Fixed Issues in 22R1

Pre-Release Date: March 28, 2022 | CDB Pre-Release Date: April 4, 2022 | Release Date: April 8 & 22, 2022

This week's release includes fixes for the following issues:

An asterisk (*) next to the issue number denotes an internally found defect filed during the development of Limited Release features.

Highlighted Issues

The fixes for the issues highlighted below may introduce behavioral changes from the previous release.

Category Description Issue No.

Audit Trails

Issue Description Issue No.
The page freezes when users attempt to filter the Audit Trail Export by Study job by a specific user. VDC-88166
Users encounter errors when running the Audit Trail Export job on specific casebooks. VDC-88543

Blank & Detail PDFs

Issue Description Issue No.
The page number is incorrect for blank PDFs exported at the subject level. VDC-88815*

Casebook Versioning

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault produces an error message when users run a casebook comparison. VDC-87510
Vault may remove Event Window configuration when creating a new casebook version. VDC-89467
With this release, Vault now records updates to the Event Summary record in the post-amendment process as being made by the System User. VDC-94550*


Issue Description Issue No.
CQL may return an error when the statement has a union with a correlated subquery containing a join between two Item Groups. VDC-71775*
CQL now supports the use of the OverrideReason function for the LBOVRDNRC item. VDC-80584*
With this release, CQL now limits Union operations to 4000. VDC-81098
When using UnPivot, if the result set includes more than 1000 rows, Workbench may truncate the rows incorrectly. VDC-85581*
When referencing a View that uses On Subject Unalign and Union, CQL may return a "Column in order clause is ambiguous" error. VDC-86000*
Selecting from certain views may return an "Unknown column in 'on clause'" error. VDC-86577*
CQL returns an "Unknown column" error when selecting @HDR from a View. VDC-86581*
Certain View Listings may not return all possible result rows. VDC-86621*, VDC-86842*
When using @ItemGroup.SeqNbr in the WHERE clause for a View, and then querying Select * for that View, CQL may return unfilled Forms that have NULL values for @ItemGroup.SeqNbr. VDC-86625*
When a View uses On Subject, selecting from that View doesn't return the expected results. VDC-86630*
CQL returns an "Unknown column" error when the alias for an Item ends with a period (.). VDC-86793*
@QRYMSG.Status returns the value from @QRY.Status, instead of the Status for the Query Message. VDC-86990
CQL may return zero rows when there are expected results if using the Label() function. VDC-87009*
When a View only returns the Subject.Name column, if CQL statement selects * from the View, CQL returns Subject.Name and Subject.ID. VDC-87204*
Using Select * to query a View may return unexpected rows. VDC-87296*
The Union function doesn't honor Limit or Offset. VDC-87767*
CQL returns an "Unknown column '$sub.header_event__r.event_id' in 'field list'" error when referencing @HDR with Union. VDC-87989*
CQL may take a longer time to return results when the statement uses the CodedTerm function. VDC-88011*
CQL returns an unknown column error when the listing statement references a View and uses a blinded Item in the WHERE clause. VDC-88172*
When a user generates a CSV for a listing that references a View with blinded columns, and that user doesn't have the Restricted Data Access permission, the CSV includes column headers for those blinded columns. VDC-88194*
Listings may be marked as invalid when they have a combination of a subquery, union, and on subject. VDC-88386
CQL may return an unknown column error when the ORDER BY or GROUP BY references an aliased column. VDC-88390
CQL returns an unknown column error when using Union with @HDR.Event.Name in a subquery when the results include an Item marked as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-88512*
When referencing a View that uses an alias inside of a Union, CQL returns an unknown column error for the aliased column. VDC-88529*
When the CQL statement uses a subquery, CQL filters out Events that Did Not Occur automatically, which removes rows with blank Item values from the results. With this release, CQL no longer applies this filter, unless it is specified in a WHERE clause. VDC-88639*
CQL returns fewer rows in a View using On Subject Unalign than a Custom Listing referencing that same Form. VDC-88957*
CQL may return an unknown column error when selecting from two Views using On Subject Align. VDC-88958*
CQL doesn't return an informative error message when the statement references @ItemGroup attributes in a View. VDC-88987*
When joining a View to a Form, CQL may not return result rows where @Form.SeqNbr is null. VDC-89506*
CQL returns an unknown column error when using Union with mismatched items and headers. VDC-89647
CQL returns a "The used SELECT statements have a different number of columns" error when using Union with On Subject only applied to one selection. VDC-89681*
CQL returns an unknown column error when using Select * on a subquery that references @HDR properties. VDC-89697*, VDC-89799*
CQL may not filter results as expected when the WHERE clause references @Form.SeqNbr or @ItemGroup.SeqNbr. VDC-90300*
When the WHERE clause uses the CodedTerm function, CQL may return duplicate records and may not return all possible result rows. VDC-91072*, VDC-91073*, VDC-91074*
CALL Sys_Forms may take a long time to return results. VDC-91189
Users are unable to save listings that use CALL Sys_Events or CALL Sys_Forms in the CQL statement. VDC-91721*, VDC-93037
CQL may be slow to return results when the statement includes the CodeLabel function. VDC-92029
CQL may return an "Unknown column 'header_Event__r.event_name' in 'where clause'" error for Views. VDC-93597

