Known Issues in 21R1 Pre-Release

Pre-Release Date: March 29, 2021 | Release Date: April 9 & 16, 2021

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future releases.

An asterisk (*) next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.

April 2, 2020

Release Number: 20R3.5.5 | Build Number: 162 CDB

Category Issue Description Issue No.
CDB - Export Scheduled export deliveries may not begin at the scheduled time. VDC-70557*
CDB - Listings Workbench marks review listings as invalid when there are multiple import jobs occurring too close together. VDC-69574


Issue Description Issue No.
Users receive an error when executing a filter search that contains the "%" or " ' " (apostrophe) symbols. VDC-64003*
Vault may not create an Assessment upon initial entry of an Event Date when the Event Date is the only value referenced in the Add Assessment rule expression. VDC-68206*

Audit Trails

Issue Description Issue No.
Audit Trails don't show change reasons regarding invalidated signatures. VDC-66437*
After a user locks or freezes a Casebook, Vault records the opposite message in the audit trail. VDC-67953*
After a user unlocks an Event, Vault records "Event locked" in the audit trail. VDC-68016*
After a user freezes an Event Date, Vault records "Event date unfrozen" in the audit trail. VDC-70680*

Blank & Detail PDFs

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault doesn't identify which field a query is associated with for queries on Lab Panel items in Detail PDFs with Queries. VDC-62832*
The "Normal Range Upper Limit (Back to Data)" and "Normal Range Override Upper Limit (Back to Data)" links in Lab form Detail PDFs with Audits don't redirect the user anywhere. VDC-67520*
Some Lab form contents don't show up translated to Japanese, Chinese, or Korean in a Detail PDF. VDC-68093*


Issue Description Issue No.
The Cast function doesn't work correctly inside of an UnPivot. VDC-60621*
CQL returns an "Incorrect column name" error when using UnPivot and aliasing a Form or Item Group. VDC-61937*
CQL returns errors when the statement uses @Form.Name or @Form.SeqNbr in a subquery. VDC-63711*
CQL may return a "The used SELECT statements have a different number of columns" error when selecting from @HDR. VDC-65618*
CQL doesn't support order by aliased @Form or @ItemGroup attributes in of a Union. VDC-66021*

CDB - Export

Issue Description Issue No.
Restricted data is included in export packages that are visible on the FTP server. VDC-68557*
Lead Data Managers can't see Restricted Data in raw exports. VDC-69196*

CDB - Listings

Issue Description Issue No.
If a user creates a Review Listing based on a Core Listing for a blinded, third party Form, Workbench marks it as invalid and shows a MySQL error in the CQL Editor. VDC-63797*
CSVs generated from Review Listings include all rows, regardless of any filters applied. VDC-63940*
If a user creates a public review listing, then navigates away from the Study and later returns to that listing, Workbench marks it as invalid. VDC-64753*
The Form Pill isn't displayed in the Forms column on the Listings page. VDC-67223*
Workbench may mark a listing as invalid when listing shows two Forms that both use a shared Item. VDC-67511*
If a user navigates to the second page of a listing's results, then navigates to another listing that only returns one page of results, Workbench shows "No Results Found". VDC-67567*
Workbench doesn't show the correct count for listings search results. VDC-67603*, VDC-67588*
Listings Search may not return all possible listing results. VDC-67619*
Users may receive a Page Not Found error when attempting to open a listing from search results. VDC-67714*
Filtering the Listings page by Modified On with the != or = operators doesn't actually filter the list. VDC-67781*, VDC-67779*
Users are unable to filter the Listings page by the Last Uploaded column. VDC-67796*
Users with the Restricted Data Access permission are unable to view restricted Items from a Review Listing. VDC-68432*

CDB - Queries

Issue Description Issue No.
If a user attempts to open a query on an Event Date for an Event that was marked as Did Not Occur, they receive a "Unique event cannot be found with specified keys" error. VDC-64002*
In some cases, users may receive a "Failed to retrieve cell details" error when attempting to open the Cell Details panel for an Item with an open query. VDC-65124*
Users may receive an error when attempting to open a Query on third party data. VDC-65353*
When a Casebook isn't on the newest version, users may receive a "failed to retrieve cell details" error when attempting to open a Query in the Cell Details panel. VDC-66329*
If one instance of a repeating EDC Form is locked, and the other instance is not locked, CDB users receive a "Form is locked" error when attempting to open a query on the unlocked instance. VDC-66353*
The Queries page doesn't list Query Listings in the correct order. VDC-66356*
Workbench queries with repeating Item Groups, Events, and Forms don't display in the correct fields. VDC-67783*


Issue Description Issue No.
Users are able to change the status of Coding Requests. VDC-65303*
Code Request Extracts may not include all of the expected data for Code Requests. VDC-67128*
Coding Status filters should stay the same when the user switches to Code Mode. VDC-69579*
Approval or rejection of Code Request fails when the Apply to Synonym List toggle is set to Y (Yes). VDC-70343*

Compare Versions

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault doesn't populate the Form Impact tab when comparing versions with the Exclude Event Group and Event Differences (show only form differences) checkbox selected. VDC-68246*

