Fixed Issues in 19R3.4 Release

Release Date: February 18, 2020

This week's release includes fixes for the following issues:

A * next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.


Issue Description Issue No.
In the Assessment tab, the space allocated to the repeating form grid in the assessment supplemental view is too large. VDC-37419*
After a user saves an assessment, Vault displays any answers to time-type questions in the vault's timezone instead of the user-entered time. VDC-38020*
Resetting a source form does not trigger study rules on assessments with a "completed" status. VDC-38467*

Audit Trail

Issue Description Issue No.
The Audit Trail Export job output doesn't include system queries that were deleted during Form reset. VDC-38159*
Quotation marks do not appear correctly in the CSVs resulting from Audit Trail Export jobs. VDC-38610

Automated Deployments

Issue Description Issue No.
When in a UAT environment, users can't view Coding Configuration, repeating Item Group Default Data, or custom labels on repeating Event Groups. VDC-37629*
When creating a new study by copying an existing Study, Vault may not successfully copy the study if the source study has more than one version and the "Ignore import casebook version" checkbox was selected. VDC-37726*
Users may receive a server error when locking a study environment from EDC Tools > All Environments. VDC-37847*
If a connected vault is down for maintenance or deleted, users can't select a vault in the Upgrade to Automatic Deployments dialog. VDC-37862*
Vault displays Environment Types in the incorrect order for that filter in Studio > Environments. VDC-37974*
Vault doesn't name Review Plan Object Definition records correctly during deployment. VDC-38062*
Vault doesn't allow deployment into a UAT environment where the Study Build number is "7". VDC-38066*
In certain circumstances, Vault doesn't populate the Highest Casebook Version field appropriately. VDC-38199*
When upgrading a study to automatic deployments, Vault shows Studies in the Select Study field that the user doesn't have permission to view. VDC-38250*
EDC Lead Data Managers may not be able to access their automated deployment Studies in EDC Tools. VDC-41335*
If a deployment removes rows from a View Definition, the target vault may add duplicates of the deleted row instead of deleting the row. VDC-41774*
Vault doesn't allow deployment into a UAT4 environment if rules have been inactivated between builds. VDC-42115

Casebook Versioning

Issue Description Issue No.
Retrospective amendments may remove more signature-related object records than is necessary for deleting the form. VDC-26876*
When comparing casebook versions, if the user inputs incorrect credentials and tries to navigate back using the back button, they cannot move forward with the process until the dialog is closed and reopened. VDC-37808*
For larger studies, creating a new casebook version may take a few minutes. Vault doesn't display any indication that the casebook version creation job is running while it's ongoing. VDC-37989*
The compare versions output may not correctly list the Rule Scope for Add Schedule rules. VDC-39942


Issue Description Issue No.
When searching the coder dictionary, there is no indication that the search is loading until results are shown. Instead, the user is shown a message that no results are available. VDC-37831*
Batch coding when the batch includes an already coded request can result in duplicate synonyms. VDC-38320*
Coder Administrators cannot upversion forms in Coder Tools, as the UI freezes on the upversioning dialog. In this release, CDMS Clinical Coder Administrators have Edit permission on the Medical Coding Item Definition object. VDC-38520*
In Studio > Coding Configuration, Study Designers are able to edit the dictionary release field for dictionary releases that have existing coding requests. VDC-38884*
Study Designers are not prompted to run a Reconstitute Code Requests job when changing the coding configuration on a form that already contains coding requests. VDC-39011*
If a user attempts to search a dictionary for more than 10 terms at once, the page goes blank instead of Vault showing the appropriate error message. VDC-39555*

Coder Tools

Issue Description Issue No.
After a user initiates upversioning for a Form, the page may freeze. The job still runs. VDC-38613*

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault allows duplicate Subject Names (Subject IDs) within the same Site. VDC-41081

Developer Features

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault doesn't return the appropriate error response for the Create Casebook API for an invalid Study, Site, or Study Country, when a user without the appropriate permission sends the request, or when the Site doesn't have an Active Casebook Version. VDC-35762*
Vault allows users to set an Event Date on an Event that already as a date without including a change_reason. VDC-35984*
If a user provides an empty or invalid date for the Set Event Date API, Vault returns "An unexpected error has occurred". VDC-36221*
With the Set Event Date API, Vault returns an exception if a date falls outside of the planned date range. VDC-36227*
Users are able to set an Event Date for log-type Events using the Set Event Date API. VDC-36288*
Vault returns an unexpected error if a user attempts to set data for a time-type Item with the Set Item Data API. VDC-36537*
Vault may not return the correct key value pairs with errors on the Open Query API. VDC-36783*
Vault allows users to answer closed queries via the API. VDC-37590*
Error messages for the Answer Query API do not contain the correct key value pairs. VDC-37592*
Error messages associated with closing a query do not contain the correct message. VDC-38241*
If a user doesn't provide valid or existing definition names when closing or reopening a query, Vault doesn't return the correct error message. VDC-38253*
Vault doesn't return an error if a user attempts to reopen an already reopened query via the API. Instead, Vault adds a new query message and keeps the query in the Open status. VDC-38254*
Vault didn't allow users to set a Federated ID on a new User record via the Create Users API. With this release, Vault now supports an optional federated_id body parameter, as well as setting the Federated ID via User import in EDC Tools > Users. VDC-38277*
Vault does not include the study_country in the response for the Create Casebook API. VDC-38477*
Submitting a Form via the Submit Form API results in the event name appearing in the Form Name key instead of the form name. VDC-38542*
Users receive an error when creating a user with multiple countries in the Country Access field. VDC-38638*
Vault allows users to submit a frozen Form with the Submit Form API. VDC-38895*
Vault does not return the expected error message when a user without API access attempts to set form data or set an Event Date via the API. VDC-38961*
Vault does not return the expected error message when a user without API access attempts to set form data or set an Event Date via the API. VDC-39040*
If a record trigger calls for Items using their OIDs (External IDs), data entry users receive a server error when attempting to submit a Form in a Casebook that doesn't yet contain those Items. VDC-42211*


