Known Issues in 17R3 Release

Release Date: December 8, 2017

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future Vault releases.

Category Description Issue No.
Admin Vault allows Admins to delete the RIM Maintenance and Vault Loader standard tabs. DEV-164756,
Admin Documents are not matching to EDL Items as expected because the Document Type labels don't match between the document fields and the object fields from EDL Item. As a workaround, an Admin must update the Document Type/Subtype/Classification label and save. Updating the label to an identical value will work. DEV-160689
Admin When trying to create document relationships using Vault Loader and when the CSV file has missing parameters, the failure log lists "An unexpected error occurred before this record could be processed" rather than the missing parameters error. DEV-164778
Admin Users are unable to use the Vault Configuration Report to extract an object if that object's label contains a special character. DEV-165388
Admin In some cases, Configuration Migration displays a "Failed to import the package" error although it actually imported the package. DEV-165957
Admin VPK files for reports don't include the full user name for report filters. This can lead to issues when exporting/importing a report across vaults. DEV-166009
Admin When Admins navigate to a Document Type configuration, the Document Type Groups sometimes do not appear. DEV-166544
Admin Vault allows Admins to use unbound document reference fields in the name defaulting format for an object. DEV-166547
Admin Vault Loader CLI occasionally displays "Invalid or missing credentials and/or DNS" error when credentials and DNS are correct. DEV-145523
Admin When users remove a Portal Widget Content record from a widget, Vault does not update the ordering for records in the widget. DEV-145793
Admin In certain Field Level Security configurations, users can't see the Announcements page in Brand Portal. DEV-146386
Admin When Admins create a user action, delete the action, and then create an identical action with a different label, the audit history displays the wrong label. DEV-149283
Admin Vault displays a confusing error message when users try to extract too many object relationships via Vault Loader. DEV-150281
Admin Audit logs do not display object labels in the translated Vault Language for controlled copy system actions. DEV-153868
Admin Configuration Migration Packages export delete document picklist fields. DEV-154535
Admin Job Type uses "EDL" even when an Admin has relabeled the EDL object. DEV-159249
Admin In the Audit Logs, descriptions sometimes show "default_value" instead of "Default Value". DEV-156684
Admin In some new vaults, the Portal and Portal Library tabs do not appear when an Admin enables Brand Portal. DEV-160452
Admin When creating document relationships via the Vault Loader, the error messages in the failure log CSV file are incorrect. DEV-160660
Admin In some cases, the Portal tab is missing from the Configuration page. DEV-160666
Admin When users select Differences Only as the Results Type in the Vault Compare tool, the returned report includes rows of type Match. DEV-160809
Admin When editing a Portal Library Saved View, an Admin can enter a Saved View ID that does not exist. DEV-161764
Admin When creating a Value Format for a system-managed name, Admins cannot select the object type Name token (object_type__vr.name__v). DEV-163335
Admin Admins can set field defaults on Activity object fields. DEV-163390
Admin When an Admin expands all Configuration Report sections, and then clicks Collapse All, the Admin cannot scroll back up to view the collapsed sections. DEV-163654
Admin Admins can associate the Unclassified document lifecycle to a document type. DEV-163717
Admin The audit trail displays "Conditional user action: condition updated" when an Admin adds or deletes a condition in an entry action rule. DEV-164468
API & VQL Creating document relationships using the bulk API endpoint is slow. DEV-154310
API & VQL Using STEADYSTATE() VQL function with a field other than status__v produces UNEXPECTED_ERROR instead of a useful error message. DEV-156674
API & VQL VQL does not return an error when a query contains nested sub-queries, although this is not supported. DEV-149713
API & VQL API calls to generate controlled copies fail if the user action does not apply overlays. DEV-150063
API & VQL Documents created via Vault Loader are sometimes not immediately available via VQL query. DEV-150945
API & VQL When submitting a query using a FIND clause that contains 'find' in the inner query, Vault returns an incorrect response. DEV-151853
API & VQL API to retrieve PDF with Annotations returns Viewable Rendition without annotations. DEV-152774
API & VQL When users try to check out a document that doesn't exist, the error message includes the method name. DEV-156238
API & VQL The Retrieve Details from a Specific Object API endpoint returns "responseStatus": "FAILURE" if a user does not have read permission on the object. DEV-157226
API & VQL When using the bulk upload API in a Quality vault, Vault allows users to save any value for impacted_facilities__v. DEV-158724
API & VQL When users without the read/edit permission on objects make a queryDescribe request, the response gives a METHOD_NOT_SUPPORTED error. DEV-159045
API & VQL In some cases, migrating an object along with its page layout causes an error. DEV-160231
API & VQL Including 'rank' in a query using queryDescribe returns a failure response. DEV-161210
