Known Issues in 19R2 Pre-Release

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future releases.

A * next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.

Audit Trail

Issue Description Issue No.
If the user edits a form to remove a Intentionally Left Blank State, the audit trail description gives the reason for change as “Changes prior to submission”. VDC-28535*
The adding and removing of dynamic Events and Forms are logged in the Audit Trail as being performed by the data entry user, instead of the system user. VDC-30417*
The CSV output for the Audit Trail Export job does not include the deletion of Event Groups that were deleted as part of Subject deletion. VDC-31229*

Casebook Versioning

Issue Description Issue No.
After a prospective amendment raises the Repeat Maximum for a repeating Event Group, Vault allows users to create the new Repeat Maximum value's number of Event Groups, instead of up to the Repeat Maximum. VDC-26733*
Vault does not update existing, blank, dynamic Events when applying changes to Labels, Override Labels, or Offset Days as part of a prospective amendment. VDC-26761*
When a casebook version removes an Event Group from a study schedule without removing the relationship between the Event Group and its Events, Vault does not remove those Events from existing Casebooks during a retrospective amendment. VDC-26904*
When a user with the EDC Lead Data Manager security profile initiates a retrospective amendment, the amendment fails unexpectedly. VDC-27033*
Prospective amendments may fail when a Casebook contains a signed Event where all Forms are in the Blank status. VDC-27131*


Issue Description Issue No.
Vault loader fails to import the WHODrug C3 dictionary when the import API is used. VDC-28666*
Vault may fail to create MedDRA dictionary Code Requests when the value for the verbatim Item contains certain special characters. VDC-28839*
Coder limits the number of unique terms that a user can enter and search for in a dictionary search to ten, but does not limit the number of duplicate terms. Therefore, the user is able to conduct a search for an unlimited number of duplicate terms. VDC-29123*
The Coder UI must be changed to use colors from the CDMS Color Palette, or those used by the Vault Platform. Other minor UI changes are also needed. VDC-29340*

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No.
When a user enters a Date on a Form in a language other than English, Vault displays the Date value's Month in that language to users with their Language set to English on Forms in view mode. VDC-26061*
If a repeating Event Group uses an Offset Event that is not within that Event Group, Vault does not calculate the Planned Event Date correctly for any cycle after the first. VDC-26725*
In certain circumstances, Vault uses the current date as the Planned Date instead of using the Event Window configuration to calculate the Planned Date for repeating Event Groups. VDC-26745*
After a user resets an Event, Vault does not delete open system queries within that Event. VDC-27016*
After a retrospective amendment removing the Unscheduled Event, users receive a server error when opening the casebook schedule for Casebooks that previously included many Unscheduled Events. VDC-27064*
In Firefox, text does not wrap within the Data Entry and Review tabs. VDC-27283*
In some cases, the Freeze, Unfreeze and Unlock actions do not work for Events with repeating items, if there are no records. VDC-28514*
The user cannot reset forms in Data Entry because the system incorrectly detects a blank field for Subject ID. VDC-28650*
Vault does not disable dependent Items as expected when those Items are created as part of Item Group Default Data. VDC-30289*
When a Form is locked, if a user hovers over the disabled Edit Form button, Vault continues to display the tooltip after the user moves their cursor off the button. VDC-30718*

Data Review

Issue Description Issue No.
After a retrospective amendment removes an Item that had completed SDV or DMR, Vault does not update the Review for SDV and Review for DMR fields on related records to indicate the updated rollup review status. VDC-26913*
Vault does not highlight the next task Item for DMR after the user clicks the Next Task button from a repeating Form. VDC-27595*
In the Review tab, the system does not delete a subject when the user clicks Delete Subject. VDC-27644*
For repeating Item Groups using tabular view, Vault does not badge the Item Group's Reference Number with the Open Query icon. VDC-28242*
The Closed Query icon does not display on Items with closed queries in repeating Item Groups using tabular view. VDC-28250*
Vault does not show the Frozen and Locked icons for frozen and locked Items in repeating Item Groups using tabular view. With this release, these icons display in tabular view. VDC-28265*, VDC-29246*
Vault does not temporarily lock the Casebook when a user is performing Item- or Item Group-level SDV or DMR in the Data Entry tab. VDC-29773*
Vault does not update status icons after a user completes a review task until the user refreshes the page. VDC-30197*
For repeating Forms, the View as Site dialog does not include the Form label. VDC-30441*
Vault allows the deletion of unscheduled Events with open, manual queries, both by users deleting the Event and by editing a controlling Item for dynamic Events VDC-31164*


