19R1.3 Data Model Changes

Release Date: June 7, 2019

As part of the 19R1.3 release, we’ve made the following changes to standard configuration in all CDMS vaults:

  • Relabeled the Not Applicable (not_applicable__v) picklist value in the Requirement Mode (requirement_mode__v) picklist as No Review (not_applicable__v) to support the Review Plan Editor feature
  • Added the Delete Casebook (delete_casebook__v) field to the Application Role Function (application_role_function__v) object to support the Delete Subjects feature
  • Added the Deletion (deletion__v) value to the Change Reason Subtype (change_reason_subtype__v) picklist to support the Delete Subjects feature
  • Updated the Casebook Status (casebook_status__v) picklist to fix issues related to caseboook statuses:
    • Removed the Planned (planned__v) value
    • Removed the Submitted (submitted__v) value
    • Added the Completed (completed__v) value

The following changes were made in support of future enhancements:

  • Added the following new objects:
    • Application Role Security Profile Rel (application_role_security_profile_rel__v)
    • Function Object Lifecycle Rel (function_object_lifecycle_rel__v)
    • Function Permission Set Rel (function_permission_set_rel__v)
  • Added the
  • Added the following fields to the Application Role Function (application_role_function__v) object:
    • Data Entry Tab (data_entry_tab__v)
    • Review Tab (review_tab__v)
    • Studio Tab (studio_tab__v)
    • Reports Dashboards Tab (reports_dashboards_tab__v)
    • Coder Tab (coder_tab__v)
    • EDC Tools Tab (edc_tools_tab__v)
    • Coder Tools Tab (coder_tools_tab__v)
  • Added the CDM Key (cdm_key__v) field to the following objects:
    • Medical Coding Item Definition (mc_item_def__v)
    • Medical Coding Item Definition Related Item (mc_item_def_related_item__v)
    • Medical Coding Synonym List (mc_synonym_list__v)
    • Medical Coding Stop List (mc_stop_list__v)
  • Added the Assessments (assessments__v) standard tab
  • Added the Assessment Data Type (assessment_data_type__v) picklist
  • Added the following objects:
    • Choice Definition (choice_def__v)
    • Choice Item Definition (choice_item_def__v)
    • Assessment (assessment__v)
    • Assessment Definition (assessment_def__v)
    • Assessment Question Definition(assessment_question_def__v)
    • Assessment Definition - Application Role(assessment_def_application_role__v)
    • Assessment Def - Question Def(assessment_def_question_def__v)
    • Supplemental Data Object Definition (supplemental_data_object_def__v)