Fixed Issues in 23R2

Pre-Release Date: July 17, 2023 | CDB Pre-Release Date: July 24, 2023 | Release Date: August 4 & 11, 2023

This week's release includes fixes for the following issues:

An asterisk (*) next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.


Issue Description Issue No.
Exporting a PDF from Assessments fails for some users. VDC-124333

Audit Trails

Issue Description Issue No.
In some cases, the Audit Trail Export doesn't show the "Casebook Unfrozen" event when a casebook has been unfrozen. VDC-122303
With this release, the audit trail will now attribute certain actions to the “system on behalf of user”, instead of the user itself. This is due to corrective action made by the Vault Platform. This change impacts the following areas: signature breakage, SDV and DMR dates, form submission dates, number of form submits, form status when a form is marked as intentionally left blank, form reset, a form's intentionally left blank status changing from true to false, intentionally left blank reason removal, and more. VDC-131158*

Autocoding & Suggestions

Issue Description Issue No.
Autocoding jobs sometimes generate timeout error messages but still appear to be running. VDC-124127*

CDB - Checks & Queries

Issue Description Issue No.
After a user deletes a check, the check continues to show in search results. VDC-110109*
CDB shows a blank notification after successfully bulk answering queries. VDC-119928*
Users may receive an error when opening a query on a third party data listing where the row contains a null value. VDC-120982*
When CDB is swapping to the updated data after import, and checks run at the same time, CDB may create duplicate queries. VDC-124584
Users receive an error when attempting to open a query on an Item that isn't blinded by the manifest file. VDC-127533*
Automated checks may create duplicate queries. VDC-130208
Checks may open more than one query on the same discrepancy. VDC-130834

CDB - Clean Patient Tracker

Issue Description Issue No.
The columns in the Clean Patient Tracker aren't in an optimal order. VDC-118570*

CDB - Clone

Issue Description Issue No.
Replacing an incompatible review listing doesn't update the listing's data grid. VDC-121147*
CDB may not show cloning validation for a Form with missing Items in the target study. VDC-121375
Cloning validation messages may not show consistently for packages containing unions. VDC-121385


Issue Description Issue No.
CQL doesn't prevent the use of LastCoded and LastModifiedDate on reference data. VDC-112071*
CQL doesn't support the use of @ItemGroup.Name as an argument. With this release, CQL returns an informative error message when this occurs. VDC-119953
CQL returns an unknown column error when there's a union between a repeating Item Group and a non-repeating Item Group. VDC-121036
CQL may return empty Items in an Item Group when using Unions. VDC-121571
CQL may not return all possible results for Forms that contain repeating Item Groups. VDC-122637*
CQL returns the "The used SELECT statements have a different number of columns" error when using SELECT * with a union in the subquery. VDC-122866*
CQL may not return datetime Items in the correct timezone. VDC-123258*
CQL may take longer than usual to return results for Forms with repeating Item Groups in larger studies. VDC-125500
CQL may not return the expected number of results when a third party repeating Item Group has the same Name as an EDC Form. VDC-52162*, VDC-116397*

CDB - Deployment

Issue Description Issue No.
Enablement of deployment in a new UAT study may fail unexpectedly. VDC-122501
Review-enabled listings may not refresh until another export is pushed. VDC-123921

CDB - Export

Issue Description Issue No.
Export package generation may fail due to an unknown form error when there are issues during import package transformation. VDC-115086
Exports to an FTP destination may fail unexpectedly. VDC-115359
CDB considers whitespace characters when determining if a CQL statement changed. VDC-120235
Export package generation may fail unexpectedly. VDC-120852*
Export may fail unexpectedly with "General Error No log message". VDC-121962
Exports that are In Progress may show as Failed in the audit log. VDC-125765
When an export definition has multiple scheduled exports, CDB may show the wrong count in the Listings column. VDC-128954*