API & VQL In API calls for annotation links, text in PDF renditions is underlined where annotations exist over text. DEV-160743
API & VQL When making a VQL query for a picklist value in RIM vaults, the value contains the rim suffix (xxxx__rim) in the response. DEV-161743
API & VQL When retrieving binder template nodes via the API, the id and parent_id__v fields display under the incorrect columns in the text/CSV output. DEV-163477
API & VQL Vault does not set the External ID on documents added to empty placeholders via the API. DEV-164226
Authentication If all users in Vault are SSO users configured with the same security policy, SP-initiated logins will always bypass the Vault login page and will redirect to the IdP. DEV-156967
Authentication When creating a Cross Domain user, the confirmation screen shows the Federated ID from home domain even when ID syncing will not happen. DEV-157056
Clinical When users create a Study Site record from within a Study Country record, Vault does not show the related Study Number. DEV-160349
Clinical In SSU, users see "Server having problems" error on Site Activation Progress tab with the following filters applied: Planned SIV Date (or any date field) is Blank OR is Not Blank. DEV-168000
Clinical Vault does not allow Admins to configure the following objects for system-managed names: Study Country, Study Site, Location. DEV-163941
Clinical The Update Trip Report action removes Monitoring Event Actual Start and End Date values. DEV-167988
Clinical In some cases, the Create Milestones from Template action may not create all templated Milestone Dependency records. DEV-168001
Clinical Users receive a server error when creating a Trip Report from a Trip Report Template with no Template Questions. DEV-168130
Clinical Navigating from a Clinical User Task to its detail page causes a network issue failure. DEV-160156
Clinical Navigating from a link in a Study Management pie chart hovercard takes the user to an unfiltered page. DEV-160375
Clinical Users are able to create documents for an archived Study from an EDL Item. DEV-160461
Clinical In some vaults, Create Milestones from Template is missing from the Study Action's menu. DEV-160954
Clinical The Send Document Package action starts workflows on some documents, even if it encounters an error. Any error should prevent it from starting workflows. DEV-152365
Clinical Vault displays the incorrect banner message when users select Create Milestone from Template from the Actions menu. DEV-161322
Commercial When bulk editing documents, there's overlapping text for the Portal Widget field. DEV-143428
Commercial Brand Portal allows users to manually enter invalid data into a Content Filter object record, which causes errors in the portal view. DEV-165687
Commercial Admins see a server error when attempting to save a Portal Widget record with a custom object type. DEV-165857
Commercial Admins see a server error when attempting to save a Portal Widget record if any custom object type is inactive. DEV-166202
Commercial When creating a new Portal Widget Content record, leaving the Document field blank causes a server error. DEV-167709
Commercial Vault does not sort widget contents correctly when the total number of content records is greater than the maximum displayed. DEV-167714
Documents When using FTP Inbox, Vault does not generate a failure notification when users upload a rendition to an existing document using an invalid rendition type. DEV-151787
Documents Annotation links always open in a new window rather than the user's selected setting. DEV-159672
Documents When exporting binders, Vault does not create folders version-specific document attachments. DEV-155835
Documents External Access URLs for documents still work when a vault is in Maintenance Mode. DEV-159207
Documents Generate 2253 form action is not available when Applications and Submissions fields are referenced on the binder. DEV-167135
Documents Vault truncates a placeholder name if it includes multiple periods in the title. DEV-167443
Documents When creating a document from FTP Inbox, Vault does not generate renditions for video source files. DEV-167581
Documents Vault does not render links as blue text if certain text styling (outline, etc.) is applied to the text in MS Word. DEV-147772
Documents Merge Field tokens fail that point to multi-level object relationships fail to resolve if they're placed inside a footnote or endnote. DEV-148705
Documents In some situations, users receive multiple notifications when a document fails to render. DEV-149225
Documents Audit logs show multiple events when users view documents via Send as Link. DEV-150268
Documents When using binder thumbnails in a Portal Widget, Vault displays the placeholder icon if a placeholder is the only document in the binder. DEV-150849
Documents When users add a binder without a thumbnail to the Carousel widget in Brand Portal, the binder icon appears distorted. DEV-151287
Documents Merge Fields set up as tables for a multi-select object relationship resolve to "Error! No document variable supplied" when users remove an object reference. DEV-151462
Documents When users click a link annotation to a document with no viewable rendition, Vault opens a blank mini-viewer. DEV-151528
Documents When users try to upload an invalid rendition type via FTP Inbox, the notification message does not display the rendition type label. DEV-151785
