About the 19R3 Release

Pre-Release Date: November 18, 2019 | Release Date: November 22 & December 6, 2019

This page can help you understand the schedule for the coming release and the list of features included. Dates are subject to change.

Important Dates

  • November 13: Preview webinar
  • November 18: Validation package available on VeevaDocs
  • November 18: Pre-release vaults available
  • November 18: Introductory training on 19R3 new features available in Veeva Learning
  • November 22: Release to all limited release PODs
  • December 6: Release to all general release PODs
  • December 6: Updated training courses available in Veeva Learning

Notifications Opt-In

As a valued member of our community, providing you with control over the communications you receive from Veeva is important to us. Please allow us to send you pre-release environment notifications and other industry related information. From your user profile within Vault, verify that the Product Announcements checkbox is selected.

Preview Webinars

Recordings are available for each of our 19R3 preview webinars:

Feature Information

Pre-Release Information

Release Information

  • 19R3 Release Impact Assessment (Updated November 21) analyzes the impact of new features. If you need an editable version, we also provide an MS Excel™ version.
  • 19R3 Fixed Issues (Updated November 25) documents issues that affected previous versions or pre-release and are fixed in 19R3.
  • 19R3 Known Issues (Updated December 4) documents issues introduced in 19R3 which are not yet fixed.

For details about new features in the Vault Platform in 19R3, see the Vault Release Notes .