Fixed Issues in 21R2

Pre-Release Date: July 19, 2021 | Release Date: July 30 & August 6, 2021

This week's release includes fixes for the following issues:

An asterisk (*) next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.

Highlighted Issues

The fixes for the issues highlighted below may introduce behavioral changes from the previous release.

Category Description Issue No.


Issue Description Issue No.
The header of the Assessment Questionnaire page doesn't show the Event Date. VDC-74629*


Issue Description Issue No.
With this release, if a User is marked as Inactive in CDMS, that inactive status extends to CDB. VDC-61531*

Blank & Detail PDFs

Issue Description Issue No.
The Detail PDFs job may fail with an Object Not Found exception when a user runs the job soon after another user deletes a Form Link. VDC-77993

Casebook Variables

Issue Description Issue No.
In the Casebook Variables list, drop-down menus hide validation errors. VDC-70251

Casebook Versioning

Issue Description Issue No.
In new studies, retrospective amendments don't fail when a Casebook contains locked data. VDC-53938*
Retrospective amendments that add a Form to a frozen Event unfreeze all Forms within the Event. VDC-59311*
If a retrospecitve amendment changes a Codelist Item Definition, the Item for the Codelist Item includes an unnecessary audit trail entry for Change Reason Update to "Amendment update". VDC-74989


Issue Description Issue No.
SDTM functions don't support @HDR. VDC-54828*
CQL may return a "The used SELECT statements have a different number of columns" error when selecting from @HDR. VDC-65618*
With this release, CQL supports ordering by aliased @Form or @ItemGroup attributes within a union. VDC-66021*
CQL now supports the use of ON SUBJECT within a subquery. VDC-67512*
Using COMPACT with @Form or @ItemGroup attributes results in extra rows. VDC-68355
CQL may return an error when using subqueries with union. VDC-71580*
CQL doesn't return a helpful error message if the statement uses compact with union, which is not supported. VDC-71591*
Currently, CQL doesn't support decorations when the SELECT statement uses DISTINCT. If one SELECT statement within a Union uses it, and the other does not, the listing fails to load. VDC-71597*
CQL returns the "Column 'ROWID' in field list is ambiguous" error when a Form has an Item named "ROWID". VDC-71616
Statements with subquery joins may return more result rows than expected. VDC-71993
CQL may return an "Operand should contain 1 column" error when the statement uses IN or NOT IN on a subquery that selects from more than one Form. VDC-72319
CQL may return different numbers of rows between statements that select an asterisk versus those that select named fields. VDC-73964
CQL returns an error when ON SUBJECT is used inside of a subquery. VDC-74213
CQL doesn't indicate an error in the Workbench UI for invalid CQL (using COMPACT and Union() together). VDC-74753*
The Upper() and Lower() functions return alphanumeric coded values instead of the expected uppercase or lowercase strings. VDC-75034
If a user runs CQL that uses DESCRIBE, the page hangs before any results are returned. VDC-75185

CDB - Export

Issue Description Issue No.
For raw exports, the manifest file may not list the "itemlabel" for date or derived items. VDC-63022*
The Sys_Forms listing may contain duplicate rows for Forms with repeating Item Groups. VDC-63468*
Users with the Restricted Data Access permission can't see restricted data from third party sources in raw exports. VDC-64388*
In exported CSVs, Workbench uses "--" instead of blanks for N/A cells. VDC-65551*
With this release, Workbench automatically converts hyphens to underscores in variable names during SAS package generation. VDC-65657*
Restricted data is included in export packages that are visible on the FTP server. VDC-68557
Users with the Restricted Data Access permission can't see restricted data from third party sources in raw exports. VDC-69196*
Workbench may not include columns with duplicate names in the CSV files for exports, even when those columns are included in the SAS export files and the manifest. VDC-70354
If a user copies an SDTM-type Export Definition with Save As, the column headers for third party data items may be replaced with random strings. VDC-70539*
SAS package generation for raw exports may take a long time before failing unexpectedly. VDC-71272*
With this release, we updated the character limit from 200 to 1500 for text fields in SAS exports. VDC-72216
Workbench export jobs are stuck with an "In Progress" status for certain studies. VDC-73895
Export to certain FTP servers may fail unexpectedly due to the connection closing. VDC-73989
CDB excludes columns with duplicate names from SAS export files if a unique name can't be generated by adding the name of the Item Group to the column name. With this release, CDB can handle duplicate column names when there is no Item Group name to add. VDC-74135
Studies remain in Pending status after the EDC export package fails. VDC-74602
If an Export Definition contains blinded data, and a user without the Restricted Data Access permission generates a package, the filename is prefixed with "WBBlinded". With this release, Workbench appends "Unblinded" to the filename for users that have the Restricted Data Access permission and does not modify filename for users without that permission. VDC-74612
For scheduled exports, Workbench generates two packages and does not deliver either package to the specified FTP destination. VDC-74702
If a custom listing in a raw-type Export Definition has a duplicate Name, export fails. VDC-76260*
SAS exports use a hard coded column length of 1500 instead of the column length defined in the Item Definition. VDC-76921
For SAS export packages, the Sys_ILB listing's output file may not include Item.Names. VDC-77805
Raw listings may not include the _UOM, _Translated, or _UOMTranslated columns for lab Items. VDC-77960, VDC-78075

