About the 21R3 Release

Pre-Release Date: November 8, 2021 | CDB Pre-Release Date: November 12, 2021 | Release Date: November 19 & December 3, 2021

This page can help you understand the schedule for the coming release and the list of features included. Dates are subject to change.

Important Dates

21R3 Customer Release Preview Webinars

Attend the 21R3 release webinars to learn about the new capabilities and get your questions answered.

  • Release Webinar for All Customers
  • Release Webinar for Customers Using Studio, Admin, or Coder

21R3 Pre-Release Begins

  • Pre-release vaults available: Your Veeva Project Manager will contact you with login credentials.
  • Validation documents available:
    • Validation Project Plan
    • IOQ Protocol
    • Business Requirements Documents
    • Validation Impact Assessment

21R3 Pre-release for CDB Begins

Pre-release environments available for Vault CDB. Contact your Veeva Project Manager for details.

21R3 Release, Part A

  • 21R3 released to pre-release (VV1-37) and limited release (VV1-17) vaults

21R3 Release, Part B

  • 21R3 released to all general release vaults.
  • Updated training available on Veeva Learning

21R3 Release, Migration Vault

21R3.0 is released to Migration Vault.

21R3 Pre-Release Ends

We recommend that you no longer use your 21R3 pre-release vaults after this date. Even though your pre-release vault is still active, we advise waiting for the next pre-release period (22R1) to begin. Contact your Veeva Project Manager for details.

Preview Webinars

Feature Information

Pre-Release Information

  • Pre-Release FAQ answers common questions about “pre-release”.
  • Known Issues in 21R3 Pre-Release (Updated December 2) lists known issues in the 21R3 pre-release. This page also lists the release notes for any maintenance releases applied to pre-release.

Release Information

For details about new features in the Vault Platform in 21R3, see the Vault Release Notes .

Notifications Opt-In

As a valued member of our community, providing you with control over the communications you receive from Veeva is important to us. Please allow us to send you pre-release environment notifications and other industry related information. Contact your vault’s administrator to verify that the Product Announcements checkbox is selected for your user profile.


Internet Explorer™ (IE 11)

In the upcoming 22R1 release in April 2022, Vault will no longer support the Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ 11 browser application. Microsoft® has announced IE 11 will be retired on June 15, 2022. Vault customers should explore transitioning to other browser applications in advance of this date. Refer to Vault’s list of supported browsers to identify an appropriate browser to use.

Action User Interface (UI) Coming to CDMS April 2022

In 21R2, Vault Platform introduced Action User Interface (UI), a set of UI enhancements that give end-users an enhanced and more productive user experience by helping them perform frequently used actions in fewer clicks. The design is easy to learn, modern, and intuitive.

Feature Availability: While other Vault applications are implementing this change in 21R2, Vault CDMS does not plan on fully implementing the changes for this feature until 22R1 (April 2022).

Visit the Action UI site for regular updates, webinar recordings, and more information on this collection of enhancements: https://go.veeva.com/21R2-ActionUI.