Feature Enablement Details for 19R2

The following is a list of new features introduced in 19R2. For each feature, the list includes information on how enablement works and which applications include the feature. You can see detailed explanations for the features below in What’s New in 19R2. See an explanation of feature enablement and user impact below.

Feature Enablement Application
Vault CDMS Logo Branding Auto-on EDC, Coder
Data Entry
Allow Unknown Times Auto-on 1 EDC
Subject Deletion Configuration 2 EDC
Tabular View for Repeating Item Groups Auto-on 3, 4 EDC
Casebook Creation Confirmation Auto-on EDC
Data Review
Review Tab Enhancements Auto-on 4 EDC
Manual Save for SDV & DMR in the Review Tab Auto-on 4 EDC
Code WHODrug Forms on Indication & Route Auto-on Coder
Prioritize MedDRA Coding by Displaying a Seriousness Column Auto-on Coder
New Dictionary Search & Enhancements Support Coder
Dictionary Database Support Coder
Coder UI Enhancements Auto-on Coder
Reports & Dashboards
Vault Coder Dashboard Support Coder
Limited Availability: In the current release, this area of the application is only available to Studio early adopter customers.
Review Plan Editor Auto-on EDC
Enable Forms for Coding from Studio Auto-on Coder, EDC
ODM Import & Export Includes Coder Study Settings Auto-on Coder, EDC
Manage Study Settings in Studio Auto-on EDC
Compare Versions Enhancements Auto-on EDC
Set Label in Creation Dialog Auto-on EDC
Ignore Casebook Versions in Import File Auto-on EDC
EDC Tools
Internal Only: In the current release, this area of the application is available only to Veeva Services.
Import Sites Auto-on EDC
Amendment History Auto-on EDC
Site Review Plan Assignment Configuration EDC
Transfer a Subject to a Different Site Auto-on EDC
Retrospective Amendment & Study Update Restriction Changes Auto-on EDC
EDC Tools Enhancements Auto-on EDC
Audit Trail Export Includes Deleted Records Auto-on EDC
Internal: In the current release, this area of the application is available only to Veeva Services.
Custom Role Management Auto-on 2 Coder, EDC

Enablement Notes

1 The option to allow unknown times is available automatically in Studio, but a study designer must add unknown time configuration to the study design for it to be visible to data entry users.

2 In vaults where Role by Study is enabled

3 The Display Format property is automatically available in Studio, but a study designer must add the configuration into a study design for this feature to display for data entry users.

4 In vaults where the Review tab is enabled.

Enablement Legend

See the following explanations for feature enablement options:

Enablement Description
Auto-on Automatically activated and no configuration is required before using the feature; note that in some cases, a new feature is dependent on another feature that must be enabled or configured.
Admin Checkbox Admins must turn on the feature with an Admin checkbox. Note that some “Auto-On” features have a checkbox setting that hides the feature; these will show “Auto-On.”
Configuration Admins must configure the feature (separately from an Admin checkbox) before it is available to use or is active; for example, a Clinical Programmer must create an Item Definition of a certain new Item Type.
Support On/off option controlled by Support.