Issue Description Issue No.
In the Subject Actions Menu, the Freeze Subject button is disabled if Events are in a planned state. VDC-28077*
When the user resets a signed Did Not Occur Event, the Event remains signed. VDC-28217*
The user cannot clear the Event signature or the Casebook signature for Events that are marked Did Not Occur if they do not have a signature review state. VDC-28222*
When the user clicks Clear Event Signature in the event schedule, the system fails to clear the signature. VDC-28222*


Issue Description Issue No.
Vault does not send users an email notification after completing a Query Rules job in Preview mode. VDC-26460*
When the system executes a Delete Study Data job, Subject records are not deleted. VDC-27608*
When the user runs a comparison job between vaults, the job fails if the vaults are on different PODs. VDC-28005*
Users receive "File not found.error" when attempting to download the output file for completed Delete Study Data jobs. VDC-28794*
Vault does not restart subject ID numbering in the subject's Name after a Delete Study Data job. VDC-28799*
The Delete Study Data job may fail if a targeted Subject is referenced by an Event Operational Summary record. VDC-28807*
When a user runs multiple Site-level Delete Study Data jobs, Vault only lists a single, Study-level entry in the Job History. VDC-29015*
In certain circumstances, the Audit Trail Export job fails unexpectedly. VDC-29517*
The Delete Study Data job does not delete subject Casebooks that have a Review Plan Casebook record. VDC-30051*


Issue Description Issue No.
In the Data Entry and Review tabs, translated labels are missing. VDC-25922*
Some field labels in Studio are not localized. VDC-27035*
In Coder and Coder Tools, the system is failing to translate call-outs, column headers, subtext and synonym list details. VDC-27442*
Forms and Queries do not have translated labels in Data Entry. VDC-28268*
Imported, translated labels are not correctly formatted in Data Entry. VDC-28271*
The Review and Data Entry tab do not have translated labels. VDC-28272*
Loading messages for Subjects are not translated into other languages. VDC-28273*

PDF Export

Issue Description Issue No.
When a casebook contains a Event that is marked as Did Not Occur, the Detail PDF export option is not available. VDC-27849*

Review Plans

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault does not name Review Plan Object Definition records correctly for Review Plans created in the Review Plan Editor. VDC-27574*
Imported Review Plans may not display correctly in the Review Plan Editor because Vault may reference other studies when creating Private Keys for related records. VDC-28831*
When viewed with Internet Explorer 11™, the Edit Site Templates dialog in EDC Tools > Review Plan Assignment is cut off. VDC-29042*
When assigning review plans in EDC Tools, if there is an error, the page hangs instead of showing an error message. VDC-29406*
In certain certain circumstances, Vault attempts to update casebook-level Review Plan assignments as the currently logged in user, instead of the system user, causing the update to fail. VDC-29856*
The Remove Manual Overrides action does not update SDV and DMR requirements for subject Casebooks in Sites that do not have a Review Plan Site record. VDC-30012*
The EDC Study Tools Permissions standard permission set does not include permission to delete Review Plan Site records. VDC-30019*

Role Management

Issue Description Issue No.
When Study Role columns extend outside the browser's viewable area, Vault does not show a horizontal scrollbar. The vertical scrollbar also does not allow users to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. VDC-29241*
Permissions related to unreleased functionality display in the Role Management tab's permission list. VDC-29887*


Issue Description Issue No.
In Studio, when the user changes an expression for an event rule, the difference is not detected when two vaults are compared. VDC-28321*
If a Studio user switches a rule to Active or Inactive and then saves their changes, Vault displays an Unsaved Changes warning after they click Back to Rules. VDC-28623*
Vault may not display the rule's Rule Bindings in the Rule Editor, even though Vault is creating the records as expected. VDC-29245*
When a rule is applied to a form item to disable it, Reason for Change remains enabled. VDC-29743*

