Known Issues in 20R2 Pre-Release

Pre-Release Date: August 3, 2020 | Release Date: August 14 & 21, 2020

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future releases.

An asterisk (*) next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.


Issue Description Issue No.
If a user adds a Form as visible in an Assessment, and then marks the Form as restricted, Vault immediately removes it from the Assessment Editor, which prevents the user from removing it from the Assessment. VDC-51942*

Audit Trail

Issue Description Issue No.
When a blinded user marks a Form as Marked for Removal, the Audit Trail doesn't include the user that the system updated the form on behalf of. VDC-53519*

Automatic Deployments

Issue Description Issue No.
The deletion of an Environment may fail with a "SubjectReviewPlanAssignmentTrigger" error. VDC-53670*
Deployment may fail when a Study has a null value for the Item Label Alignment field on the Study Configuration record. VDC-54187*

Casebook Versioning

Issue Description Issue No.
When the user upversions the same casebook in two different browsers, the process either fails with a SQL locking error or gets stuck during the versioning layouts stage. VDC-53141*
The versioning layout stage of Casebook Upversioning takes much longer than expected. VDC-53318*
In new studies, retrospective amendments don't fail when a Casebook contains locked data. VDC-53938*
In certain circumstances, users may receive an error when opening an In Progress Form that was modified by a prospective amendment. VDC-54455*

Clinical Query Language (CQL)

Issue Description Issue No.
By default, CQL sorts repeating Item Groups by Sequence Number instead of Name and Sequence Numbers. VDC-47236*
Certain CQL queries that include a Form with a repeating Item Group may cause the listing to load indefinitely instead of returning results. VDC-49713*
The default CQL statement for Core Listings includes "WHERE @Form.Status is 'submitted__v'", but @Form.Status isn't included in the projection. So, CQL doesn't apply the filter. VDC-50264*
CQL returns an error when the Min() function is used on a text field. VDC-52685*
CQL ignores the aliasing of any @ItemGroup attributes. VDC-52754*
CQL may unexpectedly return the "folded header size should be the same as row size" error. VDC-52845
CQL doesn't return any results for @HDR.Study.ExternalID. VDC-53147, VDC-53036
Certain CQL statements may result in extra columns or cause the Listing to crash. VDC-53200
If CQL returns results that are subject to status highlighting, and the statement uses the Union() function, records may not be returned in the expected order. VDC-53279*
A statement selecting @HDR.Site only may return duplicate records. VDC-53280*
CQL doesn't support the use of UNION in subqueries. VDC-53733
The COMPACT keyword compacts columns of Items that don't share the same data type. VDC-53902*
CQL may return an unknown identifier error when a Form has only repeating Item Groups. VDC-54053*
When running any non-select CQL, CQL never returns any data. VDC-54617*
SDTM functions don't support @HDR. VDC-54828*


Issue Description Issue No.
The Uperversioning Impact Report doesn't include information about Noncurrent results. VDC-52139*
When a user attempts to move the cursor to click the Code All Forms and Update Synonym List action, the Actions menu closes, preventing the user from initiating the action. VDC-53924*
The Autocoding and Suggestions job may fail with the "Coding requests are empty. This cannot happen." error. VDC-54260*
The column values in Impact Reports are incorrect, causing certain items to be marked as "Remapped" when they shouldn't be. VDC-54898

Coder Tools

Issue Description Issue No.
The Upversioning Impact Report summary displays the Form Name instead of the Form Type when the form uses Form Type Other. VDC-52145*

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No.
When a Form uses cascading, progressive display across multiple Item Groups, the Reset Entered Values action only resets the first dependent Item. VDC-49474*
Vault doesn't assign planned date ranges consistently on instances of repeating Event Groups. VDC-50073
Subjects that are Restricted are not marked with the restricted icon. VDC-52405*
In the Data Entry tab, a Restricted Repeating Form that is marked for removal is not marked with the proper icon signifying that it's no longer required. VDC-53239*
The date-selected field for a Codelist Item is shown as "null" even when a value is entered for that Item. VDC-53413*
Users are directed to a loading page that does not load when attempting to complete a form in a new casebook. VDC-53473*
A blinded user may receive a server error when resetting an Event that has a restricted Form that contains the controlling Item for a dynamic Event. VDC-53528*
Users with permission to access restricted data receive an error when accepting or rejecting the Closeout PDF for a Site containing restricted data. VDC-53879*
When the controlling Item of a dynamic Event Group is edited in such a way that the Event Group should be removed from the schedule, Vault may not remove it. VDC-53929*, VDC-54468*
Vault doesn't display the Site Closeout banner to users who don't have access to all Sites. VDC-54014
A user may receive a server error when resetting a Form containing only repeating Item Groups and label Items that doesn't have any existing Item Group sequences. VDC-54223*
In some circumstances, a repeating Item Group can have gaps in the sequence numbers (e.g. 1, 2, and 4). VDC-54247*
Users may receive an error when attempting to edit a controlling Item for progressive display after marking the dependent Item as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-54263*
In studies created before 20R2, Vault still requires a user to reset all Events to delete a Subject. VDC-54636
The user receives an error after deleting a Dynamic Form. VDC-54925*
The user receives a server error when resetting a Repeating Form that is marked for removal. VDC-55094*

