Known Issues in 18R2

Release Date: August 10, 2018

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future releases.

Category Description Issue No.
Coder When multiple WHODrug keywords are searched for in the Dictionary panel, they are being treated as an OR instead of AND. VDC-13739*
Coder Users receive a server error when two or more Medical Coding Study Setting entries reference the same Study. VDC-14875*
Coder When viewing the Queries card is selected in the Code Request Properties panel, a portion of the card is hidden behind the Listing table. VDC-14945*
Coder The text, "Synonym List(s):", on the Coding Listing page is not bolded. VDC-14949*
Coder The Coding Request Properties panel's Assigned Code Card is missing the Box Shadow when the Code Request as no assigned code, but it does have it when there is an assigned code. VDC-14963*
Coder When a user updates an EDC Form, the Coding Request should be updated to reflect whatever changes are made by the user.  This only works as long as the new value is not NULL. VDC-14964*
Coder When a user selects and then deselects a code request in the Listing page, and then clicks Code or Code Next, the error message "Please select a Verbatim first" does not display. VDC-15014*
Coder When the user selects several coding requests with the same Verbatim, the Suggestions Panel doesn't load. VDC-15020*
Coder Vault allows duplicate verbatim and code pairs on the synonym list. VDC-15025*
Data Entry Users may be able to select Unknown date values in Studies where unknowns are not allowed. VDC-10687*
Data Entry Users receive a server error when attempting to create a new Casebook based on a design containing only unscheduled Events. VDC-10881*
Data Entry Vault allows users to create a new repeating Form sequence even after reaching the Repeat Maximum. Once the user attempts to enter and save data on that new Form, the user receives a server error. VDC-11166*
Data Entry Vault may show a validation message with 1,500 "#" on Unit-type Items. VDC-11458*
Data Entry If a user enters an incorrectly qualified URL in a URL-type Item, opening the link leads to an unexpected HTTP 403 error. VDC-11494*
Data Entry With IE11™, the Item-level Change Reason field does not default to Other (please specify) when users edit a submitted Form. VDC-11756*
Data Entry Users receive an Unsaved Changes warning when leaving a Form via the Form Carousel. VDC-11976*
Data Entry On newly created repeating Forms, Vault prevents a user from completing the Form if the user enters and then clears invalid data. VDC-11986*
Data Entry In rare cases, users may receive a server error when navigating to a Subject Casebook using the breadcrumb menu. VDC-12224*
Data Entry When a user clears a dependent Item value, and that Item is also the controlling Item for a different dependent Item, that dependent Item is not also cleared. VDC-12262*
Data Entry Users receive a server error after marking a required, Status-type Item as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-12264*
Data Entry If a user enters an incorrectly qualified URL in a URL-type Item, Vault accepts the URL, but clicking the Open button does nothing. VDC-12302*
Data Entry In IE11™, a user pressing tab to navigate to the query's Comment field does not place their cursor in the field. VDC-12349*
Data Entry Even when enabled, the Other (please specify) option does not display at the Event-level. VDC-12719*
Data Entry In new repeating Form sequences, users are able to mark disabled Items as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-14818*
Data Entry Vault may not save a Codelist Item selection if a user uses keyboard shortcuts to choose and then clicks out of the field before saving. VDC-15035*
Data Entry In some cases, users may be unexpectedly unable to create a new repeating Form sequence. VDC-15036*
Data Entry Users may be unable to change a Codelist Item selection by pressing the Down key. VDC-15043*
Data Entry If a user clicks Cancel in the confirmation dialog when editing data to disable a dependent Item, and then quickly performs any action that causes Vault to autosave, the change to the controlling Item saves but does not clear the dependent Item. VDC-15174*
Data Review Users are able to assign a single Study Site multiple Review Plans. VDC-11371*
Data Review When a user performs SDV or DMR on a Form using Complete All, and the Form contains an Item with the Not Applicable Requirement Mode, the audit trail indicates that the Item's SDV or DMR status was updated. VDC-12899*
Data Review Skip Item-type rules do not correctly enable and disable Codelist-type Items used to default Item Group records. VDC-13253*
Data Review When a user creates a new Casebook, an Item's SDV or DMR Requirement Mode may be incorrectly set to Not Applicable if a Study uses Site-Specific Review Plans. Vault updates the Item to the correct Requirement Mode with Re-evaluate Targeted SDV or DMR Mode. VDC-14754*
eSignature Data entry users may be unable to provide eSignatures for unscheduled Events. VDC-9974*
Localization The "Opens in a new browser tab" message is not translated. VDC-11168*