CDB - Import

Issue Description Issue No.
When package import fails, users may still receive a notification that it was imported successfully. VDC-106905*
A third party package may be marked as successfully imported, but the data may not be swapped in. VDC-109535
Imports of very large packages may fail unexpectedly. VDC-111494*
CDB may show invalid listings after importing a third party data package with the wrong study name. VDC-117503*
CDB may attempt to reprocess an EDC package that is already in progress. VDC-118655
CDB may not consider the Event Group Sequence when determining the Form Sequence Number. VDC-119038
When a row has an External ID longer than 60 characters, CDB ignores that row. VDC-120001*
CDB doesn't import rows with an empty value for row_external_id. VDC-120010*
If the manifest file specifies a row_external_id, but the CSV file doesn't have the column, CDB doesn't import any rows from that file. VDC-120033*
CDB may attempt to ingest an EDC package while transformation is still in progress for another import package. VDC-121110
If a study has a period (.) in its Name, the Workbench Export job didn't replace it with an underscore (_) when generating the package for CDB, preventing import from finishing. With this release, Vault replaces any periods with underscores. VDC-121352
When EDC and third party data is imported at the same time, CDB may not process any import jobs. VDC-121514
EDC import errors may not display in the Imports area. VDC-122477
If a third party import fails, and then the Source is deleted, CDB may not swap correctly after a new import of EDC data. VDC-122642
Import may fail and then send multiple email notifications for each retry, instead of a single notification for the failure. VDC-123206
When a new casebook version adds lab panels, and subjects exist on a previous version, import from EDC fails. VDC-123678
Third party import may create repeating Form instances with the same Sequence Number. VDC-123924*
The Associated Objects tab may not show impacted objects. VDC-125070*
CDB may return the U-003 warning on an Item after a new import unblinded it. VDC-127975*
The import job gets stuck in the In Progress status if two EDC Workbench Export jobs were run for the same Study at almost the same time. VDC-92312*

CDB - Listings

Issue Description Issue No.
Custom listings don't display the Form pills or the correct Last Uploaded date. VDC-112327
After a study is deleted, the Last Listing Visited link may still lead to that study. VDC-118565*
Users may receive an error when downloading the CSV of a listing. VDC-120404
If a user without the Browse Views permission attempts to view their favorites with the Views filter applied, the page crashes. VDC-121488
CDB may not show the Current Status or Modified In approval workflow columns for listings or checks. VDC-122235, VDC-122763
If a user navigates away from a listing before it fully loads, and then the user opens another listing, that listing may show data from the first listing. VDC-122299
Core listings may appear more than once in search results. VDC-125582
When a user clicks a column header to sort in a review-enabled listing, CDB may not apply the sort order as expected. VDC-126224
Listings may appear in the wrong Study when Workbench contains multiple Studies, which can also cause exports to fail. VDC-127165
CDB doesn't allow whitespaces in the names of listings that reference views. VDC-127338
Review-enabled listings may take longer than usual to load. VDC-127929
CDB doesn't save a user's pinned columns after they navigate away from the listing. VDC-130177*


Issue Description Issue No.
Some users encounter an error message relating to WHODrug when attempting to import MedDRA synonyms. VDC-120495*
In some cases, batch upversioning synonym lists and forms fails. VDC-122644
Coder shows an "Upversioning" status instead of "Failed Upversioning" for forms and synonym lists after an upversioning fails. VDC-122768
In rare cases, upversioning may fail for some forms. VDC-122817
Some coding requests show a Noncurrent status when upversioning. VDC-123078
The Forms Not Upversioning dialog incorrectly displays for locked studies on the Batch Upversioning page. VDC-123254*
In some cases, batch upversioning fails with an error. VDC-123262
Batch upversioning fails when it includes a form with a childless group. VDC-123329
The Seriousness column appears in Verbatims table even when not configured in Studio. VDC-123390
Autocoding jobs sometimes fail with an error when run on Migration studies. VDC-123652
In some cases, a Noncurrent Verbatim is coded to its previous assigned code. VDC-124230*
For some users, Site and Subject filters in Coder reset when certain actions are performed. VDC-128698
On the Verbatim page, Filters, Sorts, and Verbatim Search fields should stay as the user left them when switching between List and Group View. VDC-128866*

Coding Configuration

Issue Description Issue No.
Syncing Pending Details from a replica to the master may fail when the replica and master Synonym Lists are out of sync. VDC-115376*
Users may receive a server error when attempting to access Coder Tools > Application Settings. VDC-120443
When importing synonyms for WHODrug, if the CSV file is missing a column value in the first row, users receive a server error. VDC-120502*
Synonym list approval may fail unexpectedly. VDC-120753
Study designers may receive an invalid item definition error when attempting to configure coding for a form. VDC-121644*

Compare Versions & Vaults

Issue Description Issue No.
The comparison report may not record differences in the Hidden property on protocol deviation Categories and Subcategories. VDC-120543

Cross-form Derivations

Issue Description Issue No.
The Display Visibility field is set for all item definitions instead of only derived item definitions when the user copies data from a single-form study to a cross-form study. VDC-122587*

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No.
During data entry, some users cannot locate the subject in the breadcrumbs. VDC-119357
Users may receive a server error when marking a Form as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-120930


Issue Description Issue No.
Deployment from DEV to UAT fails with an error for some users. VDC-123877
In some cases, the study build deployment process appears successful, but both Studio and EDC Tools display the pre-deployment build number instead of the expected post-deployment build number. VDC-125451
Vault may not show a useful error when deployment fails. VDC-126458