CDB - Import

Issue Description Issue No.
For data model version 2 studies, after an import from EDC, Workbench may show "blank__v" for Event.Status, even when those Events are Submitted. VDC-65158*
Workbench Exports from EDC may not include these fields: @QRY.FormSeqNbr, @QRY.OTOREPLY, @QRY.RuleID, @QRYD.ataChange, or @QRY.TriggerID. VDC-67749*
Data import fails when the package contains one or more empty files. VDC-70744
When importing data with the "itemgroup" key in the manifest file, Workbench may only show the Item Group in the first row of CSV data in the resulting listing. VDC-71002*
When importing many packages, if one package fails due to an error, Workbench may not import the remaining, error-free packages correctly. VDC-71569*
Workbench exports inexplicably fail for certain Vaults. VDC-71575*
Reprocessing for an EDC package may get stuck causing subsequent imports to fail. VDC-71581*
Following certain import issues, Workbench may not display the import packages correctly with the errors and warnings in Import > Packages. VDC-71665
Import may fail due to an unexpected timeout error. VDC-71760
Studies with quotation marks ( " ) in the change reason attribute fail during export. VDC-71861
In some circumstances, Workbench may not update correctly after a study imports a new package, causing the All Listings page to not display any listings. VDC-72162
In some Studies, Codelist labels in CDB may not match those in EDC. VDC-72174
Workbench may fail to process imports of multiple large packages, which can cause the Study to become inaccessible. VDC-72524
In certain circumstances, Workbench may fail to retry import after import fails. VDC-72755
Workbench may generate duplicate Event Groups for a Subject during the import of third party data, which can cause Subjects to not display in any listings. VDC-73108
CDB sends an email each time that a package is reprocessed. VDC-73410
When a vault has more than one Study in Workbench, import may fail unexpectedly. VDC-73428
If a user imports a third party data package, import fails, and then they reimport after fixing the errors, Workbench may not update to show the newly imported data. VDC-73655*
Workbench may fail to retry import after import fails. VDC-73764
Importing multiple packages into different Studies from the same Source can result in errors. VDC-73954
Repeatedly refreshing the Import package and re-importing data can cause import jobs to fail even when there are no errors. VDC-74032*
During import, preparation for loading may take longer than expected and time out, causing the import to fail. VDC-74340
Import may not fully remove artifacts from earlier versions which can result in import failures. VDC-75774
Certain transformation errors may not be interpreted as errors, resulting in false positives for import completion. VDC-75938
Workbench may not handle transformed CSV data correctly during import of existing studies. VDC-76229
In some circumstances, a third party package may fail to load, but Workbench lists it as Completed and doesn't show any issues. VDC-76514
If initial ingestion times out for an existing Study, import fails without complete error logging. VDC-76530
After a user imports a new package into a third party source, any item-level queries within that source no longer display in the Outstanding Queries listing. VDC-77010*
Data transformation takes longer than expected for large studies. VDC-77493
If a third party data import file is listed incorrectly in the manifest file, causing the import to fail, Workbench may still attempt to swap the Study. When this happens, the Study gets stuck in the Pending status. VDC-78014