Localization The main navigation bar may not update consistently when users in a vault use more than one language. VDC-14309*
Localization The New Site and New User dialogs in Study Tools are not translated. VDC-15121*
PDF Export When a Study Site has a very long name, Vault may not include the Study Site and Subject name from the exported Detail PDF footer. VDC-10466*
PDF Export PDF exports do not link URL Item values to the valid URL. VDC-10853*
PDF Export When an Event uses an Event Override label, sequence numbers may not display as expected in Detail PDFs. VDC-15030*
PDF Export Users can't export Detail PDFs for Casebooks containing an empty Form with a repeating Item Group. VDC-15099*
Search & Filter Users cannot filter the Site listing page by Principal Investigator. VDC-15089*
Study Administration After updating a Casebook to a new version, in which the new version replaces one Form with another, the old Form, even if it contains data, is removed from the Casebook. Users also receive a server error when attempting to access the new Form. VDC-10547*
Study Administration In some cases, rows may be out of order in a Data Export CSV. VDC-10618*
Study Administration Vault may create new Events in a Casebook unexpectedly after running the Casebook Version Update job. VDC-11225*
Study Administration In vaults using site-specific Review Plans, the Success log for a Re-evaluate DMR or SDV Mode job may not include values in the Review Plan Name column. VDC-11963*
Study Administration In vaults using site-specific Review Plans, the Propagation log for a Re-evaluate DMR or SDV Mode may be unexpectedly blank. VDC-11965*
Study Administration In some cases, the Casebook Version Update job may fail unexpectedly when the new version includes changes to Event Definitions. VDC-15021*
Study Design Object record-based Codelist-type Items cannot be used as a controlling Item. VDC-11242*
Study Design Studios users in Firefox ® are not able to save changes to checkbox fields in the Properties panel. VDC-11490*
Study Design When editing a Form Definition in a Vault where data entry is also occurring, Vault may take longer than expected to save an update to the Repeating checkbox. VDC-11569*
Study Design When no Codelist or Unit Definitions exist in a Study, and a user attempts to create a new Codelist or Unit-type Item from Studio's Design view, Vault allows the user to drag the Item onto the design palette. VDC-12056*
Study Design In rare cases, Vault may assign duplicate Private Key values to different Column Definitions. VDC-12281*
Study Design When a Codelist was already selected on an Item, and a user updates that Codelist's Name, Vault does not display the updated Name in the Item's Properties. VDC-13256*
Study Design When editing an Event Definition's Properties, the Date selector in the Minimum Date and Maximum Date may continue to display even after a user selects a date. VDC-14694*
Study Design Clicking on Test Connection in Study Tools results in server error message. VDC-14765*
Study Design Users may need to click a checkbox property more than once to edit a checkbox controlled property in Studio. VDC-14795*
UI & Performance When user clicks Home in the breadcrumb menu, and then attempts to use their browser's Back button, they must click Back more than once to return to the previous page. VDC-10014*
UI & Performance When sorting the Casebooks listing page by a column, the records are not consistently in ascending or descending order. VDC-10018*
UI & Performance Vault may take a long time to delete an Event. VDC-10129*
UI & Performance When a user hovers of a Change Indicator icon, the hover text moves around. VDC-10478*
UI & Performance In some vaults, the Require Signature icon does not display its icon tooltip. VDC-10536*
UI & Performance In some cases, when a user clicks a hyperlink or New {Object} button that opens a dialog multiple times, Vault opens multiple dialogs, instead of opening the dialog only once. VDC-10682*
UI & Performance In IE 11™ and Edge™, the Change Indicator hovercard displays inconsistently. VDC-11058*
UI & Performance When a user refreshes their browser on a repeating Form with entered data, Vault returns the user to a new repeating Form sequence. VDC-11096*
UI & Performance The Review for Signature icon may not display correctly in IE11. VDC-11147*
UI & Performance Composite radio button Items may be misaligned in IE11™. VDC-11165*
UI & Performance In IE 11™, Codelist Items with radio buttons may not render correctly when viewing a Form. VDC-11187*
UI & Performance The Change Indicator, Open Query icon, and More Actions menu are misaligned on radio buttons in the horizontal position. VDC-11190*
UI & Performance Search may begin showing inline results before a user has entered any characters. VDC-11309*
UI & Performance When a Unit-type Item value is included in the Casebook header, Vault displays "null" instead of the value. VDC-11724*
UI & Performance When a Number-type Item is included in the Casebook header and has no value, Vault displays "null." VDC-11785*
UI & Performance Data in the Casebook header displays in random order. VDC-11791*
UI & Performance Users cannot vertically expand the Other (please specify) text field in IE11™. VDC-11792*
