Known Issues in 19R1

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future releases.

Category Issue Description Issue No.
Casebook Versioning When a new casebook version removes an Event from the schedule, a retrospective amendment does not remove that Event from existing Casebooks. VDC-23001*
Casebook Versioning For Retrospective and Prospective Amendment jobs, the Job Info tooltip does not sort the amended Casebooks. VDC-25162*
Casebook Versioning Vault applies retrospective amendments to Events where the Event Date is locked. VDC-25556*
Casebook Versioning For prospective amendments, Vault deletes and then re-creates Events that are frozen or locked. VDC-25579*
Casebook Versioning For prospective amendments, Vault deletes and then re-creates Forms that are frozen or locked. VDC-25580*
Coder The default display for the Code Request Listing table is currently List Mode, but it should be Grouped Mode. VDC-22117*
Coder When a user clicks into the Search Verbatims field, the field should be outlined in blue. VDC-23579*
Coder In the Coding panel, users must scroll horizontally to access the vertical scroll bar. VDC-25265*
Coder The Code Request Listing table and Code Request Properties panel do not display Code Request in the proper code scheme. VDC-25382*
Coder Tools The Back to Synonym Lists and Back to Stop Lists links open Coder Tools > Study Settings. VDC-25561*
Coder Tools In Coder Tools, record grids blink after a user clicks to sort by a column. VDC-25747*, VDC-25751*
Data Entry After freezing and unfreezing an Item, users can't edit that Item until they refresh their browser. VDC-21628*
Data Entry Vault does not set Planned Event Dates correctly when a Events do not have an Offset Event selected. VDC-21909*
Data Entry When a user marks a Form as Intentionally Left Blank, Vault does not clear the value for any derived Items. VDC-21975*
Data Entry When a Form is locked, the Freeze Event action continues to display, and users receive a server error when they select it. VDC-22075*
Data Entry When a Form or Event is edited and submitted, the status for the Event or Form is changed to Submitted, but the casebook status remains In Progress. VDC-22313*
Data Entry When there are repeating Form sequences on multiple casebook versions in a Casebook, users can't use the Previous and Next buttons in the form carousel to switch Form sequences. VDC-22963*
Data Entry The Casebook-level Actions menu does not display the Unlock Subject and Unfreeze Subject actions correctly when the subject Casebook is locked or frozen. VDC-25132*
Data Entry Vault does not display the Save button in the New Event Group dialog as disabled when the button is disabled. VDC-25205*
Data Entry When a Casebook is locked, Vault allows users to click the + New Event button and specify a date, but Vault does not add that Event to the Casebook. VDC-25285*
Data Entry For Codelist-type Items with Default Data, the Item's Audit Trail lists the Code instead of the Label. VDC-25487*
Data Entry Vault allows users to mark a Form as Intentionally Left Blank when that Form includes controlling Items. VDC-25954*
Data Entry For query correction and prior to submission changes, Vault does not capture the reason for change in the Item Audit Trail. VDC-26053*
Data Entry Users with their Language set to Thai can't save date entries for Event Dates or Date and Datetime controls for Items. VDC-26058*
Data Entry When a user enters a Date on a Form in a language other than English, Vault displays the Date value's Month in that language to users with their Language set to English on Forms in view mode. VDC-26061*
Data Review The View as Site dialog does not display the Rule info icon on system-generated queries. VDC-21371*
Data Review Users receive a server error when attempting to unfreeze a Form with the Event-level unfreeze action. VDC-21594*
Data Review The job log for "SDV Re-assignment" does not list EDC Item records. VDC-22179*
Data Review Vault hangs when a Data Manager user clicks the Form-level SDV icon. VDC-22197*
Data Review Vault displays Item Group headers in the Review tab when the Header Visible property is not selected for that Item Group. VDC-22211*
Data Review The Review tab caches repeating Form data, and so users may not see very recent changes to repeating Forms from data entry users. VDC-23574*
Data Review When the Item Task Filter filters out all Items, Vault displays "No data found" instead of the appropriate message. VDC-23808*
Data Review When using the Review tab in IE11™ or Microsoft Edge™, users can't dismiss the subject info callout when switching subjects. VDC-23809*
Data Review In the Review tab, users can't press Enter to save a query. VDC-23942*
Data Review The View as Site dialog displays all content in a single column. VDC-25143*
Data Review In the Review tab, Vault dipsplays "[Closed] null" when a user closes a query with no comment. VDC-25281*
Data Review In the Review tab, users can create manual queries with comments exceeding 500 characters. VDC-25342*
