Known Issues in 19R1 Pre-Release

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future releases.

Category Issue Description Issue No.
Casebook Versioning Retrospective amendments fail when the new version contains changes to a Codelist or Unit Item Definition and there is at least one submitted Form referencing those definitions. VDC-23471*
Casebook Versioning Prospective and retrospective amendment jobs stop at the first Casebook that cannot be successfully amended, instead of processing all selected Casebooks. VDC-24118*
Casebook Versioning Users can't run a Retrospective Amendment to amend a Casebook to the same version to, for example, upgrade Items that were previously frozen. VDC-24999*
Casebook Versioning For Retrospective and Prospective Amendment jobs, the Job Info tooltip does not sort the amended Casebooks. VDC-25162*
Casebook Versioning After a Prospective Amendment, the casebook schedule may not display Events in the schedule order. VDC-25447*
Coder When a user clicks into a Code Request row in the Code Request Listing table, sometimes the next row below is selected. VDC-21515*
Coder The default display for the Code Request Lising table is currently List Mode, but it should be Grouped Mode. VDC-22117*
Coder When the delete note dialog is displayed, the corresponding note should be outlined. VDC-23571*
Coder When a user clicks into the Search Verbatims field, the field should be outlined in blue. VDC-23579*
Coder The Code Request Liting table and Code Request Properties panel do not display Code Request in the proper code scheme. VDC-25382*
Coder Tools When a user is in a Stop List and then clicks the Add verbatim button without entering text, the message "NullPointerException" is displayed. VDC-25251*
Data Entry After freezing and unfreezing an Item, users can't edit that Item until they refresh their browser. VDC-21628*
Data Entry Vault does not set Planned Event Dates correctly when a Events do not have an Offset Event selected. VDC-21909*
Data Entry When a user marks a Form as Intentionally Left Blank, Vault does not clear the value for any derived Items. VDC-21975*
Data Entry In some cases, users can't open the event-level Actions menu when a Study is locked. VDC-22070*
Data Entry When a Form or Event is edited and submitted, the status for the Event or Form is changed to Submitted, but the casebook status remains In Progress. VDC-22313*
Data Entry When there are repeating Form sequences on multiple casebook versions in a Casebook, users can't use the Previous and Next buttons in the form carousel to switch Form sequences. VDC-22963*
Data Entry Users receive a server error when setting a Form containing a Status-type Item, within an Enrolled-type Event, to Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-23890*
Data Entry Vault does not display the Save button in the New Event Group dialog as disabled when the button is disabled. VDC-25205*
Data Entry When a user selects multiple Scheduled Events and Log Forms when casebook is in sign mode, multiple signature objects are created for each event or log form. Only one Sign object should be created. VDC-25438*
Data Entry In some cases, when an Event is marked as Did not Occur and signed, and then reset, the system does not clear the signature and event date. VDC-25483*
Data Review The View as Site dialog does not display the Rule info icon on system-generated queries. VDC-21371*
Data Review Users receive a server error when attempting to unfreeze a Form with the Event-level unfreeze action. VDC-21594*
Data Review The job log for "SDV Re-assignment" does not list EDC Item records. VDC-22179*
Data Review Vault hangs when a Data Manager user clicks the Form-level SDV icon. VDC-22197*
Data Review Vault displays Item Group headers in the Review tab when the Header Visible property is not selected for that Item Group. VDC-22211*
Data Review The Review tab caches repeating Form data, and so users may not see very recent changes to repeating Forms from data entry users. VDC-23574*
Data Review When the Item Task Filter filters out all Items, Vault displays "No data found" instead of the appropriate message. VDC-23808*
Data Review When using the Review tab in IE11™ or Microsoft Edge™, users can't dismiss the subject info callout when switching subjects. VDC-23809*
Data Review After a user clicks to open a Query's Form from Review > Queries, Vault opens the Form to the first query on that Form. VDC-23839*
Data Review Vault may display white space on some Forms, even when the user isn't using filters. VDC-23895*
Data Review In the Review tab, users can't press Enter to save a query. VDC-23942*
Data Review In IE11™ and Chrome™, the Review tab's Content panel does not resize with the browser window. VDC-23962*
Data Review The Event & Form list panel may display incorrect counts for repeating Forms after the repeating Form Definition changes between casebook versions. VDC-24028*
Data Review After an amendment containing changes to a repeating Form definition, Vault displays two repeating Form tables. VDC-24210*
