Fixed Issues in 23R1.3 Release

Release Date: June 9, 2023

This week's release includes fixes for the following issues:

A * next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.

Audit Trails

Issue Description Issue No.
In some cases, the Audit Trail Export doesn't show the "Casebook Unfrozen" event when a casebook has been unfrozen. VDC-122303

CDB - Checks & Queries

Issue Description Issue No.
Users may receive an error when opening a query on a third party data listing where the row contains a null value. VDC-120982*


Issue Description Issue No.
CQL returns an unknown column error when there's a union between a repeating Item Group and a non-repeating Item Group. VDC-121036
CQL may return empty Items in an Item Group when using Unions. VDC-121571
CQL returns the "The used SELECT statements have a different number of columns" error when using SELECT * with a union in the subquery. VDC-122866*
CQL internally identifies Forms by the Form.Name, without referencing the Source, causing issues when two Forms from different Sources have the same Name. VDC-52162*

CDB - Export

Issue Description Issue No.
Export package generation may fail unexpectedly. VDC-120852*

CDB - Import

Issue Description Issue No.
If a study has a period (.) in its Name, the Workbench Export job didn't replace it with an underscore (_) when generating the package for CDB, preventing import from finishing. With this release, Vault replaces any periods with underscores. VDC-121352
When EDC and third party data is imported at the same time, CDB may not process any import jobs. VDC-121514
EDC import errors may not display in the Imports area. VDC-122477
If a third party import fails, and then the Source is deleted, CDB may not swap correctly after a new import of EDC data. VDC-122642
Import may fail and then send multiple email notifications for each retry, instead of a single notification for the failure. VDC-123206

CDB - Listings

Issue Description Issue No.
If a user without the Browse Views permission attempts to view their favorites with the Views filter applied, the page crashes. VDC-121488
If a user navigates away from a listing before it fully loads, and then the user opens another listing, that listing may show data from the first listing. VDC-122299


Issue Description Issue No.
Some users can't post queries or notes to a coding request. VDC-121019*
In some cases, batch upversioning synonym lists and forms fails. VDC-122644
Coder shows an "Upversioning" status instead of "Failed Upversioning" for forms and synonym lists after an upversioning fails. VDC-122768
In rare cases, upversioning may fail for some forms. VDC-122817
Some coding requests show a Noncurrent status when upversioning. VDC-123078
In some cases, batch upversioning fails with an error. VDC-123262
In some cases, a Noncurrent Verbatim is coded to its previous assigned code. VDC-124230*

Cross-form Derivations

Issue Description Issue No.
The Display Visibility field is set for all item definitions instead of only derived item definitions when the user copies data from a single-form study to a cross-form study. VDC-122587*

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No.
Users encounter an error message when attempting to view the Form action menu in a form with a repeating item group. VDC-121033*
Users encounter an error message when Vault attempts to autosave existing casebooks in Data Model 1.0. VDC-122437*


Issue Description Issue No.
Deployment from DEV to UAT fails with an error for some users. VDC-123877


Issue Description Issue No.
The Serious Adverse Events mapping section doesn't show E2B ID C.1.11.2 when Related Adverse Events is configured. VDC-121406*
The Related Adverse Events mapping section doesn't show E2B ID C.1.11.2 when the Serious Adverse Event is mapped to a different form. VDC-121407*
When a user removes a Related Adverse Event configuration, Vault clears the mapping grid for the Serious Adverse Event configuration. VDC-121408*
Vault allows users to save configuration changes when there are unfilled, required fields. VDC-121603*
Some users encounter an error message when attempting to set a Safety System Connection profile. VDC-122592


Issue Description Issue No.
Form Status remains wrongfully blank after changes have been made via API. VDC-123695


Issue Description Issue No.
The Delete Site Data job may fail unexpectedly. VDC-114998, VDC-122215
SAS extracts may fail when there's an Item with a double-byte numeric character. VDC-121294*
In some cases, the Copy Study Data to PPT job fails with an error. VDC-123415
In some cases, the Data and Definition Export job fails for users with the Manage Data and Definition Export role. VDC-123476


Issue Description Issue No.
In some cases, the Lab Result dropdown menu on Data Entry lab forms doesn't display all codelist items. VDC-121122*


Issue Description Issue No.
Labs migration fails in some cases. VDC-124140*
The Query Detail Listing job doesn't list lab units in the Item Value Now column after migrating to global labs. VDC-124380


Issue Description Issue No.
Users can save a query without choosing a Query Team, which is a required field. VDC-121783*


Issue Description Issue No.
The Deployment History button doesn't open the corresponding page. VDC-101544*
Users with the View Randomization Kit/Device permission aren't able to view kits. VDC-121102

Review Plan Assignment

Issue Description Issue No.
Reorder review assignment job outputs may not cover all affected casebooks. VDC-121332*

Role & User Management

Issue Description Issue No.
The Import Users page doesn't move beyond the "Uploading" stage when users are importing multiple users at once. VDC-123332
Some users encounter a server error when attempting to add a user using the User Import template. VDC-124827

Rule Execution

Issue Description Issue No.
The Run Rules job doesn't execute rules with circular references. VDC-121643*
Rule execution may fail with a message not found error. VDC-121977
In some cases, migration fails with errors relating to rule execution. VDC-122928

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No.
Environment deletion may fail unexpectedly. VDC-120505*

Study Data Extracts

Issue Description Issue No.
In some cases, files are still sent to external connections when the SDE fails. VDC-121553*
In some cases, column headers show a different Item Name between SDE versions when no changes were made to the item VDC-122572
In some cases, SDE jobs fail when users select the Export All Clinical Datasets option. VDC-123384
The status column in the SYS_EVT file resulting from an SDE job doesn't show a value for Log Events in Data Model 1 studies. VDC-123967*

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No.
Some users can't upgrade studies from manual to automatic deployments. VDC-122769*
In rare cases, some users may see inaccurate changes in the Diff Report. VDC-123743

Study Import & Export

Issue Description Issue No.
Users encounter errors when importing label translations that exceed 128 characters when the maximum length should be 500. VDC-123857

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No.
Users can't open a manual query when team query restrictions are enabled because the "Save" button is disabled. VDC-122287*
The Job Frequency field doesn't include the "Daily" option when the user tries to set the frequency before choosing the Job Type. This issue affects both EDC Tools and Review. VDC-122452*
Filters are reset when the user navigates to a different page in Coder. VDC-125044