Documents If users initiate a bulk action from a page that displays non-latest versions of documents, the Confirmation page for the action displays the non-latest version, even though the action occurs on the latest version. DEV-152353
Documents Users are able to upload certain standard renditions via FTP Inbox, although the API and UI both block users from manually uploading those rendition types. DEV-152361
Documents Documents with long names display over the thumbnail in hovercards on the Portal Homepage or Portal Library. DEV-154301
Documents Annotation count fields do not update after a user deletes the viewable rendition. DEV-154590
Documents In certain situations, users can click the Save button when some required fields are not populated for multi-file upload. When this happens, Vault does not upload the files or create new documents. DEV-154657
Documents In some vaults, the binder export notification does not appear in the Home/Tasks tab. DEV-155768
Documents Breadcrumbs for custom tabs do not always work properly. DEV-146777
Documents STF XML files sometimes create renditions with missing information. DEV-154777
Documents When document metadata contains a city without a state or country, the Doc Info page Location displays "City, ," DEV-155727
Documents Some document fields incorrectly allow duplicate values. DEV-155754
Documents In some cases, bookmarks do not navigate to the correct place. DEV-157372
Documents Blank tokens are sometimes merged as a comma rather than blank. DEV-157543
Documents When exporting a binder, using the ZIP link from the export notification throws a server error. DEV-157579
Documents Source files are not updated with new values for Merge Tokens if they were previously merged. DEV-157589
Documents Document tags are removed on new versions of documents if Vault is not able to generate viewable renditions for the new version file type. DEV-157662
Documents In some cases, a CrossLink rendition does not display the correct version. DEV-158061
Documents In some cases, the Country field value does not display in tabular view of an uploaded document. DEV-158731
Documents When opening a document in a Read & Understood state, Vault does not navigate to the specified page on refresh. DEV-158817
Documents When only one document exists in a Brand Portal, the Quick Look arrow does not point to the document thumbnail when users click on the thumbnail. DEV-159254
Documents Users receive a server error when clicking Field View or Mixed View on a document. DEV-159735
Documents In some cases, the Compare Versions feature does not highlight changes in View mode. DEV-160172
Documents Vault does not update the All Document Count for an EDL Item after matched documents are deleted via a bulk action. DEV-160751
Documents In the audit trail, Vault displays changes made to Field Dependencies but does not display the Field Dependency to which changes are made. DEV-160794
Documents When a document owner attempts to re-render a document with annotations and unchecks the Preserve my annotations checkbox, Vault displays an error message. DEV-161144
Documents If a user selects Perform Bulk Action from their cart's Actions menu, after clicking Download, they receive an "Are you sure you want to leave this page?" warning. If the user chooses to Stay on the page, the Cart download does not begin automatically. DEV-162169
Documents Users without the Edit Fields permission can see the Link to Content option in the document link's Actions menu. DEV-163516
Documents When a user creates placeholders for EDL Items using a bulk action, Vault does not match the placeholders to the EDL Item records. DEV-163542
Documents Users may receive a "File could not be played" error on video viewable renditions. DEV-164254
Lifecycle & Workflow In Brand Portal, users receive an error when attempting to export the workflow history report. DEV-150386
Lifecycle & Workflow Users receive a server error when selecting Staged Lifecycle for a document type. DEV-160043
Lifecycle & Workflow Vault does not display a detailed error message when users attempt to delete an object field that is used in an object workflow. DEV-160540
Lifecycle & Workflow Vault does not display a detailed error message when users attempt to disassociate an object lifecycle from a specific object. DEV-160160
Localization The translation is incomplete for notifications that occur for bulk registration creation. DEV-164514
Localization View Link button shows the wrong Japanese translation. DEV-165696
Localization The label translation for "Document Usage Metrics" is wrong in Japanese. DEV-165698
Localization The translation for "Trip Report" is wrong in Japanese. DEV-165699
Localization Object fields related to Site Feasibility are missing translations. DEV-163978
Multichannel Vault does not notify users when the Create Email Fragment action fails. DEV-151359
Multichannel Some feature flags related to Multichannel are visible in the Admin > Settings area, but should not be. DEV-156954
Multichannel In some cases, the Create Presentation action fails when splitting a document into slides. DEV-158081
Multichannel A Vault object record referenced by a document object reference field may not sync to CRM. DEV-163999
Objects When enabling object lifecycles for an object that uses Atomic Security, Atomic Security does not account for object records that do not yet have a lifecycle state because of processing time. DEV-157817
Objects Using "Constrain Records in Referenced Object," users see a different set of results in the Criteria VQL and in the end user's record selection dialog. DEV-158942
