Known Issues in 19R3 Pre-Release

Pre-Release Date: November 18, 2019 | Release Date: November 22 & December 6, 2019

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future releases.

An asterisk (*) next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.


Issue Description Issue No.
If a user doesn't include study_country in the body of a Get Queries request, Vault does not return the expected error message. VDC-34572*
If a user provides an invalid Study or Site for the Get Queries API, Vault does not return the expected error message. VDC-34724*
If a user provides an empty Subject for the Get Queries API, Vault returns an UNEXPECTED_ERROR. If the Subject is incorrect, Vault returns an empty list of Queries. VDC-34726*
If a user provides an empty or invalid form_name for the Get Queries API, Vault returns an UNEXPECTED_ERROR. VDC-34730*
Vault does not return an error when a user doesn't include the study_country, eventgroup_sequence, or form_sequence parameters for the Open Query API. VDC-35671*, VDC-36748*
If a user creates a new Subject with the Create Casebook API, using a Subject ID that already exists, Vault creates a second Subject with the same ID instead of returning an error. VDC-35730*
Vault doesn't return the appropriate error response for the Create Casebook API for an invalid Study, Site, or Study Country, when a user without the appropriate permission sends the request, or when the Site doesn't have an Active Casebook Version. VDC-35762*
Users receive an exception when attempting to interact with a query on an Event Date using the Answer Query, Close Query, and Reopen Query APIs. VDC-35884*, VDC-35886*, VDC-35687*
Vault treats the eventgroup_sequence parameter as required on the Set Event Date API, even though it's optional. VDC-35889*
Vault allows users to set an Event Date on an Event that already as a date without including a change_reason. VDC-35984*
If a user doesn't include the Study parameter for the Create Casebook API, Vault doesn't return the correct error message. VDC-35990*
If a user attempts to create a Casebook in a locked Study or Site, Vault returns a "[study__v] with name [{Name}] not found" error. VDC-36040*
If a user provides an empty or invalid date for the Set Event Date API, Vault returns "An unexpected error has occurred". VDC-36221*
With the Set Event Date API, Vault returns an exception if a date falls outside of the planned date range. VDC-36227*
If a user tries to set the Event Date for an Event in a repeating Event Group without setting the date for the previous sequence of the Event using the Set Event Date API, Vault doesn't return a helpful error message. VDC-36232*
If a user doesn't include the Study parameter for the Set Event Date API, Vault doesn't return the correct error message. VDC-36251*
When a user provides uses Set Event Date API for an unscheduled Event, Vault returns "error message_":"unhandled" instead of a useful error message. VDC-36257*
When a user provides an invalid Site parameter for the Set Event Date API, Vault returns "error message_":"unhandled" instead of a useful error message. VDC-36258*
Users are able to set an Event Date for log-type Events using the Set Event Date API. VDC-36288*
Vault doesn't allow users to Set Item Data on a repeating Form or Item Group until it's created from the EDC user interface. VDC-36666*
PI/CRC/REV users should receive an error message when attempting to create a query. VDC-36717*
Vault may not return the correct key value pairs with errors on the Open Query API. VDC-36783*
We updated the REST URL of the Set Item Value api from "/api/{version}/app/cdm/forms" to "/api/{version}/app/cdm/items". VDC-37011*


Issue Description Issue No.
If an Assessment includes several Forms for supplemental data, Vault may not load some Forms in the Snapshot panel. VDC-32776*
When a user views a repeating Form in the Assessments tab, the cursor blinks when mousing over the scroll bars. VDC-35565*
Vault does not display URL-type Items correctly. VDC-35863*
Vault does not display composite Items correctly in the Snapshot panel. VDC-35913*
Users may receive a server error when attempting to reset an Assessment. VDC-36003*
Vault displays incomplete Forms in an assessment's supplemental data. VDC-36276*

Audit Trail

Issue Description Issue No.
When system queries are deleted during a Form or Event reset, the deleted queries do not appear in the Audit Trail Export job's file output. VDC-38159*

