Fixed Issues in 22R3

Pre-Release Date: November 7, 2022 | CDB Pre-Release Date: November 14, 2022 | Release Date: November 18 & December 2, 2022

This week's release includes fixes for the following issues:

An asterisk (*) next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.

Highlighted Issues

The fixes for the issues highlighted below may introduce behavioral changes from the previous release.

Category Description Issue No.
Jobs Vault doesn't allow users who aren't Vault Owners or CDMS Data and Definition Export users to download the report resulting from a Data Definition and Export job. With this release, if a user has the Manage Jobs or Manage Data and Definition Export permission, that user is able to run and download the output of the Data and Definition Export Job. VDC-102289*
Jobs With this release, Vault marks the Created By user of subsequent scheduled jobs as the user who scheduled the job, and respects that user's current role and permissions. Prior to this release, Vault marked these jobs as Created By System. VDC-108298
Study Data Extracts With this release, Vault now has a 200 character limit for the Filename for a Study Data Extract. VDC-102375*
Study Data Extracts With this release, users without the View Randomization Enrollment permission are no longer able to download files with Randomization data. VDC-107997*


Issue Description Issue No.
The "Visible" icon doesn't display correctly in Studio > Assessments after removing an item from the schedule. VDC-102728*
Resetting forms that are marked for removal results in assessments not being created. VDC-104338

Audit Trails

Issue Description Issue No.
The audit trail for an item in an unfrozen casebook incorrectly shows that the item was frozen when the casebook was unfrozen. VDC-103363
After an amendment, users may receive a server error when opening an item's audit trail. VDC-103514*

Blank & Detail PDFs

Issue Description Issue No.
Users experience errors when running a Detail PDF. VDC-102299
Exporting a Blank PDF at the subject level fails with an error. VDC-107679
Detail PDFs fail with errors for some subjects. VDC-111466

CDB - Admin

Issue Description Issue No.
CDB may take longer than usual to delete a Source or Study, and the process may time out before finishing. VDC-105661*

CDB - Checks & Queries

Issue Description Issue No.
CDB doesn't update the query counts in the action panel for checks when the user refreshes the page. VDC-102645*
Checks fail to open queries when the check's CQL doesn't reference a Form. VDC-102670*
CDB doesn't create new queries after the user changes the check action from "Item" to "Event Date." VDC-103049*
When a Check's Query Action is configured to ignore Items that already have an EDC query, CDB may still open a query on those Items. VDC-103360
A check may open multiple queries against the same Item. VDC-103540*
A query opened by a check may not show in EDC when the Form containing the Item is locked. VDC-103541
When a user closes a query opened by a check in CDB, the query closure may not persist in EDC. VDC-103546
Queries opened against Items on repeating Forms by a check in CDB don't get created in EDC. VDC-103549
Checks don't execute correctly when the check's CQL uses a subquery. VDC-103587*
Checks don't execute correctly when the check's CQL uses a subquery. VDC-103823*
CDB may not open a query on the targeted Event Date when the Event Date is referenced in the CQL's subquery. VDC-103866*
If a check's CQL contains "*", CDB doesn't open queries based on the check. VDC-103871*
When a check's CQL contains multiple subqueries, CDB doesn't open queries based on the check. VDC-103920*
CDB doesn't perform all validations when saving a check. VDC-103939*
CDB now supports CQL using * in a union or subquery for checks. VDC-103957*
After the manual close of queries and changes to data, CDB doesn't correctly update the query counts for a check. VDC-104426
When a study's Name contains a whitespace character, users aren't able to open queries in that Study in CDB. VDC-104909*
If a check runs against an Item in a repeating Item Group, CDB may not open automated queries and then mark the Check as Invalid after running it. VDC-105335*
After a user closes queries as a bulk action, CDB records the close action multiple times in the Query Details panel. VDC-105403*
CDB doesn't show the correct query counts when a query is on an Event Date. VDC-105626*
A check may not run correctly against an Item when the form prefix is prepended to the Item in the CQL statement. VDC-105705
CDB may not automate a check if a user selects the first column as the action without clicking another column first. VDC-106089*
Checks fail to open queries on function columns inside subqueries. VDC-108812*
Users can select non-queryable fields, including UOM functions, when opening queries in batch. With this release, CDB hides non-queryable fields from the Create Query On drop-down. VDC-88112
CDB may not display the Open Query cell decoration on some cells. VDC-97943


