Known Issues in 20R3

Pre-Release Date: November 16, 2020 | Release Date: November 20, December 4 & December 18 (CDB), 2020

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future releases. Between the limited release and the general release, we may remove issues that are found to be caused by user error or are working as designed. This list is subject to change until the general release.

An asterisk (*) next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.

Audit Trails

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
After upgrading a Study to data model version 2, users receive a server error when attempting to open the Audit Trail of a locked Item. VDC-60745*  

Blank & Detail PDFs

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
In Detail PDFs, Vault prepends the Analyte Units for Lab Results with "null". VDC-61199*  
If a unit- or number-type Analyte returns only the "< {Normal High Value}" or "{Normal Low Value <", Vault doesn't include those values in the Detail PDF. VDC-61222*  
Users receive an error message when attempting to generate a Form Detail or Casebook Detail PDF when a Lab Location is not specified. VDC-62526*  
Vault doesn't identify which field a query is associated with for queries on Lab Panel items in Detail PDFs with Queries. VDC-62832*  

Casebook Variables

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The Sex casebook variable should only be available in Studies that are using the Local Labs module. VDC-62099*  

Casebook Versioning

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
When a retrospective amendment adds Items to a signed Form and sets the Form Status to In Progress, Vault first sets the status to In Progress Post Submit before setting it to In Progress. VDC-57082*  
In data model version 2 studies, retrospective amendments that change a Unit or Codelist clear the signature from any Forms that contain the updated Unit or Codelist. VDC-57986*  
Retrospective amendments that add a Form to a frozen Event unfreeze all Forms within the Event. VDC-59311*  
Creating a new casebook version and adding new analytes to a Lab Panel changes the order of analytes in that Lab Panel. VDC-62595*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Using UnPivot removes cell-level decorations in the listing. VDC-56501*  
CQL returns "1" and "0" instead of "true" and "false" for boolean-type Items that are unpivoted. VDC-56502*  
When using "Like" on a date-type Item in a WHERE clause, CQL returns a "Column in where clause is ambiguous" error. VDC-57246*  
CQL doesn't return the Label of an Item when that Item is used more than once on the same Form. VDC-58792*  
CQL returns an Unknown Column error for any @HDR attributes when a function references both @HDR and @Form attributes. VDC-59993*  
CQL fails to return results when using COMPACT on multiple Items with the same alias. VDC-60398*  
CQL returns an error when Union() is used inside of a subquery. VDC-62675  

CDB - Export

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Workbench doesn't automatically set the Domain column with the listing's Short Title in the exported CSV. VDC-56974*  
For Export Listings in Raw-type Export Definitions, Workbench displays missing data as data holes. VDC-60790*  
Users receive a "Failed cloning existing listings" error when attempting to create a raw Export Definition in a Study that contains non-EDC data. VDC-61126*  
After editing an Export Definition that previously failed to generate a package, Workbench doesn't allow the user to save changes correcting issues with the "Export definition already exists" error. VDC-61129*  
Workbench doesn't show the correct counts for each export definition Status. VDC-62358*  

CDB - Import

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
When a third party import package references the wrong Subject Name, Workbench logs an error against the Event Name for that row instead of the Subject. VDC-55871*  
Workbench may not match a third party Event to an EDC Event when the event's Name includes a whitespace character. VDC-56544*  
Workbench can't handle EDC packages when the Study in EDC doesn't have any data. VDC-57298*  
In some circumstances, the Workbench Export job may fail. VDC-62227*  
Workbench doesn't correctly import third party data when the package's filename contains spaces. VDC-62452  

CDB - Listings

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
When a user sorts or filters a listing using either the Sort & Filter menu or the CQL Editor, Workbench doesn't display the Sort & Filter icon in the column header. VDC-55514*  
For Event Dates, the Cell Details panel doesn't display the correct status for SDV, DMR, Frozen, or Locked. VDC-61057*  
When a boolean-type Item is marked as Intentionally Left Blank, Workbench shows the value "false" for that Item in the listing. VDC-61092*  
In some circumstances, Workbench may show a value for an Item that was marked as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-61741*  