Issue Description Issue No.
After running a Data Listing job, an email notification is sent to the user that does not include the name of the job. VDC-35026*
Attempting to run the Autocoding job results in an error message that the job is "pending." VDC-35283*
The Data Listing job fails when there is a coding-enabled Form with multiple Verbatim Items. VDC-36330*
The completed CSV for Data Listing jobs is missing Form Status Datetime fields. VDC-36733*
Running a Data Listing job results in the job only retrieving the latest form version instead of all subjects. VDC-37727*
In Review > Study Jobs, the Actions menu was replaced with three buttons (Edit, Delete, and Run Now). These buttons don't initiate the respective actions. With this release, we returned to the Actions menu for these actions and removed the buttons. VDC-38055*
In the Review > Study Jobs tab, attempting to schedule a weekly Data Export or Detail PDF job results in an error message. VDC-38178*
In Review > Study Jobs > Job History, Vault doesn't show the Information, File, and Log icons on completed Jobs. VDC-38311*
After a user completes a deployment of a new casebook version, and creates Casebooks on the new version, subsequent Data Listing jobs may generate CSVs with only the header row and no data. VDC-38315*
The Delete Study Data job doesn't delete Subjects that contain open, manual queries. VDC-38350*
Vault doesn't populate the SDV and DMR related columns of a Data Listing correctly in Studies using SDV and DMR rollup version 2. VDC-38554*
The Audit Export job fails if a Signature Binding has been deleted. The Signature should still display without binding. VDC-39752*
When reusing a single Form Definition in multiple Event Groups, running a Data Listing job will result in an output that includes data from the first instance of the form twice instead of listing data from each event group. VDC-39955
The resulting Item Definition CSV from a JReview® job is missing casebook version records. VDC-40400*
Vault returns an error message when users attempt to reassign SDV and DMR plans. VDC-40854


Issue Description Issue No.
The French translation for the New Event dialog's text(for unscheduled Events) is not correct. VDC-31121*
There isn't a translation for the "No data found" message in Studio. VDC-37853*

PDF Export

Issue Description Issue No.
PDFs that are generated include codelist items that are marked as hidden in Studio, which causes hidden fields in PDFs and SDSs to be misaligned. VDC-39783

Publishing Validation

Issue Description Issue No.
Studio does not include rule definitions in validation reports. VDC-41315


Issue Description Issue No.
In IE11™, a user pressing tab to navigate to the query's Comment field does not place their cursor in the field. VDC-12349*
The Closed Query icon does not display on Items with closed queries in repeating Item Groups using tabular view. VDC-28250*
Vault doesn't delete closed queries when an Event is reset. VDC-38058*

Reports & Dashboards

Issue Description Issue No.
Codelist Items display code instead of labels. VDC-35507*

Role Management

Issue Description Issue No.
Users with the CDMS Lead Data Manager study role receive a server error when attempting to create a new Study Role or copy an existing one. VDC-37881*
If a user edits a custom Study Role where the Label and the API Name don't match, the page hangs. VDC-40386*
The CDMS Clinical Coder Administrator role doesn't have the correct permissions in the Coding Stop List Config and Coding Synonym List Config object lifecycles, which prevents users with this Study Role from assigning Synonym Lists and Do Not Autocode Lists to Forms from Coder Tools. VDC-41046*
After a user edits a custom Study Role, the Number of Users row displays "0" for all roles until the page is refreshed. VDC-41062*


Issue Description Issue No.
Copying an Event Group doesn't copy rules referencing that Event Group. VDC-37431*
In Studio, Vault copies rules that contain unresolved identifiers. VDC-38617*
In the Rule Editor, Vault disables the Save a Copy and Save and New buttons after a user hovers over the Save button. VDC-39517
In certain circumstances, when a user saves a new Rule, the page hangs. VDC-39563*
When submitting a form under certain circumstances, rules from a different study are executed rather than from the study in which the form was submitted. VDC-40342*


Issue Description Issue No.
Users with the CDMS Clinical Research Associate role can't see the "SDV" column for repeating Forms in the Review tab. VDC-39128*
Users may receive a server error when attempting to perform SDV or DMR, as well as attempting to freeze an Item or Form, from the Review tab. When attempting to perform those same tasks from the Data Entry tab, users receive an insufficient permissions error. VDC-39943