Issue Description Issue No.
CQL doesn't return the correct value for @Form.LinkCreatedDate in the Sys_Links listing. VDC-102261*
CQL returns a "The used SELECT statements have a different number of columns" error when using a Union in a View or Subquery. VDC-102678
DESCRIBE @QRY fails to execute in the CQL Editor. VDC-102860*
When referencing a boolean field inside a union, CQL returns "1/0" instead of "true/false". VDC-103895
CQL may be slow to return results when using CALL. VDC-104075
In Studies where deployment is enabled, Show Views doesn't return any results. VDC-104225*
CQL may return an unknown column error when using the Label() function with a repeating Item Group. VDC-105291*
Core Listings for Forms with only label-type Items don't show expected results. VDC-106269
Using @Form.LinkID in the WHERE clause may result in duplicate rows. VDC-106847
With this release, CDB supports the GROUP_CONCAT function with SEPARATOR. VDC-109663
CQL returns a "Failure in Parsing" error when referencing a View that uses on subject on a single form inside of a union. VDC-109863
CQL may return "Error Code: 0005" when using Union. VDC-110058
With this release, the ADDDATE and SUBDATE functions now support intervals. VDC-110078
When the projection includes @Form.Sequence, cells where data holes ("--") are expected return values. VDC-110676*
With this release, subqueryAlias.@Form.LinkId resolves correctly. VDC-110934*
CQL may return certain cells as data holes ("--") instead of null. VDC-111342*, VDC-111684*
CQL may return a "Duplicate column name" error when a user creates a View referencing lab data from EDC. VDC-112163*
CQL doesn't support the use of the CodedTerm function for a Union inside a subquery. VDC-90498*

CDB - Deployment

Issue Description Issue No.
Deployments don't include the selected Item for a check's Query Action. VDC-105478*

CDB - Export

Issue Description Issue No.
When copying an Export Definition, CDB includes invalid listings. VDC-102356*
In the Export Package Audit Log, CDB may not have the correct timestamp for Delivery Start Time. VDC-103189
When a delivery to FTP fails for an export package, CDB sends the notification message for the Complete status instead of Delivered or Delivery Failed. VDC-103195
CDB doesn't populate all labs-related columns in exports when the Study is using Versionless Labs. VDC-103765*
Export package generation may fail when the Form contains many repeating Item Groups. VDC-103959*
When a column's name ends with an underscore, and its alias appends a value that begins with an underscore, the column gets a double underscore in the alias, which causes the export to fail. VDC-104097
If an Export Definition contains an invalid listing, CDB doesn't show a warning when a user copies it. VDC-104661*
Users aren't able to create a new Export Definition when an Item's Name contains multiple underscores. With this release, CDB permits Item Names with multiple underscores. VDC-105344
CDB doesn't update the Last Modified By for Export Definitions when the editing user wasn't the owner. VDC-106241
Exports fail when they contain a listing where the Form has an Item reused across multiple repeating Item Groups. VDC-107399
The Workbench Export job may take longer than usual for large studies. VDC-107636*
Export package generation may fail unexpectedly due to a record not found error. VDC-108748
Export FTP delivery may fail unexpectedly due to a timeout error. VDC-109070
Users receive an error when attempting to update an Export Listing Title in a scheduled Export Definition. VDC-111073*