Automated Deployments

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault requires the Name for Study Instances and other deployment-related object records to be unique. VDC-31761*
If a user deletes a column from a View Definition or deactivates a Rule in a source environment, and then deploys that Study into the target environment (where the Study has already been deployed), Vault doesn't delete the column or deactivate the Rule in the target environment. VDC-34058*
In the New User dialog for an automated deployment Study, there is no way to deselect an environment once it's selected. VDC-34493*
The New User dialog for an Automated Deployment study displays Study Instances that have been deleted. VDC-34728*
The New User dialog for an Automated Deployment study displays Study Instances that aren't in the current vault. VDC-34729*
Vault may take longer than expected to create a new Study Master. VDC-35550*
After a user initiates a job on an environment, the Job Queued dialog's button to see the job history is labeled "Job History:" instead of "Deployment History". VDC-36238*
Vault doesn't validate the Study Environment column correctly during user import. VDC-36315*
The Vault ID (vault_id__v) field on the Study Vault (study_vault__v) object doesn't require unique IDs. VDC-36333*
Vault's check on uniqueness for a study instance's Label is case-sensitive. VDC-36446*
Vault does not prevent a user from renaming an environment (Study Instance) with a value that isn't unique when that user doesn't have access to the Study containing the duplicate instance name. VDC-36455*
From Admin > Business Admin, a Vault Owner user can edit the Label of a Study Instance to a value that is non-unique in that instance's vault. VDC-36457*
When a user edits the Name of a Study Instance from Studio, Vault doesn't apply the change. VDC-36483*
Vault may take a long time to load options in the Select Vault drop-down in the Upgrade to Automatic Deployments dialog. VDC-36525*
In the Deploy Study Design dialog, the checkboxes for "Create Detail PDF" and Delete Study Data" are disabled when deploying to a training environment. VDC-36571*
Vault doesn't show a friendly error message when a user attempts to create a new Study Master using a Name value that matches an existing Study Master. VDC-36692*
After a study design is published to production, Vault doesn't update the casebook definition version's status to Published in the training environment. VDC-37127*
Users may receive a server error when locking a study environment from EDC Tools > All Environments. VDC-37847*

Casebook Versioning

Issue Description Issue No.
If, after a Subject is upgraded via a retrospective amendment, that Subject is deleted, users receive a server error when attempting to access EDC Tools > Casebook Versions > Amendment History. VDC-36691*
When running a prospective amendment, the full event schedule is duplicated instead of only adding forms and items to events that haven't started. VDC-37309*
When comparing casebook versions, if the user inputs incorrect credentials and tries to navigate back using the back button, they cannot move forward with the process until the dialog is closed and reopened. VDC-37808*
For larger studies, creating a new casebook version may take a few minutes. Vault doesn't display any indication that the casebook version creation job is running while it's ongoing. VDC-37989*

Compare Versions

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault may not capture the appropriate data in the Note column of the Schedule worksheet for the comparison report. VDC-33136*
In Studio > Settings, users are unable to select another vault when comparing versions. VDC-37154*

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No.
After a user submits a repeating Form that has an open query, Vault returns the user to the Form sequence list. VDC-35036*
Users receive a server error when submitting a Form with a blank value for a date Item that allows unknowns and is referenced in a rule inside a MaxDateTime function. VDC-36282*
If a user sets an Event Date on a newly created Event, and then immediately resets the Event, Vault changes the value for the event's Overdue Date. VDC-36892*
If a user marks a completed Form as Intentionally Left Blank, Vault shows the change indicator on read-only Items. VDC-38275*

Freezing & Locking

Issue Description Issue No.
After a user locks or unlocks an Event, Vault does not disable or enable the SDV and DMR buttons until the user refreshes the page. VDC-32734*


Issue Description Issue No.
The Data Listing job output is missing certain column values. VDC-35651*, VDC-36740*
Users may receive a "NullPointerException" error when attempting to schedule a Detail PDF job. VDC-36275*
The Data Listing job fails when there is a coding-enabled Form with multiple Verbatim Items. VDC-36330*
The completed CSV for Data Listing jobs is missing Form Status Datetime fields. VDC-36733*
After running a Data Listing job, the completed CSV is missing some Form Label fields. VDC-36740*
The study's Name is incorrectly used in the email content of a completed Autocoding and Suggestions job, rather than the study's Label. VDC-36808*
In some cases, a Reconstitute Code Requests job email is sent to a job owner for an Autocoding and Suggestions job. VDC-37549*
In the Review > Study Jobs tab, attempting to schedule a weekly Data Export or Detail PDF job results in an error message. VDC-38178*


Issue Description Issue No.
Vault does not include some labels related to Assessments in the bulk translation file. VDC-32775*
Certain labels remain in English when the translation should reflect the user's language settings. VDC-37249*, VDC-37853*