Objects Users cannot use the navigation panel to open a related document section from the Sharing Settings area if there are no related documents. DEV-160324
Objects When users click "Add" from a related documents section of an object record detail page, not all filters appear in the dialog. DEV-160863
Objects Users see the wrong notification after creating EDLs from a template. DEV-166543
Objects In Formatted Output, criteria VQL with object_type__vr filter causes a server error. DEV-167016
Objects When editing object page layouts, the related sections display columns differently than in the object record view mode. DEV-168164
Objects When accessing the Portals object through Brand Portal, users receive a server error when attempting to export to CSV or Excel. DEV-148592
Objects When users "Update Content Plan" or "Update EDL" from a template, newly created sections don't display in the same order as in the template. DEV-148904
Objects Users receive a server error when creating a Portal Widget Content object record for a custom object. DEV-149395
Objects When users access the "Export to CSV" action on an object record list page, they sometimes see a blank page load in situations with slow network connections. DEV-150197
Objects Brand Portal users with the Portal Experience user license type receive an error when attempting to export the object record audit trail. DEV-150380
Objects Users can't create a second custom object reference field for the Portal Widget Content object. DEV-150610
Objects When users change the thumbnail for an object added to a Portal Widget, Vault doesn't display the newly selected thumbnail. DEV-151301
Objects Using inline editing, users cannot clear an object reference field on a complex join object. DEV-151330
Objects When using Create and Relate functionality to create a "sibling" record, clearing the parent field does clear dependent fields. DEV-151636
Objects When creating object records, the error message "Another record has the same value" continues to show after a user updates the field to a unique value. DEV-156136
Objects If users search within a related records section and then click "Show in Tab", the search is not applied in the tab that opens. DEV-156484
Objects Vault applies lookup limits to standard relationships. DEV-159615
Objects Running more than 6 deep copies at the same time can cause the copy to fail. DEV-147116
Objects Users receive an incorrect error message when attempting to execute an action on a non-existing object. DEV-158516
Objects When navigating back to the EDL Matched Documents section from the doc info page, users are directed to the EDL details page instead. DEV-159072
Objects Users receive a server error when attempting to execute an action they do not have permissions on. DEV-159361
Objects The "Copy Record" action copies hidden fields and causes an error. DEV-159414
Objects In some cases, users receive a server error when attempting to execute an action on object record. DEV-159923
Objects In some cases, the Binders jump link does not have a count in the Sharing Settings page. DEV-160012
Objects In some cases, the Change Type action does not function correctly when changing a record type. DEV-160182
Objects In some vaults, the record count of an object's related sections do not appear on the Sharing Settings page. DEV-160641
Objects Admins are able to see the Delete button in the Object Actions details page in Business Admin. DEV-161042
Objects When users expand a related section in an object record, create a related object, and navigate back to the object details page from the breadcrumb trail, the related section is collapsed. DEV-161201
Objects Vault displays inconsistent warning dialogs when users attempt to fill in a default expression in an object's Default Value field and the field is not available for all Object Types. DEV-160158
Objects When a user selects the Change Type action on an object record and the Object Type field is in a collapsed section, the Object Type field does not show the newly-selected type when the section is expanded. DEV-160168
Objects In some vaults, objects using system-managed names may not increment correctly. DEV-162348
Performance & UI The Active Workflows page loads slowly when there are over 20,000 workflows. DEV-145949
Performance & UI There's no pagination on the Active Workflows page. DEV-145955
Performance & UI Some Clinical vaults show the "Clinical Operations" logo, rather than the "Clinical" logo. DEV-146359
Performance & UI When users edit a document and select one or more records in a multi-select object reference field, clicking "Cancel" does not clear the selections immediately. The page takes a moment to reload and show the selections cleared. DEV-160573
Performance & UI Users are seeing slow performance when creating binders that include planned documents. DEV-167399
Performance & UI Search performance when no Smart Filtering applies is slow. DEV-167941
Performance & UI When users create a new placeholder, they see "Back to search results" instead of "Back to previous page". DEV-146009
Performance & UI When users refresh the page after navigating to a document from the Brand Portal homepage, the Back to Portal link in the breadcrumb trail disappears. DEV-146544
Performance & UI When users refresh the page after navigating to a document from the Announcements page, the Back to Announcements link in the breadcrumb trail disappears. DEV-146548