CDB - Import

Issue Description Issue No.
In the audit log, if a user changes the Log Type and then the Loaded Date Range, the page freezes. VDC-101035*
Import of EDC data may fail unexpectedly. VDC-102908
The manifest builder doesn't generate the appropriate format in the JSON file for datetime formats that contain "T". VDC-102976
When an import package contains configuration changes, and import fails, CDB may not send out the correct error notification. VDC-103001
When importing data from a new Source, CDB sends the package processed notification twice. VDC-103133*, VDC-104154
Import from EDC may fail when a query was opened in CDB against EDC data within the last ten minutes. With this release, EDC import no longer includes queries created in the last ten minutes. VDC-103160
When only some rows in an import file aren't successfully imported, CDB doesn't show the error messages correctly. VDC-103291*
The Import Audit Log may take a long time to load. VDC-103351*
Import may fail when a Site isn't specified in the manifest or data file. VDC-103449
Listings and exports may become inaccessible after an import. VDC-103515
When a column is added to a CSV without a header, CDB doesn't detect the change and prompt for approval. VDC-103833
If a user attempts to import a package with the wrong study Name in the manifest file (and that wrong Name doesn't match another Study in the vault), CDB generates an error log with the "decrypted" extension, instead of a human-readable CSV file. VDC-105053
After the scheduled import of third party data, CDB may encounter an issue when swapping the EDC data after import, resulting in errors when loading some application pages. VDC-105679, VDC-105720
When a Study has queries opened in CDB against third party data, import of a new package for that source may fail unexpectedly. VDC-105770
CDB may return the "User does not have access to study" error instead of the appropriate error for an issue with the manifest file. VDC-105915
When import fails with a known error, users may still receive the "An unknown or unexpected error occurred" error message. VDC-105916
EDC import may fail unexpectedly due to a transformation error. VDC-106279
Third party import may fail without generating an error for the issue log. VDC-106532
CDB may not pick up files loaded into the FTP server for import. If a reference data import fails because the reference_manifest file is missing the "source", CDB doesn't move the file into the "_error" folder. VDC-107725*, VDC-111701*
CDB may mark the Core Listing invalid after importing a third party data file with only a header row. VDC-107878
Transformation of EDC data may fail unexpectedly. VDC-108375
If a load fails, and the most recent EDC import was skipped, CDB may not log any errors for the failure. VDC-109450
The Import Audit Log doesn't show audit records for deleted sources. VDC-110900*
When an import fails before transformation begins, the package may not show in the Import Audit Log. VDC-94900
When there are duplicate events, import may fail without logging an error. VDC-99066

CDB - Listings

Issue Description Issue No.
In the Sort & Filter menu, if a user attempts to filter a text-type column with a non-text operator, CDB doesn't disable the Save button. VDC-100012*
In Workbench > Study > Listings, sorting by the "=" condition causes the sorting menu to appear at the top of the page. VDC-102930*
When a cell has multiple decorations, the decoration icons and their hover text overlap. VDC-103045
Review-enabled listings may be marked as invalid if the CQL uses a subquery that doesn't contain a FROM clause. VDC-103311*
After a deployment, updating listings may not show the source form pills. VDC-104306
In some listings, the generated CSV may have a different number of rows from the listing. VDC-105608
CDB doesn't show Last Deployed in the listing header. CDB doesn't show Last Modified, Last Approved, or Last Deployed in the listing's Properties. VDC-106849*
Users receive a CQL syntax error when attempting to generate a SAS or CSV file for a listing with queries on derived values. VDC-110693*
CSV generation from a listing may fail unexpectedly. VDC-111175

CDB - Views

Issue Description Issue No.
When a view's CQL uses UnPivot, the error message is hidden by the CQL Editor. VDC-103254*


Issue Description Issue No.
Users encounter an error message when the "Enable Autocoding Enhancements" feature flag is on. VDC-103315*
The Coder Verbatims Listings page doesn't load when the Coder UI Enhancements feature is turned off. VDC-103967*
Migrating a form with a "Submitted" status incorrectly changes the Coding Status to "Updated." VDC-104248*
Users encounter a deployment error and are unable to assign Synonym Lists in Production when there's no deployment in progress. VDC-106881
Users using the Google Chrome™ browser receive a browser compatibility message in Coder that recommends using the Chrome™ browser. VDC-107406*
Users encounter server errors when attempting to delete rejected terms in a Synonym List. VDC-109054
Some coding requests aren't autocoded for certain studies. VDC-98705*

Compare Versions & Vaults

Issue Description Issue No.
The diff report fails occasionally, blocking deployment for migration. VDC-103565
The diff report shows differences between labels on Codelists. VDC-103990

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No.
Users may be unable to enter an Event Date for the first Event in a newly created Casebook. VDC-103479
A restricted Event that is Marked for Removal may not get removed VDC-103951*
Non-dynamic forms are incorrectly marked for removal in Data Entry. VDC-104136
Items that haven't been additively reviewed or SDVed shouldn't be set to false after SDV is undone by a bulk action. VDC-105157
In some studies, searching for a subject doesn't produce the correct results. VDC-105816
Users encounter errors when entering Lab data when the "Disable Unit selection" is set to "Yes" in the Labs module. VDC-106154*
Users encounter an error message when entering Lab data. VDC-106397
Unit translated values should be cleared when an item or form is set to Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-106485
Some units don't display in Data Entry for subjects that have been migrated to a new Casebook Version and in forms that have already been submitted. VDC-108739
Users experience slow performance and missing data on Lab forms after Post Go Live changes. VDC-108810
Users encounter a server error when attempting to reset an Event. VDC-109038
Users encounter a server error when attempting to resolve a query and add information to a new section. VDC-110493


