an error message. VDC-38178*  
In rare cases, users receive a server error when attempting to open EDC Tools > Jobs. VDC-38190*  
In Review > Study Jobs > Job History, Vault doesn't show the Information, File, and Log icons on completed Jobs. VDC-38311*  
After a user completes a deployment of a new casebook version, and creates Casebooks on the new version, subsequent Data Listing jobs may generate CSVs with only the header row and no data. VDC-38315*  
The Delete Study Data job doesn't delete Subjects that contain open, manual queries. VDC-38350*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
There isn't a translation for the "No data found" message in Studio. VDC-37853*  

PDF Export

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
When a v2 Detail PDF is exported, the resulting PDF file does not show label items. VDC-37893*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Vault doesn't delete closed queries when an Event is reset. VDC-38058*  

Role Management

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Users with the CDMS Lead Data Manager study role receive a server error when attempting to create a new Study Role or copy an existing one. VDC-37881*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The Debug Log may not sort log files correctly. VDC-37023*  
Copying an Event Group doesn't copy rules referencing that Event Group. VDC-37431*  
Vault doesn't update the identifier correctly when a user changes a rule from an Item Query rule to an Event Query rule. VDC-37630*  
Vault doesn't allow Studio users to save blank Rules. VDC-38056*  
With a Skip Item rule having a Codelist-type Item as the controlling Item and a Date-type item as the dependent Item, Vault disables that dependent Item even when the rule expression doesn't evaluate as true. VDC-38198*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
If a user uses the breadcrumb menu to navigate away from a Casebook without saving their SDV or DMR progress, and then clicks Stay on Page in the Unsaved Changes dialog, Vault returns them to the page but their SDV or DMR progress is lost. If the user clicks the Vault CDMS logo or refreshes the page, Vault doesn't show the Unsaved Changes warning and removes their SDV or DMR progress. VDC-38051*  
When a Study using SDV and DMR rollup version 2 includes a Form with Items that all use the Optional requirement mode, the repeating Form table may show the wrong SDV or DMR status for the Form. VDC-38309*  
In a Rollup version 2 Study (post-19R3), Vault does not show the correct SDV or DMR status for an Event and a repeating Form within the Event in the Event & Form List panel if all Items in the repeating Form use the Optional requirement mode and there is more than one sequence of the Form. VDC-38364*  

Search & Filter

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Users can't view search results when searching for Subjects if they don't have access to either the Data Entry or Review tabs. VDC-37859*  
In Studio, if a user paginates to page other than "1", and then searches the listing, Studio doesn't return any results. VDC-38164*  

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
In certain cases, after a user clicks Import to import study users or sites, the page freezes, even though Vault successfully imports the users or sites. VDC-37984*, VDC-38313*  
Vault allows users to create new Sites when a Study is locked. VDC-38301*  

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Vault may not show Item-level override labels in Studio if the Item Definition is on a different version from the Item Group and Item relationship. VDC-32720*  
Vault doesn't copy Item Group Default Data configuration correctly when copying from another Study. VDC-35381*  
After a user creates a new study object record, Vault doesn't open the Properties panel for that record. VDC-36269*  
In certain instances, copying an event in Studio > Events is unsuccessful. VDC-37034*  
Copying an Event Group doesn't copy the Coding Configuration of any Form within the Event Group. VDC-37503*  
The Study Design Specification doesn't include the Subject Status selection for Set Subject Status rules. VDC-38095*  
When a user creates a new Form from Studio > Schedule, and they set the Repeat Maximum, Vault doesn't save their Repeat Maximum entry and instead sets that property's value to "1". VDC-38255*  
While in Studio > Schedule, if a user closes the Properties panel and then clicks on the same component to reopen it, Vault doesn't reopen the Properties panel. VDC-38310*  
After a user saves changes to a definition in the Properties panel, the Components panel switches from Create mode to Add from Study mode. VDC-38332*  

Study Import & Export

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Vault may allow users to import non-sequential casebook versions. VDC-32362*  
ODM XML import may fail if the import file has already been imported. VDC-33787*  
Vault allows the import of Event Group Definitions with duplicate Names. VDC-38200*  

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
In the Review tab, when a user is viewing a Form, and then uses the breadcrumb menu to switch to the same Form for a different Subject, Vault doesn't switch the display to the newly selected Subject. VDC-31872*  
In the Review tab, when the Casebook or Event is locked, Vault does not display the event-level SDV and DMR buttons as disabled. VDC-31954*  
In the Data Entry tab, the Change Indicator on a newly re-submitted Form displays "null by null" for "Modified" until the user refreshes the page. VDC-32943*  
From Studio, if a user's login session times out, Vault shows a blank page on refresh, instead of redirecting the user to the login page. VDC-34858*  
In Studio > Study > Schedule, the properties panel information is not reflected in each form when the back button in the browser is selected. VDC-36695*  
In casebooks that include a repeating event group, the form header is incorrectly displayed. VDC-37161*  
In Studio, the Create New Version dialog does not open after the action is cancelled unless the page is refreshed. VDC-37538*  
Vault is slow to apply changes when a user drags and drops in the Design palette from Studio > Schedule. VDC-37667*  
If a user clicks Home in the Review tab breadcrumb, while viewing a Subject, Vault continues to display the Discard and Save buttons. VDC-38053*  
If a user paginates in EDC Tools > Sites, opens another tab, then returns to EDC Tools > Sites, Vault removes the pagination buttons. VDC-38077*  
In Studio, Vault doesn't show the Unsaved Changes warning when a user navigates away from the Properties panel. VDC-38123*  

Views & Data Export

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
After a user deletes all existing View Sets, Vault shows the + New Organization button in Studio > View Sets. VDC-31809*  
Vault does not open the View Editor after a user copies a View. VDC-36274*  
After saving a new View, Vault shows the Unsaved Changes dialog, even though the View is saved. VDC-38078*