CDB - Listings

Issue Description Issue No.
If a listing's CQL statement uses on subject, Workbench doesn't show query information in the Cell Details panel. VDC-63242*
CSVs generated from Review Listings include all rows, regardless of any filters applied. VDC-63940*
If a user navigates to a subsequent page of results, and then filters the Review Listing, Workbench shows no results. VDC-64927*
On the Listings page, the Form pill tooltip shows the Reprocessed Date instead of the Last Uploaded Date. VDC-65446*
Users with the Restricted Data Access permission are unable to view restricted Items from a Review Listing. VDC-68432*
With this release, if a cell or column header value is longer than 50 characters, users can hover over the value to show the entire value. VDC-69548
If a user edits a listing without saving, and then leaves the page, Workbench doesn't show an unsaved changes warning. VDC-69889*
If a row on a Review Listing is updated by an EDC import, Workbench shows the Delta icon on all rows in the listing, instead of only on the changed row. VDC-71043
Workbench may not show query decorations when there is a union of an EDC form and a third party, restricted form. VDC-71311*
Workbench may fail to load a listing without showing an error when a Form has multiple repeating Item Groups. VDC-71592*
If two Studies have a Form with the same Name from the same Source, CDB may keep the Core Listings for that Form in the Pending status. VDC-71952
Users may receive an error when attempting to filter an aliased column from the Sort & Filter menu when the listing's CQL uses Union. VDC-72046
The Public Listings page may not display Form pills for all listings after data is imported that is referenced in a listing. VDC-72052
CQL may be slow to return results for statements using certain clinical functions. VDC-72896
Workbench doesn't allow listings of different Categories and Sources to have the same Name. VDC-73499*
On Core Listings, the Cell Details panel may not display query messages. VDC-73574*
Listings and exports may not display coding data correctly for Forms using WHODrug B3. VDC-74155*
Workbench doesn't display query decorations on Event Dates. VDC-74913*
If two Studies have Forms with matching CDM Keys, Workbench may create invalid Core Listings. VDC-75350*
Users may receive an error when attempting to save a new private listing. VDC-76296*
CSV generation for a listing fails when the listing references blinded data from a third party source. VDC-76515
Certain forms with repeating item groups may result in duplicate rows in their core listings. VDC-77158

CDB - Queries

Issue Description Issue No.
The Query Messages listing is now ordered by @QRY.Name DESC, @QRYMSG.CreatedDate DESC. VDC-63448*
The Closed Queries listings return QRY.Name twice instead of QRY.Name and QRY.FirstMessage. VDC-64392*
Workbench doesn't display the "All Outstanding Queries", "All Closed Queries", or "All Query Messages" listings on the Queries > Core page. VDC-64855*
In some cases, users may receive a "Failed to retrieve cell details" error when attempting to open the Cell Details panel for an Item with an open query. VDC-65124*
Users may receive an error when attempting to open a Query on third party data. VDC-65353*
The Queries page doesn't list Query Listings in the correct order. VDC-66356*
Users may receive an "Event not found" error when attempting to open a query from a listing where the CQL uses "on subject". VDC-67376
Workbench queries with repeating Item Groups, Events, and Forms don't display in the correct fields. VDC-67783*
Users receive an error when attempting to open a new item-level Query from a listing where the CQL uses Union across Forms with different sources. VDC-72302*
Importing a new third party package into an existing third party source may remove queries. VDC-72405*
Workbench doesn't display query decorations on Item-level queries created in Workbench. VDC-75475*


Issue Description Issue No.
Users can't change a ConMed form status to "Reject." VDC-67775*
Coding Status filters should stay the same when the user switches to Code Mode. VDC-69579*
If a site user edits an Item that is displayed in Coder, Vault doesn't show the updated value on the Code Request in Group mode. VDC-70569*
Synonyms with multiple ATCs are marked as Noncurrent when upversioning Synonym List types that don't include ATCs. VDC-70607*
Coder doesn't display search results (matching on Drug Name) from WHODrug dictionaries for words less than three characters. VDC-71035
Both batch and single form upversioning may fail when there are multiple upversioning jobs initated close together, especially when the impacted Forms have many Code Requests. VDC-72632
With this release, updates to Code Requests against a deleted grouped request are allowed. VDC-72825
Vault doesn't keep the Coding Form Status set to Upversioning throughout the entire upversioning process if the end status will be Needs Synonym List, which allows users to change Form data and Code Requests. This causes upversioning to fail. VDC-72840
Vault allows multiple Upversioning jobs to run at once, which can cause those jobs to fail. With this release, Vault only allows one Upversioning job to run at a time. VDC-72842
Generation of the Upversioning Impact Report may fail for WHODrug dictionaries. VDC-73009*
The Study Build number changes for several studies during Batch Upversioning. VDC-73087
The Coding Upversioning impact report fails due to errors. VDC-73729
Upversioning a Coding Item Definition that is assigned a WHODrug dictionary assigns coding requests without ATCs a "Noncurrent" status. VDC-74350*
The Impact Report doesn't autocode when a matching drug name has multiple ATC options when coding a WHODrug Form without ATCs. VDC-75443