Issue Description Issue No.
Deployment finishes with a "Completed with Documentation Errors" status. VDC-105021
Deployments from DEV1 to UAT1 fail inexplicably. VDC-105178
Vault doesn't show the same build number between EDC Tools pages and the Deployment History. VDC-107688
When copying into a PPT environment, Vault includes Lab Locations without associated Sites. With this release, Vault only copies Lab Locations associated with a Site. VDC-109361
With this release, if the PPT environment has a lower casebook version or lower study build number than the Production environment, users can't initiate a copy from production into the PPT environment. VDC-109457
In some cases, users aren't shown an object deletion warning message after deleting an object and deploying from certain instances. VDC-111072*

Developer Features

Issue Description Issue No.
The Start Job endpoint now enforces the 200 character limit for the filename for Study Data Extract jobs. VDC-103368*
Vault doesn't return the correct error message when a user attempts to edit a date-type Item value without providing a change reason. VDC-99297*


Issue Description Issue No.
Users can select the row for safety connections in System Tools > External Connections. VDC-101783*
The follow up export job doesn't display in Business Admin after the user completes a treatment form. VDC-101857*
First Send fails if the Site doesn't have an assigned Principal Investigator. VDC-109876*

Freezing & Locking

Issue Description Issue No.
In some cases, users are able to reset events in the Review tab when the Event Date is frozen. VDC-104466
In some cases, Review users can't access a locked form with an unfrozen subject. VDC-105740
Users encounter errors when attempting to unlock all locked forms in a Subject at the Casebook level. VDC-108181
When a Form is marked Intentionally Left Blank, and then the Casebook or Event is locked and then unlocked, Items on the Form may not be unlocked. VDC-108189
Casebooks lock automatically when the user locks a Subject. VDC-108624


Issue Description Issue No.
Jobs related to the CTMS connection don't report the error clearly when the Site's timezone is missing. VDC-103612
Users receive an "Object with id [any] not found" error when attempting to save an Integration Configuration with "Any" selected for one or more Casebook References. VDC-103867*
Users encounter a server error when attempting to update training for a role and save it to multiple studies. VDC-105849
Duplicate Site Numbers are created by CTMS in Study Data Extracts. VDC-107291
SDV for some Subject Visits isn't updated for certain Subjects via CTMS. VDC-107692
Users encounter an error in Global (Versionless) Lab studies with an RTSM integration in which the LBSEX field isn't properly populated. VDC-108290
Users receive a server error when opening the My Training tab if they have duplicate Enrollment Completion records. VDC-109416
Import of data from Vault CTMS may fail unexpectedly due to inbound message errors. VDC-109565*


Issue Description Issue No.
The Query Detail Listing job should fail with an error when running on a query that doesn't have a corresponding query summary. VDC-100723
Vault shows an Event Date as "In Range" in the Event Progress Listing, even when the Event Date is "Out of Range". VDC-101942
Users encounter errors when running a Diff report. VDC-102307
The Event Progress Listing includes values for the Event Date SDV Date and Event Date DMR Date columns when SDV or DMR isn't required and there isn't an additive review VDC-102320*
The DLASTMOD column pulls from the wrong field in SDE, DDE, and Core Listing jobs. VDC-102769*
The data in the Event Dates Not Frozen, Not Locked, and Not Signed columns is calculated incorrectly in the Subject Progress Listing. VDC-102963
When a Study is using Global Labs, CDB system listings don't populate labs columns for Lab Units. With this release, the Workbench Export job now pulls the correct values for Lab Units in Studies using Global Labs. VDC-104141*
The Workbench Export job may take longer than usual. VDC-104193
The Active Version for Subjects doesn't change after running a Retrospective Amendment in UAT. VDC-106626
The Workbench Export job may get stuck in the In Progres state unexpectedly. VDC-106784
The Active Version for Subjects doesn't change after running a Retrospective Amendment in Production. VDC-106806
The Retrospective Amendment job fails with errors in Production. VDC-106838
The Retrospective Amendment job fails unexpectedly. VDC-107088
In some cases, the Translated Unit value in the SDE and core listing jobs isn't updated after a Retrospective Amendment is run. VDC-107407
The Audit Trail Export by Site job fails with errors. VDC-108184
Some users experience inconsistent missing data after an amendment. VDC-108749
The Audit Trail Export by Study job fails with errors in Production. VDC-111370


