Fixed Issues in 17R1

Release Date: April 14 & 21, 2017

This week's release includes fixes for the following issues:

Category Issue Issue No.
Admin Configuration Migration detects picklist changes when there are none and is sometimes unable to update picklists with new values. DEV-126476
Admin In vaults that use Configuration Migration Packages, Admins can see server errors when attempting to edit or create document types. DEV-128804
Admin When creating or updating documents in Vault Loader, jobs hang when hidden fields are included in the CSV file. DEV-132192
Admin Users receive a server error when trying to change the Document Number Format of a document type. DEV-116896
Admin Admins sometimes cannot save a new Workflow Role Setup. DEV-128063
Admin If a picklist field is involved in more than once field dependency, the picklist displays duplicate values. DEV-105982
Admin In some cases, deleting a Field Dependency causes a 500 error. DEV-125666
Admin Some system provided lifecycle roles end with the __c or __vs namespace instead of __v. DEV-114342
Admin Lookup fields do not populate when a workflow step populates the parent field. DEV-115839
Admin Task reminders in sequential tasks may process Workflow Owner incorrectly and send a notification to the wrong user. DEV-122741
Admin Deleted document types are appearing within the document lifecycle list. DEV-123740
Admin Migrated lifecycle shows a different error message for entry criteria in source and target vaults. DEV-128653
Admin Migrated lifecycle shows different MDL export in source and target vaults. DEV-127929
Admin Some users receive a server error when showing task verdict/comments on a deleted workflow configuration. DEV-122175
Admin In some cases, users can see and select deleted states in the Lifecycle Expiry tab. DEV-121783
Admin Dynamic Access Control (DAC) does not adhere to sharing rules after updating or adding additional values to the "Study" field. DEV-123092
Admin Some pages of the PDF exported system audit log are missing the footer and page number. DEV-128986
Admin Vault displays the wrong error message when trying to delete a field referenced by a workflow. DEV-116123
Admin Some users may receive a server error when creating a new object. DEV-116826
Admin Fields cannot be required across multiple object types. DEV-117635
Admin Users may receive a server error when accessing Admin > General Settings or Admin > Application Settings. DEV-121059
Admin In some cases, Vault does not immediately apply custom permission sets. DEV-110151
Admin The Domain Users page takes too long to load. We've fixed this by removing the rolodex links from the page. DEV-119536
Admin When adding a domain user to a large number of vaults, users cannot click OK to confirm because the button isn't visible. DEV-128038
Admin In CSV user export, the Domain value is blank. DEV-127678
Admin Users don't see the correct error messages when deploying certain inbound packages. DEV-118319
Admin In some situations, customers are unable to migrate a workflow between vaults using Configuration Migration Packages. DEV-121984
Admin Users cannot expand columns on the Job Status page. DEV-116427
Admin Vault Loader extract CSVs don't include the status__v field. DEV-120478
Admin Vault Loader: Filenames are not inside double quotes when exporting documents with the Include Source Files checkbox selected. DEV-116410
Admin Vault Loader: Success logs (CSV) for document creation display the Document ID instead of the entered External ID. DEV-116818
Admin Vault Loader: Extracting document versions returns duplicate records per document version. DEV-117278
Admin Some Vault Loader document extracts fail. DEV-117891
Admin Vault Loader logs expire early. These logs should be available for 16 days DEV-121082
Admin Vault Loader experiences an error when loading the first row for Study Site records. DEV-123356
Admin Some users receive a "Reason for Failure: An unexpected error occurred" when creating documents using Vault Loader. DEV-125287
Admin Updating users via Vault Loader fails when the user's profile language is Chinese Simplified Language or Korean. DEV-127611
Admin The API ALLVERSIONS query returns all document versions, regardless of WHERE clauses. DEV-130137
Admin Vault Loader fails to extract Japanese document types. DEV-126302
Admin Selecting the Include non-editable fields checkbox for Vault Loader extracts does not add additional fields to the CSV. DEV-106839
API & VQL Study Country document fields may not be indexed during bulk upload. DEV-82496
API & VQL Queries with domain_active__v fail without vault_id__v. DEV-100941
API & VQL Users receive an error when creating a join query with documents and a related object. DEV-117616
API & VQL Creating documents in bulk generates extra audit renditions. DEV-111435