Coding Lists

Issue Description Issue No.
Batch upversioning may fail to assign the Synonym List unexpectedly. VDC-71396

Compare Versions

Issue Description Issue No.
The comparison job may fail when a Study has multiple comparison rules on a given Event or Item. VDC-71630
With this release, we no longer include Clinical Significance in the diff report. VDC-74680

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No.
The user receives an error after deleting a Dynamic Form. VDC-54925*
Users receive a server error after deleting an unscheduled Event. VDC-65841*
Repeating forms that are Marked for Removal remain marked when controlling logic is set back to true. VDC-72368
Lab forms don't save successfully; users are shown a perpetual loading page. VDC-72949
Adding a new lab location removes the Lab Panel Data Entry grid. VDC-73618*
The "View as Site" window in Lab Panels doesn't load. VDC-73698*
Vault incorrectly calculates subjects' age in lab forms. VDC-74132
After a study is upgraded from data model version 1 to 2, users may receive a server error after attempting to mark an Item as intentionally left blank that existed before the migration occurred. VDC-74318*
Users are shown an error message that a lab result unit is different from the normal range unit when units are the same. VDC-75369
Some users can't submit data and are repeatedly shown a server error message. VDC-75781
Users receive an error when refreshing lab normals with a form containing an item that is using a reserved word as a name. VDC-75850*
Vault is inconsistent in how it stores unknown months when entered in an editable grid. VDC-77829

Deployment (Study Level)

Issue Description Issue No.
Users encounter errors when deploying to production. VDC-63926*
Vault no longer deletes Progressive Display rules during deployments that Items the records that the rule is based on. VDC-69742*
If a deployment takes longer than 60 minutes, the deployment fails upon reaching 60 minutes. VDC-70873*
Deploying a library Collection to UAT may fail when the deployment includes Study Roles. VDC-71260
Some users receive a "Completed with Documentation Errors" error after deployment. VDC-71605
Deployments repeatedly fail for certain studies. VDC-71814*
An exception error is found when the user runs post-deployment steps. VDC-72687*

Deployment (Vault Level)

Issue Description Issue No.
Deployment fails when there is a Security Profile with the Inactive status. VDC-71015
Deployment whitelist deletes aren't deployed with Vault deployment. VDC-71636*
Vault is unable to delete Units and Codelists when deploying labs configuration. VDC-72508*

Developer Features

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault allows users to set Item values for read-only and derived Items via the Set Item Value API. VDC-38987*
The Retrieve Forms API doesn't include event_external_id or itemgroup_external_id in the response. VDC-52834*
For the Open Query API, the response doesn't include the expected ifnromation about the Item Group and Item containing the query. VDC-53857*
When a Subject is frozen, the Create Event API returns an unhandled exception instead of the "Subject is frozen" error message. VDC-54656*
When a user doesn't have access to the Site, Vault returns the error message as if the user did not have access to the entire Study. VDC-59176*
The Retrieve Forms API doesn't always return the correct text for error messages. VDC-66153*
After a study is upgraded from data model version 1 to 2, the Open Query API doesn't return Item Group or Item details in the response. VDC-66665
The Create User API doesn't update the Title and Company fields of users. VDC-75253
Vault doesn't return the expected error message when the user attempts to use the Retrieve Events API in a Study that they don't have access to. VDC-75804*
Vault doesn't return the expected error message when the user attempts to use the Retrieve Events API in a Site that they don't have access to. VDC-76361*
The Retrieve Users API doesn't return the created_date and last_modified_date in the response. VDC-77279*

Freezing & Locking

Issue Description Issue No.
Users can't reset or mark forms as intentionally left blank if the form contains frozen or locked items. VDC-77486


Issue Description Issue No.
EDC doesn't send Event SDV Complete Status and Event SDV Complete Date to CTMS via the Spark connection. VDC-63339, VDC-64489
Visit names within CTMS are incorrectly modified to reflect the event name or event label. VDC-71938
If a user attempts to update a procedure Integration Configuration to use the Event Date as the Procedure Date instead of a form date, Vault reverts the change. VDC-76157