Issue Description Issue No.
Users may receive an error when attempting to edit a Normal Range. VDC-100201
Users may encounter unexpected errors when editing Normal Ranges. VDC-100202
When Randomization is enabled, the migration to Versionless Labs fails. VDC-101396*
Migration to Versionless Labs unexpectedly fails in at Phase 7. VDC-102185*
In some circumstances, an Analyte Definition may have the Text result type but have a Unit assigned. VDC-102432
Migration to Versionless Labs in Studies using Randomization may fail unexpectedly. VDC-103021*
The Value Translated column doesn't display labs translated values when attempting to migrate a study to Versionless Labs. VDC-103312*
Migration to Versionless Labs fails in Studio. VDC-103345*
The LBNRIND and LBCLSIG values for unit and codelist type Analytes are removed after the target study's Lab Version is changed to "Global". VDC-103480*
When migration to Versionless Labs is in progress, site users are able to enter comments on a query, which causes a server error. VDC-103553*
Review tab users are able to click to perform SDV or DMR on an Event Date while migration to Versionless Labs is in progress. VDC-103578*
When migration to Versionless Labs is in progress, Vault allows site users to apply and clear signatures. VDC-103615*
In some cases, system-generated Lab codelists in Studio are deleted when running a job to delete related objects. VDC-104706
Users encounter an error message when entering a unit in Data Entry that differs from the standard unit when the "Disable Unit selection for Lab Results when Lab Normals are present" option is set to "Yes." VDC-105612
Users encounter an error message when attempting to create a new Lab unit item and set it as the default. VDC-105645*
The Update Outdated Lab Normals job fails unexpectedly. VDC-107004
Vault allows users to save a reference range with an invalid unit item reference. VDC-107039, VDC-107040


Issue Description Issue No.
Characters aren't displayed correctly when users enter text in the Query Test Override field in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. VDC-105161

Protocol Deviations

Issue Description Issue No.
Protocol Deviations should move with a subject when the subject is transferred to a different study site. VDC-106975*


Issue Description Issue No.
Users may receive a server error when attempting to update the value of an item with an open query. VDC-103106
Query summaries aren't recreated after deletion when the "from" date is greater than the last modified date of the subject. VDC-105319

Role & User Management

Issue Description Issue No.
Unchecking the "Grant Access" checkbox in My Training Tab changes the user's training status to "Training Required." VDC-103421*
Users encounter an error message when exporting the User Activity Report for some studies. VDC-104301
Multiple custom permission sets on the same object causes inconsistencies in Read permissions. VDC-105173
The User Activity Report fails with an error. VDC-105757
The User Activity Report fails to run and users experience slow performance when navigating to System Tools > Users. VDC-109736*

Rule Editor

Issue Description Issue No.
Users can't modify the Dynamic Scope of a rule action after 22R2. VDC-104231

Rule Execution

Issue Description Issue No.
System queries should no longer display when their associated event is reset. VDC-102661*
After data updates, an Event may remain with "true" for Marked for Removal" instead of "false". VDC-102944*
Duplicate lines with different results are shown when users preview rules. VDC-104341
The execution of delayed rules may fail unexpectedly. VDC-107686
The Run Rules job may fail unexpectedly when running multiple rules against a single Subject. VDC-109179

SDS & Annotated PDFs

Issue Description Issue No.
The SDS fails with errors. VDC-104844
The SDS job fails with errors. VDC-107109
Annotated CRFs don't include the precision and length for number-type Items. VDC-107352


Issue Description Issue No.
Vault may show the "A review plan override has been applied" message to Review tab users when no override plan exists. VDC-102721*
In some cases, SDV dates and values are inconsistent in the Form Summary record. VDC-103054
In some cases, users can't perform SDV/DMR on casebooks in which a subject has been transferred to another study site. VDC-106039*
In some cases, Event Dates are Additively SDVed when set to "No Review." VDC-106524


Issue Description Issue No.
The last signed date field doesn't populate correctly during migration. VDC-103230
Signature bindings and signatures aren't moved when a subject is transferred. VDC-105062
Users can sign locked event dates. VDC-105440*

