Known Issues in 21R3 Pre-Release

Pre-Release Date: November 8, 2021 | CDB Pre-Release Date: November 12, 2021 | Release Date: November 19 & December 3, 2021

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future releases. Between the start of the pre-release period and the general release, we may remove issues that are found to be caused by user error or are working as designed. This list is subject to change until the general release.

An asterisk (*) next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.

Audit Trails

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
"Signature Binding Created" audits are shown in the Audit Trail found in the file resulting from an Audit Trail Export job. VDC-83327*  
Audit Trail Export by Site may fail in pre-release vaults when the Site contains Casebooks that were copied during creation of the pre-release environment. VDC-85525  

CDB - Admin

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
If an admin unschedules and then reschedules a progress report, Workbench won't clear the Invalid Email Addresses error message if present. VDC-85197*  
In the Admin menu, highlighting on selected actions doesn't cover the entire action row. VDC-85269*  
Workbench doesn't include Views in the Deletion Log. VDC-85890*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
If a user without the Restricted Data Access permission runs CQL that only returns restricted Form rows, Workbench shows empty rows instead of the blank "No results found" page. VDC-79781*  
CQL doesn't enforce the row limit (1000 records). VDC-81501*  
CQL doesn't support On Subject ALIGN and UNALIGN when used in a View. VDC-84192*  

CDB - Dashboards

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
In some locations, Known Discrepancy is incorrectly labeled as Known Issue. VDC-80558*  
The scaling is incorrect in the Outstanding Query Summary by Subject Status chart. VDC-80843*  
When a Study has no review-enabled listings, Workbench doesn't display queries in the dashboard's query charts. VDC-82089*  
The Progress Report "Download Date" is the datetime of CSV generation, instead of the expected datetime of the last dashboard refresh. VDC-84514*  
Workbench updates the Last Updated timestamp on the Dashboard when a user refreshes the page, even if the Dashboard hasn't had an hourly refresh. VDC-84574*  
Workbench shows deleted listings in the Dashboard. VDC-84675*  
Workbench doesn't include coloring for Known Discrepancies in the progress bar. VDC-84801*  
The display of the Sort & Filter menu extends outside the viewable area. VDC-84993*  
The Scheduled icon tooltip doesn't display the correct text. VDC-85749*  
Workbench doesn't display the Scheduled icon for the Dashboard when there is a scheduled progress report. VDC-85751*  
Workbench may cut off the Subjects with Outstanding Queries by Status chart, leaving the rightmost status outside of the chart. VDC-85823*  

CDB - Export

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Creation of a raw-type Export Definition may fail in newly imported Studies due to a timeout error. VDC-81530*  
SAS packages aren't appropriately compressed. VDC-84506*  
When a user adds an invalid listing to an Export Definition, the error message doesn't include sufficient detail. VDC-84786*  

CDB - Import

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Study loads may get stuck when multiple Studies are being loaded at the same time. VDC-79015  
In the Issue Log, error messages longer than three rows of text aren't truncated and can't be scrolled. VDC-79856*  
The import Audit Log doesn't display records for deleted Sources. VDC-80948*  
In the Audit Log, Workbench disables the Apply button when the Import Date Range filter's date range is greater than 90 days, instead of preventing the selection of an End Date outside of that range. VDC-81625*  
In Import > Packages, the Complete status filter may not return all possible results. VDC-81957*  
When a user uploads a key mapping file by browsing for it (instead of dragging and dropping), the page hangs. VDC-83018*  
Import may unnecessarily skip rows when an import file contains a repeating Item group but only a distinctid is provided. VDC-83269*  
Import may fail when the manifest has a rowid with no distinctid. VDC-83271*  
A user must refresh the page to see newly imported key mappings. VDC-83290*  
Import > Key Mappings only includes three (3) mappings per page. VDC-83291*  
Workbench doesn't display invalid key mappings. VDC-83292*  
The export CSV of the Audit Log has incorrect column headers. VDC-83643*  
In the import Audit Log, rows for which the Import Date is empty are in a random order. VDC-84319*  
Workbench doesn't return an appropriate error message when a user imports data for a Study in a given Source, with a mapped Key for the Study Name, but the Key Mapping for that Study is only defined for a different Source. VDC-84954*  
The Event Key Mapping template contains non-EDC Event Groups and Events. VDC-85146*  
The import Audit Log doesn't include imports that are in progress. VDC-85398*  
The import Audit Log doesn't show results for failed imports. VDC-85401*, VDC-85833*  
Import > Audit Log doesn't display the correct row numbers or allow pagination when there are more than 100 rows. VDC-85404*  
Workbench may not apply auto-incrementing Sequence Numbers on a repeating Item Group. VDC-85636*  
When there is an error importing a Key Mapping, Workbench doesn't allow users any way to view that error. VDC-85896*  
Import from EDC may fail unexpectedly. VDC-85898*  

