Known Issues in 18R3

Release Date: November 30

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future releases.

Category Issue Description Issue No.
Coder Users receive a server error when attempting to use an emoji in a Code Request Note. VDC-16727*
Coder Users may need to double-click the Form icon to see the Form that initiated that Code Request. VDC-20221*
Coder In Internet Explorer™, the Queries card of the Code Request Properties panel shows an unnecessary horizontal scrollbar. VDC-20228*
Coder Tools The FTP Connection field is required when scheduling a Code Request Export job. VDC-20209*
Data Entry When user enters text into a form's field in the Review tab, and then presses Tab, the Cancel button is selected. VDC-15646*
Data Entry When a form is submitted with the maximum value of offset days allowed, a server error occurs. VDC-15958*
Data Entry In repeating Forms, users are able to edit Items that are disabled and marked as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-16877*
Data Entry Users receive a server error when submitting Forms that reference invalid rules. VDC-17715*
Data Entry In some circumstances, Vault does not remove a dynamic Event after a user resets the Form containing the controlling Item. VDC-18152*
Data Entry Vault may be slow to complete the Reset Event action. VDC-18755*
Data Entry When a user creates a new repeating Event Group sequence, Vault asks users to provide a date in the New Event dialog. VDC-19046*
Data Entry In some circumstances, Vault may not autosave an Item due to the Form returning the incorrect status. VDC-19633*
Data Entry Users are able to enter data while a data lock is still in progress. VDC-19769*
Data Entry Vault may create two dynamic Events instead of one if a rule is based on a repeating Event Group. VDC-19989*
Data Review Vault may not close system-generated queries after a user marks a Form as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-13364*
Data Review Viewing a Form that contains repeating Item Groups as a site displays an empty section if there are no sequences of the repeating Item Group. VDC-17807*
Data Review The Review tab doesn't display Short Labels for Events when one is provided. VDC-18433*
Data Review When a user toggles to hide completed items, Vault displays "Data not found" if an Item Group has no incomplete tasks. VDC-18679*
Data Review Users with the EDC Data Manager security profile cannot access Review > Study Jobs. VDC-18909*
Data Review The View as Site dialog doesn't display the Item Group header when the Item Group has the Header Visible property selected. VDC-19009*
Data Review Users receive a server error when freezing a Subject Casebook if it includes a locked Form. VDC-19225*
Data Review Users are able to perform SDV and DMR on Locked Events in the Review tab. VDC-19529*
eSignature Changing an Event Date when only some Forms within that Event are signed may not remove the signature from all Forms in the Event. VDC-20262*
Localization Studio does not display translated labels in languages other than the Vault's base language. VDC-19702*
Localization Change Reason Configuration translated labels may display to users with another language. VDC-19879*
PDF Export Casebook Detail PDF table of contents entries may not link to the expected page. VDC-17880*
PDF Export Users may receive a system error when exporting Detail PDFs at the Casebook level. VDC-20207*
Reporting When a user clicks to open a Site, Vault opens the Site in the Review tab's Site listing, but not in its Study Sites subtab. VDC-19521*
Search & Filter In the Review tab, Vault does not clear filters when a user logs out. VDC-18359*
Search & Filter In the Review tab, Vault doesn't show incomplete SDV or DMR tasks on Event Dates when a user filters to hide complete tasks. VDC-18773*
Study Administration The Summary file for the Re-assign SDV Mode job may include duplicate entries. VDC-16239*
Study Administration The Summary file for the Re-assign DMR Mode job may have inconsistent entries. VDC-16241*
Study Administration Job notification emails include a link to the Notifications page, which does not exist in Vault EDC, and that link leads to the Casebooks listing page. VDC-16860*
Study Administration If a new casebook version includes changes to repeating Event Group custom labels and raises the Repeat Maximum, then updating Casebooks to that new version may unexpectedly add a new Event Group sequence to the Casebook. VDC-19194*
Study Administration Users may receive a server error when updating Casebooks to a new version if that new version includes changes to custom repeating Event Group labels. VDC-19240*
Study Administration After updating a Casebook to a new version including a repeating Event Group, Vault displays the repeating Event Group at the top of the casebook schedule. VDC-19335*
Study Administration The Re-assign SDV Mode and Re-assign DMR Mode jobs may a long time in Studies with large data sets. VDC-19716*
Study Administration Users are able to add new repeating Event Group sequences even when a Study is Locked. VDC-19955*
Study Administration A Casebook Version Update job that adds a new Item Group to a Form may add that Item Group to existing Forms before the upgrade. VDC-20270*
Study Design Vault does not automatically open the Properties panel in Edit mode when a Studio user creates a new record. VDC-18630*
Study Design When comparing casebook versions from another vault, users can choose the same vault in both the Select First Version and Select Second Version dialogs. VDC-18908*
Study Design Skip Item-type rules based on Codelist Item values may enable and disable items as expected. VDC-19415*
Study Design Users receive an error when attempting to save changes to both the Codelist Definition and Codelist Control Type properties at once. VDC-19939*
Study Design When copying an Item Definition, Vault may change the Data Type of the copied Item Definition. VDC-20057*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, the Freeze Form action displays as selected, even when the hasn't selected it. VDC-13667*
UI & Performance The Unset Intentionally Left Blank icon does not display after a user unfreezes an Intentionally Left Blank Item. VDC-14954*
