Fixed Issues in 21R3.5 Release

Release Date: March 4, 2022

This week's release includes fixes for the following issues:

A * next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.


Issue Description Issue No.
Pagination doesn't work correctly in the Summary. VDC-88085*
CDMS Assessment Editors/Readers receive an error message when attempting to access an assessment record with form link items. VDC-90596*

Audit Trails

Issue Description Issue No.
The Audit Trail records the action as "Updated" instead of "Created" when a user copies a Form from a Study into a library Collection. VDC-88150*
For additive reviews, the Audit Trail doesn't record User Review Modified By. VDC-90169*

Casebook Versioning

Issue Description Issue No.
Retrospective Amendments shouldn't change translated values. VDC-90760


Issue Description Issue No.
CQL now converts INT and BIGINT to INTEGER. VDC-89238*
CQL may not filter results as expected when the WHERE clause references @Form.SeqNbr or @ItemGroup.SeqNbr. VDC-90300*
CALL Sys_Forms may take a long time to return results. VDC-91189
When the WHERE clause uses the CodedTerm function, CQL may return duplicate records and may not return all possible result rows. VDC-91702*, VDC-91703*, VDC-91704*

CDB - Dashboards

Issue Description Issue No.
The link for Closed Queries now opens the All Closed Queries listing. VDC-85539*

CDB - Deployment

Issue Description Issue No.
CDB updates the Last Modified Date for Review Listings after successful data import. VDC-87613

CDB - Export

Issue Description Issue No.
When a listing has two columns with duplicate names, due to reusing an Item across multiple Item Groups, the SAS export file generated for that listing may be missing rows (due to an attempt to fill the duplicate columns with data from the next row) and the CSV export file may be missing columns. VDC-90365
Users may be unable to generate CSV or SAS exports from raw-type Export Definitions. VDC-91700*
Export packages generated by users without the Restricted Data Access permission display data about restricted Forms in the Sys_Forms listing. VDC-91871*

CDB - Import

Issue Description Issue No.
In Step 3 of the Manifest Builder, the copyright text covers the navigation buttons if the user resizes the browser window. VDC-90120*
Import may fail if a Code Request doesn't have a value for the Dictionary Release field in EDC. VDC-90648
Users may receive a 404 error when attempting to access the Manifest Builder. VDC-90945*
If a user uploads a CSV file, but not a manifest file, then clicks forward into Step 3, the Manifest Builder doesn't display the substeps or file data. VDC-91042*
In the Manifest Builder, users are unable to delete imported files. VDC-91336*
In some circumstances users may be unable to progress from Step 3 to Step 4 in the Manifest Builder. VDC-91363*
In the Manifest Builder, if a user imports the files, CDB doesn't display the uploaded data. VDC-91554*
In the Manifest Builder Step 3.1, users may be unable to interact with the Form Sequence field with the window maximized. VDC-91715*
Selecting No for Unique Identifiers doesn't clear out selections. VDC-91945*

CDB - Listings

Issue Description Issue No.
Users can't clear filters with the Is Null or Is Not Null operators in the Public Listings and Review Listings pages. VDC-87530*
The Delete action is disabled for private and public listings. VDC-91053*
Certain listings may return duplicate rows. VDC-91541*


Issue Description Issue No.
Users are able to change the status of Coding Requests from Admin > Business Admin when the approval workflow is enabled. VDC-65303*
The Unique Terms Report may not have the correct format or labels for Studies and Dictionaries. VDC-90354*
When a user doesn't select any Columns to Search and attempts to search the Dictionary, Vault shows the appropriate error, but the page hangs once the dialog is closed. VDC-90642*
When a user clicks the Form Properties icon on a Code Request, Vault doesn't display the form's properties. VDC-90656*
Not all ConMed records that are entered are available to code. VDC-90715

Coding Configuration

Issue Description Issue No.
Users may receive a server error when attempting to upversion a Form from Coder Tools > Upversioning. VDC-90646*
Vault doesn't disable editing of the Status column when the Do Not Autocode List is in use. VDC-90711*

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No.
The Marked for Removal icon isn't aligned correctly in the Casebook Schedule. VDC-53669*
The Form Link Actions menu is partially hidden under the next column. VDC-74556*
Users may receive a server error when resetting an Event. VDC-85211*
The Action menu for a repeating form has no available actions. VDC-87113*
Form Override Labels don't override labels on Item Links. VDC-90039*
Vault doesn't allow users to submit a form after switching to form link view after an item autosaves. VDC-91482


Issue Description Issue No.
Deployment fails when deploying user roles. VDC-90006
Deployment fails when deploying the analyte library. VDC-90671
If the development environment contains a deleted coding configuration, deployment to a UAT environment with Code Requests for that Form fails. VDC-90984*