Data Workbench

Issue Description Issue No.
To access the CDB application via the Workbench tab, users require the Access API permission. VDC-39915*
Users may receive an error when viewing the listing for a Form with a repeating Item Group that was amended to include a second repeating Item Group. VDC-45120*
In certain circumstances, CDB may attempt to load an EDC package and a 3rd party package simultaneously, causing import to fail. VDC-47793*
User's can't download the issue logs from Import > Packages. VDC-48658*
When there are errors during data import, Workbench doesn't move the package to the _error directory. VDC-49071*
When importing a new version of a source's package before the previous version finishes importing, CDB doesn't stop importing the previous package. VDC-49150*
In some circumstances, import may fail on a third party package and prevent the import of other packages. VDC-49456*
When Workbench is loading a large import package, it may take a long time to generate and download the issue log. VDC-49460*, VDC-49459*
Workbench creates Core Listings for Forms that aren't used in the study schedule. VDC-49722
If a user attempts to change the Title of an Export Listing, Workbench doesn't allow them to save the change due to an "Export definition already exists" error. VDC-51756*
Workbench may fail to load a study uses the word "order" as a column name without surrounding order with backticks. VDC-52419*
Workbench displays the source Form's name twice in the Listings page. VDC-52844
When Study Access is set to Disabled, a user can still view that Study in CDB. VDC-53282*
The re-processing of a third pacrty package may fail when a user re-imports the same EDC package. VDC-53628*
EDC import may fail when a Form contains only repeating Item Groups and there is an open query on the Form. VDC-54017
The downloaded CSV file from the Generate CSV action doesn't have the .csv file extension. VDC-54401*
Users can't delete an Export Definition while in Edit mode. VDC-54406*
CDB uses the Title instead of the Short Title for CSV filenames, even when a Short Title is present. VDC-54408*
When creating an SDTM Export Definition, the page may hang after the user attempts to switch between Auto generate column labels with EDC External name and Auto generate column labels with EDC SDTM name. VDC-54444*
A user may receive an "Error Saving Listing" error when attempting to edit a custom listing's properties. VDC-54551*
CDB may not update the column labels (based on SDTM Name) of an export listing after the import of an EDC package that contains changes to the SDTM Names of items. VDC-54750*
Users without the Restricted Data Access permission can download an export package that includes restricted data, while users with the Restricted Data Access permission can't. VDC-54944*
For third party data, CDB may fail to import a form with multiple Item Groups. VDC-54995*
Users can't open or close queries from CDB if they don't have the API: Access permission. VDC-55054*
Workbench may not create a query on a repeating Item immediately, instead showing an error and waiting for the user to click into another cell and then back into the original row. VDC-55063*
CDB doesn't allow users to open an export listing in a new tab or window. VDC-55089*
CDB may set an import pacakge as Reprocess Error during reprocessing, even if importing the package only returns warnings. VDC-55101*

Developer Features

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault returns the wrong error message when the eventgroup_sequence is invalid for a Create Form request. VDC-47870*
Vault returns the wrong error message when the eventgroup_sequence is invalid for a Create Form request. VDC-47870*
Vault returns the wrong error message when the eventgroup_sequence is invalid for a Create Form request. VDC-47870*
The Set Item Value API returns an unexpected error when the Form is in Edit mode after the Form was submitted. VDC-52270*
The Retrieve Events API doesn't return the correct error message when the request's value for "site" is invalid. VDC-52611*
The Retrieve Events API doesn't return Events in the Planned status. VDC-52613*
After a Form is updated via the Set Item Value API, Vault doesn't move the Form from Blank to In Progress. VDC-52788*
For the Open Query API, the response doesn't include the expected ifnromation about the Item Group and Item containing the query. VDC-53857*
The eventgroup_sequence parameter isn't optional for the Create Event API. In this release, the eventgroup_sequence parameter is optional. VDC-54493*