Comparison Configurator

Issue Description Issue No.
If a user filters by Data Type, generates an error on a row, and then changes the Data Type filter, Vault continues to display the row with the error, even if it doesn't meet the filter criteria. VDC-67924*

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No.
Users receive a server error after deleting an unscheduled Event. VDC-65841*
Prospective amendments delete completed forms. VDC-66134*
The "Enter Date" and "Edit Event Date" dialogs don't automatically display the clickable calendar icon. VDC-67025*
Vault saves the last deleted Time value that was entered in a Lab Form. VDC-67242*
Users receive a server error when unfreezing an Item in a frozen Casebook. VDC-68010*
Users receive a server error when freezing an Item after unfreezing an Event or Form. VDC-68024*

Developer Features

Issue Description Issue No.
When a user doesn't have access to the Site, Vault returns the error message as if the user did not have access to the entire Study. VDC-59176*
The Retrieve Forms API doesn't always return the correct text for error messages. VDC-66153*


Issue Description Issue No.
If a Subject has a Form which is mapped to a Procedure in CTMS, an EDC user can't delete the Subject. VDC-67221*


Issue Description Issue No.
In Data Model 1.0, the consistency checker job doesn't validate log events with event dates and datetimes. VDC-65241*
In Data Model 1.0, the consistency checker job doesn't validate events with a "Did Not Occur" status. VDC-65244*
In Data Model 1.0, the consistency checker job doesn't flag planned events with event dates and datetimes. VDC-65286*
The Retrospective Amendment job fails when it could potentially break a form signature. VDC-66955*
Not all Restricted Data is included in the zip file produced by a Data and Definition Export job even though "Include Restricted Data" is selected. VDC-67521*
The Study Data Extract job (SAS) doesn't fail when there's an Invalid Data error. VDC-68877*
Restricted Data isn't tagged as restricted in the files resulting from a Study Data Export job. VDC-69066*
The Study Data Extract job on studies with linked forms displays forms from studies that are not configured with linked forms. VDC-69580*
Study Data Extracts display only the Label for repeating Event Groups, not any custom or default labels. VDC-69621*
Form and Site information doesn't display correctly when configuring a Core Listing job. VDC-69813*
The resulting CSV file from the Study Data Extract job shows duplicate records and rows for some forms. VDC-69881*
Repeating Event Group's Intentionally Left Blank data isn't shown in the file resulting from a Study Data Extract job. VDC-69939*
The values in the Event Date column of the resulting file from the Study Data Extract job are displayed in the incorrect format. VDC-69988*
Restricted Data is shown in files created by the Study Data Extract job when "Include Restricted Data" is not selected. VDC-70075*
Study Data Extracts include information about ILB data for deleted Subjects in the "SYS_ILB.csv" and "sys_ilb.sas7bat" files. VDC-70614*
For Study Data Extract, Vault creates XPT files as ".cpt" instead of ".xpt", so the files can't be opened in the SAS Universal Viewer or similar tools. VDC-70650*


Issue Description Issue No.
Refreshing Lab normals doesn't retrieve values for analytes with a codelist Item. VDC-64718*
Users receive an error message when attempting to recalculate a subject's age on a locked Lab form in Data Entry. VDC-64726*
Lab results aren't saved automatically for pending Lab locations when the user clicks outside of the Lab form. VDC-66274
Users can't specify if a Collection Date Time is AM or PM on a Lab form in Data Entry, even if the study is configured with twelve hour time. VDC-68527*
Users receive an error when selecting a Gender value and refreshing Lab normals on a Lab form in Data Entry. VDC-69375*

Library Collections

Issue Description Issue No.
Codelists copied from a Collection may not have the correct Codelist Items. VDC-68569*, VDC-69692*
The Library Report doesn't always show the correct Label or Origin Study Type values. VDC-68591*
Vault disables the "+ New {Object}" buttons for users with the CDMS Librarian role within the Library tab, while still allowing users with the CDMS Study Designer role to create records. VDC-70439

Protocol Deviations

Issue Description Issue No.
If the rule links to an Event for Date of Deviation, the Rule Editor shows a "Date of Deviation must be fully qualified and Rule action is invalid" validation and doesn't allow the user to save the Rule. VDC-66659*

Publishing Validation

Issue Description Issue No.
Validation may return WID-001 on a Create Protocol Deviation rule that was copied from another Create Protocol Deviation rule, as well as on the original rule, even if validation passed with no issues on the original rule. VDC-68098*


Issue Description Issue No.
Kit and Device grids only sort by Kit or Device ID, regardless of the user's sorting selection. VDC-67999*
Users receive a server error when redispensing kits or devices but the redispense still occurs. VDC-69768*, VDC-69947*

Role & User Management

Issue Description Issue No.
Safety Administrators don't have access to Tools > System Tools > External Connections and can't create Safety Connections. VDC-65850*
Users that have completed LMS courses maintain a "Not Trained" status after running the Enrollment Reconciliation job. VDC-68250*, VDC-71045
Users can't configure study-specific roles with custom roles. VDC-70198
Users may receive a server error when attempting to assign users to an Email Group. VDC-70748
Vault may take a long time to make Studies or Sites visible to newly added or updated users. VDC-71034*