API & VQL Users receive a "relationship already exist" error when creating document relationships via API. DEV-119311
API & VQL Any VQL query with "workflow_instructions__v" in the SELECT clause causes an exception. DEV-118498
API & VQL The "workflow_process_version__v" field isn't available via API or VQL in version 16.0. DEV-121847
API & VQL VQL queries using a bracketed WHERE clause with type__v and a LIMIT less than the number of total results returns a successful query with no results in the data set. DEV-129072
API & VQL Customers can not update sharing setting through the API for Document Roles that are Document Access Controll enabled. DEV-116140
API & VQL Some users receive an error in HTML after running an API query requesting data in XML format. DEV-126362
API & VQL Downloading files with non-ASCII characters in their name, such as "テスト.docx" result in “???.docx” instead of the correctly encoded UTF-8 filename. DEV-121326
API & VQL VQL queries referencing the Object Type relationship return an unknown relationship error. DEV-131500
Clinical Auto-filing actions are not available when using tabular view. DEV-131126
Clinical Some users do not receive a notification or email for CRF imports. DEV-133372
Clinical The Create button still displays for archived studies. DEV-133454
Clinical Some users see deleted or undefined states in the Expiration Start State field of an eTMF lifecycle. DEV-121472
Clinical Study Startup binder auto-filing does not remove documents after reclassifying. DEV-122277
Clinical When creating a Milestone Dependency Template, the Milestone List Template is auto-populated with the parent of the Next Milestone Template. DEV-127702
Documents Bring Forward Annotations cannot bring forward an annotation in selected text starts with a special character. DEV-127553
Documents Users experience an error using binder export. DEV-125387
Documents Users may be unable to add documents or sections to undeleted binders. DEV-86843
Documents After binder creation, if another user sees a Library view that lists the binder, that user will be listed for “Last Modified By.” DEV-106180
Documents For some PromoMats vaults, the Generate Compliance Package action generates an eCTD binder template with the incorrect structure. DEV-116643
Documents Users cannot generate 2253 compliance package binders if they do not have access to linked Prescribing Information documents. DEV-123832
Documents The Change Owner bulk action may not work on all applicable documents. DEV-115834
Documents When using bulk document actions to change document states, Vault does not prevent state change on checked out documents. DEV-118389
Documents The Change Owner Bulk Action fails for users with non-English profile languages. DEV-125171
Documents The Download Controlled Copy action is still available even if the user does not have permission to see the document version. The user can start the download, but no file will download. DEV-115828
Documents When users edit object reference fields using the advanced search (binoculars icon), the Doc Info page moves around. DEV-118395
Documents The Supported Document list order is random and changes with every page refresh. DEV-112196
Documents Users may not be able to edit fields on the Doc Info page. DEV-117283
Documents URL fields in Vault only allow ASCII characters, but should allow UTF-8 characters. DEV-118042
Documents In some cases, users may be unable to create documents with document fields that are reference parent or child objects and involved with a field dependency. DEV-119699
Documents In some vaults, hidden lookup fields do not update while hidden. DEV-120265
Documents In some vaults, fields marked as required are blank when creating a document. DEV-126157
Documents Users receive a server error when adding a document relationship that already exists. DEV-114828
Documents Some users may receive a Server Error when creating a copy of a document. DEV-121378
Documents Items in the searchable document type selector appear out of order. DEV-110830
Documents Certain document relationships prevent users from deleting documents. DEV-114459
Documents Users are unable to select a subtype or classification within the same document type when reclassifying through the searchable document type selector. DEV-121066
Documents When using the searchable document type selector, users are unable to select a subtype or classification within the same document type when reclassifying. DEV-121066
Documents When reclassifying a document, the current document type displays at the bottom of the Reclassify dialog drop-down list. DEV-123226
Documents If the filename__v field is hidden, users cannot choose "Copy file from current version" when creating a new draft version of a document. DEV-123381
