Fixed Issues in 23R2.4 Release

Release Date: October 13, 2023

This week's release includes fixes for the following issues:

A * next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.

Audit Trails

Issue Description Issue No.
In some cases, the Audit Trail Export by Study job fails inexplicably. VDC-136141

Blank & Detail PDFs

Issue Description Issue No.
Detail PDFs generated with audit trails for large casebooks should skip certain casebooks. VDC-136319

CDB - Checks & Queries

Issue Description Issue No.
CDB may show the origin of EDC queries as CDB. VDC-135470

CDB - Clean Patient Tracker

Issue Description Issue No.
The Clear buttons on filter pills don't show the correct icon. VDC-135392*

CDB - Configuration

Issue Description Issue No.
CDB doesn't clear the Study context when a user navigates to the Configuration page. VDC-133199*


Issue Description Issue No.
When applying the REPLACE function on a field at a view, and giving the field an alias, it isn't possible to apply a new label at the listing level for that field. VDC-131821
A listing may not be sorted as expected and may be missing rows when sorting in a subquery with union distinct. VDC-131965
When the Core Listing configuration sets a time only field as Raw or SDTM, CDB doesn't update the CQL or transform the field. VDC-132672
For lab codelists, the CodeLabel function does not return the lab-related column. VDC-135961

CDB - Dashboards

Issue Description Issue No.
The CDB Review Dashboard shows a colored completion bar when there's a 0 record count. VDC-135678

CDB - Export

Issue Description Issue No.
The Deselect button doesn't show the correct icon. VDC-135660*

CDB - Import

Issue Description Issue No.
If a user imports a third party package, while an EDC package is still in progress, CDB will process the third party package before returning to the in progress EDC package job, instead of reloading it. VDC-127093
The downloaded CSV of the import issue log may contain duplicate warning messages. VDC-131303*
When the data is blinded, CDB may have a blank cell in the error log instead of the appropriate error message for the D-032 error. VDC-134754
CDB doesn't show values for label items with the Help label type. With this release, CDB now imports label-type Items with the Help type (help__v) correctly. VDC-135457
Studies with many completed signatures in EDC may take longer than usual to import. VDC-135514
If another package is imported when the current package is still in the loading stage, the import of the subsequent package may not process . VDC-135826
CDB import may get stuck with the old swap as the active swap. VDC-136840

CDB - Listing Builder

Issue Description Issue No.
CDB doesn't automatically set to the join based on the selected view. VDC-133540*
The Listing Builder doesn't have horizontal scrolling. VDC-134235*
If the Alias field is left blank, CDB now reverts to the default. VDC-134309*
After a user updates to remove the duplicate alias, CDB doesn't clear the error from both fields. VDC-134966*
CDB doesn't check for duplicate aliases until the user navigates away from the field. VDC-134967*
CDB doesn't show form pills when modifying a listing that references multiple forms. VDC-135234*
When modifying a listing, unit properties (UOM, Translated, value) don't display in the Item's properties. VDC-135451*
After a user modifies the listing and saves it, CDB stops displaying the Modify button. VDC-135589*
For cloned and deployed listings, the Listing Builder doesn't show the Modify button. VDC-135627*
CDB doesn't show the Unsaved Changes confirmation dialog when a user leaves the Listing Builder without saving. VDC-135633*
In the Aliases step, the Source Properties shows ".name" and "Group.Name". VDC-135638*
CDB doesn't show an error message when a user has an @ItemGroup.Name inside a Union. VDC-135679*
When creating a View, CDB shows views under Forms in the Items step. VDC-135680*
Filters don't apply correctly on Item properties. VDC-135712*
CDB allows users to apply functions to columns from a view. VDC-135743*
When. resetting the columns, CDB gives the user incorrect suggestions in the column dropdown. VDC-135964*
CDB may not appropriately update the Columns count when a user changes the number of Items. VDC-136061*
The movement of the Union Item updates the sort and filter of other Items in the listing. VDC-136118*
Users receive an error when opening a listing in the Listing Builder that was modified outside of the Listing Builder. VDC-136133*
With this release, CDB disables the ability to add forms after a user adds ten forms. VDC-136345*
When a study has multiple forms with the same name from different sources, the listing builder only displays one in Items section. VDC-136363*
The Preview window now includes a Refresh button. VDC-136378*
CDB doesn't allow users to stack Items from different Forms if those Items have the same Name. VDC-136415*
Multi-sort prevents users from saving listings. VDC-136748


Issue Description Issue No.
Suggestion Source definitions are disabled when there are no associated external suggestion codes. VDC-127398*
Vault encounters errors when grouping Verbatims by capitalization. VDC-135117*

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No.
For some users, autosaving unit Items causes an error in the Save Form Items section of the Data Entry tab. VDC-135350*
In some cases, after a user resets one Event, the majority of the Events are incorrectly flagged for removal. VDC-136732
Users encounter an error message when attempting to edit a form. VDC-136865*
In some cases, submitting a form within an Event Group changes the status of the parent event to "no longer required." VDC-137133*


Issue Description Issue No.
Some users encounter an error when attempting to restore a deleted environment from a file. VDC-134303

Developer Features

Issue Description Issue No.
The Set Event Date API is failing in some cases due to an altered error message. VDC-135452*
Upsert Users returns an unexpected error when entering non-string values to fields. VDC-135825*


Issue Description Issue No.
In some cases, nullified cases are included in a Follow-up Scan, which results in a second nullification message being sent. VDC-133614*

Freezing & Locking

Issue Description Issue No.
Some users can't freeze/unfreeze or lock/unlock forms in certain studies. VDC-136585


Issue Description Issue No.
Users encounter an error message when attempting to refresh training status. VDC-135894*


Issue Description Issue No.
In the Data Entry tab, some users are unable to enter Event Dates in French. VDC-134103*

Review Plan Assignment

Issue Description Issue No.
Users encounter an error message when navigating to the Review Plan Assignment Criteria tab if the Review Plan Assignment contains sites that the user doesn't have access to. VDC-135182

Rule Execution

Issue Description Issue No.
In some cases, queries don't fire as configured by rules. VDC-134643
For some users, derivation rules don't display for previous casebook versions. VDC-135111
Some users encounter a server error when resetting a form. VDC-136086
Some users encounter a rule error when attempting to submit a form in a migrated study. VDC-136434

SDS & Annotated PDFs

Issue Description Issue No.
In some cases, the SDS doesn't reflect changes that have been made to the user's DMR plan. VDC-135997
Annotated CRFs don't display Code values for lab codelists. VDC-137840


Issue Description Issue No.
Users encounter an error message when attempting to SDV or DMR an event with a locked form VDC-136872*
In some cases, when locking an event date in the Review tab, the system adds a DMR option at the event level, when it should not be added. VDC-137254*


Issue Description Issue No.
Some users encounter an error when attempting to import users. VDC-135730

Study Data Extracts

Issue Description Issue No.
The SDE fails when exporting as an SAS if the included site number contains parentheses or a double quotation. VDC-130979*
While running the Form Progress Listing job in the Tools tab, some users are unable to download the job file after deleting study data. VDC-135957*
Datetime items for Labs aren't split into separate columns in the SDE when configured. VDC-136492


Issue Description Issue No.
Not documenting, backend. VDC-135090

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No.
When an event group is copied with rules from one study to another, the copy operation is successful but the protocol deviation is not copied. VDC-130651*
Users can't change an Item Type from "Derived and EDC" to "EDC." VDC-136744

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No.
When clicking the Study breadcrumb on a Casebook page in Review, some users are sent to the Sites tab instead of the Queries tab. VDC-127575