About the 17R2 Release

This page can help you understand the schedule for the coming release and the list of features included. Dates are subject to change.

Important Dates

  • July 11: Preview webinar, 10:00am-11:00am PST
  • July 17: 17R2 pre-release and 17R2 validation package available
  • August 4: 17R2 release to VV8 POD
  • August 11: 17R2 release to all remaining PODs

Notifications Opt-In

As a valued member of our community, providing you with control over the communications you receive from Veeva is important to us. Please allow us to send you pre-release environment notifications and other industry related information. From your user profile within Vault, verify that the Product Announcements checkbox is selected.

Feature Information

Pre-Release Information

Release Information


  • Pre-Release: This is a two-week period prior to the general availability of the next major release (18R1, 17R2, etc.). During this period, customers can explore the new features in a vault based on their production vault configurations.

AWS Migration

As part of our commitment to ongoing innovation and customer success, Veeva will be moving its worldwide computing infrastructure from managed data centers to the Veeva virtual private cloud (VPC) running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This will begin in the second half of 2017 across all Veeva product lines. See AWS Migration FAQ.

General Release Information

You can find general information on how Vault releases work in About Vault Releases.