Data Review After a user clicks the SDV All or DMR All button, the page does not reload to update the SDV and DMR status icons. VDC-25550*
Data Review In the Review tab, Vault shows the checkbox control for Items marked as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-25553*
Data Review Vault Owners receive a server error when opening the More Actions menu on an Event Date for a log-type Event. VDC-25758*
Data Review The SDV All and DMR All buttons don't apply SDV or DMR to all Items when the Requirement Mode for all those Items is Optional. VDC-25817*
Data Review When a Casebook contains Events with Review States, users must execute the freeze, lock, unfreeze, or unlock action twice for it to take effect. VDC-25910*
Data Review When a user opens a query from Review > Queries, and that query is on a repeating Item Group, Vault doesn't open that Form automatically scrolled to the query. VDC-25924*
Data Review In certain cases, clicking a query from Review > Queries opens a blank page. VDC-25925*
Data Review In certain circumstances, marking an Item as Intentionally Left Blank does not remove the SDV review status from that Item. VDC-26019*
Localization Error messages in the Rules Editor are not localized. VDC-24363*
Localization Vault does not include translations for the "Welcome to Veeva Vault EDC" email notification. VDC-25214*
Localization Several labels in the Studio Properties panel are not translated. VDC-25461*, VDC-25509*
Localization Several labels in the View Editor are not translated. VDC-25530*
Localization Except for the dialog's title and buttons, the Copy Form dialog in Studio is not translated. VDC-25537*
Localization Vault does not translate the property labels for Item Help Content and Form Help Content. VDC-25884*
Localization Vault does not display translated values for Dispaly Override labels and Codelist Items, even when those translations exist in the vault. VDC-25900*
Localization Studio definition listings (Studio > Events, Studio > Items, etc.) display translated labels based on the user's Language and Locale, but the Properties panel displays labels based on the Vault language. VDC-25957*
PDF Export Casebook-level Detail PDF export fails when the Casebook includes an Item Group with no Items. VDC-21365*
Search & Filter In EDC Tools > Casebook Versions > Site Summary, Vault continues to display a user's Subject search query when the user searches for a Subject, leaves the page, and then returns to create an amendment again. VDC-21186*
Search & Filter The breadcrumb menu in the Data Entry tab does not show results for Study Names with spaces in them. VDC-25199*
Search & Filter Vault does not preserve pagination when a user clicks into the Rules Editor and then returns to the Rules listing in Studio. VDC-25921*
Study Administration Users receive a server error when attempting to view EDC Scheduled Job details in Admin > Operations > Job Status. VDC-20684*
Study Administration When adding an existing user to a study, the user search is case-sensitive. VDC-25326*
Study Administration Users receive a server error when attempting to re-assign SDV or DMR when the Review Plan references a Review State Definition for a different Study. VDC-25388*
Study Administration When initiating Event Date Action Migration from Admin > Settings > Application Settings, Vault allows users to click the Save button more than once, resulting in duplicate Review State records. VDC-25575*
Study Administration The Delete Study Data job fails when an Event Date has a signature. VDC-25700*
Study Administration In some cases, Vault does not include Casebooks containing Events marked as Did Not Occur in the output ZIP for Data Export jobs. VDC-25818*
Study Design All and Unique CRF PDF exports use the field label "OID" instead of "External ID". VDC-22483*
Study Design Vault does not display any notification or confirmation when a user deletes a design definition that is in a layout relationship with another, such as an Item used in more than one Item Group. VDC-23662*
Study Design For unit conversions, formulas must include a whitespace character after "$value__v". When a user does not include that whitespace, Vault saves the formula, but treats "$value__v" as an invalid identifier. VDC-24753*
Study Design In Studio, the New {Object} dialog does not include a useful validation message for Name. VDC-25197*
Study Design If a Study's Name includes special characters, Vault replaces those characters with underscores in the filename of exported files. VDC-25216*, VDC-25237*
Study Design In the Properties panel, Vault displays a "{Field} is required" error after quickly deleting and entering a new, valid value. VDC-25222*
Study Design When comparing casebook versions, some fields in the dialog are truncated, with no way to view the truncated text. VDC-25233*
Study Design The Rule Editor does not mark two decimal points (e.g. .4.1) as invalid. VDC-25234*
Study Design In the Rule Editor's Function Selector, users can't press CTRL + Z or CMD + Z to undo their text entry. VDC-25247*
