Fixed Issues in 19R3.5 Release

Release Date: March 13, 2020

This week's release includes fixes for the following issues:

A * next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.


Issue Description Issue No.
Using filters on the Assessments page does not prompt the filter dialog box to appear. VDC-39703*

Audit Trail

Issue Description Issue No.
When a user runs the Audit Trail Export job after deleting a subject which contained a signed Event Date and Form, the Signature Meaning entry for the Form does not display the "Legal Reason" text. VDC-40839*

Automated Deployments

Issue Description Issue No.
In automated deployment Studies, Vault may not send users an email notification after they're added to the Study. VDC-38312*
When upgrading a study from manual deployments to automatic deployments, Vault does not delete inactive users. VDC-42170
After a successful deployment from UAT to production, Vault increments the Build Number on the development environment. VDC-42173*
The "After Deploy" job (part of the deployment process) fails for all Studies. VDC-42237*
In certain circumstances, Vault doesn't display Studies in EDC Tools to users whose access to study environments has recently changed. VDC-42659
When a Study has multiple study environments in one vault, Data Export job outputs may include duplicate rows, showing data from multiple environments. VDC-42834
Review Plan Items cannot be updated to Required if the previous version of the Review Plan had an Item configured as No Review. VDC-43458


Issue Description Issue No.
If a user changes a Coding Request selection while a query is being posted, the new Coding Request selection will display the query. Attempting to post another query results in a blank page. VDC-38423*
Executing Async Autocoding & Suggestions on large amounts of Coding Requests takes longer than it should. VDC-41371*
Vault doesn't calculate the Query Status Age correctly. VDC-41426

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No.
Creating an unscheduled event and adding a date results in the event_v.event_date_modified_date_v field displaying as null. VDC-40152*
In version 2 of the Data Entry UI, Vault does not warn the user of unsaved changes if the user navigates away from Signature Mode without saving. VDC-40898*
Any study that uses Date Fields as Text shows an error as its Date value. VDC-41366
Opening a Form with a repeating Item Group and leaving the Form without editing results in Vault removing the item group and creating a new one. VDC-41565*
In studies using version 2 of the data entry UI, users can't enter an Event Date on an Event marked as Did Not Occur. VDC-41894*
In vaults where Role by Study is not enabled, data entry users are unable to view Item Groups and Items on Forms added by Add Event and Add Form rules. VDC-41975*
Users may receive a server error when resetting an Event, if that Event contains a controlling Item for an Add Schedule rule. VDC-42456

Developer Features

Issue Description Issue No.
When a study fails to upgrade from the manual deployment model to the automatic deployment model, it is incorrectly marked as "deleted" and causes the User Creation API to fail once the study successfully upgrades. Vault should only query for non-deleted studies when creating users. VDC-42806*


Issue Description Issue No.
Vault doesn't disable the Clear Event Signature action when a Study is locked. Users can initiate this action, but they receive a server error. Vault doesn't clear signatures in locked Studies. VDC-42164*

Freezing & Locking

Issue Description Issue No.
Data managers may receive errors when attempting to unlock Forms that were locked before the 19R3.0 release (December 2019). VDC-41484
Users with the CDMS Lead Data Manager role may be unable to freeze or lock newly added dynamic Forms. VDC-41740*
Users may receive a server error when attempting to freeze or lock an Event containing newly added dynamic Form. VDC-41742*
After a user initiates the Freeze All Forms or Lock All Forms actions at the event level, Vault doesn't show the status icons in the Event & Form List panel. VDC-42124*


Issue Description Issue No.
Scheduled jobs fail due to a server error. VDC-40200*
In EDC Tools > Study > Sites, users are able to select locked study sites for SDV reassignment jobs. VDC-40239*
The Delete Study Data job should be wrapped in a casebook-level pessimistic lock to prevent the data from being affected during deletion. VDC-41570
The Delete Study Data job should not delete all job data for the selected study. VDC-41571
For Retrospective Amendment jobs, the log in Admin > Operations > Job Status uses the job name "EDC Casebook Promotion/Migration". VDC-41803*
Running the Query Rules job in Preview Mode results in duplicate queries. VDC-41815

PDF Export

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault includes five instances of repeating Forms and Item Groups in annotated PDFs, resulting in overly long PDFs with blank pages. VDC-41661

Publishing Validation

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault doesn't include errors and warnings for copied, invalid rules in the publishing validation output log. VDC-42032*


Issue Description Issue No.
Resetting an event after firing a query results in the query not displaying on the log form. VDC-38627
In studies using version 2 of the data entry UI, Vault records "undefined" for the query close message if a user closes a query without a comment. VDC-41718*