Issue Description Issue No.
If the deployment import takes longer than 60 minutes, it fails automatically. VDC-58434
Users receive an error when running the Reconstitute Coding job. VDC-65814
The Retrospective Amendment job fails when it could potentially break a form signature. VDC-66955*, VDC-70271
The data in the Form Status column of the resulting file from a Study Data Extract job isn't properly capitalized. VDC-68880*
Form and Site information doesn't display correctly when configuring a Core Listing job. VDC-69813*
Study Data Extracts include information about ILB data for deleted Subjects in the "SYS_ILB.csv" and "sys_ilb.sas7bat" files. VDC-70614*
Study data extracts using SAS may fail unexpectedly. VDC-71163*
The Event Group column in the file resulting from a Study Data Extract job shows the Event Group name instead of the Event Group label. VDC-71625
The QTFRESP, QAGE, and QOTOCL columns show up empty in the Study Data Extract SYS_Q dataset. VDC-71628
The Data and Definition Export job succeeds but Vault doesn't send the file to the FTP. VDC-71672
The file resulting from a Study Data Extract job doesn't show all forms and linked forms. VDC-71679
Retrospective amendment jobs fail if the user doesn't have the "Close Query" permission. VDC-72150
Retrospective Amendment jobs don't capture signatures on forms with codelists. VDC-72215
SDV Re-assignment jobs fail to complete without explanation. VDC-72385
The Study Data Extract job fails when being downloaded as an SAS file. VDC-72612
The Study Data Extract job fails in some vaults. VDC-72619*
The Upversioning job now has more detailed logging. VDC-72831
The Core Listings job doesn't include coding data. VDC-73127
Study Data Extract doesn't render the greater than or equal to character correctly in the resulting CSV files. VDC-73359
Data in datasets from the Study Data Extract job is formatted differently than how it was entered in some cases. VDC-73390
Some query ages show up as blank in Study Data Exports. VDC-73791
The QTEXT column in the SYS_Q dataset resulting from a Study Data Extract job shows the most recent query message instead of the first. VDC-74103
Retrospective amendment jobs fail when a change is made from a non-repeating to a repeating event group. VDC-75306
SAS Study Data Extract jobs fail with errors. VDC-75365
The SDV date columns in the SYS_FORM dataset resulting from a Study Data Extract job are blank even when the time to SDV column has values. VDC-75432


Issue Description Issue No.
Users can save Normals without measurement units. VDC-59478*
Refreshing Lab normals doesn't retrieve values for analytes with a codelist Item. VDC-64718*
Users receive an error message when attempting to recalculate a subject's age on a locked Lab form in Data Entry. VDC-64726*
Users can't tell if a Unit Item Definition is hidden. VDC-70634
The Outdated Lab Normals report and Update Outdated Lab Normals job don't properly update studies with multiple versions. VDC-71211
If a Lab Result is entered with a selected Unit that evaluates as above normal range, and a user changes the Unit to one with which the result is within normal range, Vault doesn't remove the High flag indicator or Clinical Significance. VDC-71473*
If an Analyte is used on multiple Lab Panels on the same Form, Vault only opens queries on an Analyte once when entered data triggers query creation, instead of all instances of the Analyte across the Form. VDC-73223*
Analyte measurement units don't update when the user clicks "Refresh Lab Normals" in a Lab panel. VDC-73479*
For Approved Lab Locations, the exported CSV includes Pending and Merged locations. VDC-74574*
Vault now handles less than or equal to and greater than or equal to for normal ranges. VDC-74764
Mass update jobs fail without explanation. VDC-75198
The Preview Lab Location job fails unexpectedly. VDC-76308
Users may now save and import Normal Ranges without units. VDC-76334*

Library Collections

Issue Description Issue No.
Users may receive a "Copy faile due to an internal exception" error when attempting to copy Forms with Rules from a Collection. VDC-71190

Publishing Validation

Issue Description Issue No.
Validation may return WID-001 on a Create Protocol Deviation rule that was copied from another Create Protocol Deviation rule, as well as on the original rule, even if validation passed with no issues on the original rule. VDC-68098*
Vault returns the WID-001 warning for validation when units or codelists in different studies that have duplicate External IDs. VDC-69432
If an Add Event Group rule has more than one Event Group, Vault may return Event Window warnings during publishing validation. VDC-76391