Study Design After a user changes an Item's type from Read-Only to Derived, Vault does not allow the user to edit the Item. VDC-25305*
Study Design In the Rules Editor, Vault does not display a confirmation message when there are unsaved changes and a user clicks Cancel or Back to Rules. VDC-25446*, VDC-25449*
Study Design In the Rules Editor, Vault does not display an error when users save a Rule without selecting a Form. VDC-25859*
Study Design In the Rules Editor, the Form field is required for rule types that don't require a Form selection. VDC-25861*
Study Design When a Set Item rule uses an @Form identifier, casebook validation fails. VDC-25979*
Study Design In certain circumstances, Vault populates the Label and Short Label properties upon export in the XML file, even when there were no values provided in Studio. VDC-26205*
UI & Performance The Rule tooltip icon for answered queries displays on each query comment. VDC-21221*
UI & Performance The Rule tooltip icon on queries sometimes wraps under the query header. VDC-21223*
UI & Performance When a Study is locked, the tooltip indicating that + New Casebook is unavailable continues to display even after a user clicks elsewhere on the page. VDC-21480*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, Vault may briefly display "Freeze" or "Lock" instead of "Unfreeze" and "Unlock" in the More Actions menu, before switching to display the correct action labels. VDC-21533*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, the Event Date More Actions menu may display actions on the same line when the Site is locked. VDC-21555*
UI & Performance When a user scrolls within a form, the signature banner should remain stationary at the top of the form. VDC-21811*
UI & Performance Vault displays the More Actions menu and Edit (pencil) button for dependent, disabled composite Items when those Items are in the same row as the controlling composite Item. VDC-21900*, VDC-21945*
UI & Performance A submitted form with an open query should not display an enabled Sign Form button. VDC-22010*
UI & Performance In some circumstances, Vault may be slow to save submitted Forms. VDC-22251*
UI & Performance In certain circumstances, Vault can be slow to autosave controlling Items for dynamic Events. VDC-22401*, VDC-22409*
UI & Performance Once a user hovers over the + New button in the repeating Form table, Vault continues to display "Maximum number of form records reached..." even after the user moves their cursor away from the button. VDC-22871*
UI & Performance In the Review tab's View as Site dialog, frozen, composite Items display multiple Frozen status icons. VDC-22971*
UI & Performance In vaults with Role by Study enabled, forms may be slow to load. VDC-22981*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, the PDF Job Started dialog does not have a Close button. VDC-23301*
UI & Performance Users receive a server error when attempting to access a Site with no subject Casebooks in the Review tab. VDC-23475*
UI & Performance In Data Entry, CDMS Sub Investigator users should not have the option to Clear Signature for casebooks. VDC-23770*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, long query comments may extend outside of the text field. VDC-24077*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, Vault does not display the Frozen status icon when the Casebook is frozen. VDC-24404*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, icons in status banners for repeating Forms don't display correctly. VDC-24903*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, Intentionally Left Blank reasons are misaligned. VDC-25127*
UI & Performance On smaller screen sizes, the New Column dialog extends outside the viewable area. VDC-25207*
UI & Performance When the Properties panel is in Edit mode, and a user zooms out their browser window, the gray overlay does not cover the window's full height. VDC-25231*
UI & Performance In the Rules editor, users can't use "Open in New Tab" or "Open in New Window" for the Back to Rules link. VDC-25238*
UI & Performance In Studio's Design view, the Browse button may move around the header when a user drags and drops components on the design palette. VDC-25260*
UI & Performance In some cases, Vault doesn't display the query header for closed queries in the Review tab. VDC-25274*
UI & Performance In Coder Dictionary and Suggestions subtabs, Vault does not truncate longer values correctly. VDC-25826*
UI & Performance Several labels in the Data Entry and Review tabs don't display configured Display Override labels. VDC-25923*
Views & Data Export Users receive a server error when attempting to download the job log for a Data Export job in SAS format from Admin > Operations > Job Status. VDC-20411*
Views & Data Export Users receive a validation error on the View Name after copying a View because the default name, "Copy of {view_name}" contains spaces. VDC-25220*
Views & Data Export For some users, Vault returns to Studio > Organizations when they refresh the View Editor. VDC-25253*
*Internally found defects filed during the development of Limited Release features.