CDB - Queries

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Users may receive a duplicate item error when creating a query on a third party data item. VDC-56677*  
Users may receive an "Event not found" error when creating a query on a third party data item. VDC-56726*  
Users receive an error when creating a query on an Event Date. VDC-57218*  
Vault Owners are unable to create queries on Event Dates for third party events. VDC-57790*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
After a user refreshes the Code Request Listing table, Vault shows an Id column listing the record Id for each Code Request record. VDC-61699*  
The WHODrug synonym list fails upversion attempts. VDC-62110  
Users are unable to delete study instances with synonym lists. VDC-62389  

Coding Configuration

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Vault disables the Enable SAE Prioritization checkbox for all Adverse Event or Medical History forms. VDC-60848*  

Coding Lists

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
After upversioning a Synonym List from Coder Tools > Synonym Lists, Vault creates a duplicate copy of the Synonym List. VDC-61702*  
After batch upversioning all Forms for a Synonym List, Vault may briefly display a duplicate Synonym List in Coder Tools > Synonym Lists before deleting the duplicate. VDC-62010*  

Compare Versions

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The DIff Report doesn't display the Subject, Message, or Binding of Send Email rules. VDC-61760*  
The Diff Report doesn't include the Controlling Item, Controlling Item Values, and Display Type properties for progressively displayed Items in the Schedule worksheet. VDC-61899*  

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Users receive a "Failed to save the date" error when entering the Date for an Event. VDC-56965*  
Users receive an error message when clicking the ellipsis icon of the Missing Result item. VDC-58303*  
Users are able to provoke a hidden query dialog when clicking the action menu of any Item in the Lab panel grid. VDC-60227*  
Text-type Analytes shouldn't be case-sensitive in the Lab panel. VDC-60411*  
Users are allowed to make changes to a Lab form without providing a Reason for Change under certain circumstances. VDC-60716*  
The "Reason for Change" pop-up doesn't display when the user hovers over the indicator. VDC-60770*  
Users receive an error message when clicking the action menu icon for Collection Date Time, Lab Location, or Age on a newly created Lab form. VDC-60849*  
Users are unable to create new repeating Item Group instances and save data in those new Items when editing a Form after submission. VDC-61754*  
Vault doesn't autopopulate the Change Reason field for a newly created Item Group instance with the reason provided when editing the Form. VDC-62499*  
Users may receive a server error when completing a Form. VDC-62529*  
When editing a controlling Item in such a way that a frozen Item would be removed, Vault shows the Reset Entered Values dialog instead of the Error for a frozen Item. VDC-62727*  
When a Form uses cascading, progressive display across multiple Item Groups, the Reset Entered Values action only resets the first dependent Item. VDC-62822*  

Developer Features

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
After a Form is updated via the Set Item Value API, Vault doesn't move the Form from Blank to In Progress. VDC-52788*  
With the Mark Event as Did Not Occur endpoint, Vault doesn't return the expected error when the change_reason is null or empty. VDC-55636*  
With the Mark Event as Did Not Occur endpoint, Vault doesn't return the expected error when the provided change_Reason exceeds the maximum length. VDC-55637*  
For users without permission to access the API, Vault doesn't return the expected INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS error for the Mark Event as Did Not Occur endpoint. VDC-55638*, VDC-55639*  
In data model version 2 studies, users can mark frozen and locked Events as Did Not Occur via the API. VDC-55641*  
When a user doesn't have access to the Site, Vault returns the error message as if the user did not have access to the entire Study. VDC-59176*  
Users with permission to close queries via the API are able to close queries created by users on other teams. VDC-61985*  
The Retrieve Events API doesn't return SDV Mode as a picklist. VDC-62283*  