Performance & UI Creating content plans with a large number of sections and items takes too long. DEV-146780
Performance & UI Copying content plans with a large number of sections and items takes too long. DEV-146788
Performance & UI From inside a Brand Portal, clicking on a product name in the document fields panel of Doc Info page changes the search bar text to "Search Products". DEV-148335
Performance & UI Tabular View layout is slow to load. DEV-153810
Performance & UI Vault loads the Object Page Layout screen slowly for objects with over 300 fields. DEV-156217
Performance & UI Importing a large number of submissions takes a very long time. DEV-154623
Performance & UI Viewing submission leaf details, while correct, is not intuitive. DEV-155349
Performance & UI Updating requiredness of a field has very slow performance. DEV-157549
Performance & UI Creating and deleting documents performance has decreased. DEV-157585
Performance & UI Object Record actions are slow to load. DEV-159163
Performance & UI The Create Menu is slow to load. DEV-159393
Performance & UI The operator dropdown list for the Date filter in the Library is not long enough. DEV-160282
Performance & UI The Create EDL from Template job takes too long. DEV-160348
Performance & UI The warning dialog on the SAML Profile page still refers to Single Sign-on Profiles. DEV-161452
Performance & UI Users with custom security profiles may experience slow load times on Change Control object records. DEV-162147
Performance & UI In RIM Registrations, Vault may take a long time to create a Registration record from an Application. DEV-162388,DEV-162393
Quality Download links for generated controlled copies do not expire correctly. DEV-150800
Quality When users request multiple controlled copies via API, they can only retrieve the files through the email notification. DEV-151168
Quality When entering a Copy Number Format for controlled copies, Vault does not save any tokens after the ### auto-numbering token. DEV-151682
Quality When using a picklist to add a token to the Copy Number Format field of a Controlled Copy, Vault does not save the token. DEV-159612
Quality The Controlled Copy job fails if the Copy Number Format field does not include an autonumber token. DEV-159614
Quality Users receive a server error when attempting to move a Document Change Control record to Approval. DEV-160395
Quality When using the Generate Controlled Copy bulk action, the help text is missing when users hover over text on the Edit Details page. DEV-160633
Reporting Cross-domain users cannot use the links in notifications to access Flash Reports. DEV-167524
Reporting When users run a report with filters on "Current Study" or "Current User", the filter UI does not show the resolved study or user information. DEV-145959
Reporting In exported PDF reports, aggregated number values are left-aligned, but should be right-aligned. DEV-154231
Reporting Reports with at least two groupings do not properly display aggregate functions on the second grouping. DEV-154260
Reporting When Allow deleted picklist values to be used in report filters is enabled, deleted picklist values appear in the order they were defined. This can be confusing, as it is hard to distinguish which values are deleted and which are active. DEV-163196
Reporting When a user opens the same dashboard on different windows, the dashboard doesn't load. DEV-159342
Reporting Some users receive an error when attempting to migrate a report from one vault to another. DEV-160944
Reporting Users are able to select Stop Using Shared Field for a shared field that is referenced by a report. DEV-160380
Reporting Users cannot delete a field that was previously shared if it was referenced by a report while it was shared. DEV-160725
Reporting When users expand a secondary Relationship Type grouping in the report builder or report viewer, the section overlaps with and mislabels groupings below. DEV-161209
RIM Submissions Archive structure gets corrupted when importing multiple submissions for a single application. DEV-163176
RIM The Content Plan Item (EDL Item) object does not include "Submissions" and "Applications" fields. DEV-164476
RIM Users with the "SubmissionsArchive" security profile cannot import submissions. DEV-164882
RIM The Submission User permission set does not include all of the appropriate access, including access to various objects and reports. This permission set grants access to tabs that it should not: RIM Maintenance, Loader, and Viewer. This permission set also grants object access to Health Authority Questions, Medicinal Products, which it should not. DEV-165881
RIM Some fields are not populated when importing multiple submissions for a single application. DEV-166573
RIM If the "Match EDL Items to Documents" job is active and the "Enable document migration" setting is off, the Create Binder action fails in some RIM vaults. DEV-166595
RIM Submission imports fail if a node extension title includes an apostrophe or if node extension title is blank. DEV-167014, DEV-167158
RIM On the RIM Maintenance tab, if users select a value for Constraint and scroll to the bottom, the next set of 100 records does not load. DEV-167359
RIM After changing the content place to "Baselined" state, documents don't auto-match to some Content Plan Items created from eCTD. DEV-167530
RIM If user is copying a content plan, the source Submission record has duplicate join records, and the target Submission record has the same join record, during copy the join records are not copied but the content plan created has the duplicate sections. DEV-167972