Documents When users "Make a Copy" of a document, some users receive a server error. DEV-124609
Documents When users have "/" included in their vault name, they cannot perform cart export. DEV-132902
Documents Some users receive a server error when editing documents from Submission Viewer DEV-133149
Documents Users with the "Document: Upload Unclassified" permission cannot see the upload button for unclassified documents. DEV-133301
Documents Enhanced Checkout in IE11 causes an error when checking out a document that contains parentheses in the name. DEV-127545
Documents Saved Views cannot display if the search term(s) ends with a %. DEV-115652
Documents The Recent Documents view does not show last viewed documents first. We've fixed this by adding a new sort option "Last View Date (Newest First)" and making that sort option the default. DEV-122105
Documents In some vaults, PDFs with overlays applied use the correct settings for which level of bookmark to expand. DEV-122214
Documents In some vaults, Vault-generated overlays display an error message "This document is created by an unlicensed version of NovaPDF". DEV-122215
Documents MP4 video quality is poor when rendered in Vault. DEV-125459
Documents When a source file contains a hyperlink that starts with "www," the link doesn't work correctly in the document viewer. DEV-117877
Documents Viewable renditions of PDF documents may not display text. DEV-113314
Documents URL links on cropped PDFs may not be clickable in the Document Viewer. DEV-114821
Documents Viewable renditions may substitute some fonts into hard to read fonts. DEV-115920
Documents Viewable renditions of PowerPoint slides with speaker notes do not render the slides. DEV-116881
Documents With certain configurations, the Merge Fields setting prevents Vault from rendering documents. DEV-118248
Documents Some documents fail to render after Merge Fields were added. DEV-124987
Documents Vault cannot render documents if the filename includes a period, special character, or double byte character. DEV-123514
Documents Certain documents fail to render after uploading. DEV-124621
Documents Vault cannot generate viewable renditions for PowerPoint documents when the Always show Speaker Notes in Viewable Renditions for PowerPoint documents feature is enabled. DEV-125802
Documents PowerPoint documents with SmartArt and "table hierarchy" do not always render correctly. DEV-128234
Lifecycle & Workflow When tasks are assigned using "Any User" setting, assigned users do not receive task reminder notifications. DEV-117865
Lifecycle & Workflow When tasks are assigned using "Make available to users in participant group" setting, assigned users do not receive task notifications. DEV-118496
Lifecycle & Workflow Workflow timer steps set to cancel an active task do not cancel the task. DEV-121680
Lifecycle & Workflow The timer workflow step will now correctly cancel at the end of day UTC, rather than based on server time. DEV-121181
Lifecycle & Workflow Workflows are initiated on previous versions of a document instead of the current version. DEV-112299
Lifecycle & Workflow When users update the date that a timer step is based on, Vault does not apply the change to the timer expiration. DEV-123128
Lifecycle & Workflow Users are unable to complete certain tasks because the task dialog box is too large and the bottom of the dialog is not visible. DEV-123386
Lifecycle & Workflow Formula fields using durationInValue don't calculate correctly when a workflow has consecutive state changes. DEV-126856
Lifecycle & Workflow When using the "Update Workflow Dates" action, the timer step does not change the due date. DEV-125571
Lifecycle & Workflow Importing a workflow containing user task steps creates an empty, placeholder workflow. DEV-131599
Multichannel Some email fragments don't appear in email preview. DEV-122517
Multichannel Some users may receive an error using Create CLM Presentation from a PowerPoint file. DEV-119073
Multichannel PowerPoint presentation slides become images instead of HTML when the slides contain internal links. DEV-129592
Multichannel When users attempt to a approve a slide with a shared source, the incorrect error message displays DEV-119976
Multichannel After creating an entry action on a document to set a date field using a formula, some users may receive an error when attempting to move the document to an approved state. DEV-120197
Multichannel Some users may receive an error when using the Create Presentation action DEV-120664
Multichannel Users aren't able to use some approved emails created with BEE editor DEV-119871
Multichannel The Create Presentation action will does not work when the media field is required. DEV-121776
Multichannel In some vaults, custom fields may cause Create Presentation to fail DEV-122524