CDB - Listings

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Workbench may not show the Open Query decoration when there is an open query on an Event Date. VDC-78750*  
Users may receive an error when attempting to edit the properties of a custom listing. VDC-79233*  
Workbench may not display query decoration if the CQL contains a Union. VDC-79318*  
If user receives an error when attempting to save an invalid, review-enabled listing, Workbench still allows save and shows the listing as Pending. VDC-79387  
If a review-enabled listing references multiple Forms, Workbench only shows one of those Forms in the listing header. VDC-81937*  
Clearing a condition argument in a column filter may cause the listing to be marked as invalid. VDC-81942*  
Batch selection doesn't show a count of selected records. VDC-82534*  
Users may not be able to scroll a listing while in batch selection mode. VDC-84503*  
The "Outstanding Query Summary by Subject Status" widget should be relabeled "Subjects with Outstanding Queries by Status" with a Y-axis label "# of Subjects". VDC-84509*  
in the Delete Listing dialog, the Reason text field extends outside the viewable area. VDC-85585*  
While in a DEV or UAT environment for a Study, the page hangs when a user attempts to open the Public listings page after a review-enabled listing is created. VDC-85629*  
Workbench doesn't display the correct colors for Review Status badges in listings. VDC-85752*  
Workbench may not display the Filter icon in filtered column headers. VDC-86181*  
Workbench doesn't show the Filter icon in Core Listing columns where a filter has been applied via the Sort & Filter menu. VDC-86802  
Certain Review Listings may be incorrectly marked as Invalid. VDC-87234*  

CDB - Views

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Workbench doesn't show the appropriate error message when a user attempts to save a View containing a subquery. VDC-82760*  
Workbench doesn't show the appropriate error message when a user attempts to use @Form or @ItemGroup attributes other than SeqNbr in projection of a View's CQL. VDC-83530*  
Views may have duplicate rows when referencing an EDC Form that contains a Lab Panel. VDC-83797*  
Workbench may not return the appropriate error when a user attempts to save a View based on an invalid Listing. VDC-84491*  
Workbench allows users to save a View with a duplicate name if the Category is different from the other View with that name. VDC-85919*  
If two Views have the same Name, Workbench marks all listings as invalid. VDC-86079  

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Users can unmark an item group marked as ILB when it contains frozen items. VDC-82450*  
Item groups that are marked as ILB don't update when their form is marked as ILB. VDC-82772*  
When a user resets a Form that's marked for removal, and that Form controls dynamic Events, Vault doesn't remove those dynamic Events from the casebook schedule. VDC-82977*  
The "Review for Signature" field is set to "False" when a form is reset for the first time. VDC-83093  
Users may receive a server error when attempting to reset an Item Group row in an editable grid. VDC-85716  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Users are shown a maintenance error when attempting to access DEV-14. VDC-79208*  
Deployment of CDMS Tab Permission doesn't fail when a custom tab doesn't exist in the target vault. VDC-84211*  
Changing application role names, deploying groups, then deploying roles deletes user managed groups. VDC-84380*  