UI & Performance Vault clears values in the Casebook header when a user edits a submitted Form containing Header Items. VDC-11795*
UI & Performance In some cases, Vault may replace values in the Casebook header with values from later Forms. VDC-11797*
UI & Performance The Close Query button displays differently on Open and Answered Queries. VDC-11935*
UI & Performance When a System Administrator of Vault Owner creates a new repeating Form and completes it, Vault does not update the Form count in the header. VDC-12150*
UI & Performance Data entry users cannot update a Casebook after the Casebook is updated to a new version via the Casebook Version Update job. VDC-12182*
UI & Performance If a user opens a Form in the Casebooks tab from within Admin > Business Admin, the user is no longer able to navigate to other Forms. VDC-12217*
UI & Performance When there is only one Study in a vault, users still see the Study listing page when clicking the Home button in the Casebooks tab breadcrumb menu. VDC-12253*
UI & Performance IE11™ users may need to click Complete more than once to submit a Form when their cursor is still in a text Item. VDC-12299*
UI & Performance In Firefox®, selected checkboxes do not display correctly. VDC-12358*
UI & Performance The Other (please specify) Change Reason does not display correctly in the Audit Trail. VDC-12557*
UI & Performance When a Change Reason's Other (please specify) comment is very long, it may not display correctly. VDC-12567*
UI & Performance Other (please specify) comments that are very long may cover the More Actions menu on composite Items. VDC-12585*
UI & Performance Text- and Number-type Items may shift position slightly after a user clicks into the field. VDC-13794*
UI & Performance With IE11™, the scroll bars in the Views Editor may flicker while the page loads. VDC-14661*
UI & Performance With Internet Explorer™, the cursor may switch between a text entry symbol and a loading spinner repeatedly after a user clicks into a text-based property in Studio's Properties panel. VDC-14804*
UI & Performance When a user attempts to delete an Event referenced by another Event, Vault does not show any error explaining why the Event is not deleted. VDC-14832*
UI & Performance The Unset Intentionally Left Blank icon does not display after a user unfreezes an Intentionally Left Blank Item. VDC-14954*
UI & Performance The Event-level Query text field is slightly misaligned. VDC-15048*
UI & Performance In Studio, pagination does not persist after a user refreshes the page. VDC-15061*
UI & Performance In some cases, radio buttons on submitted Forms may not show the labels for each radio button. VDC-15063*
UI & Performance Vault may take longer than expected to save a Number-type Item value. VDC-15133*
UI & Performance When a user moves their mouse away from a disabled + New button for a repeating Form, Vault continues to display the disablement explanation. VDC-9763*
UI & Performance The Date picker selection ring is misaligned when highlighting two digit dates. VDC-9816*
Vault Configuration Users receive a server error when attempting to view the Person object from Admin > Business Admin. VDC-10424*
Vault Configuration Users may receive a server error when attempting to view EDC Jobs from Admin > Operations. VDC-10743*
Views & Data Export The Data Export job fails when a column references the Subject object. VDC-11667*
Views & Data Export In some cases, Vault may not include rows for Subjects that do not have data available for some columns in an exported view CSV. VDC-11668*
Views & Data Export In some cases, columns might not be ordered as expected in the exported CSV file. VDC-11744*
Views & Data Export The Views Editor does not warn the user when they navigate away from the page without saving. VDC-13068*
Views & Data Export In some cases, users may be unable to open SAS output files. VDC-13576*
Views & Data Export After changing a Column Definition name in the related View, users may be unable to open a SAS output file. VDC-13579*
Views & Data Export SAS output files use the View Definition name as the Column name instead of the Column Definition name. VDC-13584*
Views & Data Export Vault may not successfully transfer the SAS file export to an FTP server. VDC-13775*
Views & Data Export Vault allows users to select multiple External Connections for a Data Export job but does not attempt to export to more than one. VDC-13780*
Views & Data Export When a Data Export job does not export any data, Vault generates an empty SAS file that users are unable to open. VDC-13823*
Views & Data Export The email notification when a SAS format Data Export job is complete includes the object name, view_set_def__v. VDC-14605*
Views & Data Export In the Views Editor, validation errors on individual fields display upon opening the dialog. VDC-14666*
Views & Data Export Vault allows users to save invalid formulas when creating Derived-type Column Definitions. VDC-14923*
Views & Data Export Users may receive an unexpected error when saving a View Definition after using + Add Item Group. VDC-15070*
*Internally found defects filed during the development of Limited Release features.