Data Review The Next Task button may not work correctly for repeating Forms with multiple queries. VDC-24302*
Data Review Users with the EDC Lead Data Manager security profile receive a server error when attempting to add a repeating Event Group sequence. With this release, that option no longer displays for EDC Lead Data Manager users. VDC-24766*
Data Review The View as Site dialog displays all content in a single column. VDC-25143*
Data Review In the Review tab, Vault dipsplays "[Closed] null" when a user closes a query with no comment. VDC-25281*
Data Review Vault hangs when a user attempts to close a query with a comment including an emoji. VDC-25285*
Data Review In the Review tab, users can create manual queries with comments exceeding 500 characters. VDC-25342*
Data Review Vault may unset the SDV or DMR status of all Items on a Form if a user marks one Item on a submitted and SDV/DMR complete Form as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-25429*
eSignature In the Apply Electronic Signautre dialog, the Signature Reason may be unexpectedly truncated. VDC-25958
Localization The "Delete {Object}" confirmation dialog does not have a Japanese translation. VDC-25219*
Localization The Event Type picklist does not include a Japanese translation for "EDC". VDC-25230*
Localization Vault does not include translations for the "Welcome to Veeva Vault EDC" email notification. VDC-25214*
PDF Export Casebook-level Detail PDF export fails when the Casebook includes an Item Group with no Items. VDC-21365*
PDF Export Blank PDF exports may not include repeating Item Groups. VDC-23900*
PDF Export Detail PDFs show the Code instead of the Label for Codelist-type Items. VDC-25442*
Reporting Users with the "CDMS Clinical Research Associate" application role do not have access to standard reports and dashboards. VDC-25249*
Search & Filter Vault does not display any indicator that the Schedule Task Filter has filtered out repeating Form sequences. VDC-23902*
Study Administration Vault does not correctly enforce the 1000 user limit during user import. VDC-20779*
Study Administration When a CDMS User Administrator user imports users, the Job Queued dialog includes a link to Job History, which users with this Security Profile and Application Role cannot access. VDC-24831*
Study Administration When adding an existing user to a study, the user search is case-sensitive. VDC-25326*
Study Design Vault may be slow to load the Rule Editor for existing rules. VDC-22213*
Study Design Vault allows users to select duplicate identifiers for Disable-type rule actions. VDC-22625*
Study Design The Rule Editor does not attempt to autocomplete Items after @Form.ItemGroup identifiers. VDC-23472*
Study Design In the Rule Editor, if a user clicks Save and New, and then returns to the same rule, Vault shows duplicate identifiers that are not removable. VDC-23480*
Study Design The Rule Editor displays definitions from multiple casebook versions as autocomplete suggestions. VDC-23633*
Study Design If a Studio user attempts to raise the Length and Precision of a number-type Item that was created in a previous casebook version, Vault does not save the updates. VDC-23656*
Study Design Vault does not display any notification or confirmation when a user deletes a design definition that is in a layout relationship with another, such as an Item used in more than one Item Group. VDC-23662*
Study Design For unit conversions, formulas must include a whitespace character after "$value__v". When a user does not include that whitespace, Vault saves the formula, but treats "$value__v" as an invalid identifier. VDC-24753*
Study Design For Rules with fully-qualified identifiers, Vault displays multiple Form Definition Private Keys in Studio > Rules. VDC-25159*
Study Design Users receive an unexpected "Attempting to update a property panel component with an unrelated payload" validation error when updating an Event Type property. VDC-25221*
Study Design In the Properties panel, Vault displays a "{Field} is required" error after quickly deleting and entering a new, valid value. VDC-25222*
Study Design The Rule Editor does not mark two decimal points (e.g. .4.1) as invalid. VDC-25234*
Study Design In the Rule Editor's Function Selector, users can't press CTRL + Z or CMD + Z to undo their text entry. VDC-25247*
Study Design In some cases, Studio freezes when creating an Event Group after entering study country and site. VDC-25431*
UI & Performance The Rule tooltip icon for answered queries displays on each query comment. VDC-21221*
UI & Performance The Rule tooltip icon on queries sometimes wraps under the query header. VDC-21223*