Issue Description Issue No.
Users with custom roles that don't have the View Casebook permission may receive a server error when attempting to open a Form with an open Query in the Data Entry tab. VDC-55950*


Issue Description Issue No.
Randomization information hover callouts and Reveal Treatment dialogs show the current value of the checkbox field instead of the value of when the subject was randomized. VDC-71037*
Vault displays the Date Created in the wrong date format for inactive Strata Groups. VDC-71380*
The Treatment callout shows the Treatment Name instead of the Treatment Label. VDC-73200*
Users aren't able to derive certain data from the Randomization module to be used in EDC. VDC-73753

Review Plan Assignment

Issue Description Issue No.
The Review Plan Reorder job doesn't assign the correct review plans to casebooks. VDC-75040

Role & User Management

Issue Description Issue No.
In manual deployment studies, the Country and Site Access dropdown automatically populates the study/country that belongs to the study. VDC-69981*
Users may receive a server error when attempting to assign users to an Email Group. VDC-70748
In manual deployment studies, a user administrator can't assign a user the CDMS User Administrator role. VDC-70837*
Users may receive the "An unexpected error has occurred" error when importing users. VDC-71041*
Users may not receive a notification after they're added to a Study, and Vault may not show that Study to the user on the Study listings page of the Data Entry tab. VDC-71125
Users receive an error message when attempting to bulk import users. VDC-71685
Users can see all study environments, even when access is configured to "No." VDC-71733
Vault only searches for Vault accounts in a domain, rather than domain accounts, when the user adds an existing domain user. VDC-71940
User import doesn't handle the All Site Access field correctly. VDC-73097*
The Event Operational Summary data is blank on Overdue Form Entry reports for non-Vault Owners. VDC-75666

Rule Editor

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault doesn't include count__v in the autocomplete options for Form Links (@Form/). VDC-69987*
Users may receive a duplicate key error when copying a rule. VDC-72854

Rule Execution

Issue Description Issue No.
Queries that have been closed refire during deployment despite not meeting the requirements for a rule to cause the behavior. VDC-73251
Forms aren't removed from a study when dynamic conditions are met. VDC-73533
Event-level queries don't fire when the date is changed. VDC-73953

Safety Link

Issue Description Issue No.
Form deletion doesn't trigger a Follow-up send. VDC-65954*
EDC may not send an initial Safety Message upon submission of a the configured SAE form. VDC-74550

SDS & Annotated PDFs

Issue Description Issue No.
In some cases, a duplicate key causes the SDS to fail. VDC-73555


Issue Description Issue No.
The Item QuickView filter doesn't filter out completed SDV on repeating Forms. VDC-55269*
Users may be unable to perform SDV on Event Dates or at the Event level for Events that are marked as Did Not Occur. VDC-71508
SDV and DMR reassignment jobs fail without explanation. VDC-72655
The SDV status doesn't appear correctly for some users in the Data Entry tab. VDC-77558


Issue Description Issue No.
Vault breaks the signature on a locked Form or Event Date after the Legal Reason for the Signature Definition is updated. VDC-71400*

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No.
Training shouldn't be required for cross study users. VDC-70485
Vault now enforces uniqueness on the Study Instance Keys. VDC-70889
Event summary updates aren't included in Event updates. VDC-71200

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No.
The Subject Id Gen Format setting is requiring the use of either the {site.number} or {site.oid} tokens to save, when it should be allowing users to save without either of these. VDC-70249*
When saving an unscheduled Event Group that is repeating, Vault automatically sets the Repeat Maximum to "9999", even if a value was entered. VDC-71181*
Default Data doesn't get copied over when copying forms while using the Default Data feature on a repeating Item Group. VDC-73475
In Studio > Schedule, Vault may not allow users to save their changes if they navigated through the Properties panel using only keyboard shortcuts. VDC-75165*
If an Item Definition is configured as a Verbatim, and then that Item Definition is deleted, Vault doesn't fully delete that part of the coding configuration, which leads to validation errors. VDC-75304

Study Import & Export

Issue Description Issue No.
Import fails when the imported Study is on version 1 of the expression grammar and contains unit conversions. VDC-31899*