Issue Description Issue No.
Users may receive a server error when opening a related Serious Adverse Event form when the study uses the Duration overlaps any part of the SAE duration inclusion rule. VDC-118588*
In some cases, Safety Messages fail to send and don't generate a XML. VDC-119636*
Vault may fail to send email notifications for an unsubmitted form when configured. VDC-120431
The Safety Certificate Expiry job may fail unexpectedly. VDC-120504*
Some users encounter an error message when attempting to set a Safety System Connection profile. VDC-122592
Users receive a warning email that connections will fail when all connections are inactive. VDC-125430
Related Adverse Event forms aren't included in safety case when linked. VDC-126652*
The E2B XML includes a section for G.k.2.5 for all mapped Concomitant Medication forms. VDC-130976


Issue Description Issue No.
In some cases, CDMS sends two procedures for the same case report form to CTMS. VDC-121007
Form Status remains wrongfully blank after changes have been made via API. VDC-123695
A user submitted a decimal relevance score for a Set Coding Suggestion through the API, resulting in an error as relevance scores must be integers. VDC-126587


Issue Description Issue No.
The Delete Site Data job may fail unexpectedly. VDC-114998
If a user schedules a job, and then that user is inactivated, Vault logs it as an error instead of a warning when the job is triggered from Admin > Operations. VDC-117213
In the SDE's casebook_definition_summary.csv and casebook_schedule.csv files, forms aren't listed in the designed schedule order. VDC-118766
Users are able to click the Schedule button twice before Vault closes the dialog, which results in duplicate jobs. VDC-120907*
SAS extracts may fail when there's an Item with a double-byte numeric character. VDC-121294*
In the Study Data Extract, the ESEQ column may be unexpectedly blank in the SYS_LINKS file. VDC-121674
The Delete Site Data job may fail unexpectedly. VDC-122215
In some cases, the Copy Study Data to PPT job fails with an error. VDC-123415
In some cases, the Data and Definition Export job fails for users with the Manage Data and Definition Export role. VDC-123476
The EDC Export job fails for some studies. VDC-125035
The Item Value before Query column in the file resulting from a Query Detail Listing job displays incorrect data. VDC-126059


Issue Description Issue No.
Importing a translation file that's tab delimited instead of comma delimited results in errors. VDC-117747*
Vault checks uniqueness when checking overlapping age ranges until an Age Unit is set for a Normal Range. VDC-119355
Vault doesn't support lab headers with custom names. VDC-121441
Column headers in the downloadable Lab Normals Import Template are outdated. VDC-122172
Users encounter a server error when importing Normal Ranges. VDC-125804
When users attempt to increase the Length of an Analyte from one digit to two digits, an error message is incorrectly displayed stating that only increases are allowed. VDC-126158
Users encounter an unexpected error when running the Update Outdated Lab Normals job. VDC-126654
Users encounter a server error when importing Lab Normal ranges. VDC-127228
Users should not be able to import Precision for codelist and text-type analytes in the Analyte Library. VDC-128561


Issue Description Issue No.
The Query Detail Listing job doesn't list lab units in the Item Value Now column after migrating to global labs. VDC-124380

Publishing Validation

Issue Description Issue No.
Some users unexpectedly receive validation warnings for comparison rules. VDC-121438


Issue Description Issue No.
Users are shown inconsistent query messages regarding query status when progressive display is enabled. VDC-121378


Issue Description Issue No.
The Deployment History button doesn't open the corresponding page. VDC-101544*
Users with the View Randomization Kit/Device permission aren't able to view kits. VDC-121102

Review Plan Editor

Issue Description Issue No.
Incorrect IDs are displayed for duplicate Review Plan Casebooks. VDC-123001

Role & User Management

Issue Description Issue No.
The User Access Report may not show study environment names for deleted study environments. VDC-120941*
Users encounter an error when importing users from a file with a blank activation date. VDC-125097
Users see a server error when attempting to import users. VDC-126789
The CDMS Lead Data Manager role is missing the Manage Email Group Assignment permission in some vaults. VDC-127174

Rule Execution

Issue Description Issue No.
The Run Rules job doesn't execute rules with circular references. VDC-121643*
Rule execution may fail with a message not found error. VDC-121977
The dynamic target object was deleted because a dynamic rule was evaluated as false, in addition to the query rule. VDC-122341
In some cases, migration fails with errors relating to rule execution. VDC-122928
Some users experience errors when submitting a form within a casebook due to derived rule failure. VDC-130682

