Fixed Issues in 19R1.0.15

Release Date: May 26, 2019

Release Date: May 26, 2019

The list of fixed issues is not finalized until just before the release occurs. When we identify issues to fix in a maintenance release, we attempt to get them into the earliest release possible. Sometimes, we target a specific release but are not able to deliver a fix early enough for full testing. In situations like this, we postpone the fix for a later release and strike out the description in this list.

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Category Issue Description Issue No.
Audit Trail In certain circumstances, Vault may not show the correct "Previous value" in the Change Indicator hover card. VDC-26710*
Audit Trail In certain circumstance, users receive a server error after hovering over the Change Indicator icon when a Form is in Edit mode. VDC-27120*
Audit Trail Users receive a server error when attempting to include Signatures in an object record's Audit Trail from Admin > Business Admin. VDC-27529*
Casebook Versioning Vault applies retrospective amendments to Events where the Event Date is locked. VDC-25556*
Casebook Versioning For prospective amendments, Vault deletes and then re-creates Events that are frozen or locked. VDC-25579*
Casebook Versioning After a prospective amendment, data entry users may receive a server error when attempting to open an updated Casebook. VDC-26631*
Data Entry If a user uses their keyboard to select a value for a radio button codelist Item, Vault may be slow to save the Form and may not save the selection for the radio button. VDC-26698
Data Entry Users may receive a server error when attempting to open a Form that has never had a query. VDC-27431*
Data Review If a user accesses Vault with Internet Explorer™, Vault may be slow to load Forms in the Review tab and may not automatically scroll to the chosen Form. VDC-27082
eSignature Vault displays the casebook-level Clear Signature action to CDMS Sub Investigator users, even though users with that role do not have permission to sign or clear signatures. VDC-23770*
eSignature Vault does not allow users to sign Forms that are Frozen. VDC-26413*
Jobs If an EDC Tools user runs an SDV or DMR Re-assignment job and then also runs the other review type's re-assignment job before the first job finishes, Vault may not update SDV and DMR requirement modes correctly. VDC-16166*
Jobs Users receive a server error when attempting to download output files for the Autocoding and Suggestions job. With this release, Vault no longer displays a download link for this job type. VDC-26752*
PDF Export In exported Detail PDFs, links to Log-type Events in the Table of Contents are broken. With this release, there are no longer links associated with Log-type Events in the Table of Contents. VDC-27588
Study Administration The Delete Study Data job fails when an Event Date has a signature. VDC-25700*
Study Design Object record Private Keys may contain "__" (double underscores) which can cause errors with rules. VDC-27307*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, the PDF Job Started dialog does not have a Close button. VDC-23001*
UI & Performance In some circumstances, Vault may be slow to autosave data. VDC-26640*
UI & Performance When Vault autosaves an Item, the form's status icon in the form carousel does not update to In Progress. VDC-27494*
UI & Performance

Vault does not prevent users from performing additional actions while SDV or DMR is still in progress.

(Postponed to a later release.)