Developer Features

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The Upsert Items API allows for the creation of new Item Groups on submitted Forms. VDC-84497*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
In studies using version 2 of the data model, Vault doesn't send data from log-type Events to CTMS via the CDMS to CTMS connection. VDC-80739*  
Not documenting - internal API VDC-82440*  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The "Most Recent Visit/Date," "Next Event," and "Entry Complete" columns don't populate correctly when running a Subject Progress Listing job. VDC-81692*  
The Query Vault ID column header in the file that's produced by the Query Detail Listing job should be a hyperlink to the form/query for which the job was run. VDC-81695*  
The error messages that are prompted by the Extract Job Governor aren't formatted correctly. VDC-82969*  
The Form Progress Listing job fails when the user adds a rule to trigger an SDV Override plan. VDC-83137*  
New Audit Trail Export jobs fail when the "Date Range" values are before Today's date and both the "Start Date" and "End Date" values are the same. VDC-83270*  
The Audit Trail Export job fails occasionally. VDC-83747*  
The Audit Trail Export job fails due to a duplicate key error. VDC-83933*  
The Query Detail Listings job fails when the query summary record is missing. VDC-84177*  
The Form Progress Listing job fails due to a duplicate key error. VDC-84178*  
The Event Progress Listings job fails with an error. VDC-84181*  
Subject Progress Listing and Form Progress Listing jobs may fail unexpectedly. VDC-85602  
For the Query Detail Listing, when the Item Value Before Query column is for a unit-type Item with a null value, Vault still includes the unit definition. VDC-86180  
In the Query Detail Listing job output, Vault shows the Study Role for the Closed By column, instead of the user who closed the query. VDC-86261  
Some users may be unable to select the current date when applying a Date Range filter to the Audit Trail Export by Study job. VDC-86667  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
A query is wrongly generated for Lab items with matching units. VDC-82968*  
Vault may not show the Low flag if a user edits a Form and inputs a value that is lower than normal range. VDC-86702  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Vault is unable to save valid "Unknown Day" values for non-editable Item Groups in Japanese. VDC-83051*  

Protocol Deviations

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Users aren't shown accurate results when searching or sorting by Subject. VDC-82228  


Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Users can't edit an email group after a study is published. VDC-84624*  

Review Plan Assignment

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The override percentage doesn't apply properly to individual sites with assignment criteria combined with ordinals. VDC-83040*  

Rule Editor

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
If users encounter an error while creating a rule, they are redirected to the rule listing page and the new rule doesn't save. VDC-83760*  
Users are shown an error message when attempting to save a rule. VDC-85140  

Rule Execution

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
A rule to generate a query after an event group is added doesn't get triggered by adding an event group. VDC-81610*  
Rules with the "previous_submit_value__v" attribute are still executed after a form is deleted. VDC-83574*  
SAE notification emails aren't being sent. VDC-84246  
Users may receive multiple, duplicate emails when a delayed rule fails to execute. VDC-85809  

Safety Link

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Vault may not send a follow-up after a Treatment Form is edited. VDC-81859*  
If a user selects Items for a form's E2B mapping, then clears their selection for the Form Definition, Vault doesn't clear all of their Item selections. VDC-83297*, VDC-83379*  
Treatment forms from previous Events aren't appropriately captured in the E2B XML. VDC-83342*  
Users may not be able to successfully import safety configuration, even when importing a newly exported configuration file. VDC-84270*  
If a site user submits a Treatment form, then submits a Serious Adverse Event form without a value for the E2B-mapped Start Date item, the integration task fails. VDC-84549*  
User's training status doesn't change when the use is assigned a different role. VDC-84720*  
If an Item Name is long enough, the E2B ID of adjacent rows may be pushed outside the viewable area. VDC-84803*  
If a user edits a drop-down field setting in Safety Configuration > General Settings, Vault may clear the Item and Required for 1st Send fields for Items in the E2B mapping. VDC-85282*  

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Users with the CDMS Lead Data Manager study role may be unable to delete a Study Country, even when that Study Country isn't associated with any Sites. VDC-86494  

Study Data Extracts

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The SDE job fails with an error. VDC-81332*  
The Data Type for the ESEQ column in the SYS_PD dataset should be "integer/num" for all SDE versions. VDC-83932*  
The SDE job fails due to a duplicate key error. VDC-84293*  
SAS-format study data extracts may fail during translation. VDC-85389  
If a user renames a scheduled Study Data Extract, the next run of the job fails. VDC-86186  
Study Data Extract jobs may get stuck In Progress or even fail unexpectedly. VDC-86336  
In some studies, Vault may add an extra underscore to SAS labels. VDC-86509  

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
The Progressive Display section in the Item Group/Item properties panel says "No Configuration" instead of empty fields when progressive display isn't set. VDC-80331*  
The "Warn When Empty" column is missing in the diff report. VDC-82129*  
Vault doesn't name progressive display rules correctly when created on from the dependent Item with the Enable display type. VDC-85512*  

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No. New Feature
Workbench may be slower than usual when accessed over a VPN. VDC-86468