Rule Editor

Issue Description Issue No.
For Override Review Plan rules, the View Plan dialog doesn't display the dialog content. VDC-68766*

Safety Link

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault may not track the sequence number of safety-mapped forms correctly. VDC-64641*
Vault may not start the First Send job upon form submission if the safety configuration has a related Adverse Event form mapped. VDC-65854*
Form deletion doesn't trigger a Follow-up send. VDC-65954*
Vault doesn't show the Email or URL fields in the Edit Connection dialog for AS2 Gateway connections. VDC-65983*
Vault may not update a Safety Case's status to Nullified when a follow-up send results in nullification. VDC-66610*
Vault may not send Safety Messages when a safety administrator switches from Vault Safety to AS2 Gateway transmission. VDC-66611*
In Safety Configuration, if a user has a required field validation, then chooses to exclude the section, Vault leaves the Save button disabled. VDC-67832*
In some circumstances, Vault may not nullify a Safety Case when the Item for Item Indicates Seriousness is updated and marked as not serious. VDC-67835*
If a transmission profile with a matching Name doesn't exist in the target study, importing the safety configuration fails with the "Transmission Profile does not exist." error. VDC-68519*
Vault allows changing the Type of the Transmission Profile during import which can cause errors. VDC-68520*

SDS & Annotated PDFs

Issue Description Issue No.
The SDS may not display comparison rules when the study only uses date for Items (not datetime). VDC-68816*


Issue Description Issue No.
If the user undoes SDV/DMR at the Event level, SDV/DMR will still run on Items in repeating forms. VDC-63795*


Issue Description Issue No.
In some circumstances, Vault may allow users who authenticate with SSO to sign without entering their credentials. VDC-71030

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault allows users to set the Offset Event property on a log-type Event. VDC-65315*
Vault doesn't copy Rules that include link identifiers when copying a Rule during Event Group, Event, or Form copy. VDC-65458*
Form deletion fails if the Form contains an Item Group that is reused across multiple Forms and is subject to progressive display. VDC-66874
Copying of an Event Group or Form may fail unexpectedly. VDC-67699*
Users may receive a "Copy failed due to an internal exception" error when attempting to copy a Form that is part of a Form Link. VDC-68095*
Form deletion fails if the Form or at least one of its Items is referenced as "Optional" or "No Review" in a Review Plan. VDC-68999*
Vault allows users to save a Category, Subcategory, or Severity with a duplicate Name value when using Save and New. VDC-69226*
Users with the CDMS Librarian standard role don't have access to the Library Report. VDC-69971
The Subject Id Gen Format setting is requiring the use of either the {site.number} or {site.oid} tokens to save, when it should be allowing users to save without either of these. VDC-70249*

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No.
Users are shown an endless spinner when performing SDV on events with a repeating form. VDC-63719*
Users receive an error when searching a Study Site in the Review tab that uses the "%" or " ' " (apostrophe) symbol. VDC-63952*
When an Item is frozen in the Review tab, users are directed to the wrong place on the page after it refreshes. VDC-64559*
Users receive the same message twice when triggering progressive display action. VDC-65481*
Users are shown a loading page after freezing or locking an event in the Review tab. VDC-65775*
The Navigation panel disables all options other than Studies after a user refreshes the page, even if they have already selected a Study. VDC-65776*
Site and Subject listing pages in the Review tab are missing vertical scrollbars. Site and Subject listing pages in Data Entry show double vertical scrollbars. VDC-67108*
Vault doesn't display an error message when a user enters an invalid collection time on a Lab form. VDC-67206*
In the Add FTP dialog, a user must click into the FTP Type field twice to open the dropdown. The dialog is also wider than expected. VDC-67227*
Workbench is slow to display entered text for filters on the Listings page. VDC-67660*
The Query dialog doesn't appear as it should when users click the Query icon in a Lab Panel with queries. VDC-67671*
Repeating form labels are missing in the assessments tab. VDC-68111*
The text in the User detail page in System Tools is misaligned. VDC-68244*
Lead Data Managers receive a server error when attempting to access a casebook review page. VDC-68251*
Users receive a server error when unfreezing a Casebook with a locked form in the Review tab. VDC-68292*
When users toggle between a Lab form and its linked form in Data Entry, the "Form" subtab displays a blank page. VDC-68369*
In Workbench, refreshing the page may hide the Admin option in the Navigation panel. VDC-69172*
Users receive an error when clicking "Approve" on the same Group Code Request multiple times in Coder. VDC-69415*
Importing users from files fails in System Tools. VDC-69778*
Coding a group of 10,000 Coding Requests takes much longer than it should. VDC-70196*
If an Item Group is controlled by Progressive Display, Vault shows the Header and Visual Group even when the Item Group is hidden. VDC-70555*
In Workbench, Listings > Core is slow to load. VDC-70656