Multichannel The "Copy to Another Vault" user action displays an incorrect warning that a field doesn't exist in a target vault. DEV-123824
Multichannel The "Restrict Fragments by Product" field shows as "True" when it is actually blank for non-Email Template documents. DEV-130313
Multichannel Some users receive an error when creating CLM slides from a PDF. DEV-132895
Notifications Workflow task notifications use the wrong name on parallel tasks. DEV-117193
Objects In some vaults, EDL items display in a random order instead of in ascending or descending alphabetical order. DEV-105793
Objects When viewing Expected Documents, filtering on a study, study country, and site causes the search to not work properly. DEV-120209
Objects Vault requires users to have the "Edit Match Fields" permission to create EDLs from template, although the vault doesn't use EDL matching. DEV-118453
Objects Users without the EDL "Edit" permission cannot perform a deep copy/hierarchy copy on EDL records. DEV-119043
Objects The Match EDL Job may fail in some vaults. DEV-128964
Objects Object lookup fields may not update on other objects (Study Country, Study Site) after being populated on an object (Study). DEV-114293
Objects Lookup-type object fields do not show updated values in reports and object page layouts. DEV-123153
Objects In some vaults, when users delete and re-add a value to an object field, related Lookup fields don't populate. DEV-123301
Objects When editing an object record field using the "binoculars" icon, the gray overlay remains on the screen after the user exists the dialog box. DEV-124597
Objects Some long field labels line break mid-word in the object record details page. DEV-128594
Objects In some instances, objects are duplicated in reports when they should not be. DEV-94524
Objects Users see duplicate object record results when searching. DEV-128755
Performance The "Object Workflows" page in Admin area takes too long to load. DEV-118554
Performance When viewing the Doc Info page for a document with many object reference fields, users see slow performance. DEV-130527
Performance Extract jobs in Vault Loader run slowly. DEV-132057, DEV-131754, DEV-127190
QualityDocs Errors occur when trying to remove a Target of Change document from a Change Control record. DEV-127897
QualityDocs The Add Associated Change Requests dialog only displays change requests associated with the latest version of a document. DEV-117038
QualityDocs Some users receive a server error when trying to remove a Target of Change document from a change control document. DEV-129408
Reports & Dashboards Week Ending dates for report groupings are one week ahead. DEV-117594
Reports & Dashboards Opening documents from a report can remove runtime filters. DEV-117875
Reports & Dashboards Guage and Number charts may not display the correct label and results when grouping dashboards by Document Status. DEV-119968
Reports & Dashboards In some vaults, reports using the FirsttimeinValue formula will run slowly. DEV-120787
Reports & Dashboards Relationship reports without the correct index results in slow performance. DEV-115565
Reports & Dashboards Users receive an error when running a Document Change Control with Document report. DEV-117237
Reports & Dashboards In some vaults, the reports list page loads slowly. DEV-119221
Reports & Dashboards Users receive a Server Error when adding an object field to a custom object report. DEV-121552
Reports & Dashboards When a hidden document field and lifecycle role have the same name, reports referencing the lifecycle role won’t run. DEV-121785
Reports & Dashboards Setting document type filters in the Create Report page produces different results from setting up filters on document type from the report builder. DEV-123135
Reports & Dashboards In a vault with a large number of users, editing sharing settings for a report can cause performance problems. DEV-128721
Reports & Dashboards When viewing a report, the filter prompt window takes too long to load. DEV-128020
RIM When users create an Application object with at least 50 submissions records, the traversal arrows disappear after clicking on any submissions record over the 50th DEV-119089
RIM Users receive an error when running an Application Chronology Report. DEV-117440
RIM When viewing object records in Tree View, the Actions menu extends outside of the browser window. DEV-117712
RIM Admins cannot edit message templates related to Submission Content Planning. DEV-118334
RIM When Admins edit SubmissionsArchive message templates and save without making any changes, Vault no longer replaces the tokens with values in email messages. DEV-118339
RIM Some users may experience slow load times for report prompts and bulk actions notifications. DEV-119558