SDS & Annotated PDFs

Issue Description Issue No.
In some cases, Item Definitions using Global Lab codelists aren't identified as having the Codelist data type, resulting in an error. VDC-121590
In some cases the SDS Schedule-Tree displays deleted/inactive/archived rules, contrary to the expected behavior. VDC-128075
StudyLock added to the definition deletion process to prevent a race condition. Some users were receiving an email with the subject line "AsyncOperation did not finish successfully" when attempting to retrieve specifications or validate a study. VDC-128182


Issue Description Issue No.
In some cases, Event Dates are Additively SDVed when set to "No Review." VDC-107930


Issue Description Issue No.
The Import Users page doesn't move beyond the "Uploading" stage when users are importing multiple users at once. VDC-123332
Some users encounter a server error when attempting to add a user using the User Import template. VDC-124827
Users encounter an error when running the User Access Report. VDC-125139
The User Access Report shows incorrect information for users who have had a site access change. VDC-127086
Some users are unable to set up the Learning System for a study, resulting in an error message. VDC-127317

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No.
Environment deletion may fail unexpectedly. VDC-120505*
In some cases, the Diff report doesn't show rule differences when rules were deleted. VDC-125337*
Retrospective Amendments may create items or item groups that are incorrectly marked as unrestricted. VDC-126348
Some users encounter indications in the Form Impact tab > PEF form when generating a Diff report. VDC-126509
Unexpected differences in the rules tab of a Diff report identified by some users. VDC-127527
When users attempt to copy the form EXCHMO using the "Use Existing" option instead of the "Create a copy" option, they encounter a "Copy failed due to internal exception" error . VDC-128186

Study Data Extracts

Issue Description Issue No.
With this release, file names will be deduplicated before being truncated when the SDE is exported as an SAS file to avoid confusion among forms with similar names. VDC-121011
In some cases, files are still sent to external connections when the SDE fails. VDC-121553*
In rare cases, the SDE output is missing records that are present in Data Entry. VDC-122029
In some cases, column headers show a different Item Name between SDE versions when no changes were made to the item. VDC-122572
In some cases, SDE jobs fail when users select the Export All Clinical Datasets option. VDC-123384
The status column in the SYS_EVT file resulting from an SDE job doesn't show a value for Log Events in Data Model 1 studies. VDC-123967*
The Custom Object Subject field should use the Subject Name when importing the SDE to CDB. VDC-124372*
The LINKEDTO column of lab form datasets in some Study Data Extract jobs incorrectly shows that no form is linked. VDC-127331
In some cases, the length of the Item Groups label does not match the length of the Lab Panel label. VDC-127542
In some Study Data Extract jobs, the Form Override Label is not shown for the Source Form (SOURCEF) column in the SYS_ASM dataset. VDC-127853*
The SDE fails with an SAS error when a Study Country contains a single quote ( ' ). VDC-130641

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No.
The Form Copy feature doesn't complete successfully and display the log to users. VDC-116882
Vault doesn't copy the external IDs of Units correctly when copying from a Library to a Study. VDC-121556
The Display Override label in the SDS should be "null" when left blank, instead of defaulting to another label. VDC-122446
Some users can't upgrade studies from manual to automatic deployments. VDC-122769*
In rare cases, some users may see inaccurate changes in the Diff Report. VDC-123743
An exception error occurs when users attempt to update an item's required property to "Required = Yes" and "No Future Date = Yes." VDC-128813

Study Import & Export

Issue Description Issue No.
Users encounter errors when importing label translations that exceed 128 characters when the maximum length should be 500. VDC-123857

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault displays both a Save and New option and a Save option when users are editing a Protocol Deviation. Users should only see the Save option when editing. VDC-110110*
The Tools and Deployment menu items don't show in the navigation drawer when a user opens a Study from the search results. VDC-117956*
Users encounter an error when attempting to give another user study access in System Settings when the study's study options object doesn't exist. VDC-118079*
Some records may not display in the Review tab. VDC-119573
Users can't fully see a dropdown menu or calendar when it's located at the bottom of the screen. VDC-121905
Users can't open a manual query when team query restrictions are enabled because the "Save" button is disabled. VDC-122287*
The Job Frequency field doesn't include the "Daily" option when the user tries to set the frequency before choosing the Job Type. This issue affects both EDC Tools and Review. VDC-122452*
Users encounter an unexpected server error when navigating to Data Entry without deploying a study. VDC-123405
In some cases, rule definitions can be missing rule actions causing users to encounter validation errors. VDC-124398
The cursor unexpectedly jumps to the frequency "Name" field in the Study Data Extract new job dialog when entering data into the "Zip File Name" field. VDC-124784*
Some users encounter a server error when navigating to the Review tab. VDC-124813
Filters are reset when the user navigates to a different page in Coder. VDC-125044
Users can't scroll to the top of the page when viewing a form in Data Entry that has multiple comments. VDC-125504