Fixed Issues in 19R2.3 Release

Release Date: October 11, 2019

This week's release includes fixes for the following issues:

A * next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.

Audit Trail

Issue Description Issue No.
If a user resets a Form containing a repeating Item Group with default data, the audit trail does not show the appropriate Event Description for the Item Group being reset. VDC-32495*
In certain circumstances, the Audit Trail Export job may fail. VDC-32856
The audit trail does not show queries on dynamic Event Dates or Items that are removed after resetting the Event containing the dynamic's controlling Item. VDC-32949*
The Audit Trail Export job may fail when there are deleted queries, such as those deleted while resetting an Event. VDC-33008

Casebook Versioning

Issue Description Issue No.
After a user clicks New Retrospective Amendment, Vault opens a blank page. VDC-31774*
Vault does not display the appropriate error message if a user leaves the Active Version field blank in the Set Active Version dialog. VDC-31918*
Retrospective amendments fail when the new casebook version increases the Repeat Maximum and adds new label rows for a repeating Event Group. VDC-32156*
During a retrospective amendment, Vault attempts to update related records to those removed during the amendment (such as layout relationship records for a removed Form). This can cause unexpected errors when there is submitted data related to those records. VDC-32323*
After a retrospective amendment updates the Label of a Codelist Item used to default Item Groups, Vault displays a Change Indicator with "null by null" and shows audit trail entries for the change on Items that do not have the updated Codelist Item selected. VDC-32392*
If a User cancels while creating a new retrospective or prospective amendment, Vault will redirect back to the New Amendment page instead of the Subject Listing page. VDC-32975*
If an amendment adds a new Item Group to a Form, previously completed Forms remain in their Completed state. With this release, those Forms return to In Progress, and users must select a Reason for Change when entering data in the new Item Group. VDC-33924


Issue Description Issue No.
The Coding panel does not display any values in the Preferred Code column for the WHODrug B3 dictionary. VDC-30799*
Vault may not open the Code Request listing page after a user single-clicks a Form. VDC-31320*
If a user changes the Dictionary Release for a coding Form in Studio, Vault doesn't save their change. VDC-32406*
In the Coder tab, the Query panel fails to load when verbatim is selected. VDC-32937*
In the Coder tab, Grouped Mode shows all properties in the Properties panel instead of a limited number of properties. VDC-32941*
In the Properties card, the Request Age value does not match the correct value in the Age column on the Code Request table. VDC-34700

Coder Tools

Issue Description Issue No.
The Synonym List Details page displays the Name of the dictionary. With this release, it displays the Display Name. VDC-30788*
In the EDC Tools tab, study site number does not open when selected. VDC-31424*
When a user selects the Import action for Synonym Lists or Do Not Autocode Lists (formerly known as Stop Lists), Vault does not open the Import page. VDC-31799*
When a user selects the Upversion action on a Synonym List, Vault does not open the Upversion dialog. VDC-31813*
Users may receive a server error when attempting to create a new Synonym List. VDC-32159*
Users are unable to select a Dictionary when creating a new Synonym List. VDC-32506*

Compare Versions

Issue Description Issue No.
In the EDC Tools > Casebook Versions tab, the Compare Versions button is missing its label. VDC-32836*

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No.
The Closed Query icon does not display on Items with closed queries in repeating Item Groups using tabular view. VDC-28250*
The Screen Failure % in the Study listing page does not round correctly. VDC-28786*
After a Disable rule disables an Item, the Reason for Change drop-down remains enabled. VDC-29743*
In certain cases, a dynamic, Codelist-type Item with radio buttons may display as disabled, even though it is enabled and users can edit it. VDC-32173*
Users with the "EDC CRC" security profile receive a "Cannot update field [rev_sign__v]" error when attempting to reset an Event. VDC-32242*


Issue Description Issue No.
Vault displays a disabled Clear Event Signature action on newly added, unsigned Events. VDC-31951*
Users can't log in if they have a whitespace character in the User Name field. With this release, Vault removes whitespace characters from the User Name. VDC-33874


Issue Description Issue No.
The CSV output for the Audit Trail Export job does not include the deletion of Event Groups that were deleted as part of Subject deletion. VDC-31129*
With this release, the Dictionary Release field now displays the dictionary's Display Name for Code Request Extract jobs. VDC-32041*
Newly added Jobs do not display in Job History until the user refreshes the page. VDC-32131*
The Autocoding and Suggestions job fails when a Start Date item is blank. VDC-33059*

Publishing Validation

Issue Description Issue No.
With this release, we changed the WEW-004 (Offset Event Not Available) validation warning from a warning into an error. VDC-33447