Freezing & Locking

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Users with the correct permissions can't unfreeze a dynamic, restricted Form that is Marked for Removal. VDC-59038*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Vault may not show the correct status or the links to download the job files for the Workbench Export job. VDC-57907*  
Audit trail exports shows "null" as the Lab Result value for any unit-type Analytes. VDC-61277*  
The Audit Trail Export by Study and Audit Trail Export by Subject, when All Subjects is selected, fails when a subject casebook contains a signed, restricted Form. VDC-61294*  
In certain circumstances, users may receive a server error when opening EDC Tools > Jobs. VDC-61677  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Users can't add a Lab location to a Site in the Site Lab Assignment subtab. VDC-58216*  
Users can save Normals without measurement units. VDC-59478*  
Vault displays the incorrect unit value and unit measurement for the Age field when a unit can't be found. VDC-60157*  
While in a Lab Panel, after a user presses Tab to enter the next cell, the previous cell remains in edit mode. VDC-60248*  
The Clinical Significance field isn't updated after override values are entered. VDC-60598*  
Clicking the actions menu in the Lab result field of a Lab panel doesn't show available menu items. VDC-60822*  
Cells shift in Data Entry in the Lab units field when selected. VDC-60851*  
Vault incorrectly displays Normal results that are only configured with one value. VDC-60975*  
The Age item value isn't displayed when viewing a query. VDC-60976*  
Labs queries don't close automatically after the user addresses the issue that produced the query. VDC-61024*  
For unit- and number-type Analytes, if only the "< {Normal High Value}" or "> {Normal Low Value}" is returned after a user clicks Refresh Lab Normals, Vault doesn't update the Normal cell. VDC-61225*  
Users receive a server error when clearing the value from the Clinically Significant column of the lab panel. VDC-61329*  
Vault doesn't update the Normal Results on the labs Form after a user edits an Item to change the subject's sex from Male to Female. VDC-61331*  
Vault applies changes any changes to the Normal Range of an analyte even when that analyte's Item in the lab panel was marked as intentionally left blank. VDC-61489*  
If a Form was frozen while the chosen Lab Location was still pending, and a labs data manager later approves the location and adds normal ranges, Vault updates the frozen form with the updated normal range. VDC-61490*  
After a Study has a new casebook version, users receive a server error when attempting to save a Lab Header Item in a new Casebook. VDC-61494*  
After creating a new version of a Study, Vault lists both versions of the same Lab Panel in Studio > Lab Panels, instead of only the current version. VDC-61495*  
If a user edits a previously submitted Lab form, and changes the Lab Location to a location that doesn't have a configured normal range for one of the form's analytes, Vault doesn't clear the normal results cell. VDC-61498*  
Data entry users aren't required to provide an Override Reason when overriding a normal range. VDC-61716*  
Transferring a Subject with existing lab data to another Site which uses a different Lab Location removes the association from the original site's Lab Location. VDC-61753*  
Instead of showing the appropriate error message when a study designer attempts to add more than 25 Analytes to a single Form, Vault shows an endless loading spinner. VDC-61970*  
Labels for lab Units don't match the capitalization of those labels in Lab Tools. VDC-62055*  
Vault assigns new normal ranges an "Active" status instead of "Pending Approval" in Labs configured to enable approvals for normals. VDC-62155*  
The Lab Panel column in the Outdate Normals Report shows the incorrect Lab Panel name. VDC-62156*  
Labels are missing for Age "lab_unit_item_def__v" records. VDC-62176*  
The Lab Results table fields don't show dropdown menus. VDC-62198*  
Users are unable to save a new codelist in System General Settings > Codelists. VDC-62246*  
Users may change the Name of a standard labs Codelist from the Properties panel. VDC-62248*  
Vault doesn't respond as it should when the user clicks the action menu icon on the lab header of a newly created lab form. VDC-62250*  
The Lab Result unit picker icon closes the field's editable state instead of triggering a dropdown menu. VDC-62322*  
Vault only counts Analytes towards the study's limit when the analyte's Lab Panel is used in a Form. VDC-62423*  
Users receive an error message when attempting to clear a normal override value of a Codelist-type Analyte. VDC-62429*  
Some Mass Updates jobs don't process forms unless all updates can be made. VDC-62463*  
When the user attempts to edit an existing codelist, the save button does not become enabled unless they make changes to the Codelist Values section. VDC-62541*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Studies with Labs enabled are missing non-English translations in Studio. VDC-59864*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Vault doesn't allow users to reset or delete Events with open, manual queries. VDC-62655*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
In Randomization > Stratification, Vault doesn't display the available Strata Variables in the order they occur in the study schedule. VDC-56051*  
The Randomize Subject dialog should appear after a form is submitted that causes the subject to be ready for randomization. VDC-57834*  
Vault doesn't clear the unused Uploaded Related Data (not marked as Discarded) after a user updates the randomization configuration. VDC-60701*  
When a Study doesn't allow unbalanced randomization, Vault doesn't detect unequal numbers of treatment records during the import of a Randomization List. VDC-61767*  
Vault doesn't recognize duplicate Kit or Device IDs during the import of a randomization list. VDC-61941*  
Data entry users may receive a server error when editing the Kit or Device for a subject using the Kit or Device ID manually added on another subject. VDC-62019*  
If a user copies a study design of a randomzation-enabled study into a Study where randomization is not enabled, and then enables randomization in the target study, Vault creates duplicate records for randomization configuration. VDC-62805*  

