Fixed Issues in 22R2.3 Release

Release Date: September 23, 2022

This week's release includes fixes for the following issues:

A * next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.


Issue Description Issue No.
Resetting forms that are marked for removal results in assessments not being created. VDC-104338

Audit Trails

Issue Description Issue No.
The audit trail for an item in an unfrozen casebook incorrectly shows that the item was frozen when the casebook was unfrozen. VDC-103363
After an amendment, users may receive a server error when opening an item's audit trail. VDC-103514*

Blank & Detail PDFs

Issue Description Issue No.
Users experience errors when running a Detail PDF. VDC-102299

CDB - Admin

Issue Description Issue No.
CDB may take longer than usual to delete a Source or Study, and the process may time out before finishing. VDC-105661*

CDB - Checks & Queries

Issue Description Issue No.
CDB may not open a query on the targeted Event Date when the Event Date is referenced in the CQL's subquery. VDC-103866*
When a check's CQL contains multiple subqueries, CDB doesn't open queries based on the check. VDC-103920*
CDB doesn't perform all validations when saving a check. VDC-103939*
CDB now supports CQL using * in a union or subquery for checks. VDC-103957*
After the manual close of queries and changes to data, CDB doesn't correctly update the query counts for a check. VDC-104426
If a check runs against an Item in a repeating Item Group, CDB may not open automated queries and then mark the Check as Invalid after running it. VDC-105335*
A check may not run correctly against an Item when the form prefix is prepended to the Item in the CQL statement. VDC-105705*
CDB may not display the Open Query cell decoration on some cells. VDC-97943


Issue Description Issue No.
CQL doesn't return the correct value for @Form.LinkCreatedDate in the Sys_Links listing. VDC-102261*
In Studies where deployment is enabled, Show Views doesn't return any results. VDC-104225*

CDB - Deployment

Issue Description Issue No.
Deployments don't include the selected Item for a check's Query Action. VDC-105478*

CDB - Export

Issue Description Issue No.
When copying an Export Definition, CDB includes invalid listings. VDC-102356*
When a delivery to FTP fails for an export package, CDB sends the notification message for the Complete status instead of Delivered or Delivery Failed. VDC-103195
CDB doesn't populate all labs-related columns in exports when the Study is using Versionless Labs. VDC-103765*
When a column's name ends with an underscore, and its alias appends a value that begins with an underscore, the column gets a double underscore in the alias, which causes the export to fail. VDC-104097
If an Export Definition contains an invalid listing, CDB doesn't show a warning when a user copies it. VDC-104661*
Users aren't able to create a new Export Definition when an Item's Name contains multiple underscores. With this release, CDB permits Item Names with multiple underscores. VDC-105344

CDB - Import

Issue Description Issue No.
Import of EDC data may fail unexpectedly. VDC-102908
The manifest builder doesn't generate the appropriate format in the JSON file for datetime formats that contain "T". VDC-102976
When an import package has an error after processing, CDB doesn't send a notification to subscribed users. VDC-103001
When importing data from a new Source, CDB sends the package processed notification twice. VDC-103133, VDC-104154
When a column is added to a CSV without a header, CDB doesn't detect the change and prompt for approval. VDC-103833
If a user attempts to import a package with the wrong study Name in the manifest file (and that wrong Name doesn't match another Study in the vault), CDB generates an error log with the "decrypted" extension, instead of a human-readable CSV file. VDC-105053
After the scheduled import of third party data, CDB may encounter an issue when swapping the EDC data after import, resulting in errors when loading some application pages. VDC-105679
When a Study has queries opened in CDB against third party data, import of a new package for that source may fail unexpectedly. VDC-105770

CDB - Listings

Issue Description Issue No.
In the Sort & Filter menu, if a user attempts to filter a text-type column with a non-text operator, CDB doesn't disable the Save button. VDC-100012*
When a cell has multiple decorations, the decoration icons and their hover text overlap. VDC-103045
After a deployment, updating listings may not show the source form pills. VDC-104306


Issue Description Issue No.
Users encounter an error message when the "Enable Autocoding Enhancements" feature flag is on. VDC-103315*
Migrating a form with a "Submitted" status incorrectly changes the Coding Status to "Updated." VDC-104248*

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No.
Users may be unable to enter an Event Date for the first Event in a newly created Casebook. VDC-103479
Non-dynamic forms are incorrectly marked for removal in Data Entry. VDC-104136
In some studies, searching for a subject doesn't produce the correct results. VDC-105816
Users can't use filters when searching for a subject. VDC-105950*


Issue Description Issue No.
Deployment finishes with a "Completed with Documentation Errors" status. VDC-105021

Developer Features

Issue Description Issue No.
The Start Job endpoint now enforces the 200 character limit for the filename for Study Data Extract jobs. VDC-103368*


Issue Description Issue No.
Jobs related to the CTMS connection don't report the error clearly when the Site's timezone is missing. VDC-103612
Users receive an "Object with id [any] not found" error when attempting to save an Integration Configuration with "Any" selected for one or more Casebook References. VDC-103867*