Issue Description Issue No.
A user is able to edit an Item when they have an unsaved comment on a Query for that Item. VDC-27410*
In rare cases, the Query Rules job fails unexpectedly. VDC-32599*
When a User replies to a system-generated query before Vault finishes saving their data change, it is marked as "closed" instead of "answered." VDC-34839*

Review Plans

Issue Description Issue No.
When used with Internet Explorerâ„¢, Vault is slow to display the value a user types for a new review plan's Name. VDC-32195*

Role Management

Issue Description Issue No.
If there are no custom Study Roles, the Custom and Standard headers are misaligned in Tools > Role Management. VDC-32135*
In the Users dialog for a Study Role, users can't sort the list by Study. VDC-32157*
In the Users dialog for a Study Role, Vault only allows the user to enter one character in the search box. VDC-32158*
In the Tools > Role Management tab, columns to the right are hidden if the window requires a horizontal scroll. VDC-32217*
Vault does not display the correct error message if a user attempts to create a custom Study Role with a Name containing non-alphanumeric characters. VDC-33187*


Issue Description Issue No.
Vault does not save the change correctly after a user removes their Form selection from a Rule. VDC-31308*
If a user saves a Rule as a copy, and then changes the Action, the Save button remains disabled. VDC-31787*
Users can't save after creating a rule in a repeating Event Group. VDC-33442*
Vault does not process Disable rules correctly for DateTime items that allow unknown times. VDC-33625


Issue Description Issue No.
In the Review tab, SDV/DMR buttons are open for review for Events with a Planned status. VDC-33103*
In certain circumstances, users may be unable to perform SDV on Event Dates from the Review tab. VDC-33448*

Search & Filter

Issue Description Issue No.
If a user has access to multiple, searchable tabs within Vault, the user is unable to search for Subjects, as Vault only attempts the search within Reports. VDC-31798*

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No.
In the EDC Tools > Users tab in vaults where Role by Study is not enabled, the Study Role pick list is visible to Users. VDC-32127*, VDC-32124
Users receive a server error when opening EDC Tools > Sites. VDC-32234*
If a study's Study Configuration record does not have either Yes or No selected in the Review Plan Overrides field, users may receive a server error when attempting to access EDC Tools. VDC-33872*
In certain circumstances, the Delete Study Data job may fail unexpectedly. VDC-34606

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault displays the user's current Study as an option in the Copy from Study dialog. VDC-31788*
The Dictionary Release dropdown may not be visible in the Coding Configuration property dialog. VDC-32007*
In certain cases, the SDS generation job may fail in the Studio tab. VDC-32160*
With this release, we added several new values to the Standard Date Format picklist in Studio > Settings (dd-MMM-yyyy, yyyy-MM-dd, dd/MMM/yyyy, MMMddyyyy, MMddyyyy, ddMMMyyyy, ddMMyyyy, yyyyMMdd, and yyyyMMdd). VDC-33157
The Study Design Specification does not include the Repeat Maximum for unscheduled, repeating Event Groups. VDC-33479

Study Import & Export

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault does not import the identifiers for rules correctly when a rule contains five identifiers and the Names of the Event Group and the Event are identical. VDC-32106*
Import into an existing Study may fail unexpectedly when the imported design includes changes to Codelists used in Default Data configuration and the Repeat Maximum for Item Groups. VDC-32302

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No.
In certain circumstances, Vault does not scroll to the correct Form in the Content panel after a user clicks that Form in the Event & Form panel. VDC-29512*
Users can't use View as Site for Forms containing a tabular view repeating Item Group. VDC-31543*
In Studio's Components panel, if an Event Group has a long Name, the Name overlaps with the Event Group icon. VDC-31713*
If a user is in the Coder tab and attempts to navigate to any tab under Tools, those tabs may not be clickable. VDC-31897*
In certain cases, the Next Task buttons for Open/Answered Queries and incomplete SDV/DMR may not be visible to the User. VDC-32058*
In the Review tab, the Next Task button is not visible to the User. VDC-32205*
New record dialogs in Studio allow users to save without filling required field. VDC-32298*, VDC-32256*
Users receive a server error when opening Review > Study Jobs. VDC-32439*
In certain circumstances, the form will fail to load when a User navigates from the Form View page to the Review tab. VDC-32666*
The Audit CSV export rows in Vault are sorted incorrectly. VDC-32896*
After a user hovers over a Subject in the Review tab, the Subject Information tooltip continues to display even after the user moves their cursor and navigates away from the page. VDC-33042
When viewed with Internet Explorerâ„¢, the More Actions menu is too small in the Review tab. VDC-33082*
User is unable to scroll down to view maximum value for numeric items in the Studio tab. VDC-34921*

Views & Data Export

Issue Description Issue No.
For SAS Data Exports, "csv_to_sas" content is not appended to "edcsas.log". VDC-26354*