Fixed Issues in 20R1.4 Release

Release Date: July 17, 2020

This week's release includes fixes for the following issues:

A * next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.

Automatic Deployments

Issue Description Issue No.
When a custom object includes a currency-type field, automated deployments including that object's configuration fail. VDC-42937*
When a Vault includes two custom objects, and those objects reference each other using an object reference field, deployments fail. VDC-43200*
If a deployment occurs after upversioning, duplicate records are created in the Item Definition and Synonym List Objects. VDC-46303
During study creation, users may not be able to select certain vaults when creating their production environment. VDC-46547
Vault no longer includes Do Not Autocode Lists or Synonym Lists in study deployment packages. VDC-46973
Users receive a server error when deploying certain studies. VDC-47397
Deployments fail inexplicably for certain vaults. VDC-47821
Layouts in Studio are not removed when deploying a package that deletes an item group along with its associated layout. VDC-47910*

Casebook Versioning

Issue Description Issue No.
Prospective and retrospective amendment jobs stop at the first Casebook that cannot be successfully amended, instead of processing all selected Casebooks. VDC-24118*

Clinical Query Language (CQL)

Issue Description Issue No.
CQL statements that use IS and IS NOT in the WHERE clause return an unknown column error. VDC-41775*
Filtering on @Form variables only works with a single Form. VDC-41784*
SELECT DISTINCT for @Form.Status returns non-unique instances of Form Status. VDC-41788*
SELECT DISTINCT returns duplicate rows. VDC-46316*
Ordering by any Items within a repeating Item Group may not return results in the expected order or paginate correctly. VDC-48018*
On a core listing, if a user comments out the original CQL statement and then adds SHOW FORMs, Workbench clears the CQL from the CQL panel when applied. VDC-49256*
CQL returns an unknown form error when the statement includes @HDR only aliasing. VDC-49396*, VDC-48051*
CQL returns a mismatched input error for statements that include the LEFT() function. VDC-49709
CQL may return a "Duplicate form context" error on some listings after EDC import. VDC-51955


Issue Description Issue No.
After upversioning a MedDRA form, users may receive a server error when navigating to the Code Request listing page. VDC-40589*
The Reconstitute Code Requests job updates the Last Modified Date on all Code Requests. VDC-42024*
The user's private key used when creating a Link-Form definition corresponds to the wrong item location if the item belongs to less than one form. VDC-45230
In certain cases, some forms are unable to generate a Code Request. VDC-45350
Users are able to post queries on grouped coding requests. VDC-48226*
Users receive a server error when attempting to code certain Verbatims. VDC-49424

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault may show the Reset Entered Values dialog twice when a user navigates to and clears the controlling Item using keyboard shortcuts. VDC-40005*
When using version 2 of the data entry UI, Vault allows users to edit a form while in signature mode. VDC-41942*
Vault doesn't sort Forms alphabetically in the Link and Copy dialog. VDC-45354*
The user receives a server error when using progressive display in the Data Entry tab and unchecking the criteria that is dependent on progressive display. The form is then unable to be saved. VDC-46555*
Certain users may be unable to enter Event Dates for repeating Events because they don't have edit permissions on the Facade field. In this release, any user with permission to do so may enter an Event Date. VDC-47168
Users are able to add events to Event Groups that are unscheduled and have a repeat maximum value of "1." VDC-47277
Users receive an error when attempting to complete Adverse Events forms. VDC-47625
Header items do not appear in the Data Entry tab. VDC-47835
Composite Items are missing from item groups when the item group has been added to the form via progressive display. VDC-48583
Users receive a server error when attempting to open a Subject that's been transferred. VDC-49302*

Data Workbench

Issue Description Issue No.
Workbench can't match Events based on External ID when the External ID uses escaped characters. VDC-49067*
For 3rd party data import packages that match on event definition Names and the Names aren't normalized, import fails. VDC-50156

Developer Features

Issue Description Issue No.
A user may receive an error when creating a repeating Item Group within a Form added by another user via the Create Casebook API. VDC-46103*
The Open Query API can't create a query on on Item when the Form is blank. VDC-47572*


Issue Description Issue No.
The user should receive a warning message when attempting to clear signatures on locked forms. VDC-42097*


Issue Description Issue No.
The Veeva Learning integration can only be enabled in non-development environments, but the Study Configuration record can't be edited in non-development environments. VDC-44893*
With the CDMS/CTMS spark connection, CTMS doesn't receive the SDV Complete Date. VDC-46958


Issue Description Issue No.
The Reconstitute Code Requests job fails when Items are loaded via Vault Loader. VDC-45352*
Under certain circumstances, Lead Data Managers can't run the Delete Site Data job. VDC-46539
In some Studies, the JReview® Listing job status is stuck as "In Progress." VDC-46705
The Data Listing job fails when run for certain forms. VDC-47114
The JReview® job fails for JReview® users. VDC-47229
The "EDC Review State" job fails with errors. VDC-47441*
Running a Data Listings job results in a CSV with duplicate coding columns. VDC-47587*
Vault fails to generate the User Activity Report job for some users. VDC-48878

PDF Export

Issue Description Issue No.
The ability to generate blank and detail PDFs isn't controlled by the Generate Blank PDF and Generate Detail PDF Study Role permissions in vaults with Role by Study enabled. VDC-46022

Publishing Validation

Issue Description Issue No.
Running validation updates rules with incorrect values when marking them as valid. VDC-46563


Issue Description Issue No.
Queries continue to fire on forms that have been reset. VDC-46582
Users receive an unexpected error when responding to or closing queries created in EDC. VDC-49091*
If progressive display removes an Item that has an open query, and then someone runs the Query Rules job in the study, Vault shows the Open Query status badge on the Form, even though there is no open query. VDC-50350

