Feature Enablement Details for 19R1

The following is a list of new features introduced in 19R1. For each feature, the list includes information on how enablement works and which applications include the feature. You can see detailed explanations for the features below in What’s New in 19R1. See an explanation of feature enablement and user impact below.

Feature Enablement Application
Service Announcements Auto-on 1 Coder, EDC
Data Entry
Renamed "Casebooks" Tab to "Data Entry" Auto-on EDC
Clear Signature Action Auto-on EDC
Casebook Schedule UI Enhancements Auto-on EDC
Data Entry UI Enhancements Auto-on EDC
eSignature Enhancements Auto-on EDC
Query Enhancements Auto-on EDC
Intentionally Left Blank Enhancements Auto-on EDC
Data Review
Freeze & Lock Event Dates Configuration EDC
Event & Form Tree Panel Auto-on 2 EDC
Continuous Form Panel Auto-on 2 EDC
Query Enhancements Auto-on EDC
Access Code Request Audit Trail from More Actions Menu Auto-on Coder
Grouping Code Requests Auto-on Coder
Coder UI Enhancements Auto-on Coder
Query & Noters Enhancements Auto-on Coder
Support for Codelist Coding Properties Auto-on Coder
Coder Tools
Import & Export Stop Lists Auto-on Coder
Import & Export Synonym Lists Auto-on Coder
Code without Indication or Route (WHODrug) Configuration 3 Coder
Code without ATCs (WHODrug) Configuration 4 Coder
Code without Seriousness (MedDRA) Configuration 3 Coder
Autocode from Dictionary Auto-on 5 Coder
Internal Only: In the current release, this area of the application is available only to Veeva Services.
Study Design Specifications Auto-on EDC
Annotated PDFs Auto-on EDC
Select a Casebook Versions Auto-on EDC
Text-Base Rule Editor Auto-on EDC
Enhanced Vault Formulas Auto-on EDC
Study Update Restrictions Auto-on EDC
Hide Codelist & Unit Items Auto-on EDC
Import to Update In Progress Studies Auto-on EDC
Column Display Property on Column Definitions Auto-on EDC
Study Data Extract Notifications Auto-on EDC
Select Object & Field Values for Column Mappings Auto-on EDC
EDC Tools
Internal Only: In the current release, this area of the application is available only to Veeva Services.
Retrospective Casebook Amendments Auto-on EDC
Prospective Casebook Amendments Auto-on EDC
Data Export includes Codelists.csv Auto-on EDC
Audit Trail Export Auto-on EDC
User Management Enhancements Auto-on EDC
Renamed "Audit Export" Job to "Audit Trail Export" Auto-on EDC
CDMS Role by Study Support Coder, EDC
CTMS Connection
CTMS Users Open Casebooks in the Review Tab Configuration EDC

 Service announcements display automatically in your vault as assigned by Veeva. There is no configuration required for Vault users. Contact your Veeva representative for additional details.

In vaults where the Review tab is enabled.

Contact Veeva Services to discuss enabling this feature in your vault.

This setting displays automatically in Coder Tolls, but a Coding Administrator must manually enable it for users to code without ATCs.

This setting displays automatically in Coder Tools, but a Coding Administrator must manually enable it for Vault to autocode dictionary exact matches.

Enablement Legend

See the following explanations for feature enablement options:

Enablement Description
Auto-on Automatically activated and no configuration is required before using the feature; note that in some cases, a new feature is dependent on another feature that must be enabled or configured.
Admin Checkbox Admins must turn on the feature with an Admin checkbox. Note that some “Auto-On” features have a checkbox setting that hides the feature; these will show “Auto-On.”
Configuration Admins must configure the feature (separately from an Admin checkbox) before it is available to use or is active; for example, a Clinical Programmer must create an Item Definition of a certain new Item Type.
Support On/off option controlled by Support.