Issue Description Issue No.
The Query Detail Listing job should fail with an error when running on a query that doesn't have a corresponding query summary. VDC-100723
Users encounter errors when running a Diff report. VDC-102307
The data in the Event Dates Not Frozen, Not Locked, and Not Signed columns is calculated incorrectly in the Subject Progress Listing. VDC-102963
The Workbench Export job may take longer than usual. VDC-104193


Issue Description Issue No.
When Randomization is enabled, the migration to Versionless Labs fails. VDC-101396*
Migration to Versionless Labs in Studies using Randomization may fail unexpectedly. VDC-103021*
The Value Translated column doesn't display labs translated values when attempting to migrate a study to Versionless Labs. VDC-103312*
Migration to Versionless Labs fails in Studio. VDC-103345*
The LBNRIND and LBCLSIG values for unit and codelist type Analytes are removed after the target study's Lab Version is changed to "Global". VDC-103480*
When migration to Versionless Labs is in progress, site users are able to enter comments on a query, which causes a server error. VDC-103553*
Review tab users are able to click to perform SDV or DMR on an Event Date while migration to Versionless Labs is in progress. VDC-103578*
When migration to Versionless Labs is in progress, Vault allows site users to apply and clear signatures. VDC-103615*
In some cases, system-generated Lab codelists in Studio are deleted when running a job to delete related objects. VDC-104706
Users encounter an error message when attempting to create a new Lab unit item and set it as the default. VDC-105645*


Issue Description Issue No.
Query summaries aren't recreated after deletion when the "from" date is greater than the last modified date of the subject. VDC-105319

Role & User Management

Issue Description Issue No.
Unchecking the "Grant Access" checkbox in My Training Tab changes the user's training status to "Training Required." VDC-103421*

Rule Editor

Issue Description Issue No.
Users can't modify the Dynamic Scope of a rule action after 22R2. VDC-104231

Rule Execution

Issue Description Issue No.
System queries should no longer display when their associated event is reset. VDC-102661*
After data updates, an Event may remain with "true" for Marked for Removal" instead of "false". VDC-102944*

Safety Link

Issue Description Issue No.
Users can select the row for safety connections in System Tools > External Connections. VDC-101783*
The follow up export job doesn't display in Business Admin after the user completes a treatment form. VDC-101857*

SDS & Annotated PDFs

Issue Description Issue No.
The SDS fails with errors. VDC-104844


Issue Description Issue No.
Users encounter an error message when exporting the User Activity Report for some studies. VDC-104301
Multiple custom permission sets on the same object causes inconsistencies in Read permissions. VDC-105173


Issue Description Issue No.
The last signed date field doesn't populate correctly during migration. VDC-103230
Signature bindings and signatures aren't moved when a subject is transferred. VDC-105062

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No.
Progressive Display doesn't copy correctly between environments in some cases. VDC-102985
The diff report fails occasionally, blocking deployment for migration. VDC-103565

Study Data Extracts

Issue Description Issue No.
The SDE job fails with errors due to custom object length limitations when exporting as an SAS file. VDC-103157
The Signature Date column in the SYS_FORM dataset doesn't display after migration. VDC-103202
Study Data Extract jobs may fail in migrated studies. VDC-103524

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No.
System-generated (edit check) rules may not be copied correctly. VDC-101184*
Copy of a study design may not fail correctly if the source has bad data due to a failed labs migration. VDC-103324*
In some cases, Vault accepts then reverts user changes to the Forms Required value in the properties panel without notification. VDC-105176
Users encounter an error when attempting to add a Lab Panel to a form in Studio. VDC-105263

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault doesn't show the correct study build information in the EDC Tools header. VDC-102007*
Users encounter a server error while using the Query Status dropdown in the Coder Listing Panel. VDC-102523
The "Visible" icon doesn't display correctly in Studio > Assessments after removing an item from the schedule. VDC-102728*
In Workbench > Study > Listings, sorting by the "=" condition causes the sorting menu to appear at the top of the page. VDC-102930*
Users encounter a server error when navigating to an event in a specific study using the breadcrumb navigation bar at the top of the Data Entry page. VDC-103340*
The collapse and expand icons are switched in the casebook schedule. VDC-103588*
Vault shows users a blank page when navigating to EDC Tools in Production. VDC-104142
Site users can't mark forms as complete due to a server error. VDC-104592
Users encounter a server error when navigating with the breadcrumb menu in Data Entry. VDC-104614
Users see a blank page when navigating to the deployment history in EDC Tools for a study with special characters. VDC-104654*
Users encounter a server error when attempting to open log forms in Data Entry. VDC-105022
Users encounter an error message when running an SDE job in a PPT study. VDC-105275
Users encounter a server error when navigating to certain forms in Data Entry. VDC-105669
Users encounter errors when viewing the audit trail for an Item that was undeleted. VDC-105873
The cursor displays as a spinner after saving a design step in Studio and doesn't update when the save is complete. VDC-106314

Vault Administration

Issue Description Issue No.
Users receive a server error when attempting to open Admin > Business Admin > Gateway Profiles. VDC-103760*