RIM Updating a content plan may create extra child content plans. DEV-127813
RIM Content plan creation from a Submission record creates extra sections. DEV-127813
RIM When users export a content plan (EDL) using Export to Excel Tree with all descendants, an error occurs. DEV-121064
RIM Several attributes in index XML files cause the submission import to fail. DEV-130801
RIM For some users, Submission Content Plans created with the Create Content Plan action are incomplete. DEV-131999
RIM The SubmissionsArchive Viewer displays duplicate sections. DEV-132630
RIM For some users, documents are not visible in the viewer tab following a successful submisison archive import. DEV-135126
RIM Submission imports of ZIP files fail when non-English characters are included in file names. DEV-109557
RIM Submissions may contain extra leaves. DEV-116446
RIM Users receive the wrong job failure notification after importing a submission. DEV-116494
RIM When users edit SubmissionsArchive message templates, the tokens do not display in the email message. DEV-119170
RIM Binders open in tabular view instead of in the SubmissionsArchive Viewer. DEV-120361
RIM Users see "Internal Error" when attempting to import a submission that includes special characters. DEV-122299
RIM When users apply filters to submissions and open a document in Viewer, the filters are removed after clicking the "Back to Viewer" link. DEV-123064
RIM Section names of imported submissions may display in the wrong order. DEV-128734
Search Users receive a server error when searching Vault for any term ending in %. DEV-115579
Search Documents uploaded to sandbox vaults may not be indexed correctly. DEV-115909
Search Filters are not saved on object tabs. DEV-116604
Search Full text search doesn't work with certain Adobe Illustrator source files. DEV-121998
Search Viewable renditions of Adobe Illustrator files with text are not included in results from full-text searches. DEV-121998
Search Some users can't locate documents via search after loading documents with Vault Loader. DEV-123258
Search After searching in Tabular View, clicking into a document, and then using the Back to Library link, the search terms display twice. DEV-125877
Search Vault may not index documents uploaded via Vault Loader if any Date and Time fields contain invalid values. DEV-126386
Search Errors occur with Advanced Search when a Document Type label includes an apostrophe. DEV-127760
Search Search filtering fails when a comma is used in the name or label. DEV-126383
Search When searching for documents, non-Vault Owner users see older versions that match search criteria instead of the latest matching version. DEV-125960
Security The Audit Trail lists actions as 'Support on behalf of' when Services makes changes with Vault Loader. DEV-111158
Security Hungarian and Cyrillic characters are not displayed correctly in PDF audit trail export covers. DEV-115204
Security Exporting binders with Document Audit Trails to a PDF with a cover page results in a damaged file. DEV-121084
Security When users upload and update a document via API, the audit trail displays fields that aren't available for the document type. DEV-126024
Security Some users receive a 403 error from a password reset link. DEV-126005
Security Delegates aren't able to complete eSignatures on behalf of the delegated user using their own login credentials. DEV-127025
Security Users cannot provide eSignatures on behalf of another user. DEV-128439
Security When users edit document fields or settings from a workflow dialog, Vault does not update Dynamic Access Control sharing that is based on those fields. DEV-128555
Security Users without the Create object permission still see the create new reference record option. DEV-131557
Security SSO SP metadata doesn't update after changes to SSO profile configuration. DEV-120717
User Interface Korean characters don't display correctly in viewable renditions. DEV-132434
User Interface When creating a document placeholder, there are errors in the French localized UI text for "Create Placeholder". DEV-116418
User Interface Some tokens for in notification messages do not resolve to the recipient's language. DEV-123129
User Interface The Japanese translations for the "greater than" and " less than" msgIDs are reversed. DEV-126456
User Interface Exported language file does not include custom object field values. DEV-123734
User Interface If users change the language locale, "Create Document" text exceeds length DEV-124172
User Interface The error message for network errors was unclear. DEV-38306
User Interface Report columns aren't aligned in Microsoft Edge browsers. DEV-133521
User Interface In some cases, users will be unable to select a vault from the Vault Selector. DEV-117692