RIM Some Submissions Archive imports do not display the Viewable Rendition correctly in the document viewer, although the downloaded rendition appears correct. DEV-168018
RIM When accessing Vault using IE11, the Viewer tab truncates long submission content names. DEV-168271
RIM The Packaging Shelf Life section does not appear on the Packaging object page layout. Admins will need to re-add this section. DEV-167066
RIM Learn More link in bulk registration process goes to the wrong Vault Help page. DEV-158200
RIM When users re-render documents with XML source files, the viewer continues to show the previous rendition, but the Renditions panel shows zero renditions. DEV-148621
RIM When using the "Manage Registered Details" functionality, the error message "Please select one unique complex product to proceed" does not clear after a user selects a product. DEV-150234
RIM When users click "Cancel" in the confirmation page for Export Submissions Archive Applications, the page reloads. DEV-150369
RIM RIM Maintenance: If field-level security is applied to the Constraint object, users without read access to all fields cannot extract Constraint records. DEV-155942
RIM RIM Maintenance: Region field continues to appear when extracting the Constraint object when user does not have Read access to the Region object. DEV-155943
RIM In EU 0.9 DTDs, there is no way to maintain lifecycles across submissions if the ID attribute is blank for a leaf. DEV-156456
RIM In List View, filters are not displayed if a submission is not imported. DEV-152664
RIM Custom required fields for Registration Packaging are always flagged as required, even if no packaging is selected. DEV-155352
RIM RIM Maintenance: In some cases, loading files generates a success notification with 0 Success and 0 Failures, even if there were multiple successes or failures. DEV-157210
RIM In rare cases on older vaults, Create Related Records does not create any records. DEV-157587
RIM In some cases, the Submission Archive Content sections don't populate after importing a submission. DEV-159288
RIM When users create a related record, the new record does not inherit the name pattern. DEV-159746
RIM The Created By and Last Modified viewer tab filters do not display for users without the View User Information permission. DEV-159757
RIM When the RIM Registrations application is added to a RIM vault, Vault fails to create the Regulatory Objective lifecycle and associate it to the Regulatory Objective object. DEV-160481
RIM Vault should check for Submission Imports in the queue before running the Delete Orphaned Files scheduled job. DEV-160676
RIM When hovering over the Constraint field label on the RIM Maintenance Extract page, the tooltip text is missing. DEV-160273
RIM In the Bulk Registration Creation wizard, Vault does not remember changes on a previous step when a user clicks the browser's Back button. DEV-161758
RIM Users may receive an "Artifacts failed to download due to unexpected errors" when exporting a Submission. DEV-162075
RIM In the Update Registered Details wizard, the Marketing Date field is required and blank, even when the associated entry criteria is conditional on the field being not blank. DEV-162093
RIM When a user creates and relates an Application in the bulk object creation wizard, Vault does not enforce constraints based on the selected Country's Region. DEV-162273
RIM When bulk creating Activities, Vault does not create any records if the user does not select an Application. DEV-163231
RIM Vault applies lifecycle state changes to inactive Registered Join records in the Manage Registered Details wizard. DEV-163699
RIM After importing CRFs, users may receive a failure notification with the "Invalid values entered for 'Clinical Study'" error, even when the values are valid. DEV-164119
RIM When a user searches Constraint records from the RIM Maintenance tool, Vault displays a Filters drop-down, but no filters are available. DEV-164124
Search & Filter In the Library in Brand Portal, the Portal Widget filter option is not available. DEV-146541
Search & Filter In the Library in Brand Portal, the Portal Widget filter does not display the correct results. DEV-151482
Search & Filter When users filter a document tab by role and select a translated role label, the UI shows the role label in English. DEV-151772
Search & Filter When users save a view that filters on a document tag, the saved view shows the tag's ID, rather than label. DEV-155170
Search & Filter When saving the view of an advanced search using the 'All of these words' field, Vault includes 'allofWords' in the results message text. DEV-158254
Search & Filter In some cases, Vault displays an incorrect count of documents in saved and shared views. DEV-158285
Search & Filter When selecting a custom icon from a saved view, the icon disappears from the field. DEV-160034
Security Users without permission to access a tab can access it by navigating directly to the URL. DEV-144962
Security Users see a "Server having problems" error when trying to create object records if the object uses object types and the user does not have permission for the object type. DEV-148280
Security Admins cannot deactivate a cross-domain user profile by clearing the Federated ID field because the Federated ID is not editable. DEV-151866


Release Date: December 8 & 15, 2017

Category Description Issue No.
