Fixed Issues in 18R2.3

Release Date: September 21, 2018

Release Date: September 27, 2018

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Category Description Issue No.
Coder When user enters a term in the Search field, the exact match should be listed at the top of the search results in the Dictionary subtab, instead of elsewhere in the search results. VDC-15349*
Coder We relabeled the "Autocode" button to "Autoassign" to better represent the button's function. VDC-15352*
Coder The Properties card displayed by default in the Code Request Properties panel. With this fix, the Queries card is now open by default and appears first in the list on the Code Request Properties panel. VDC-15353*
Coder In some circumstances, Vault may generate Synonym List records with duplicate Verbatims. VDC-15577*
Coder When an EDC form is created in Studio with a verbatim item set as a Medical Coding Item Definition and second form is created in Studio containing the same verbatim, without it being set as a Medical Coding Item Definition, the second form automatically generates a coding request when it shouldn't. VDC-16072*
Coder This release includes changes to Coder Tools including: increasing tab height, changing the picklist down arrow, aligning the Save and Edit button text, and reducing tab line width. VDC-16181*
Data Entry Users in Safari® may be unable to complete Forms on which a rule references a checkbox-type Item field. VDC-10277*
Data Entry Vault may show a validation message with 1,500 "#" on Unit-type Items. VDC-11458*
Data Entry When a user has access to more than one study, they are able to view reference Codelist Items from all studies on a single study's Form, instead of only the Codelist Items for that study. VDC-12551*
Data Entry Even when enabled, the "Other (please specify)" option does not display at the Event-level. VDC-12719*
Data Entry After a Casebook is upgraded to a new version, with changes to a repeating Form, Vault may not display data as saved after Form completion until the user navigates away from and back to the repeating Form. VDC-14439*
Data Entry In Studio, when Repeat Maximum entered is over allowed limit, an infinite spinner occurs. VDC-14455*
Data Entry After a Casebook is upgraded to a new version, with changes to a repeating Item Group, Vault may display duplicate repeating Item Group sequences on completed Forms. VDC-14456*
Data Entry Users receive an error when adding an unscheduled Event to a Casebook when that Event Date has an SDV or DMR requirement. VDC-15052*
Data Entry Vault does not add dynamic Forms to an Event with the Planned status. VDC-15265*
Data Entry Users can see the Intentionally Left Blank action on repeating Form Items, but they cannot successfully execute the action. VDC-15326*
Data Entry When Intentionally Left Blank is selected for a form from the form action menu, and the form is submitted, the audit trail for the form shows that it is still in progress. VDC-15668
Data Entry In rare cases, a Time field may display a different time value for a user in separate browser sessions, even though the Time-type Item value is unchanged. VDC-15850
Data Entry When a submitted form is edited and an item is updated to Intentionally Left Blank, a server error is produced. VDC-15891*
Data Entry In some circumstances, users may be unable to open Casebooks with Forms containing queries. VDC-16629
Data Entry For some Items, Vault may allow duplicate relationship records that do not display in Studio, but cause duplicate Items to display in the Casebook Form. VDC-9034*
Data Review When SDV is complete for all Items on a Form, the Form SDV status does not update to Completed and is absent from the Form-level audit trail. VDC-13785
Data Review When a user locks or freezes all Items on a Form, and all those Items are Labels, Vault does not lock or freeze the Form. VDC-15626*
Data Review In the Review tab, the Events listing displays the incorrect icon when there are incomplete SDV or DMR tasks in that Event. VDC-16508*
Data Review If an Admin clicks to opens a Query Binding record from Admin > Business Admin, Vault shows a blank EDC page. VDC-6593*
Localization The New Site and New User dialogs in EDC Tools are not translated. VDC-15121*
PDF Export When a Detail PDF is exported and the Include Queries option is selected, the History/Comments shows null keyword. VDC-10476*
PDF Export With this release, exported PDFs now automatically use only lowercase letters in the file name, as well as removing all special characters except for hyphens and underscores. VDC-15974*
Reporting In a Query Details by Site and Subject report, the queries are not ordered by Status or Date and Time. VDC-11449
Search & Filter Users cannot filter the Site listing page by Principal Investigator. VDC-15089*
Search & Filter Users may receive a server error when filtering by Event Status in the Review tab. VDC-16219*
Study Administration After updating a Casebook to a new version, in which the new version replaces one Form with another, the old Form, even if it contains data, is removed from the Casebook. Users also receive a server error when attempting to access the new Form. VDC-10547*
Study Administration Vault may create new Events in a Casebook unexpectedly after running the Casebook Version Update job. VDC-11225*
Study Administration The Locked icon does not display on a locked Study in the EDC Tools Study listing. VDC-15238*
Study Administration EDC Tools users are unable to add or edit Users's Study access when the Study is locked. VDC-15242*
Study Administration The Connections tab allows filtering on SFTP and FTPS, but those types are unsupported. VDC-15247*
Study Design Users are able to create duplicate layout relationship records from Admin > Business Admin. VDC-10484*
Study Design When a user enters a rule expression, Vault does not validate the expression's syntax until the user leaves the field. VDC-11095*
