18R3.4 Data Model Changes

Release Date: February 15, 2019

As part of the 18R3.4 release, we’ve made the following changes to standard configuration in all CDMS vaults:

  • Relabeled the Casebooks tab as the Data Entry tab
  • Added new reports to support the Persona-based Dashboards feature
  • Added the Hidden (hidden__v) field to the Unit Item Definition (unit_item_def__v) and Codelist Item Definition (codelist_item_def__v) objects to support the Hide Codelist and Unit Items feature
  • The following changes in support of the Coding Query & Notes Enhancements feature:
    • Updated the picklist values of the Query to Site (query_to_site__v) picklist. The available values are now:
      • Query to Site (query_to_site__v)
      • Site Responded to Query (site_responded_to_query__v)
      • Re-Queried Site (requery__v)
      • Closed Query (closed__v)
    • Added the Medical Coding Note Status (mc_note_status__v) picklist and the Note Status (note_status__v) field to the Medical Coding Request Note (mc_request_note__v) object
  • The following changes in support of the Grouped Code Requests feature:
    • Added the Code Request Group (mc_grouped_request__v) object
    • Added the Grouping Property (grouping_property__v) and Autocoding Property (autocoding_property__v) fields to the Medical Coding Item Definition Related Item (mc_item_def_related_item__v) object
  • Added the Includes ATCs (includes_atcs__v) field to the Medical Coding Synonym List (mc_synonym_list__v) object in support of the Code with ATCs (WHODrug) feature
  • Relabeled the OID (oid__v) field on all objects to External ID (oid__v)
  • Relabeled the Add Schedule (add_schedule__v) rule action as Add Event Group (add_event_group__v) and the Skip Item (skip_item__v) rule action as Disable (disable__v) in support of the Text-Based Rule Editor feature.