New Features in 22R1.0.27 Migration

Release Date: June 22, 2022

Release Date: June 22, 2022

We are pleased to bring you the following new features in this week’s release. See a summary of feature enablement for this release below.

For a list of fixed issues in this release, see 22R1.0.27 here.

Enabling Query Migration

Customers migrating Studies into Vault CDMS can now migrate Queries. Migration Vault can automatically ingest open, answered, and candidate queries from the source data and migrate it into Vault CDMS.

This feature introduces a new, Veeva-defined format for cross-platform query ingestion.

Use Case

Query migration allows organizations to maintain their queries when migrating their study.


Query migration is automatically available, but you must first migrate study data into EDC before you can migrate queries as a separate load.

Attributes & Repaired Objects

With this release, Migration Vault no longer applies attributes to objects created by repair. This ensures that Migration Vault no longer makes assumptions about the status of objects created by repair. As a result, a CDMS user must apply statuses to repaired objects manually.

Migration Vault no longer applies the following statuses:

  • Submitted to repaired Forms
  • SDV Complete to repaired objects
  • Signed to repaired objects
  • Frozen to repaired objects
  • Locked to repaired objects

Prior to this release (with the 22R1 release), Migration Vault applied the Did Not Occur status to repaired Events and attributes (per “attributes.csv”) were applied to repaired objects.


These changes apply automatically.

Feature Name Configuration Dependencies Users with Day 1 Visibility
Enabling Query Migration Migration Users
Attributes & Repaired Objects Migration Users

Enablement Legend

  • Configuration: This field lists the location(s) where configuration for this feature occurs, for example, "Studio" or "EDC Tools". "Support" indicates that this feature must be enabled by Veeva Support, and "Vault Admin" indicates that configuration must be performed by a Vault Owner in the vault's Admin area.
  • Dependencies: This field lists any dependencies required to use this feature, for example, Labs or Expression Engine V2. The other columns assume that the dependencies are enabled/in use.
  • Day 1 Impact to Primary Users: This feature is visible and available to one or more primary user teams (Site Users, Clinical Team, and Coders) on day 1. Otherwise, this feature is either only visible to study designers or administrator users, it requires configuration before it is visible to primary users.
  • Users with Day 1 Visibility: This feature is visible to these users on day 1 if no configuration occurs.