Known Issues in 23R1

Pre-Release Date: March 27, 2023 | CDB Pre-Release Date: April 3, 2023 | Release Date: April 14 & 21, 2023

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future releases. Between the limited release and the general release, we may remove issues that are found to be caused by user error or are working as designed. This list is subject to change until the general release.

An asterisk (*) next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.

CDB - Checks & Queries

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Query creation in third party data fails when the Item is on a repeating Form or Item Group and there is a row_external_id specified. VDC-116216*
In the All Outstanding Queries listing, the Sort & Filter menu extends outside the viewable area. VDC-116451*  
CDB removes queries if the Event, Subject, or Site changes for that row after a new third party data import. VDC-117124*
When users with both Answer Query and Open Query permissions reply to EDC queries in CDB via the Answer button, CDB sets the query's status to Open VDC-118080*  
CDB shows a blank notification after successfully bulk answering queries. VDC-119928*  
Queries against third party data may display in the Cell Details panel for the wrong cell. VDC-120939*
Users may receive an error when opening a query on a third party data listing where the row contains a null value. VDC-120982*  
Checks may fail unexpectedly with the ""Missing @Qry header table" error. VDC-121189*  
If a user imports a new data package that removes an Item containing a query, CDB continues to show that query in query listings. VDC-121797*  

CDB - Clean Patient Tracker

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
CDB doesn't show a list of Subject Statuses available for filtering in the Sort & Filter menu for the Status column. VDC-118604*

CDB - Clone

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Cloned listings and views don't show the Source or Forms in the listings or views tables. VDC-117275*
Listings that use Select * are incorrectly marked as incompatible. VDC-118345*
Cloning may fail when the clone package contains a view. VDC-120588*
CDB may not show cloning validation for a Form with missing Items in the target study. VDC-121375
Cloning validation messages may not show consistently for packages containing unions. VDC-121385


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
CQL may not return the expected number of results when a third party repeating Item Group has the same Name as an EDC Form. VDC-116397*  
CQL may not return results in the expected order when sorting by two Items. VDC-121701*  

CDB - Export

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Export package generation may fail unexpectedly. VDC-120852*  

CDB - Import

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Third party imports may get stuck in the In Progress status. VDC-108935*  
EDC import may fail in studies with Names of 100 or more characters. VDC-110877*  
Imports of very large packages may fail unexpectedly. VDC-111494*  
Ingestion may fail unexpectedly. VDC-112742*  
If a user imports reference data into a Study that has a third party package with an invalid source, CDB may not swap to the new reference data after import. VDC-113024*  
CDB doesn't return the right error message when multiple data files reference the same form. VDC-117335*
CDB may show invalid listings after importing a third party data package with the wrong study name. VDC-117503*  
If a package contains both reference and third party data, the reference data won't show up in the CQL results. VDC-118629*  
If a user imports a file with both reference and third party data, but with no Study in the manifest file, CDB doesn't return the appropriate error. VDC-119496*  
If a user imports a file with both reference and third party data, CDB sends a duplicate reference object import notification. VDC-119497*  
When a row has an External ID longer than 60 characters, CDB ignores that row. VDC-120001*
CDB doesn't import rows with an empty value for row_external_id. VDC-120010*
If the manifest file specifies a row_external_id, but the CSV file doesn't have the column, CDB doesn't import any rows from that file. VDC-120033*

CDB - Listings

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
When the CQL Editor is open, the navigation drawer opens behind it. VDC-116468*  
After a study is deleted, the Last Listing Visited link may still lead to that study. VDC-118565*  
Opening the CQL editor shows hidden columns. VDC-119710*  
CDB may not apply the Closed Query or SDV decorations correctly. VDC-121197*  
If a user without the Browse Views permission attempts to view their favorites with the Views filter applied, the page crashes. VDC-121488  

CDB - Views

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Users without the Create View permission are able to clone views from another study. VDC-120577*  

Coding Configuration

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Syncing Pending Details from a replica to the master may fail when the replica and master Synonym Lists are out of sync. VDC-115376*
Vault doesn't allow users to delete a Synonym List in the replica vault when it contains Synonym List Details. VDC-120338*
When importing synonyms for WHODrug, if the CSV file is missing a column value in the first row, users receive a server error. VDC-120502*
Vault fails to save when users change the Store Preferred Base setting. VDC-120586*  
Synonym list approval may fail unexpectedly. VDC-120753  

Compare Versions & Vaults

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The comparison report may not record differences in the Hidden property on protocol deviation Categories and Subcategories. VDC-120543  

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Signature and closeout actions may be unavailable. VDC-121377  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Users may receive a server error when opening a related Serious Adverse Event form when the study uses the Duration overlaps any part of the SAE duration inclusion rule. VDC-118588*
Vault may fail to send email notifications for an unsubmitted form when configured. VDC-120431
The Safety Certificate Expiry job may fail unexpectedly. VDC-120504*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The Audit Trail Export job may take longer than expected. VDC-114798*  
The Delete Site Data job may fail unexpectedly. VDC-114998  
When two Workbench Export jobs run simultaneously, one is successful and one is stuck in the In Progress status. VDC-115352*  
The Copy Study Data job may fail unexpectedly. VDC-118302*  
In the SDE's casebook_definition_summary.csv and casebook_schedule.csv files, forms aren't listed in the designed schedule order. VDC-118766
Users are able to click the Schedule button twice before Vault closes the dialog, which results in duplicate jobs. VDC-120907*  
SAS extracts may fail when there's an Item with a double-byte numeric character. VDC-121294*  
In the Study Data Extract, the ESEQ column may be unexpectedly blank in the SYS_LINKS file. VDC-121674  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Vault doesn't support lab headers with custom names. VDC-121441  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Users with the View Randomization Kit/Device permission aren't able to view kits. VDC-121102  

Role & User Management

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The User Access Report may not show study environment names for deleted study environments. VDC-120941*

Rule Execution

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The Run Rules job doesn't execute rules with circular references. VDC-121643*  

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Environment deletion may fail unexpectedly. VDC-120505*  

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Vault doesn't use a consistent display for disabled components in the Rule Details panel. VDC-117828*  
The Tools and Deployment menu items don't show in the navigation drawer when a user opens a Study from the search results. VDC-117956*  
CDB may be slower to load for users with multiple Study Roles assigned. VDC-119040*  

Views & Data Export

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The Data Export (Legacy) job fails when run with the SAS with XPT and CSV file type. VDC-115819*