Known Issues in 20R1 Pre-Release

Pre-Release Date: March 30, 2020 | Release Date: April 10 & 17, 2020

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future releases. Between the start of the pre-release period and the general release, we may remove issues that are found to be caused by user error or are working as designed. This list is subject to change until the general release.

An asterisk (*) next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The user receives a server error when attempting to access an assessment grid in a study in which they don't have access. VDC-37150*  
In Studio > Assessments, Assessment visibility is not updated when edited by the user. VDC-40261*  

Audit Trail

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The Item Audit Trail incorrectly shows "%0A" instead of a space where new data has been entered. VDC-40316*  
The Audit Trail does not show deleted form links when exporting a Detail PDF. VDC-42829*  
The Audit Trail Export CSV doesn't include audit information for a study's clincial review assessments. VDC-45066*  

Automated Deployments

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The EDC Deployment job fails if the user renames a custom application role after starting the deployment. VDC-40996*  
When a custom object includes a currency-type field, automated deployments including that object's configuration fail. VDC-42937*  
When a Vault includes two custom objects, and those objects reference each other using an object reference field, deployments fail. VDC-43200*  
In the Welcome to CDMS notification for a study environment, Vault doesn't include the label of the environment. VDC-43304*  
When a user renames a custom Study Role from Tools > Role Management, Vault doesn't rename the Deployment Whitelist record associated with that role. VDC-43323*  

Casebook Versioning

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
In certain cases, a prospective amendment may result in the Common Forms area being hidden in the casebook schedule. VDC-43725*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
After upversioning a MedDRA form, users may receive a server error when navigating to the Code Request listing page. VDC-40589*  
The user receives an error when modifying an existing Seriousness/Indication/Route Coding Configuration related item to any other item type and saves. VDC-42600*  
If an Item value is changed before Coder autosaves and the user selects the Link and Copy button to set a value, the original value will display instead of the newly added value. VDC-42849*  
Users receive an error when searching for a special character in a coding dictionary. VDC-43220*  

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
When a user edits a form and hovers over the Change Indicator icon, the pop-up shows "null by null" in the "Modified" field. VDC-32943*  
In v2 of the Data Entry UI, the Form Link toggle bar does not properly link. VDC-39823*  
When a retrospective amendment is run on a casebook starting with Event #1, the status of Event #2 changes to "In Progress" instead of "Complete." VDC-40716*  
In version 2 of the Data Entry UI, the cursor should change to a pointer when hovering over a form name. VDC-40969*  
Repeating forms in the Data Entry tab should display Signature checkboxes for signable forms and dimmed icons for unsignable forms. VDC-41205*  
Forms that cannot be signed should have a dimmed status icon. VDC-41392*  
Vault does not enable the linked form toggle link for the user to access linked forms in the form header. VDC-41516*  
In version 2 of the Data Entry UI, the user is able to edit the contents of an "Unsubmitted" form in Signature mode. VDC-41942*  
Users may receive a server error after selecting a form in the Link and Copy dialog when there are multiple versions of that form's Form Definition. VDC-42095*  
Vault should inform the user that not all records have been unsigned because they were locked. VDC-42097*  
For label-type Items, Vault displays the Item on the Form, regardless of whether or not it should be displayed, based on its progressive display configuration. VDC-42912*  
Vault doesn't allow users to reset a Form if the Form has at least one progressively displayed Item and an Item with an answered, manual query. VDC-42928*, VDC-42926*  
Users receive a server error when searching in the Form Link dialog if their search term includes a single quotation mark. VDC-42955*  
Vault doesn't list all linked Forms in the header of the Link and Copy dialog. VDC-43035*  
The Link and Copy dialog may not display the correct Item columns. VDC-43076*  
In development environments, Vault allows a user to create a Form Link and copy the Indication from a Form where the indication Item no longer exists. VDC-43319*  
In V2 of the Data Entry UI, Vault shows the outside date range Warning dialog twice. VDC-43528*  
For link and copy Indication, Vault doesn't filter out Forms that don't have the Item selected for Copy Item Value. VDC-44316*  
Users may receive a server error during form linking if they have the "Show selected" checkbox selected and switch between the Current Event and All Events filter views. VDC-44399*  
Users may receive a server error when attempting to reset an Event that contains a controlling Item for an Add Assessment rule. VDC-44449*  

