Known Issues in 18R3 Pre-Release

Pre-Release Date:  October 30, 2018 | Release Date: November 30, 2018

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future releases. 

Category Issue/Fix Description Issue Number
Coder Users receive a server error when attempting to use an emoji in a Code Request Note. VDC-16727
Coder If a user attempts to expand the Coding panel, and releases the click when their cursor is over the Vault navigation bar, the resizing is locked to their cursor, even when no longer clicking. VDC-18280
Data Entry When user enters text into a form's field in the Review tab, and then presses Tab, the Cancel button is selected. VDC-15646
Data Entry When a form is submitted with the maximum value of offset days allowed, a server error occurs. VDC-15958
Data Entry In repeating Forms, users are able to edit Items that are disabled and marked as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-16877
Data Entry Users receive a server error when submitting Forms that reference invalid rules. VDC-17715
Data Entry Users receive an error when attempting to reset a signed Event. VDC-18196
Data Entry When an Unscheduled Event Group uses the same Events as a repeating Event Group, users are unable to create new sequences of the repeating Event Group. VDC-18443
Data Entry Vault may be slow to complete the Reset Event action. VDC-18755
Data Review Viewing a Form that contains repeating Item Groups as a site displays an empty section if there are no sequences of the repeating Item Group. VDC-17807
Data Review When a user toggles to hide completed items, Vault displays "Data not found" if an Item Group has no incomplete tasks. VDC-18679
Data Review Users with the EDC Data Manager security profile cannot access Review > Study Jobs. VDC-18909
Data Review Users receive a server error when freezing a Subject Casebook if it includes a locked Form. VDC-19225
PDF Export Casebook Detail PDF table of contents entries may not link to the expected page. VDC-17880
Search & Filter In the Review tab, Vault does not clear filters when a user logs out. VDC-18359
Study Administration The Summary file for the Re-assign SDV Mode job may include duplicate entries. VDC-16239
Study Administration The Summary file for the Re-assign DMR Mode job may have inconsistent entries. VDC-16241
Study Administration Job notification emails include a link to the Notifications page, which does not exist in Vault EDC, and that link leads to the Casebooks listing page. VDC-16860
Study Administration If a new casebook version includes changes to repeating Event Group custom labels and raises the Repeat Maximum, then updating Casebooks to that new version may unexpectedly add a new Event Group sequence to the Casebook. VDC-19194
Study Administration Users may receive a server error when updating Casebooks to a new version if that new version includes changes to custom repeating Event Group labels. VDC-19240
Study Design Studio users can select Label-type Items when adding Identifiers in rules. VDC-18586
Study Design Vault does not automatically open the Properties panel in Edit mode when a Studio user creates a new record. VDC-18630
Study Design Copying a Form may fail unexpectedly with the error "Copy failed due to an internal exception." VDC-19249
UI & Performance In the Review tab, incorrect SDV and DMR icons are displayed in the Form listing when there are more than 100 Forms in a single Event. VDC-13364
UI & Performance In the Review tab's form-level Action Menu, Freeze Form displays as being selected when it is not selected. VDC-13667
UI & Performance When the user views the Review tab in IE™, the shading of the label rows does not continue through the SDV and DMR columns, but stops short when these rows begin. VDC-14960
UI & Performance The Clear All icon for SDV and DMR is a solid circle, when it should be an empty circle. VDC-15162
UI & Performance Users may receive a server error when opening a Form that was updated to a new casebook version. VDC-15171
UI & Performance When user creates a new Casebook, columns remain in the repeating form grid from the last viewed Casebook's repeating form. VDC-15268
UI & Performance In the Review tab's Content panel, the frozen banner is not visible above an Event Date until a frozen form is selected. VDC-15758
UI & Performance When a Vault Owner views the Actions menu for an event, 'Apply electronic signature' is shown as a disabled item. VDC-15807
UI & Performance The tooltip for the Did Not Occur indicator icon does not display as expected. VDC-15886
UI & Performance When a Study is locked, hovering over an SDV or DMR checkbox in the Content panel does not display any indicator that the Study is locked. VDC-15971,
UI & Performance The 'View as Site' dialog is showing a Cancel button instead of a Close button. VDC-15991
UI & Performance The 'View as Site' dialog is missing an X button to close the dialog. VDC-15993
UI & Performance In the Review UI, when an Event Date is selected the Query button should be selected. VDC-15995
UI & Performance In the Review tab, when user opens a form the form is not automatically viewed from the top. Vault opens the form at the scroll position from the previously viewed form. VDC-16030
UI & Performance The 'View as Site' dialog does not display a horizontal scroll bar. VDC-16036
UI & Performance Repeating Event Groups in the New Event dialog are not sorted by schedule. VDC-16056
UI & Performance In Studio, SAS Format panel is missing a border. VDC-16079
UI & Performance When a user hovers over the Subject header in Studio, the wrong color is displayed. VDC-16080
UI & Performance In Casebooks, when a user views an event with long text and resizes the page, the query button is out of place. VDC-16116
UI & Performance Vault does not indicate locked, frozen, changed, and signed items in the View as Site dialog. VDC-16168,
UI & Performance When viewing a Form as a Site from the Review tab, composite Items, long text items, and answered queries may extend outside of the viewable area. VDC-16240
UI & Performance Users receive a server error when attempting to edit a Form while its Study Site is locked. VDC-16242
UI & Performance When an Item is marked as Intentionally Left Blank, Vault continues to display the character count. VDC-16331
UI & Performance In the View as Site dialog, longer item values extend outside of the viewable area. VDC-16868
UI & Performance In Coder Tools > Application Settings, drop-down menus remain open even when a user opens another drop-down menu. VDC-16891
UI & Performance Vault may be slow to save changes to date fields. VDC-16925
UI & Performance If there are more than 999 instances of a given task, task bar icons display incorrectly. VDC-16946
UI & Performance Vault displays unknown date components in different formats. VDC-16948
UI & Performance Some Forms may be slow to load. VDC-17813
UI & Performance The Study listing page isn't paginated correctly. VDC-19023
UI & Performance The + Repeating Event Group # button does not use the expected label, "+ New {Event Group Name}". VDC-19042
Views & Data Export When importing an ODM XML that references a View Set Definition, the job's Log file is empty. VDC-16259
*Internally found defects filed during the development of Limited Release features.