PDF Export

Issue Description Issue No.
The file name of exported form Detail PDFs does not contain the value of the study label. VDC-36811*
When a v2 Detail PDF is exported, the resulting PDF file does not show label items. VDC-37893*


Issue Description Issue No.
If there is a system query present, Next Tasks will not highlight open tasks beyond the query. VDC-34046*
Vault does not set the Caused Data Change on the Query Operational Summary correctly when a user enters data that opens a system query and then edits the data to resolve the query very quickly. VDC-36090*
Users are able to create queries on events and items in a locked subject. VDC-36792*

Reports & Dashboards

Issue Description Issue No.
The completed CSV for Data Listing jobs is missing coding columns. VDC-36770*

Review Plans

Issue Description Issue No.
In certain circumstances, Vault creates duplicate Review State records during Event Date Action Migration. VDC-35914*
In EDC Tools > Review Plan Assignment, review plans that are assigned to a single subject are missing the subject name in the Assign Review Plan dialog. VDC-36924*

Role Management

Issue Description Issue No.
When there are no custom Study Roles, the Number of Users counts do not align with the table content in the Role table. VDC-32540*
The Users dialog to list all Users in a certain Study Role displays all users in the vault with that role, instead of only those Users in Studies the user administrator has permission to access. VDC-36618*
Study Designers do not have the Manage Coding Lists permission. VDC-36751*
Users receive an error when the enablement of Role by Study is still in progress. VDC-37012*
EDC Deployment Administrators incorrectly have Edit access in Studio and EDC Tools. VDC-37097*
Users with the CDMS Lead Data Manager study role receive a server error when attempting to create a new Study Role or copy an existing one. VDC-37881*


Issue Description Issue No.
After a user edits controlling data for an Add Form rule, such that the dependent Form is deleted, and the dependent Form is the only Form in the Event, Vault doesn't return the Event to the Blank status. VDC-36472*
In Studio, cancelling changes made to a rule does not result in a warning dialog to tell the user that changes will be lost. VDC-37180*
Rebuilding a study schedule from copied event groups and adding rules in the Studio tab results in an error. VDC-37300*
When creating a new Item query rule, the user can save without selecting a form, even though it is a required field. VDC-37475*


Issue Description Issue No.
If a user uses the breadcrumb menu to navigate away from a Casebook without saving their SDV or DMR progress, and then clicks Stay on Page in the Unsaved Changes dialog, Vault returns them to the page but their SDV or DMR progress is lost. If the user clicks the Vault CDMS logo or refreshes the page, Vault doesn't show the Unsaved Changes warning and removes their SDV or DMR progress. VDC-38051*

Search & Filter

Issue Description Issue No.
Users can't view search results when searching for Subjects if they don't have access to either the Data Entry or Review tabs. VDC-37859*
In Studio, if a user paginates to page other than "1", and then searches the listing, Studio doesn't return any results. VDC-38164*

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No.
Users receive a server error when transferring a Subject to a Site in a different Study Country than the source Site. VDC-36280*
When performing a user import with a file that contains errors in EDC Tools > Users, the preview report records remain unfiltered when the user selects a filter. VDC-36923*

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault may not show Item-level override labels in Studio if the Item Definition is on a different version from the Item Group and Item relationship. VDC-32720*
Vault doesn't copy Item Group Default Data configuration correctly when copying from another Study. VDC-35381*
After a user creates a new study object record, Vault doesn't open the Properties panel for that record. VDC-36269*
In Studio > Settings, Vault shows a value for the Standard Date Format field even when the field is null. VDC-36440*
In certain instances, copying an event in Studio > Events is unsuccessful. VDC-37034*
While in Studio > Schedule, if a user closes the Properties panel and then clicks on the same component to reopen it, Vault doesn't reopen the Properties panel. VDC-38310*

Study Import & Export

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault may allow users to import non-sequential casebook versions. VDC-32362*
Vault allows the import of Event Group Definitions with duplicate Names. VDC-38200*