Developer Features

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
For the Edit Submitted Form API, Vault doesn't return an informative error when a user includes a Change Reason that exceeds the maximum length for that field. VDC-38897*  
Vault allows a user to set the Event Date for an Event that is frozen, locked, or signed using the Set Event Date API. VDC-40719*  
The Create Event Group API doesn't return the correct error messages. VDC-43135*  
For the Set Subject Status API, Vault doesn't return the correct error message when a user includes an incorrect date format for date. VDC-43552*  
The Unset Subject Status API doesn't respect the Locked status on Subjects. VDC-43571*  
The Unset Subject Status API doesn't respect the Frozen status on Subjects. VDC-43572*  
Vault doesn't return the correct error message when a user attempts to unset the status of more than one Subject in a single request. VDC-43574*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
In Studies using version 2 of the Data Entry UI, Vault doesn't disable the Clear Signature button on a Form when the Casebook is in signature mode. VDC-42903*  

Freezing & Locking

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Vault allows users to remove Form Links when the Casebook is frozen or locked. VDC-43383*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Vault doesn't check whether the CDMS/Clinical Operations Connection is in the Active state before generating the relevant jobs. VDC-42858*  
Vault attempts to calculate "Data has changed" for integration data when the CDMS/EDC Spark connection isn't fully configured for a Study. VDC-43016*  
When the EDC and CTMS Spark connection encounters a VQL error, such as an invalid field mapping, the job doesn't fail. VDC-44223*  
For Studies using the CTMS Spark Connection, CDMS updates the Study name when the Study is renamed in CTMS. VDC-45315*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The EDC Review State job produces a CSV that does not contain the correct number of Review State records. VDC-41238*  
The Retrospective Amendment jobs fail for Casebooks with a Link & Copy setting. VDC-41901*  
The Study build number on studies that have been restored from remote vaults should match the study build number of the original study. VDC-42396*  
Because Autocoding jobs now run automatically, previously scheduled Autocoding jobs register as failed jobs and send a failed job email to the user. VDC-42825*  
For Data Export, Data Listing, JReview Listing, and Workbench Export jobs, the log file doesn't include the job type or the name of the generated file. VDC-42997*  
Core Listing CSVs do not exclude Label-type Items. VDC-43158*  
Core Listing CSVs do not list Item Groups and Items in the order that they appear on the Form. VDC-43159*  
Core Listing CSVs do not include the Open Queries and Closed Columns. VDC-43166*  
Core Listings CSVs use multiple rows for non-repeating Item Groups. VDC-43208*  
When a Form has no data, the Core Listing CSV is empty, instead of having a single row for the column headers. VDC-43303*  
Core Listings CSVs may not include an Item for more than the first occurrence of the Item if that Item is reused across multiple Item Groups. VDC-43325*  
Core Listing CSVs don't include status information for frozen and locked Forms. VDC-43436*  
In the Core Listings job output, the Form DMR Datetime column is labeled "Form SDV Datetime". VDC-43442*  

PDF Export

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Detail PDFs with the Audit Trail included don't list all audit events related to form linking. Form linking is still appropriately audited, and those audit events are viewable in the Form Link Audit Trail. VDC-42889*  

Publishing Validation

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The validation error EL-001 includes the Name of the Item Group Definition. VDC-43129*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
A server error occurs when a query is created for a "Date" data type with an unknown month or day. VDC-39281*  
Vault doesn't automatically close system-generated queries when the queried Item is disabled by a Disable rule. VDC-43339*  
Vault doesn't automatically close answered, system-generated queries when the queried Item is disabled or hidden by progressive display. VDC-43341*  
Vault allows users to reopen queries on hidden or disabled (via progressive display) items. VDC-43400*  