EDC If a Studio user drags an Event Group in a different Study onto the design palette, the Event Group's Events and Forms aren't added. VDC-3448
EDC When a user attempts to enter an Event date on a Frozen Casebook, the error message is unhelpful. VDC-4540
EDC For Add Schedule type rules on unit-type Items using the textEquals function, Vault does not remove Events after a user updates the dependent Item value. VDC-4636
EDC Vault does not update the Form-level SDV and SDR completion percentages if the Form includes an empty Item Group. VDC-4637
EDC If Vault does not successfully delete an object record (for example, if it is referenced in an object relationship), Vault still deletes the related translations. VDC-4657
EDC If a user updates a dependent Item to remove an Event with Forms containing data, Vault does not display a warning message. VDC-4677
EDC Importing a second version of the ODM XML into Studio, that has the Abbreviation value for a Unit Definition cleared, does not clear the existing Abbreviation value in the newly created version. VDC-4694
EDC Vault does not update the Signature Completed value for a Casebook if the Casebook contains Events marked as Did Not Occur. VDC-4719
EDC If a user attempts to create a new Unit Definition with a duplicate OID value, Vault does not display any error message. VDC-4737
EDC In some cases, Vault creates multiple system-generated queries for a single data validation rule. VDC-4855
EDC When not all Items on a Form are Frozen or Locked, unlocking or unfreezing at the Form-level does not unlock or unfreeze the Items. VDC-4988
EDC If a user updates an offset Event date, Vault updates the dependent Event's planned date, but also updates the dependent Event's offset Event planned date. VDC-4989
EDC Vault may not auto-save an Item value if the user enters the value and then leaves the Form. VDC-5010
EDC Users may receive a server error when navigating to certain object records. VDC-5096
EDC Vault hangs when a user attempts to leave an EDC vault using the Vault Selector. VDC-5112
EDC Vault saves user-entered data and the repeating Form record after a user clicks the Cancel button. VDC-5124
EDC The Study listing page's Study Status column displays the Study's design-related status. VDC-5133
EDC In the breadcrumb menus drop-down, Vault does not display the correct Forms in the Recent section. VDC-5146
EDC The Apply Electronic Signature action is still available when all Forms in an Event are Locked. VDC-5185
EDC Skip Item rules may not function correctly when using the isNull function. VDC-5238
EDC If a user enters data on a controlling Item that disables the dependent Item, a user can still enter data on the dependent Item immediately after the initial entry. VDC-5272
EDC The breadcrumb menu shows the Event or Form Name instead of the Label. VDC-5501
EDC Vault is slow to update the subject numbers in the Casebook listing page. VDC-5528
EDC Users may receive a warning upon entering an Event date that is within the acceptable range. VDC-5578
EDC In Internet Explorer, status icons in the casebook schedule may display off center. VDC-5579
EDC After a user signs a Form, Vault does not remove the Signature Required status icon. The Apply Electronic Signature action also remains available. VDC-5595
EDC Studio users cannot sort rules by the Message or Form Definition columns. VDC-5707
EDC The Item drop-down in the Insert Identifier dialog lists label-type Items. VDC-5872
EDC If a user edits a Form to enter a value for a required Item, and then saves the Item without completing the Form, Vault closes the query, but the query continues to display on the Form. VDC-6124
EDC Users can save incomplete 12-hour time values (for example, 12:12 P). VDC-6251
EDC The task bar continues to display answered query tasks, even after a user closes the queries. VDC-6266
EDC Vault does not disable the OK button when a user attempts to create an Item Definition without a unique Name. VDC-6268
EDC The Audit Trail includes non-user-entered symbols in Event Descriptions related to Event queries. VDC-6328
EDC Vault does not display any error message when a user imports a Casebook Definition into a Published target Casebook Definition. VDC-6333
EDC Vault does not display any error message when a user imports a Casebook Definition into a Published destination Casebook Definition. VDC-6333
EDC Some New {Object} dialogs do not display a Close button in Studio. VDC-6398
EDC In Microsoft Edge, date- and datetime-type Item fields display hover text with the expected date format. VDC-6456
EDC In some cases, the notification for Import Complete does not include error information. VDC-6458
EDC Query-related Form status icons are slow to update after the Form's status changes. VDC-6481
EDC If a user reuses an object definition with a duplicate Name, the validation message displays on Properties panel fields other than Name. VDC-6486
EDC Users can import an ODM XML for a different Study than the one they are viewing in Studio. VDC-6507
EDC If a user selects today's date in a date-type Item, leaves the field, and then clears the date value, the user may not be able to select today's date a second time in the Item. VDC-6519
EDC When a user hovers over a breadcrumb menu link, the mouse cursor does not change to a hand. VDC-6526
EDC Vault does not display the correct error message when a rule failure causes a Form to hang. VDC-6529