Developer Features

Issue Description Issue No.
The Create Users API (v22.1) returns a "No permission for this action" error when the user doesn't have access to all Studies in the vault. VDC-88436*
For Create Users, versions v21.2 and earlier, Vault doesn't return an appropriate error message when the request uses PUT instead of POST. VDC-88461*
The Set Form Data API doesn't return the correct error message when the Form can't be found. VDC-89293*
The Retrieve Users API (v22.1) returns blank for lms_training_status instead of "trained__v". VDC-90005*


Issue Description Issue No.
Users are shown an error message that points to an inactive user when attempting to set up a new Learning System. VDC-90571
Users are shown an error message when adding a new Learning System for a new study deployment in EDC Tools. VDC-91040


Issue Description Issue No.
Form labels don't show up in the resulting file of a Data and Definition Export job. VDC-86636*
The Delete Study Data job fails if any Casebooks contain Item to Form links. VDC-89726*
Scheduled Study Listings jobs become stuck with a "Running" status after a country or site is deleted. VDC-90597*


Issue Description Issue No.
In the Edit Unit dialog, the read only Description field doesn't show the full text in a tooltip. VDC-84408*
Users are shown an error message when using the same name for the Lab Unit Name and Lab Unit Label. VDC-89328
If a user cancels while editing a Lab Location or Normal Range, Vault shows their changed values until the user refreshes the page. VDC-90535*
Lab forms show labels instead of names in column headers. VDC-90638*

Library Collections

Issue Description Issue No.
The Library Report doesn't show the Changed in Version for a Unit Definition where a new Unit Item Definition was added. VDC-86635*
Vault doesn't show the appropriate error if a user attempts to save a Classification Value with a duplicate Name. VDC-88139*
Users aren't able to filter by Classification when copying Forms from a remote vault. VDC-88993*
Vault doesn't hide the Bulk Change button when the Collection doesn't have any enabled Classification Types. VDC-89714*


Issue Description Issue No.
Colons show up twice in Spanish-language assessment PDFs. VDC-49018*

Protocol Deviations

Issue Description Issue No.
The Create Protocol Deviation dialog doesn't display the appropriate error message when the Study is locked. VDC-65746*

Publishing Validation

Issue Description Issue No.
Some users experience validation errors due to rules that aren't supported. VDC-90452

Review Plan Assignment

Issue Description Issue No.
Users may be unable to open the Manual Assignment page for a Site. VDC-90918*

Role & User Management

Issue Description Issue No.
If a user selects the Edit Form Linking permission, Vault doesn't automatically select the dependent View Form Linking permission. VDC-90098*
Users may be unable to save user-defined Permission Sets from System Tools when the Vault contains tabs with duplicate Names. VDC-90692*
In some cases, custom roles have more field permissions than the roles they were migrated from. VDC-91508

Rule Editor

Issue Description Issue No.
When a user clicks Learn more in the tooltips for Rule Execution and Dynamic Action Scope, they are unable to close the tooltip if they have entered data in the Rule Editor. As part of the fix for this issue, Learn More links now open in a new tab. VDC-84251*
Users may be unable to save a Create Protocol Deviation rule after switching from Link to Subject to Link to Event, or vice versa. VDC-89894*
Vault still requires the selection of a Form when the rule expression contains a fully-qualified Form identifier. VDC-89944*
Vault still requires the selection of a Form when the rule action isn't associated with a Form. VDC-89945*, VDC-89947*
Some Protocol Deviation rules regarding Lab forms that are ILB don't execute properly if the rule syntax doesn't reference the ILB value of a specific item within a Lab form. VDC-90344*
Vault doesn't enable the Dynamic Action Scope field when a user selects Event Group Creation for Evaluate Rule When. VDC-90561*

Rule Execution

Issue Description Issue No.
The IsAnyBlank() function doesn't handle empty arrays correctly. When there are no instances of the repeating identifier, it returns false instead of true. VDC-87221
Some rules produce duplicate lines for the same result in the resulting file. VDC-89494
A Protocol Deviation with a reference to a recently deleted form can be created if a Protocol Deviation rule executes during an event reset. VDC-90384
Some rules that use aggregate identifiers don't execute properly. VDC-91606

Safety Link

Issue Description Issue No.
With this release, we added the G.k.9.i.3.2b element to the Treatment Form mapping section, and updated the data types for G.k.6b, G.k.4.r.9.2a, G.k.4.r.9.2b, G.k.4.r.10.2a, and G.k.4.r.10.2b. VDC-84800*
If an Item Name is long enough, the E2B ID of adjacent rows may be pushed outside the viewable area. VDC-84803*
Users are unable to open the Translate Values to E2B XML dialog by clicking the menu button. VDC-86637*
Vault doesn't display the correct values in the Mapped Items column until it's finished saving. VDC-87950*
Resubmitting a linked Concomitant Medication form without data changes schedules a follow-up. VDC-89825*
G.k.10.r should not be included in the XML when it isn't mapped or has no value. VDC-89939
Vault doesn't truncate long values in the Translate Values for E2B XML dialog. VDC-90243*
Vault references all versions instead of the latest version when fetching G.k.1 row values for linked forms. VDC-90270*
In some cases, Seriousness Criteria isn't included in the generated XML file in Safety Link. VDC-90819
Vault doesn't store a value for the Sex item if it's a derived item and its value is set after a demographics form is submitted. VDC-90983