Review Plans

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
While in the Review Plan Editor, Vault allows special characters in the Name field. VDC-42888*  

Role Management

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Renaming a custom Study Role may remove all custom object permissions from that role. VDC-43041*  
Users receive an error when attempting to remove all permissions from a custom Study Role that previously had at least Read permission on a custom object. VDC-43042*  
If an admin creates a user-managed Group that automatically includes the Security Profile for a newly added custom Study Role, and then renames that custom Study Role, Vault creates a duplicate Security Profile. VDC-45019*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Invalid actions are not marked as invalid in the rule definition. VDC-39531*  
There are two "Today" function options in the rule editor. VDC-40765*  
The user can't save a Progressive Display rule if the object name has 128 characters. VDC-41611*  
Users receive an exception error when submitting a form with Delete Dynamic Event and Create Dynamic Form rules. VDC-41950*  
In Studio's Rule Editor, users are able to select an "Unscheduled" Event Group type. VDC-42530*  
In certain circumstances, Vault may not create a dynamic Form even when the rule evaluates as true. VDC-42883*  
Vault shows dynamic tokens for the Send Email rule action when the user hasn't selected a Form. Vault should only show static tokens until the user selects a Form. VDC-44774*  

Search & Filter

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
In the Review tab's Subject listing, the filters for Frozen and Locked status don't filter the listing. VDC-45222*  

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Vault doesn't show the value for Company in the Edit User dialog. VDC-42987*  
When a user is granted access to all study environments at once, Vault only sends the user a Welcome to CDMS notification for one environment. VDC-43322*  
Users receive an unknown error when attempting to add a cross-vault user to a Study with a custom Study Role and Permission Set. VDC-43784*  

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The Progressive Display icon callout in Studio > Study Design does not specify the Item Group in the design. VDC-42463*  
In Studio > Review Plans, the Override Subjects field is required even when the Override SDV or DMR Plan field is blank. VDC-43008*  
In certain cases, annotated PDFs that include indentation for progressive display Items don't appropriately indent those Items. VDC-43058*  
When viewed in an Adobe® application, annotated PDFs that include indentations for progressively displayed Items don't include an answer placeholder for those Items. VDC-43059*  
Annotated PDFs that include indentations for progressive display incorrectly display the Item Group containing a progressively displayed Item. VDC-43063*  
Copying an Event Group from a manual deployment Study to an automated deployment Study fails unexpectedly. VDC-43369*  
Users are able to select an Item within a repeating Item Group as the controlling Item for progressive display inside of another repeating Item Group. VDC-43482*  
For published casebook versions, Vault does not disable the Edit button in Studio > Settings. VDC-43779*  