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No.
In the Review tab, when a user is viewing a Form, and then uses the breadcrumb menu to switch to the same Form for a different Subject, Vault doesn't switch the display to the newly selected Subject. VDC-31872*
In the Review tab, when the Casebook or Event is locked, Vault does not display the event-level SDV and DMR buttons as disabled. VDC-31954*, VDC-31955*
In the Data Entry tab, the Change Indicator on a newly re-submitted Form displays "null by null" for "Modified" until the user refreshes the page. VDC-32943*
In Safari®, clicking into a Question on an Assessment moves that question to the end of the Assessment. VDC-32996*
In Internet Explorer™, the Item-level Actions menu and text from vertical radio button Codelist Items overlap. VDC-33241*
If a study's Name is longer than 128 characters, the Copy from Study dialog doesn't display correctly. VDC-33261*
In Studio, after a user switches Studies, Vault displays record counts from the previous Study in the Navigation panel until Vault finishes loading the current Study. VDC-33389*
When using Studio in Internet Explorer™, the button labels for all "+ New {Object}" buttons are cut off. VDC-34048*
Vault sorts the Environment listing in Studio by Created (Created Date) instead of Environment Type. VDC-34653*
From Studio, if a user's login session times out, Vault shows a blank page on refresh, instead of redirecting the user to the login page. VDC-34858*
In the Review tab, users can't select the same Form that is currently selected from the Event & Form List panel, even if they've scrolled away from that Form. VDC-35003*
In Internet Explorer™, Vault may not show a vertical scroll bar on Studio listing pages. VDC-35556*
If a user clicks and drags the scroll bar to scroll in the Properties panel, Vault switches from Edit mode to View mode. VDC-35570*
In Internet Explorer™, users can't scroll to the view the last row in any of Studio's listing pages. VDC-35594*
Users receive an Unsaved Changes warning after saving in the Assessment, Review Plan, and View Editors. VDC-36222*
Vault is slow to apply changes when a user drags and drops in the Design palette from Studio > Schedule. VDC-36544*
In Studio > Study > Schedule, the properties panel information is not reflected in each form when the back button in the browser is selected. VDC-36695*
When creating an Item group in the Studio tab, clicking the back button on the browser with an open Item group or item dialog results in the appearance of a deleted object until the page is refreshed. VDC-36732*
In EDC Tools, studies with different values for Name and Label fields display incorrectly as _study.name_v in the breadcrumb. VDC-36765*
In the Upgrade to Automatic Deployments dialog, Vault displays "vdc,deployment,user_acceptance" instead of "User Acceptance". VDC-36810*
When running a Data Listing job in EDC Tools, the study name is used in all zip file names instead of the study label, despite the study being configured with different values for name and label. VDC-36812*
In Studio, the subject status order in the rule editor is incorrect. VDC-36828*
In Studio, duplicate save error dialogs appear when the user attempts to save changes. VDC-36829*
In some cases, studies take too long to create a new version. VDC-36881*
In Studio and in certain instances, users are unable to successfully create a casebook. VDC-36889*
In Studio, published casebooks appear as editable in the properties panel if the highest casebook version is not published. VDC-36970*
In Studio, copying studio objects from the Properties panel triggers a save error dialog. VDC-37018*
In the Review tab, an item that did not occur does not display the Did Not Occur description on the View As site. VDC-37019*
In Studio, the Properties panel does not update when the user selects different objects on schedule view. VDC-37021*
In the Review tab, locking or unlocking a subject in an event date results in a continuous spinner that must be refreshed. VDC-37051*
In Studio, hovering over the version number after creating a new casebook version produces a tooltip that shows the casebook definition name as "Undefined." VDC-37105*
In casebooks that include a repeating event group, the form header is incorrectly displayed. VDC-37161*
In Studio, users are unable to reorder items in the Form > Coding Config modal. VDC-37176*
In the Studio tab, the user receives an error when trying to save items that have been reordered. VDC-37179*
In Studio > Studies > studio schedule, Form tabs disappear while saving an Item with a data type change in the properties panel. VDC-37212*
In Studio > Assessments, the Visibility tab does not display the list of forms that should be included. VDC-37225*
Study labels that are longer than 128 characters overlap with page headers on Detail PDFs. VDC-37292*
In Studio, the Create New Version dialog does not open after the action is cancelled unless the page is refreshed. VDC-37538*
Annotated and blank PDFs are rendered with the wrong mask. VDC-37683*
In the Review tab, the "Discard" and "Save" buttons remain onscreen after the user has navigated to the home page and away from the Form items page. VDC-38053*
In Review > Study Jobs, the Actions menu was replaced with three buttons (Edit, Delete, and Run Now). These buttons don't initiate the respective actions. VDC-38055*
In the Review > Study Jobs tab, icons are missing in the Information, File, and Log columns. VDC-38311*

Views & Data Export

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault does not open the View Editor after a user copies a View. VDC-36274*