Reports & Dashboards

Issue Description Issue No.
Users receive an error when attempting to run a Diff Report.* VDC-48001

Role Management

Issue Description Issue No.
If an admin creates a user-managed Group that automatically includes the Security Profile for a newly added custom Study Role, and then renames that custom Study Role, Vault creates a duplicate Security Profile. VDC-45019*
Standard Application roles with the "Edit Form Linking" permission can't view form links. VDC-46625*
Renaming a role causes an exception error if the application role doesn't exist in the old ARF record. VDC-49043*


Issue Description Issue No.
Users receive a server error when attempting to sort Rules by Expression in the Copy from Study dialog. VDC-44938*
When the rule expression contains a syntax error, the Save Now link in the View Bindings callout doesn't display. VDC-45212*
Progressive Display columns continue to be displayed after being deleted in SDS. VDC-47232
Reciprocal mode does not execute properly. VDC-48175*
Users are unable to save a Rule after updating. VDC-48503
The source Form name is visible in the SDS Rules tab for copied rules. VDC-48912
In certain cases, dynamic forms aren't added in accordance with certain rules. VDC-51120


Issue Description Issue No.
SDV dates are not calculated properly after a form is reviewed. VDC-46432*
Items that are set to "No Review" in a DMR plan are still available to review. VDC-49350

Search & Filter

Issue Description Issue No.
In the Review tab's Subject listing, the filters for Frozen and Locked status don't filter the listing. VDC-45222*

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No.
There is no way to in the Studio UI to delete Progressive Display configuration for this Item. With this release, we added the ability to delete Progressive Display configuration for an Item. VDC-42344*
If a user attempts to import a study that contains Email Groups and Form Links into a study on an earlier version, or compare those two studies, the job fails. VDC-44478*
Version comparison may not include all differences between Coding configuration for a Form. VDC-45816
The Rules worksheet of the SDS isn't sorted alphabetically by Name. VDC-46698
Synonym Lists and Do Not Autocode Lists are no longer included in version comparison, the SDS, or Copy from Study. VDC-47084
The version comparison job may fail when the version removed and then re-added identical Progressive Display configuration for a single Item. VDC-47113*
In certain circumstances, Vault may fail to generate the Study Design Specification. VDC-48781
Annotated PDFs don't include all Forms when multiple Forms share the same Name. The PDF only includes the first Form with that Name. VDC-49405
In some cases, users may receive an error when attempting to copy Forms from another Study. VDC-49724
With this release, we removed the 5 form limit from Form Link configuration, and users may now link to non-repeating Forms. VDC-50422

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No.
In Studio > Settings, moving the cursor away from the Signature Definition Actions menu closes the Actions menu. VDC-34609*
In the Review tab, the Change Indicator is missing in forms with repeating Item Groups with two-column layout items. VDC-40861*
The Progressive Display Indicator doesn't display in Internet Explorer™. VDC-44879*
Users receive an error when comparing the SDV completed date for a non-required form. VDC-44913*
When copying a form from a previous study, the progress bar freezes and the user must refresh the page to see that the form has been copied. VDC-45729
The query comment window overlaps with the text when the user attempts to resize the window to view all text. VDC-46125
Users receive a server error when copying rules from a study then unselecting that study. VDC-46407*
Users are able to add new sections while using Progressive Display when all items in a repeating item group use a controlling item. VDC-46476
Users receive a server error when attempting to access forms with a Lab field. VDC-46546
Standard roles can "edit" but not "view" Form Linking selections in the Data Entry tab. VDC-46559*
Users with a CRA permission can't see the review status in the Review tab on Forms/Events after performing SDV. VDC-46565*
Users using Chrome® receive a server error when attempting to access Study Sites in the Review tab. VDC-46610
New repeating forms are missing Item Labels in the Data Entry tab. VDC-46634*
Items marked as "Read-only" or "Derived" are not hidden in Progressive Display. VDC-46951*
Users can't select a value from a codelist when navigating with the tab key. VDC-47115
Workbench may take a long time to load Listings for Forms containing many repeating Item Groups. VDC-47132*
Items in repeating Item Groups that are configured as hidden are shown via Progressive Display. VDC-47214*
Certain users are shown a blank page when navigating to the first event in any given subject in the Review tab. VDC-47344
Codelist objects with coded values that contain special characters are displayed incorrectly with progressive display. VDC-47358
Users receive an error when attempting to generate an SDS from Sandbox. VDC-47483
Users receive a server error when changing data in Studio that results in an event being rolled back. VDC-47622
Users receive a server error and a blank page when attempting to open forms in Review Assessment. VDC-47630*
Users are unable to select an unscheduled Event Group via the dropdown menu in the Rule Editor. VDC-47669
In the Review tab, the Event Date label doesn't appear on the correct panel. VDC-47790*
PDFs generated in Studio do not show "Display Override" Form names. VDC-47816
Vault does not enter Signature mode when prompted by the user. VDC-48550*
Inactivating Query Rules in EDC Tools results in an error. VDC-49128
Clicking on a repeating form within an Event that is currently selected in the Review tab does not scroll to the selected form. VDC-49281
Longer Codelist Item labels don't wrap inside of the drop-down menu. VDC-49604
In the Rule Editor, when using the Set Subject Status action, Vault shows "Event" for "Set status change date to", even when the rule is using an Item as the status change date. VDC-50128
Users receive an error message when resetting a Baseline Event in the Data Entry tab. VDC-50381
The Review page doesn't load for users with the Lead Data Manager study role. VDC-50589*
The property panel in Coder doesn't load in Data Model 2.0. VDC-52013*