Freezing & Locking

Issue Description Issue No.
Users are able to create a new Item Group sequence for a repeating Item Group when the Form is frozen or locked. VDC-51838*
Users may be unable to freeze or unfreeze a Form from Review > My Studies. VDC-53907*
If a user freezes a single Item from a composite Item row, Vault freezes both Items and doesn't allow the user to unfreeze the second Item. VDC-53910*
In Studies created before 20R2, users with the CDMS Clinical Research Associate study role are unable to unfreeze Items. VDC-54252*, VDC-45256*
Users receive a server error when attempting to SDV or DMR an Event in a Casebook that was just frozen or unfrozen. VDC-54266*


Issue Description Issue No.
Users with permission are unable to view the job log files for failed export-type jobs. VDC-48459*
Users can't search for specific rules in the New Job dialog for a Query Rules job. VDC-49592*
The time stamp format in the CSV resulting from a Data and Definition Export job with Restricted Data is incorrect. VDC-50855*
The Audit Trail Export job fails in casebooks with a signed Form and Event when the Event is reset. VDC-53055*, VDC-53056*
The Enrollment Reconciliation job hangs while in the Running status. VDC-53728*
The Data and Definition Export job fails when a Casebook has an Item with a partially unknown DateTime. VDC-53836*
Restricted Form and Event Definition data is included in the Form Definition CSV file that is created after running the Data and Definition Export job without Restricted Data. VDC-54026*


Issue Description Issue No.
Translated PDFs are missing translations when opened with Chrome®. VDC-52920*
Casebook/Form Blank PDF file names for the Japanese language aren't translated to Japanese. VDC-53199*

PDF Export

Issue Description Issue No.
Detail PDF generation fails when the Include Queries checkbox is selected but the Form doesn't have any queries. VDC-49489*
When exported in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, PDF export files don't have their translated file names. VDC-50205*


Issue Description Issue No.
Vault doesn't create an Out of Window query on an existing Event Date when the Offset Event's date is edited. VDC-49991*
When Vault opens a system query on an empty, required field that is progressively displayed, and that Item is then hidden and re-shown, Vault doesn't open a new query. VDC-51116
When a blinded user resets an Event, and the Event contained a restricted Form with a query, Vault deletes the query. VDC-53909*

Reports & Dashboards

Issue Description Issue No.
Users without the Manage Review Plan Assignment permission can't view information from the Review Plan Casebook object in reports. VDC-54501*

Review Plans

Issue Description Issue No.
When searching for a Form in the Review Plan Editor, if the search query doesn't return any results, Vault shows a blank page. VDC-54212*
The Restricted icon doesn't display for restricted Forms in the Review Plan Editor. VDC-54213*

Role Management

Issue Description Issue No.
If a user copies a standard Study Role without the Restricted Data Access permission, and then assigns that new custom role that permission, Vault doesn't update the custom role to include Restricted Data Access. VDC-52212*
In some circumstances, Vault may grant the System Tools Tab permission to study roles that don't have the Manage Study Roles, Manage Study Deployments, or Manage Users permissions. VDC-54452


Issue Description Issue No.
When a copied rule's identifier is unresolved, Vault doesn't show the error message in the Rule Editor. VDC-48822*
After deploying a new Add Schedule rule, and retrospectively amending existing subjects to the new version, Vault doesn't add the Event Group to qualifying Casebooks. VDC-49062*
If a user deletes a Form Definition referenced by an Override Review Plan rule, Vault doesn't allow the user to select a new Form for that Rule. VDC-52114*
Queries with a rule that contains an object with a sequence number that is greater than one are not firing. VDC-52875*
Users receive an error when submitting a form with a rule containing a date item with a sequence number that is less than one. VDC-52886*
Users should receive an error when inputting a sequence number that is not greater than zero. VDC-52936*
Users are able to save rules even when the sequence number exceeds the repeat maximum for an object. VDC-52937*
Users are able to input negative numbers into the sequence number field. VDC-52938*
Users should receive a server error when putting brackets in for an event object while creating a rule. VDC-52958*
The "Save" button is not enabled when selecting an identifier for a rule action despite all required fields being filled. VDC-53289*
In Studies using version 1 of the expression grammar, the less than (<) and greater than (>) operators aren't working correctly. VDC-54024*
Rules referencing the sequence number of a repeating Form (@Form[#]) may not work as expected. VDC-54138
Vault may not add a dynamic Form when the form's Event Date is used in the evaluation criteria. VDC-54350*
Users can't specify a sequence number in the rule action for unscheduled Event Groups. VDC-54738