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No.
In certain cases, after a user clicks Import to import study users or sites, the page freezes, even though Vault successfully imports the users or sites. VDC-37984*
In certain cases, after a user clicks Import to import study users or sites, the page freezes, even though Vault successfully imports the users or sites. VDC-38313*
Vault doesn't disable the Manage Study Countries button when a Study is locked. VDC-40516*

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No.
In certain instances, copying an event in Studio > Events is unsuccessful. VDC-37034*
Users are unable to cancel or save their most recently edited form in Coding Configuration after refreshing the page. VDC-38021*
When a user creates a new Form from Studio > Schedule, and they set the Repeat Maximum, Vault doesn't save their Repeat Maximum entry and instead sets that property's value to "1". VDC-38255*
With this release, all columns, except for data, in the SDS are left justified. VDC-38393*
In Studio > Study Design, new Items are created with the "Text" data type regardless of the user's drop and drag selection. VDC-38587*
In certain cases, Vault may show the Private Key instead of the Name for Rule Definitions in the Study Design Specification. Vault may also incorrectly truncate longer rule expressions in that document. VDC-38595
If a Studio user sets the Event Group Type of an existing, repeating Event Group to Unscheduled, Vault doesn't clear the Repeating checkbox, or the related properties, resulting in errors for data entry users upon Event creation. VDC-40293
Vault doesn't remove invalid Event Window configuration when copying Event Groups. VDC-40322*
When an Event has an Event Window configured, users receive an error when attempting to move that Event into a different Event Group. VDC-40523*

Study Import & Export

Issue Description Issue No.
Default values cannot be updated if the user has multiple casebook versions in Studio. Instead, Vault allows the user to import a file to update the default value. VDC-32529*
Vault allows the import of Event Group Definitions with duplicate Names. VDC-38200*
Exports from Studio fail when a Casebook Definition contains Events with duplicate Order values. With this release, Vault no longer checks for duplicate Order values during export. VDC-39731
Importing a View Set into a Study that is on the manual deployment model results in an error message. VDC-40190*

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No.
For tabular view Item Groups, Vault does not hyperlink values for URL-type Items. VDC-28958*
Vault displays changes from tabs that do not exist when summarizing changes in Studio > Study Design > Schedule. VDC-30921*
In the Review tab, when the Casebook or Event is locked, Vault does not display the event-level SDV and DMR buttons as disabled. VDC-31954*
Users receive a 404 error when attempting to view their user profile. VDC-33321
In certain circumstances, the SDV button is misplaced in the form header on a tested form. VDC-35467*
Vault displays DMR columns for users that do not have a DMR plan or have access to DMR. VDC-36884*
Vault does not display tooltip when the user hovers over the help icon in the Review tab. VDC-37103*
In Studio, the Create New Version dialog does not open after the action is cancelled unless the page is refreshed. VDC-37538*
Vault is slow to apply changes when a user drags and drops in the Design palette from Studio > Schedule. VDC-37667*
If a user clicks Home in the Review tab breadcrumb, while viewing a Subject, Vault continues to display the Discard and Save buttons. VDC-38053*
If a user paginates in EDC Tools > Sites, opens another tab, then returns to EDC Tools > Sites, Vault removes the pagination buttons. VDC-38077*
In Review > Study Jobs, the time indicators (AM/PM) are not displayed for executed and scheduled jobs. VDC-38395*
In Studio > Views, vertical and horizontal scroll bars do not appear despite data exceeding the size of the display. VDC-38468*
Users can select "Edit Version Properties" on studies that are under deployment. VDC-38474*
In the Review tab, the "View As" dialog is missing the "close" button. VDC-38480*
In Studio > Study Design, changing the Item Type to a codelist in the properties panel results in the user exiting Edit mode. VDC-38488*
When performing a retrospective amendment, the Start Event dropdown displays all events in the casebook definition instead of the first Event of each Event Group. VDC-38503*
In certain vaults, form submission may take longer than expected. VDC-39493*
In Studio, the properties panel disappears while item properties are being edited. VDC-39498*
Vault does not produce a warning message when a user deletes a form in Studio that contains subject data. VDC-39547
In the Review tab, repeating forms appear to overlap. VDC-40027
Users receive a server error when entering a "?" in a DateTime item that does not allow future dates. VDC-40101
In several input dialogs with required fields, Vault shows the "Field must not be empty" error on all required fields even before a user attempts to leave a required field without an entry. VDC-40791*
Vault does not provide a warning about autosaving on an item that has been updated by a retrospective amendment. VDC-41059
Vault may take a long time to create larger Forms for a newly added, unscheduled Event. VDC-41461
In Tools > Vault Tools, the contents of the private key field in the Edit Connection dialog should be hidden. VDC-41646*

Vault Configuration

Issue Description Issue No.
Coder Administrators are unable to create new Synonym Lists. VDC-38522*

Views & Data Export

Issue Description Issue No.
Views are automatically renamed during import, resulting in names that cause integrations to fail. VDC-40097*