Known Issues in 17R2

Release Dates: August 4 & 11, 2017

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future Vault releases. Learn about Vault releases.

Category Description Issue No.
Admin Admins see a server error when trying to access the Object tab inside a permission set. DEV-140502
Admin Vault does not generate renditions for documents created using Vault Loader if Amazon S3 migration occurs during the bulk upload. DEV-141317
Admin Cross-Domain users are not able to use the Vault Compare option for vaults on different domains. DEV-149024
API & VQL Users can set the same country twice in the Countries document field using the API. DEV-148532
Clinical Vault does not update the dates from a Milestone Date Offset when only one dependent milestone has a Start Date. DEV-148683
Documents With Office 2016 documents, bookmark titles do not generate properly when the heading text is too long. DEV-148459
Documents With Office 2016 documents, bookmarks for title style do not render properly. DEV-148350
Documents Vault continues to display the newly selected value after a user cancels the edit. Value clears when the user refreshes the page. DEV-142751
Documents Viewable renditions for Excel files are sometimes much larger than the source files. DEV-138711
Documents The "Go to selected binder" link does not appear for a binder in Multi-Document Viewer. DEV-144388
Documents In rare cases, the Vault Owner is the only user with access to View Content. DEV-145800
Lifecycle & Workflow Vault displays the wrong error message during entry criteria configuration. DEV-148358
Localization Translations for the Forgot Password page in Chinese show a message key, rather than rendered message. DEV-147127
Objects When users change the object type of a record and the new type has a constraint on a reference field, Vault does not clear the old (no longer valid) reference field value. DEV-143506
Objects In some vaults, the Batch object doesn't have a page layout configured. DEV-148234
Objects Lookup fields are retaining old values when they point to a multi-select object field. DEV-147771</p>


Quality When an Admin cannot delete an object field because that field is used in a Formatted Output template, the error message is unhelpful. DEV-148116
Reporting Users see a network issue error banner when previewing a dashboard component. DEV-148149
Reporting Selected records in a multi-select report filter do not always appear in the same order. DEV-144226
RIM When there are multiple 1.1 form sections, Vault does not create a 2253 form. DEV-140158
RIM In some cases, a Submissions Archive import may fail due to a system error. DEV-146551
RIM Removing a Submission may unexpectedly fail. DEV-145984
RIM In some situations, Submissions Archive imports are too slow. DEV-145415
RIM When a user tries to append to a deleted STF file, Vault fixes the operation rather than considering it invalid. DEV-141737
SiteExchange Users cannot see an outline in the Safety Information pane in certain configurations. DEV-146006