Review Plan Assignment

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Vault doesn't disable the Edit Site Templates button for users who don't have All Sites access. VDC-61740*  

Rule Editor

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Users can't modify the Form or Rule Action selections in an invalid, copied Override Review Plan rule. VDC-55763*  
Vault allows users to save a Rule that should return the error, 'Invalid data type "Datetime" for argument "text" in Function "MaxDateTime"'. VDC-61775*  
Uesrs can't search for Items int he Item Selector. VDC-61959*  
Vault doesn't support the "did_not_occur__v" and "change_reason__v" tokens for Send Email rules. VDC-62588  

Rule Execution

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Vault doesn't populate the Subject or Event Group columns for an Add Schedule or Add Event rule that removes the Event Group or Event. VDC-56691*  
Vault doesn't add log content to the "create_delete_dynamics_details.csv" and "dynamics_summary.csv" log files when a Form or Event is added or deleted via a dynamic rule. VDC-56693*  
Vault doesn't record the Action correctly in the rule execution job log for Override Review Plan rules when the criteria isn't met. VDC-56719*  
Vault doesn't record the correct value in the Forms column of "rule_details.csv" for the execution of Add Assessment rules. VDC-57776*  
When a rule expression references the Event Group Sequence, Vault creates a dynamic event when the rule evaluates to false. VDC-60419*  
The rule execution job fails when a Rule Definition doesn't have a value in the Reciprocal field. VDC-61902*  

SDS & Annotated PDFs

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The SDS shows "null" instead of actual values for Subject and Message for Send Email rules. VDC-61778*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
In data model version 2 studies, Vault doesn't invalidate all signatures after a study designer modifies the Signature Definition in Studio. VDC-61005*  

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Users may be unable to add United States as a Study Country. VDC-62734*  

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Vault doesn't display the correct Repeat Maximum value for repeating Event Groups in the Properties Panel in Studio > Schedule. VDC-57428*  
When copying a study, Vault doesn't remove the Lab Codelist Link from the Sex or Female Cycle codelists. VDC-58089*  
Copying Event Groups from another study with Include Rules selected doesn't copy the Rules from that Study. VDC-62686*  

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Workbench may take longer than expected to load the Listing Details panel on the very first load. VDC-55184*  
In the Schedule Editor, Vault doesn't display the green line when reordering schedule components. VDC-56873*  
The Dynamic Rule link for Event Groups doesn't open the Rule Editor. VDC-60921*  
In certain circumstances, users with the CDMS Lead Data Manager study role may receive a server error when navigating to their data model version 2 study in the Review tab. VDC-60940*  
Users receive a network error when attempting to view the Change Reason for an Item on a Lab Form using the View as Site option in the Review tab. VDC-61202*  
Several controls in Lab Panels don't display correctly in Internet Explorer™, Microsoft Edge™, or Google Chrome™ on Windows™. VDC-61504*  
On the Code Request Listing, selecting the Edit Columns action for the first time results in a blank page. VDC-61759*  
Users receive an error message when attempting to load a Lab form in the Review tab. VDC-62532*  
Users receive an error message when opening a Lab form in the Review tab's "View as Site" feature. VDC-62605*