Issue Description Issue No.
Vault creates Review State records for Items that aren't subject to any SDV or DMR review. VDC-50165*
The new Casebook Review page may not display SDV or DMR tasks based on a user's permissions. VDC-52069*

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No.
In some cases, Vault may not display any information in the Detail view in Admin > Business Admin > Studies. VDC-46671*
A Vault Owner may be unable to create new studies in a newly created vault. VDC-47573*
The Closeout Activity history doesn't sort events chronologically. VDC-53659*
In new studies, a locked subject can be transferred to a new site. VDC-53967*

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault doesn't copy the Open Query or Future Date properties when copying an Event. VDC-48646*
The Study Design Specification may not display the expected values in the Mask column. VDC-49151
When an Item is associated with a casebook variable, and a user deletes the Item Definition, Vault doesn't mention the casebook variables in the confirmation dialog. VDC-50851*
The SDS shows Inactive for Active assessment questions. VDC-54120
The SDS doesn't include the appropriate Private Keys for Items assigned to Casebook Variables referenced in comparison rules. VDC-54123
The SDS filename isn't translated. VDC-54893

Study Import & Export

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault doesn't automatically set Open Query on Out of Range Event Dates to Yes on new studies. VDC-47666*

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No.
The New Study dialog doesn't display correctly in Internet Explorer™. VDC-47153*
Vault shows a Page Not Found error when viewing Item2 records from Admin > Business Admin. VDC-47575*
Creating a Casebook may take longer than usual. VDC-47584*
Listings for Forms with many repeating Item Groups take a long time to load. VDC-47976*
Vault may take longer than usual to save an Event Date. VDC-48202*
Creating a new Casebook may take longer than usual. VDC-48215*
Studio's Casebook Variables page may take a long time to fully load. VDC-49551*
Attempting to sort the Closed Query list in CDB instead opens the Outstanding queries list. VDC-49857*
In Studio > Casebook Variables, Vault doesn't show the text for the Definition Selector in Internet Explorer™. VDC-49969*
When an Event has a longer name, and the Event is Frozen or Locked, the Name doesn't wrap appropriately in the Event & Form panel. VDC-50505*
Form submission may take longer than usual. VDC-50506*
Users may receive a server error when switching between Review > My Studies and Review > My Study Sites immediately after logging in. VDC-51771*
Coding a group of more than 10,000 Code Requests may take a very long time. VDC-52193*
The login loading page takes much longer than expected after logging in as a Data Manager. VDC-52320*
Blinded users may receive a server error when navigating to Review > My Studies after an unblinded user performed review tasks on a restricted Form. VDC-52641*
When a user selects "View as Site" on a Form that has been locked or frozen, the Composite Verification field is not spaced as it should be. VDC-52758*
Coding a grouped coding request of one on a page with a group of 10K requests takes much longer than expected. VDC-53050*
Users receive a server error when selecting the "More Actions" icon in a form in Review > My Studies. VDC-53159*
In Review > My Studies > Queries, the number of Queries listed doesn't match the actual count displayed in the tab. VDC-53260*
The second Item on a Form with a Query as its first Item displays with overlapping buttons. VDC-53377*
In newly created studies, form submission may take longer than usual. VDC-53867*
The My Study Sites page includes tasks for Event Dates on Events that are not planned or were marked as Did Not Occur. VDC-54102*
The Casebook Variables and Comparison Rules pages may not show horizontal scrollbars on smaller screens. VDC-54612
The subject list in the Review > My Study Sites tab is taking longer to load in V2 of the Data Model than in V1. VDC-54650*
Creating a Repeating Form may take longer than usual. VDC-54732*
Hypersensitivity Non-dynamic Form submission takes much longer than it should. VDC-54735*
Subject Status Dynamic Form submission takes much longer than it should. VDC-54741*

Views & Data Export

Issue Description Issue No.
A user may receive a server error when attempting to update the identifier for a column. VDC-54376*