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No.
Progressive Display doesn't copy correctly between environments in some cases. VDC-102985
Vault doesn't show the restricted data warning when generating closeout PDFs in bulk. VDC-103434
Enabling Local Labs isn't shown in the Vault Comparison job (Diff report). VDC-105853

Study Data Extracts

Issue Description Issue No.
The SDE job fails when certain custom objects aren't selected. VDC-100722*
The SDE job fails with errors due to custom object length limitations when exporting as an SAS file. VDC-103157
The Signature Date column in the SYS_FORM dataset doesn't display after migration. VDC-103202
Study Data Extract jobs may fail in migrated studies VDC-103524
The LBAGE_U and LBAGE_TRANSU columns don't populate for studies using Global Labs. VDC-104853*
In some cases, codelist values are cut off in SAS files. VDC-105052
Users encounter an error message when running an SDE job in a PPT study. VDC-105275
Datetime items in SAS exports aren't consistent with EDC values when the "Include separate Date and Time columns for Datetime items" option is checked. VDC-105434
The Object Type length in the Definitions file for Custom Objects is incorrect. VDC-106805*
The LASTCODEDAT column in Clinical Datasets should have a Datetime Type and Numeric SAS Type. VDC-107140*
The SDE SAS job fails when there's a single quotation mark ( ' ) in the item value text. VDC-109235

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No.
System-generated (edit check) rules may not be copied correctly. VDC-101184*
Copy of a study design may not fail correctly if the source has bad data due to a failed labs migration. VDC-103324*
In some cases, Vault accepts then reverts user changes to the Forms Required value in the properties panel without notification. VDC-105176
Users encounter an error when attempting to add a Lab Panel to a form in Studio. VDC-105263
In some cases, changes made to assessment questions aren't saved. VDC-106123
Inactive comparison rules aren't filtered when validating, causing errors. VDC-106507
Users encounter an error in the drag and drop editor when moving an Event Group to the top of the schedule instead of clearing the event window. VDC-107191*, VDC-109057*
Vault doesn't check for duplicates in Unit Item Definitions within a Unit Definition. VDC-89244*
When a user adds a composite Item after initial deployment, Studio may warn about potential data deletion unnecessarily. VDC-92815
If a user copies a Form, then deletes that form's Coding Configuration in the target environment, and then copies the Form again, the copy job fails. VDC-94404*

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No.
In EDC Tools > Job History, the double arrow icon in the System Datasets section of the New Job dialog is disabled. VDC-101255*
The save button should be disabled when the Country field, which is required, is left blank when adding a new Lab location in the Labs module. VDC-101258*
Vault doesn't show the correct study build information in the EDC Tools header. VDC-102007*
Users encounter a server error while using the Query Status dropdown in the Coder Listing Panel. VDC-102523
In some cases, queries are incorrectly fired for out of window events due to the Event Operational Summary not being in sync with Data Entry UI. VDC-102907
Users encounter a server error when navigating to an event in a specific study using the breadcrumb navigation bar at the top of the Data Entry page. VDC-103340*
The collapse and expand icons are switched in the casebook schedule. VDC-103588*
Vault shows users a blank page when navigating to EDC Tools in Production. VDC-104142
If the study's Name contains special characters, users may see a blank page when attempting to access EDC Tools. VDC-104313*
Site users can't mark forms as complete due to a server error. VDC-104592
Users encounter a server error when navigating with the breadcrumb menu in Data Entry. VDC-104614
Users see a blank page when navigating to the deployment history in EDC Tools for a study with special characters. VDC-104654*
Users encounter a server error when attempting to open log forms in Data Entry. VDC-105022
In EDC Tools > Sites, Select All takes longer than expected. VDC-105103
Users encounter a server error when navigating to certain forms in Data Entry. VDC-105669
Users encounter errors when viewing the audit trail for an Item that was undeleted. VDC-105873
In Coder, users are shown a page in Code Mode when Approve Mode is selected. VDC-106167
The cursor displays as a spinner after saving a design step in Studio and doesn't update when the save is complete. VDC-106314
CDB may intermittently fail to load due to a server error. VDC-106755
Users using the Google Chrome™ browser encounter a browser compatibility message in Data Entry that recommends using the Chrome™ browser. VDC-107376

Vault Administration

Issue Description Issue No.
Users receive a server error when attempting to open Admin > Business Admin > Gateway Profiles. VDC-103760*
With this release, Vault truncates object names longer than 128 characters in PPT environments. VDC-109472*