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No.
Users are shown an endless spinner when performing SDV on events with a repeating form. VDC-63719*
Scroll bars aren't visible on the LMS Curriculum screen. VDC-66354*
The Review tab takes too long to load. VDC-67077*
In the Add FTP dialog, a user must click into the FTP Type field twice to open the dropdown. The dialog is also wider than expected. VDC-67227*
Coder Tools > Study Settings > Synonym Lists takes too long to load. VDC-67527
Workbench is slow to display entered text for filters on the Listings page. VDC-67660*
The Randomization tab's help links don't lead to the expected pages in Vault CDMS Help. VDC-69113*
Error messages from failed deployments to PROD aren't shown to the user in the UI. VDC-70449*
In Workbench, Listings > Core is slow to load. VDC-70656
In the Time & Events Schedule Editor, the tooltip for repeating Event Groups doesn't show the Repeat Max value. VDC-70810
The Comparison Rules list may not display values in the Operator or Compare To columns upon initial load of the page. VDC-71217
Workbench may be slow to load the Cell Details panel for Event Dates with queries. VDC-71494*
There is too much white space around query messages in the Query Details panel. VDC-71659*
Users can't see which fields are required in the Coding Configuration dialog in Study Design and are shown an error when fields are left empty. VDC-71683*
On MacOSĀ®, the horizontal scroll bar displays in the Query Details panel when horizontal scrolling isn't required. VDC-71686*
Users receive a server error message when clicking "Get Enrollment" in EDC Tools. VDC-71736, VDC-72370
Users experience slow performance in the Data Entry tab, specifically when navigating forms that are configured with repeating item groups with Read Only grids. VDC-71762
Some users can't delete certain Study instances or Sites within an instance. VDC-71772
If not all Studies in a vault have the LMS integration enabled, Vault displays the Training Required message for all Studies in the Data Entry tab, including those Studies in which the feature is not enabled. VDC-71833*
Certain lab units don't display correctly in lab forms but correctly display in the Audit Trail. VDC-71879
Forms take too long to load after updating in some environments. VDC-72201
Users receive an error when entering Lab results in Data Entry. VDC-72495
Users receive an error when linking forms in Studio. VDC-72718
CQL may be slow to return results for listings where the statement uses CodedTerm(), CodedCode(), or CodedDictRel(). VDC-72897
Users are incorrectly redirected to "Vault Help" instead of "Vault CDMS Help" on the Help page in Vault. VDC-73020
For some users, certain forms aren't created even when they should be triggered by a rule. VDC-73253
The calendar widget constantly disappears when users try to enter a date in Data Entry. VDC-73266
Users receive a server error when clicking "Get Enrollment" in EDC Tools > Learning Systems. VDC-73445
In certain circumstances, the Listings, Queries, Import, and Export options in the Navigation Drawer are inactive, even after the user has selected a Study. VDC-73491
Users receive a server error and experience long loading times when opening Coder in "Approve Mode." VDC-74039
There is no error or warning message when users delete a form from the schedule in Studio. VDC-74221
Users are shown a server error when adding a new Principal Investigator to sites. VDC-74493
If a site timezone is updated after event dates have been saved at the site or if a subject is transferred to a site in a later time zone, the event date displays incorrectly in the Data Entry and Review tabs. VDC-74495
Users are shown a server error when adding repeating forms. VDC-74615
Event dates don't display in the Subject Casebook schedule in the Review tab. VDC-74676*
Some users can't access their CDB Workbench studies if the Study status is "Pending." VDC-74875
All scrollbars in the Review tab blink. VDC-74909
In CDB listings, if there are more than 1000 result rows, Workbench shows the number of rows with a plus sign (+) instead of 1000+. VDC-75814
Some forms display a warning icon that incorrectly shows forms as "Marked for Removal." VDC-77549
Queries take too long to save and query counts don't update in the Review tab. VDC-77834
After a user does an action in the Review tab, the Event & Form List panel may take longer than usual to reload. VDC-77977

Vault Administration

Issue Description Issue No.
Values for the following Restricted properties aren't set after queries are triggered: Query, Query Message, and Query Bindings. VDC-51096*
With this release, we no longer allow the deletion of Rule Action Definitions from Admin > Business Admin. VDC-72600*
Users can't delete a duplicate inactive UAT1 instance. VDC-72814
Vault now prevents the creation of multiple Study Configurations for a single Study. VDC-73888*

Views & Data Export

Issue Description Issue No.
Sorting in Studio > Views causes a server error. VDC-69256*
The Data Export job fails in production. VDC-71719