UI & Performance When a Study is locked, the tooltip indicating that + New Casebook is unavailable continues to display even after a user clicks elsewhere on the page. VDC-21480*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, Vault may briefly display "Freeze" or "Lock" instead of "Unfreeze" and "Unlock" in the More Actions menu, before switching to display the correct action labels. VDC-21533*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, the Event Date More Actions menu may display actions on the same line when the Site is locked. VDC-21555*
UI & Performance When a user scrolls within a form, the signature banner should remain stationary at the top of the form. VDC-21811*
UI & Performance Vault displays the More Actions menu and Edit (pencil) button for dependent, disabled composite Items when those Items are in the same row as the controlling composite Item. VDC-21900*,
UI & Performance A submitted form with an open query should not display an enabled Sign Form button. VDC-22010*
UI & Performance In some circumstances, Vault may be slow to save submitted Forms. VDC-22251*
UI & Performance In certain circumstances, Vault can be slow to autosave controlling Items for dynamic Events. VDC-22401*,
UI & Performance Once a user hovers over the + New button in the repeating Form table, Vault continues to display "Maximum number of form records reached..." even after the user moves their cursor away from the button. VDC-22871*
UI & Performance In the Review tab's View as Site dialog, frozen, composite Items display multiple Frozen status icons. VDC-22971*
UI & Performance In vaults with Role by Study enabled, forms may be slow to load. VDC-22981*
UI & Performance When a study is locked, a callout message should be displayed when user hovers over the Sign button which states that the action cannot be performed. In Chrome, the callout message is not displayed. VDC-23124*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, the PDF Job Started dialog does not have a Close button. VDC-23301*
UI & Performance Vault does not display the Answer Query icon badge correctly on Intentionally Left Blank forms. VDC-23402*
UI & Performance Users receive a server error when attempting to access a Site with no subject Casebooks in the Review tab. VDC-23475*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, Vault does not wrap long Form labels appropriately. VDC-23588*
UI & Performance In Data Entry, CDMS Sub Investigator users should not have the option to Clear Signature for casebooks. VDC-23770*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, there may be minor alignment issues after a user resizes their browser window. VDC-24055*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, long query comments may extend outside of the text field. VDC-24077*
UI & Performance In Vaults where Role by Study is enabled, if a Data Entry user opens an Event-level query from the task bar, Vault does not expand that Event in the casebook schedule. VDC-24342*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, Vault does not display the Frozen status icon when the Casebook is frozen. VDC-24404*
UI & Performance When the Schedule Task Filter filters out all Events and Forms, Vault does displays "No data found" instead of the appropriate message. VDC-24433*
UI & Performance In EDC Tools > Users, the Sites tooltip continues to display even after a user moves their cursor. VDC-24528*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, Intentionally Left Blank reasons are misaligned. VDC-25127*
UI & Performance On smaller screen sizes, the New Column dialog extends outside the viewable area. VDC-25207*
UI & Performance When the Properties panel is in Edit mode, and a user zooms out their browser window, the gray overlay does not cover the window's full height. VDC-25231*
UI & Performance In the Rules editor, users can't use "Open in New Tab" or "Open in New Window" for the Back to Rules link. VDC-25238*
UI & Performance In some cases, Vault doesn't display the query header for closed queries in the Review tab. VDC-25274*
Views & Data Export The CodelistLabels.csv file does not include the Name of the Codelist Definition. VDC-21081*
Views & Data Export The CodelistLabels.csv file does not use the Label value for the end user's selected Language and Locale. VDC-21089*
Views & Data Export In some circumstances, Vault does not export data for derived-type columns using Enhanced Vault Formulas. VDC-23397*
Views & Data Export Vault attempts to import View Sets when importing a Study without Enhanced Vault Formulas enabled into a Study with it enabled. VDC-23664*
Views & Data Export The Definitions_runtime.csv file may not display the correct SAS Type for certain columns. VDC-24373*
Views & Data Export In some cases, Vault may not handle derived columns that concatenate values correctly in Data Export CSVs. VDC-24462*
Views & Data Export In Studies where Enhanced Vault Formulas are enabled, custom View Sets based on Study Data Extracts export CSVs with no data. VDC-24600*
Views & Data Export The Data Export job may fail unexpectedly for SAS exports containing "datetime18" SAS Format columns. VDC-24615*
*Internally found defects filed during the development of Limited Release features.