Feature Enablement Details for 17R1

Pre-Release Date: March 28, 2017 | Release Dates: April 14 & 21, 2017

The following is a list of new features introduced in 17R1. For each feature, the list includes information on how enablement works and which applications include the feature. You can see detailed explanations for the features below in What's New in 17R1. See below for an explanation of feature enablement and user impact.

Feature Enablement Application
Vault Objects
Field-Level Security on Objects Configuration All
Dynamic Reference Constraints Configuration All
Object Reference Field Links in Related Object Lists Auto-On All
Parent Object Field Filters Configuration All
Relabeling Filter Records in Referenced Object Auto-On All
Object Types
Custom Tabs by Object Type Configuration All
Dynamic Page Layouts Configuration All
Page Layouts by Object Type Configuration All
Required Fields by Object Type Configuration All
Lifecycles & Workflows
Case Change Functions Configuration All
Object Record Access Control by Lifecycle State Configuration All
Object State Entry Action Change State of Related Records' States Configuration All
Object State Entry Criteria Based on Related Object Records' States Configuration All
Update Record Fields Workflow Step & Entry Action Configuration All
Calculated Task Due Date in Object Workflows Configuration All
Cancelling Object Workflows Reverts Record to Original State Auto-On All
Export Reports to PDF Auto-On All
New Report Display Options Auto-On All
Reporting Supports Multiple "Down" Objects Auto-On All
Archived Document Reporting Auto-on All
Authentication & User Setup
Cross-Domain Users & Authentication Configuration All
Hide User Information Configuration All
Manage Multiple Applications within a Vault Configuration All
Forgot User Name Auto-On All
Password Reset Changes Auto-On All
Rolodex Links Removed from Users Pages Auto-On All
Vault Loader
Vault Loader Field Selector Auto-On All
Vault Loader Extracts Name & External ID for Related Object Records Auto-On All
Limit CSV File Size for Vault Loader Auto-On All
Configuration Migration
Component Comparison for Configuration Packages Auto-On All
Configuration Migration Package Comparison Export Auto-On All
Component Label Visible in Outbound Packages Auto-On All
Configuration Migration Packages: Enablement Change Configuration All
UI Changes
Improved My Vaults Page with Cross-Domain Support Auto-On All
Improved Vault Selector with Cross-Domain Support Auto-On All
Login Page UI Update Auto-On All
New Vault Color Palette Auto-On All

Enablement Legend

See the following explanations for feature enablement options:

Enablement Description
Auto-on Automatically activated and no configuration is required before using the feature; note that in some cases, a new feature is dependent on another feature that must be enabled or configured.
Admin Checkbox Admins must turn on the feature with an Admin checkbox. Note that some “Auto-On” features have a checkbox setting that hides the feature; these will show “Auto-On.”
Configuration Admins must configure the feature (separately from an Admin checkbox) before it is available to use or is active; for example, a Clinical Programmer must create an Item Definition of a certain new Item Type.
Support On/off option controlled by Support.