EDC If a user saves changes to a Study object record from Admin > Business Admin, Vault redirects the user to the Casebook or Site listing page. VDC-6550
EDC If a user attempts to reuse an Item Definition from a different Study in multiple Forms on the target Study, Vault uses duplicate values for the Name and CDM Key. VDC-6558
EDC In Internet Explorer, field name text in Studio may unnecessarily wrap. VDC-6561
EDC If a Study has a longer name, the Study name may overlap onto the expanded task bar. VDC-6582
EDC If an Admin clicks to opens a Query Binding record from Admin > Business Admin, Vault shows a blank EDC page. VDC-6593
EDC In some cases, Vault may automatically upgrade all sites to the newest Casebook Version after a Studio user publishes a new version. VDC-6598
EDC After a user copies a date/time-type Item Definition, Vault creates a new Item Definition record each time the user edits the copied Item Definition's Name. VDC-6609
EDC Vault EDC does not accept values for date or date/time that are not English letters, Arabic numerals, or a question mark. VDC-6617
EDC Vault continues to display Not all changes were saved after a user resets a Form. VDC-6624
EDC The Chinese Simplified translation for "item" is incorrect in Admin > Business Admin. VDC-6636
EDC If a Study reuses an object definition from a different Study, edits to the Edit Checks section of the Properties panel on the target Study are made to the object definition on both the target and source Studies. VDC-6645
EDC The Chinese Simplified translation for "logout" is incorrect. VDC-6646
EDC Vault does not include Chinese Traditional translations for "casebook", "study tasks", "review", and "query". VDC-6647
EDC Users can click Save in the Insert Identifier dialog when they have not selected any values. VDC-6652
EDC Users receive a server error when removing a Label from a Form in Studio's Design view. VDC-6674
EDC Exported ODM XML files include system-generated Rule Definitions for Item Definitions that were not added to the Study in Design view. VDC-6693
EDC Vault may display "Expression is required" after a user clicks + Insert Identifier. VDC-6703
EDC Vault does not create Rule Binding records for Skip Item rules with identifiers, and so Vault does not enforce those rules. VDC-6712
EDC If an Admin attempts to delete a Study record that is referenced by object relationships in Admin > Business Admin, the error message dialog exceeds the browser window boundary. VDC-6717
EDC If a user updates an invalid Minimum Value entry to a valid one, the validation message continues to display. VDC-6719
EDC In the Insert Identifier dialog, if a user removes a required identifier selection and then selects it again, the Save button remains disabled. VDC-6784
EDC The breadcrumb menu does not always display recently selected Studies and Sites in the Recent section of the breadcrumb menu drop-down. VDC-6794
EDC In some cases, the EDC Import job is stuck at 0%. VDC-6797
EDC A user can expand the Open Query dialog's text field to hide the Cancel and Save buttons. VDC-6798
EDC In Chrome, some Forms may display the + New Event button and Actions menu twice in the header. VDC-6826
EDC Vault does not display queries on Events marked as Did Not Occur. VDC-6884
EDC Users cannot add new Item Definitions with Chinese language Name values. VDC-6896
EDC Users can initiate the Reset Form action on a Form containing a controlling Item for a newly created Event Group. VDC-6903
EDC Answered Event queries do not display the Answered Query badge icon. VDC-6958
EDC Vault does not confirm that the Study has an OID value when a user attempts to export. VDC-6962
EDC When there are more than 10,000 tasks of a single type, the task bar wraps the task type and number of tasks incorrectly. VDC-6966
EDC Vault does not support Minimum and Maximum Value system-generated rules for time-type Items. VDC-6982
EDC Vault does not correctly display Overdue status icons for newly Overdue Events until the page is refreshed. VDC-6983
EDC In some cases, a user may not drag and drop Item Groups and Items onto a Form in Design view that was added from a different Study. VDC-6984
EDC In some cases, Vault adds more than the specified number of Unscheduled Events. VDC-6985
EDC Users can provide an eSignature on Events with open queries. VDC-6986
EDC When creating Skip Item action type Rule Definitions, the Insert button is unavailable in the Insert Identifier dialog. VDC-6990
EDC In Chrome, the Import button may be disabled on the Import dialog even after a user selects a file. VDC-6991
EDC Users are able provide an eSignature on Forms with open queries. VDC-7000
EDC When a user edits an Event date, the date selector defaults to the current date. VDC-7019
EDC Vault does not automatically create a new CDM Key field value when a user copies a Unit Definition. VDC-7032
EDC In some cases, users may be able to save a unit-type Item value in an invalid format. VDC-7036
EDC When a user clicks to open a drop-down on a Form, and then scrolls, the drop-down moves up and down with the page. VDC-7037
EDC In some cases, users receive a server error when removing an Event Group from a study schedule in Design view. VDC-7046
EDC Users may receive an error when updating an Event date even when that Event date is within the appropriate range. VDC-7068
EDC Users are able to edit an Item value that removes a dynamically added Event Group containing a Locked Event. VDC-7080
EDC Users cannot open queries on an Event with no selected date that was marked as Did Not Occur. VDC-7081