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Certain users receive an exception error when attempting to edit a Form via the Edit Form API. VDC-38896*  
When the user sorts Item Group data in Studio, the data shifts to the right. VDC-39283*  
The "Set As" option is not available in the bulk update dropdown menu for Review Plans. VDC-39299*  
Vault returns an exception when the user selects the "Get Enrollment" action from the Learning System tab. VDC-39875*  
When a user copies a form with a form link to another study in the Studio tab, the Form Links count is not automatically updated. VDC-40181*  
In Studio > Assessments, creating a new assessment and clicking the back button to return to the grid results in an "Unsaved Changes" dialog. VDC-40448*  
Forms with repeating item groups and two column layout items are missing a change indicator when the users selects "View as Site." VDC-40861*  
A server error occurs when the user enters a single quote in the search input box of any tab other than Data Entry. VDC-41086*  
"Offset Days" and "Overdue Days" are not reset when the Offset event is reset while copying an Event Group. VDC-41252*  
The Item column in the Form Link modal dialog should be highlighted. VDC-41591*  
Two horizontal scroll bars appear in the bottom of the Linked Form data grid in the Data Entry tab. VDC-41721*  
A type-ahead search box should display on the Linked Forms modal in the Review tab. VDC-41767*  
The Form Linking modal in the Review tab displays two scroll bars. VDC-41799*  
Users can't scroll to the bottom of the Rule Editor page to view all content on rules with a rule action that evaluates 20 objects. VDC-42052*  
Vault returns a server error when the user edits a tested item to allow unknown month, day, and time. VDC-42101*  
In the Data Entry tab, if there are multiple items on a composite item, the items do not display in the same row. VDC-42239*  
In the Review tab, only the bottom repeating item group displays in Form View on forms with multiple repeating item groups. VDC-42265*  
If the user creates a rule using @Event without specifying a property, the rule will fail without an error message. VDC-42309*  
Item groups do not display properly in the Rule Editor. VDC-42332*  
In the Rule Editor in Studio, the option to select tokens in the Search/Filter box is not available. VDC-42338*  
The Form Header in the Data Entry tab is misaligned when viewing linked forms. VDC-42422*  
In the Data Entry tab, the background should change to gray when the user hovers their cursor over an Event on the Schedule Tree. VDC-42424*  
In Studio, the Rule Editor item search tool tip changes color when the user hovers their cursor over it. VDC-42462*  
In the Data Entry and Review tabs, more than twelve non-repeating items are shown without values in a linked, repeating form. VDC-42493*  
Setting a Boolean item to ILB leads to the checkbox control field being displayed as a blank checkbox instead of an "Unknown" label. VDC-42508*  
Repeating forms in the Review tab are displayed as incorrectly indented. VDC-42625*  
Vault does not display an error message when there is an unexpected token in the rule expression editor. VDC-42743*  
In EDC Tools > Users > User Activity Report, the entire page content disappears if the user deletes any Date fields. VDC-42752*  
"Generation Complete" is used twice in the subject line of the resulting User Activity report job email. VDC-42757*  
The user receives a server error when creating a new unit or codelist in Studio. VDC-42768*  
A continuous loading page appears when a user locks an event in the Review tab. VDC-42838*  
In EDC Tools > Email Group Assignment, Vault doesn't display values in the Last Modified Date column. VDC-42886*  
Vault doesn't show the appropriate validation message when a user inputs more than 128 characters in a review plan's Name field. VDC-42887*  
In the Rule Editor, for the Send Email rule action, values in the "To" field may extend outside of the field area. VDC-42935*  
In manual deployment Studies, Vault doesn't display indented, composite Items with their assigned indent level. VDC-42950*  
Users receive a server error upon opening a Site in the Review tab if the Site doesn't have a Principal Investigator assigned. VDC-42962*  
The page title is missing from the Review Plan Editor. VDC-42964*, VDC-42961*  
In non-development environments, Vault doesn't disable the "+ Add Link" button in the Coding Configuration dialog. VDC-43439*  
In Studio > Review Plans, the Properties panel covers the DMR fields in Study Template panel. VDC-43486*  
Vault shows the Progressive Display Indicator on an Item when the related Progressive Display rule is inactive. VDC-43534*  
Progressively displayed, codelist-type, composite Items may overlap when viewed in Internet Explorer™. VDC-43599*  
Vault may be slow to submit a Form when a Casebook contains thousands of Items. VDC-44051*  
In Internet Explorer™, the Rule Action panel doesn't display appropriately when the Send Email rule action is selected. VDC-44338*  
In Studio > Settings, Vault shows "yyyy-MM-dd (System Default)" for Standard Date Format. The actual system default is "dd-MMM-yyyy". This drop-down also includes the following invalid date formats: "yyyyMMd", "yyyyMMMdd", "ddMMyyyy", "ddMMMyyyy", "MMddyyyy", and "MMMddyyyy". VDC-44499*