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No.
Subject ID order is by Study and not Site. Therefore when the user configures a new Subject ID for a site, the numbering is not always consistent. VDC-29657*
A CDMS Study Designer is able to change a Study Configuration's Review Plan Override field. VDC-30273*

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault displays the Display Format property in Studio when the Review tab is not enabled. VDC-29037*
In Internet Explorer™, the General and Signature Definitions sections overlap in Studio > Settings. VDC-29355*
If one Study contains a Review Plan Object Definition record that another Study does not, the compare versions report does not include that record in the report. VDC-29825*
If an XML file does not include Coder Study Settings, import may fail unexpectedly. VDC-29878*

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No.
In the Review tab, hyperlinks in form table rows do not work. VDC-25891*
In Studio, options in the Display Format section of the Properties Panel are not in the correct order. VDC-27234*
Vault does not display the appropriate override labels for the Last Event and Next Event columns in listing pages. VDC-27261*
In Data Entry, when the user hovers over the change reason icon the system only displays a spinner. VDC-27982*
An unexpected error message is displayed when the user attempts to delete a subject in a casebook. VDC-28171*
In Studio, a coding tag is visible in the Coding section of the Properties Panel. VDC-28172*
In Internet Explorer™, Vault displays drop-down menu options for Allow Unknown and Event Date Review in the Properties panel that are unavailable. VDC-28333*
In Role Management, the Standard Tabs permissions are not in alphabetical order. VDC-28365*
In the Edit User dialog, options in the Study Role drop-down are not sorted. VDC-28376*
In tabular view repeating Item Groups, the buttons on queries are crowded together. VDC-28728*
In tabular view, repeating Item Groups don't display the Comment and Close Query options correctly. VDC-28729*
For repeating Item Groups in tabular view, Vault does not display rule details for system queries when a user hovers over the Information (i) icon. VDC-28733*
If a user clicks Edit Value in the Query dialog for a repeating Item Group in tabular view , Vault does not open the Form already scrolled to that Item. VDC-28809*
When the user hovers over the change history icon, the callout only produces a spinner. VDC-28834*
If a new casebook version adds an Item to a repeating Item Group using Grid View, Vault does not display the repeating Item Group correctly in Casebooks that do not contain the new Item. VDC-28841*
In Data Entry, when a user closes a query in tabular view, the scroll position on the page persists. VDC-28938*
When a form is viewed as site in tabular view, cells and the Audit button should be read-only. VDC-28941*
In the Event Actions Menu, when the user clicks the Unfreeze Event button for an Event that is already unfrozen the following message is displayed: "All unlocked forms and event dates are already unfrozen". According the Casebooks Actions configuration, the message should be: "This action cannot be performed because the event date is frozen or locked." VDC-28945*
When a form is viewed in tabular view, URLs are not hyperlinks. VDC-28958*
In the Data Entry tab's Query window, the action icons are not accessible when the user scrolls down. VDC-28972*
The Data Entry tab's Query window closes when the user performs an action on a single query, even if there are other open queries. VDC-29052*
When viewed in Chrome™, Vault may be slow to resize the Coding panel. VDC-29272*
When the user freezes a subject the system allows them to click the +New Event button. The system displays the New Event dialog, but it does not generate a new Event when the user clicks the Add Events button in the dialog. VDC-29647*
For Items in tabular view repeating Item Groups, Vault does not show a check for checkbox (boolean) Items. VDC-29717*
In Data Entry, when a user answers and saves a query, the Complete button for the form is not displayed until the user refreshes the page. VDC-29882*
In some cases, Vault does not display data for repeating Item Groups in tabular view in the Review tab's View as Site dialog. VDC-30070*
In the Data Entry tab, the Help icon is not located in the correct position on the page. VDC-30274*
If a user clicks to open Review Plan Assignment while already in EDC Tools > Review Plan Assignment, the page does not load. VDC-30445*