Issue Description Issue No.
Changing the function filter to "All Functions" in the rule editor when a function is selected results in Vault not displaying the function's details. VDC-34612*
Vault doesn't allow Studio users to save blank Rules. VDC-38056*
When a Set Subject Status rule expression is invalid, Vault doesn't clear the error even after the user updates the expression. VDC-40453*
In the Rule Editor, clicking on the "Show Selected" checkbox does not display all of the selected rules. VDC-40501*
When the user attempts to copy a study and select multiple rules in the Rule Editor, the "Copy Dialog" grid displays a "No data found" message. VDC-40502*
Copying an existing "Copy from Study" rule that was copied with an invalid broken indicator results in the indicator being removed in the second copy. VDC-40616*
Double-clicking on an item search result tooltip in Studio inserts the item content into the expression editor. VDC-41115*
Users are unable to enter more than 255 characters for a rule's description in Studio > Rules. VDC-41334*
When using Rules to compare Event Dates from Event Groups with shared Event and Form Definitions, Vault may not be able resolve the Event Date identifiers. This results in an error and prevents Vault from creating a system query on the Event Date. VDC-42043
Vault doesn't mark all invalid, copied rules as invalid. VDC-42098*

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No.
Lead data managers were unable to assign an Active Version during Site creation. With this release, they can choose an Active Version while creating a new Site in EDC Tools. VDC-42733*

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault allows an admin to save changes to the Study Configuration record when the Rules Version field is blank. VDC-41794*

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No.
In Studio, Vault doesn't show the Unsaved Changes warning when a user navigates away from the Properties panel. VDC-38123*
In EDC Tools, remote vaults are unable to be selected when creating an environment under certain circumstances. VDC-38590*
Data Managers receive a server error when attempting to freeze a subject in the Review tab. VDC-40142*
Users are incorrectly directed to the record detailed page when selecting a form in the Business Admin tab.* VDC-40148*
Submitting or changing the state of a form in the Data Entry tab does not update form icons in the schedule tree. VDC-40209*
When Vault is loading a record table in Studio, rows of text may temporarily overlap until the page is fully loaded. VDC-40337*
If a user attempts to delete a subject in version 2 of the Data Entry UI, Vault does not display the "Delete Subject" dialog. VDC-40389*
Clicking "Get Enrollment" in EDC Tools > Study Instance > Learning Systems results in a blank page. VDC-40615*
When a Date Range validation dialog is triggered in an Event that is configured with a Day Range, Vault displays multiple dialogs of the same error. VDC-40739*
In version 2 of the Data Entry UI, the orange line extending above the Schedule and Form header is misaligned. VDC-40966*
Deleting a signed Event using a retrospective amendment results in an incorrect audit description in the Audit Trail Export CSV file. VDC-40999*
In Studio > Rules, selecting multiple email group names in the Send Email rule action results in a recipient box that overlaps the "Subject" and "message" fields and does not allow the user to scroll down. VDC-41020*
In version 2 of the Data Entry UI, Vault does not display a checkbox in place of the form status icon for signable forms. VDC-41128*
Users are unable to adjust the divider between the Schedule panel and Common Forms panel in version 2 of Data Entry UI on certain browsers. VDC-41192*
When a user restores a DEV instance from UAT in EDC Tools, the item groups in the QA Testing Form appear empty in Studio.* VDC-41214*
When attempting to view a form with with a two column layout as View As Site, Items display the items header and value club in the same field. VDC-41242*
In the Review tab, locking or freezing a Casebook results in a server error. VDC-41362*
In Studio, studies with four composite items and an indent level of "3" cannot fit all four items within the Item Group. VDC-41435*
In version 2 of the Data Entry UI, Vault does not remove the query badge from an Event after the query has been closed. VDC-41526*
In version 2 of the Data Entry UI, the Form Signature banner in the form panel does not update after the form has been signed or the signature has been cleared. VDC-41554*
In version 2 of the Data Entry UI, Composite Item text wraps around and overlaps text boxes. VDC-41573*
Forms with items that are set to a two column layout in Studio are missing the second column. VDC-41576*
In studies using version 2 of the data entry UI, users receive a server error when attempting to reset an Event when a Form in the Event is open in the Form panel. VDC-41714*
In studies using version 2 of the data entry UI, after a user clicks either the Next or Previous buttons in a repeating form, Vault duplicates the form's header. VDC-41722*
The View as Site dialog doesn't have a visual divide between Items in a two-column layout (composite Items). VDC-41739*
The View as Site dialog doesn't use banded rows for Items. VDC-41743*
Vault doesn't display pagination controls on repeating Forms newly added by an Add Event or Add Form rule. VDC-41817*
In the Copy From Study dialog, Show Selected doesn't display all selected Rules. VDC-41886*
In Studio, Vault doesn't update the object record count in the Navigation panel after record creation until a user refreshes the page. VDC-42069*
If a user navigates to a Form via the breadcrumb menu, and that Form was previously unopened and added by an Add Event or Add Form rule, Vault may not display any Items on the Form. VDC-42304*
Vault is slow to load forms with many read-only, codelist-type Items. VDC-42312
Vault may be slow to load Casebooks with a larger number of Items. VDC-42351*
In the Copy From Study dialog, Show Selected doesn't display all selected Events. VDC-42755*
In the Copy From Study dialog, Show Selected doesn't display all selected Event Groups. VDC-42756*
In Internet Explorerâ„¢, for certain Forms, values for composite, codelist-type Items aren't visible in View mode. VDC-43346