SDS & Annotated PDFs

Issue Description Issue No.
The SDS and Annotated PDF may not display the correct Sequence for display items. VDC-90167*


Issue Description Issue No.
SDV and DMR buttons aren't disabled when the Study has no Review Plans. VDC-71964*
Hovering over the Additive Review toggle doesn't show the Change Reason. VDC-88666*
In the Review tab, some events are marked as fully SDV'd even though the form is not fully SDV'd. VDC-89227

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No.
Users may receive a server error when attempting to test a new FTP connection. VDC-84396*
Vault doesn't allow the user to save if they enter a value other than "vaultloader" for Destination Directory in the Add FTP dialog. VDC-84399*
In the Add FTP dialog, the FTP Type field is required but isn't highlighted in yellow. VDC-84401*

Study Data Extracts

Issue Description Issue No.
The SDE job fails due to an SAS translation error. VDC-88575*
Users can't schedule SDE jobs that have previously failed. VDC-90118*
The External ID doesn't display as column headers when the "Use Item External ID" option is selected. VDC-90144*
The dataset selector headers in the New Job dialog should match the "Data to Export" labels. VDC-90230*
Scheduled SDE jobs with Clinical Datasets and Custom Objects selected fail when there have been changes to Forms or Custom Objects. VDC-90242*

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No.
When a user copies an Event Group, Vault also copies associated Create Protocol Deviation rules. VDC-84529*
Vault doesn't copy the Open Query property value when copying an Event Group. VDC-86333*
Vault doesn't copy the Copy Indication From Link property value when copying a Form. VDC-87646*
If a user attempts to create a new Study, receives a validation error, resolves the error, then attempts to create the Study again, they receive an error. VDC-89209*
The Item Type is editable in the Properties panel for Form Link Items. VDC-89255*
When creating a new Item to Form Link, the Linked Form drop-down shows Forms that aren't part of the study design. VDC-89269*
When copying from another Study, and not Collection, Vault doesn't disable the Filter by Classification option. VDC-89334*
Users may receive a server error when attempting to add an Item Link item to a Form copied with an Event Group. VDC-89813*
Users are unable to close the error dialog when attempting to create an Item Form Link when the linked Form has a label-type Item as the first Item on the Form. VDC-89957*
If a user attempts to create a duplicate Unit Item Definition, Vault doesn't display the appropriate error. VDC-90302*
If a user selects more than 25 Analytes when creating a Lab Panel, then deselects Analytes to get under the 25 Analyte limit, Vault doesn't allow the user to save. VDC-90569*
Users receive a server error when attempting to add an Item Link to a Form. VDC-90744*

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No.
The label item for analytes doesn't display in the Review tab. VDC-67640*
The status icon of linked forms that are marked for removal doesn't display correctly in the Link Forms grid in Data Entry. VDC-70918*, VDC-70917*
In Data Entry, disabled actions in the form-level Actions menu may not display as disabled. VDC-87227*
If a user navigates away from a Classification Type page using the breadcrumb menu with unsaved changes, Vault doesn't show the Unsaved Changes dialog at the correct time. VDC-88138*
The Deployment History page doesn't display a horizontal scrollbar. VDC-88664*
The Schedule Editor may not display the Actions menu correctly for an Event Group when the Study contains a large number of Event Groups. VDC-88849*
When in Additive Review mode, Vault doesn't show the appropriate tooltip over the disabled Quickview toggles. VDC-89696*
Users receive an empty ZIP file when downloading a site closeout PDF. VDC-89707
The reorder buttons in the SDE job dialog don't appear where they should in certain browsers. VDC-89710*
Vault doesn't make expected updates to the page display after a Link Item is autosaved until a user refreshes the page. VDC-89750*
Selected system datasets or clinical datasets don't save when clicking on the other dataset tab in the SDE job dialog. VDC-89883*
In Studio, when an Item Link item is created that points to a form with a first and second item, it doesn't continue to look for subsequent items. VDC-89961*
The Item Form Link selection dialog should use non-override labels. VDC-90363*
If a user searches for a Rule, Vault changes the count for User Defined Rules in the Navigation panel. VDC-90759*
Users can't save due to an error message when working on repeating forms in form link view. VDC-90824*
In Coder, hovering over truncated text in the Properties card doesn't display the full text. VDC-91176*

Vault Configuration

Issue Description Issue No.
The Vault Configuration Report notification email doesn't use the correct subject line. VDC-89061*