About the 24R2 Release

Pre-Release Date: July 15, 2024 | CDB Pre-Release Date: July 22, 2024 | Release Date: August 2 & 9, 2024

This page can help you understand the schedule for the coming release and the list of features included. Dates are subject to change.

Important Dates

24R2 Pre-Release Begins

  • Pre-release vaults available: Your Veeva Project Manager will contact you with login credentials.
  • Validation documents available:
    • Validation Project Plan
    • IOQ Protocol
    • Business Requirements Documents
    • Validation Impact Assessment

24R2 Pre-release for CDB Begins

Pre-release environments available for Vault CDB. Contact your Veeva Project Manager for details.

24R2 Release, Part A

  • 24R2 released to pre-release (VV1-37) and limited release (VV1-17) vaults

24R2 Release, Part B

  • 24R2 released to all general release vaults.
  • Updated training available on Veeva Learning

24R2 Pre-Release Ends

We recommend that you no longer use your 24R2 pre-release vaults after this date. Even though your pre-release vault is still active, we advise waiting for the next pre-release period (24R3) to begin. Contact your Veeva Project Manager for details.

Feature Information

Pre-Release Information

  • Pre-Release FAQ answers common questions about “pre-release”.
  • Known Issues in 24R2 Pre-Release (July 15) lists known issues in the 24R2 pre-release. This page also lists the release notes for any maintenance releases applied to pre-release.

Release Information

  • 24R2 Release Impact Assessment (Updated July 11) analyzes the impact of new features. If you need an editable version, we also provide an MS Excel™ version. Note that a blank Configuration column indicates that a feature is automatically enabled.
  • 24R2 Migration Vault Release Impact Assessment (Published June 17) analyzes the impact of new features. If you need an editable version, we also provide an MS Excel™ version.
  • 24R2 Supplemental Vault Release Impact Assessment (Published June 24) lists Vault Platform features in the 24R2 release that can impact CDMS vaults.
  • 24R2 Fixed Issues (July 15) documents issues that affected previous versions or pre-release and are fixed in 24R2.
  • 24R2 Known Issues (July 15) documents issues introduced in 24R2 which are not yet fixed.
  • 24R2 Maintenance Releases (Available with first maintenance release) documents fixes for issues that are affecting customers in production environments.

For details about new features in the Vault Platform in 24R2, see the Vault Release Notes .

Notifications Opt-In

As a valued member of our community, providing you with control over the communications you receive from Veeva is important to us. Please allow us to send you pre-release environment notifications and other industry related information. Contact your vault’s administrator to verify that the Product Announcements checkbox is selected for your user profile.


Update to Vault EDC Service Availability Notifications

In continued efforts to improve notifications related to system availability, we are instituting additional changes for Vault EDC notifications.

Starting this month, Veeva EDC service availability notifications will be sent based on settings in the Vault User profile. If you are not currently opted in to receive these notifications, please contact your EDC User Administrator and request that your user profile be updated to support Service Availability Notifications.

We will continue to send notifications based on Trust subscriptions in parallel with using Vault User profile settings until the 24R2 release. After that time we will use only the Vault User profile settings.

Note: This change only applies to EDC notifications. CDB and Veeva Commercial products will continue to utilize Veeva Trust for availability notifications.

VeevaID for CDMS Vault Training

Following the 24R2 general release, site users will use VeevaID to access and complete CDMS Vault Training, replacing the Absorb Learning Management System (LMS). This update initiates the VeevaID transition for Site users. Site users will receive an email with a registration link, informing them that their Absorb LMS account is no longer valid and inviting them to register for VeevaID. Veeva SiteVault users already registered with VeevaID will receive a similar notification which will instruct them on how to use their existing VeevaID for CDMS Vault Training.

Vault Training for CDMS: Sponsor and Site User Migration

CDMS will connect to Vault Training, replacing the current System Tools connection to Absorb LMS. Training records and statuses from Absorb LMS will be migrated to Vault Training, including curriculum enrollment and course progress. Incomplete courses must be restarted. Vault Training will offer a new instructional course on navigation, recommended but not required for users who’ve already completed training.

Existing users will be assigned a “Site” or “Sponsor” value in the new User Type field in System Tools > Users. The Retrieve Users and Upload Users (CSV and JSON) API calls will also include the User Type. Customers should include the appropriate “Site” or “Sponsor” User Type when creating users individually in System Tools, as well as in bulk via a CSV file or the Upload Users API. If the new User Type field is left blank, an algorithm will automatically determine it based on the user’s email address and the sponsor’s domain name.

Users can view training progress and access CDMS Training via the My Training link or directly at cdmstraining.veevavault.com.

To maintain training completion and CDMS access, any training completed in Absorb LMS after August 2, 2024, will be updated in Veeva Training by August 16, 2024. Users will retain their completion status during this period.

CDMS API: Upload Users (CSV and JSON)

Existing integrations using the Upload User endpoint of the CDMS API for user administration must be updated by the 24R2 general release day to comply with the new user property, User Type.

These updates will apply to all API versions.

In 24R2, User Type is a new required property for all administered users in order to enable the Vault Training application for Learning Management System (LMS) purposes on EDC studies.

  • For Upload Users (CSV), the supplied CSV must now include a column for User Type
  • For Upload Users (JSON), the supplied request must now include a value for each user of the array for User Type
  • Site and Sponsor are the only valid values Please also refer to the release notes regarding Vault Training for CDMS: Sponsor and Site User Migration and the CDMS Developer Guide.

Study Data Extracts

Audit Trail Export jobs will now count toward the total number of scheduled jobs allowed in a Vault. In addition, as part of the Queries in User Languages feature, the Query Text (QTEXT) columns in the SYS_Q and SYS_QT datasets will be populated by the Site User Language for system queries if the “Show Queries in the User Language” setting is enabled. The Query Detail Listing and Query Detail Versioned Extract will also be affected by this change.

SAS Server Upgrade

CDMS upgraded the SAS server to the latest version 9.4 M8, which included an update to account for Mexico City ceasing to observe Daylight Savings time. The SAS server is a common server shared by both EDC and CDB applications, so any SAS extract from the two systems will be generated using this latest version.

CDB Incremental Ingestion

24R2 provides the opportunity for CDB customers to upgrade to incremental ingestion of Vault EDC data for their studies. Incremental ingestion utilizes the Direct Data API from Vault to pull updates to data every 15 minutes. Upgrading to incremental ingestion brings improved tracking in the Clean Patient Tracker and improved Import monitoring. Customers will have until the 24R3 General Release to enable all their studies for incremental ingestion.