UI & Performance With Internet Explorer™, Label-type Items in the Review tab do not span across the SDV and DMR columns. VDC-14960*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, the Clear All icon for SDV and DMR is incorrect. VDC-15162*
UI & Performance Users may receive a server error when opening a Form that was updated to a new casebook version. VDC-15171*
UI & Performance When user creates a new Casebook, columns remain in the repeating form grid from the last viewed Casebook's repeating form. VDC-15268*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, the Form page has incorrect placement of "No Items Found" message. VDC-15378*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, the Form page displays a line above "No Items Found" message. VDC-15381*
UI & Performance In the Review tab's Content panel, the frozen banner is not visible above an Event Date until a frozen form is selected. VDC-15758*
UI & Performance When a Vault Owner views the Actions menu for an event, 'Apply electronic signature' is shown as a disabled item. VDC-15807*
UI & Performance When a Study is locked, hovering over an SDV or DMR checkbox in the Content panel does not display any indicator that the Study is locked. VDC-15971,
UI & Performance The 'View as Site' dialog is showing a Cancel button instead of a Close button. VDC-15991*
UI & Performance The 'View as Site' dialog is missing an X button to close the dialog. VDC-15993*
UI & Performance In the Review UI, when an Event Date is selected the Query button should be selected. VDC-15995*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, when user opens a form the form is not automatically viewed from the top. Vault opens the form at the scroll position from the previously viewed form. VDC-16030*
UI & Performance The 'View as Site' dialog does not display a horizontal scroll bar. VDC-16036*
UI & Performance Repeating Event Groups in the New Event dialog are not sorted by schedule. VDC-16056*
UI & Performance When a user hovers over the Subject header in Studio, the wrong color is displayed. VDC-16080*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, SDV and DMR page header tooltips (for locked study or study site ) are not dismissed when the content panel is refreshed. VDC-16106*
UI & Performance In Casebooks, when a user views an event with long text and resizes the page, the query button is out of place. VDC-16116*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, tooltips in the Form page are covering the Next Event Link button when the page is resized. VDC-16123*
UI & Performance Vault does not indicate locked, frozen, changed, and signed items in the View as Site dialog. VDC-16168*
UI & Performance When viewing a Form as a Site from the Review tab, composite Items may overlap. VDC-16240*
UI & Performance Users receive a server error when attempting to edit a Form while its Study Site is locked. VDC-16242*
UI & Performance When an Item is marked as Intentionally Left Blank, Vault continues to display the character count. VDC-16331*
UI & Performance In Studio, the content in the details panel is not positioned correctly. VDC-16657*
UI & Performance In the View as Site dialog, longer item values extend outside of the viewable area. VDC-16868*
UI & Performance Vault may be slow to save changes to date fields. VDC-16925*
UI & Performance If there are more than 999 instances of a given task, task bar icons display incorrectly. VDC-16946*
UI & Performance Vault displays unknown date components in different formats. VDC-16948*
UI & Performance In Studio, the View Editor table is not fitting within grid. VDC-17001*
UI & Performance Some Forms may be slow to load. VDC-17813*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, the SDV and DMR columns are aligned differently on repeating Item Groups. VDC-18083*
UI & Performance In some cases, the tooltip on the Previous Event and Next Event buttons flashes. VDC-18162*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, the breadcrumb menu doesn't update when a user navigates to a different subject. VDC-18344*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, Events with longer names may overlap with other text on the page. VDC-18440*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, clicking Next Event may cause the Event Name text to flash. VDC-18444*
UI & Performance The + Repeating Event Group # button does not use the expected label, "+ New {Event Group Name}". VDC-19042*
UI & Performance In the Casebooks tab, Vault doesn't show the Frozen and Locked icons on Items after a user freeze or locks a Form until the page refreshes. VDC-19143*
UI & Performance In Studio, copying a Form may take a very long time. VDC-19331*
UI & Performance On Forms, the Change Indicator, More Actions menu, and Slash (for Composite Items) display between radio buttons. VDC-19527*
UI & Performance In some cases, users may be unable to close the Date Selection calendar, and it continues to display even after leaving the Form. VDC-19665*
UI & Performance In Studio, the Copy from Study dialog displays "Copy 1 Forms" instead of "Copy 1 Form". VDC-19771*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, query dialogs near the end of a Form may extend outside of the viewable area. VDC-19781*
UI & Performance Log Forms from previous casebook versions may not display in the Form Carousel after a Casebook Version Upgrade. VDC-19844*
UI & Performance In Studio's Browse view, users lose their pagination selection after refreshing the page. VDC-19952*
UI & Performance When a Study is Locked, tooltips on disabled buttons continue to display until the user refreshes the page. VDC-19963*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, Vault doesn't show the Frozen and Locked icons on Items after a user freeze or locks a Form until the page refreshes. VDC-20159*
UI & Performance The Review tab does not include Planned Events in the breadcrumb menu. VDC-20217*
Vault Configuration When a Skip Item rule is configured to accept a number and user enters an alphanumeric value for a codelist item definition, a server error message is received. VDC-15301*
Views & Data Export When importing an ODM XML that references a View Set Definition, the job's Log file is empty. VDC-16259*
Views & Data Export SAS Length overrides in the SAS Format Panel don't display in a SAS viewer. VDC-20222*
* Internally found defects filed during the development of Limited Release features.