Study Design Studios users in Firefox ® are not able to save changes to checkbox fields in the Properties panel. VDC-11490*
Study Design Publishing validation does not provide a warning when a review plan is pointing to an orphan object. VDC-11632*
Study Design In some cases, after updating a casebook version and migrating Subject Casebooks to the new version, Forms may not display any of the collected data. VDC-13968*
Study Design When user edits a rule and changes the Action Type, the identifiers are {null/null}. VDC-14705*
Study Design Vault may create unnecessary validation warnings for offset events. VDC-16107*
Study Design In some cases, publishing validation may fail unexpectedly. VDC-16517*
Study Design When a Codelist Definition or Unit Definition does not contain any child definitions, but is referenced in the Casebook Definition, users cannot load any Form Definition containing them in Design view. VDC-9041*
UI & Performance When hyperlinks that produce new modal dialogs in EDC Tools are clicked multiple times, Vault opens the same dialog multiple times, instead of only once. VDC-10682*
UI & Performance The Review for Signature icon may not display correctly in IE11™. VDC-11147*
UI & Performance Vault displays an incorrectly formatted Lock icon on locked repeating Forms. VDC-11495*
UI & Performance The Other (please specify) Change Reason does not display correctly in the Audit Trail. VDC-12557*
UI & Performance Frozen Items on repeating Forms may not display correctly. VDC-12580*
UI & Performance In Studio, when there is no default data configuration, the Default Data dialog does not display the "Select item" placeholder in the drop-down menu. VDC-13171*
UI & Performance In the Default Data dialog, there is no blank row at the bottom of the dialog when no default Item data is configured. VDC-13173*
UI & Performance In larger browser window, the Views Editor appears truncated on the right side. T VDC-14238*
UI & Performance In some cases, non-repeating Item Groups display with the "Click for details" link instead of Item values. VDC-14418*
UI & Performance If a user edits a Form within an unscheduled Event, Vault may display Item Groups twice within the Form. VDC-14466*
UI & Performance The Form History action is incorrectly capitalized (Form history). VDC-14564*
UI & Performance Vault does not display repeating Form sequences from previous versions in the repeating Form table view. VDC-14650*,
UI & Performance When a user schedules an Event selects "Today", the calendar does not close. VDC-14657*
UI & Performance When editing an Event Definition's Properties, the Date selector in the Minimum Date and Maximum Date properties may continue to display even after a user selects a date. VDC-14694*
UI & Performance In Studio's Design view, changes to checkboxes (for example, Repeating, Mandatory, and Dynamic) don't register on the first click. VDC-14795*
UI & Performance With Internet Explorer™, the cursor may switch between a text entry symbol and a loading spinner repeatedly after a user clicks into a text-based property in Studio's Properties panel. VDC-14804*
UI & Performance Users may not be able to navigate to all Forms from the form carousel. VDC-14806*
UI & Performance Common Forms don't use the same labeling methods as non-common Forms. VDC-14831*
UI & Performance Some page elements in the data entry area are misaligned. VDC-14906*
UI & Performance The Property panel's Assigned Code Card is missing the Box Shadow when the Code Request has no assigned code, but it does have it when there is an assigned code. VDC-14963*
UI & Performance The blue border surrounding Checkbox-type Items is misaligned. VDC-15034*
UI & Performance The Event-level Query text field is slightly misaligned. VDC-15048*
UI & Performance Vault may take longer than expected to save a Number-type Item value. VDC-15133*
UI & Performance In the EDC Tools Add User dialog, when Yes is selected for Grant Access to All Sites is selected, access levels are displayed. VDC-15388*
UI & Performance Studio may take longer than expected to save updates in the Properties panel and may open another object definition record's Properties without prompting. VDC-15491
UI & Performance In EDC Tools, there is too much space between the filter label and filter dropdown, for all filters. VDC-15584*
UI & Performance Studio may take longer than expected to save updates in the Properties panel and may open another object definition record's Properties without prompting. VDC-15670
UI & Performance In the Study listings page, the lock icon is to the left of Study name when it should be to the right. VDC-15697*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, the Locked and Frozen banners display side-by-side. VDC-15824*
UI & Performance Dynamic Forms that have not yet been added to a Casebook display in the carousel. VDC-16170*
UI & Performance When viewing a Form as a Site from the Review tab, composite Items may overlap. VDC-16240*
UI & Performance Users may experience slow load times in some areas of the application. VDC-16379*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, the Events listing displays the incorrect icon when there are more than 100 Events in a Casebook. VDC-16650*
UI & Performance Some New {Object} dialogs do not display a Close button in Studio. VDC-6398*
Views & Data Export View export CSVs do not include rows when data is not available for some of the column bindings. VDC-11668*
Views & Data Export The Views Editor does not warn the user when they navigate away from the page without saving. VDC-13068*
Views & Data Export In some cases, users may be unable to open SAS output files. VDC-13576*,
Views & Data Export The SAS Type column setting is not imported when a Studio user imports an ODM XML containing views. VDC-16301*
Views & Data Export The Re-evaluate Targeted DMR Mode job for a study with a large data set fails. VDC-9874*
*Internally found defects filed during the development of Limited Release features.