CDB - Dashboards

Issue Description Issue No.
In some locations, Known Discrepancy is incorrectly labeled as Known Issue. VDC-80558*
After refreshing the dashboard, Workbench may display listings from multiple UAT instances. VDC-86429*
Filters using <,>,<=, or >= don't work as expected for the Reviewed, Known Discrepancies, w/ Answered Query, and w/ Opened Query columns. VDC-89138*

CDB - Deployment

Issue Description Issue No.
CDB updates the Last Modified Date for Review Listings after successful data import. VDC-87613
The Object Summary Log, when generated in production environments, now has an Access column (lists public or private) and no longer has the Status column. VDC-87862*
CDB may encounter issues when deploying Listings and Views from UAT to Production environments when the a matching field has been modified in the Production environment. VDC-87901*
With this release, Workbench now uses the incoming values from a deployment for Modified On and Modified By. VDC-88066
The Object Deletion Log doesn't include the deletion of Private Listings. VDC-88120*
In some circumstances, a deployment may not include the source for a listing, and so the listing may not be updated or may have errors in the production environment. VDC-88177, VDC-88428*

CDB - Export

Issue Description Issue No.
If a user copies an Export Definition using Save As, the copied scheduled export won't begin until the user edits the properties of the Export Definition. VDC-77315*
For raw-type Export Definitions, Workbench may add extra columns for datetime columns. VDC-80104*
WHODrug coding fields aren't included in CDB exports of the CM core listing. VDC-86466
In some studies, package generation for raw-type Export Definition fails due to a duplicate @QRY.Name column in the EDC Closed Queries listing. VDC-86469
SAS export files truncate variables at 30 characters, instead of 32. VDC-86562
After importing new data, Workbench may not show user-created listings as available for adding to an Export Definition. VDC-87073
Users are unable to save when creating a new Export Definition with invalid listings. VDC-87104
Workbench fails to create a raw-type Export Definition when the user selects multiple listings with the same ID. VDC-87125*
Review listings that reference restricted data aren't listed in Available Listings during Export Definition creation. VDC-87131*
For some export definitions, package generation fails due to an out of memory error. VDC-87552
If a user edits the Title of a listing in an existing Export Definition, then generates the export package, the export package doesn't show that new Title. VDC-87910
Exports in EDC Tools fail unexpectedly for certain studies. VDC-88178*
The Workbench Export job fails when attempting to export EDC data to CDB. VDC-88916
Scheduled daily exports may fail unexpectedly. VDC-89482
SAS package generation may fail due to the "GC overhead limit exceeded" error. VDC-89837*
Export package generation may fail due to the "No data - zero rows fetched, selected, or processed" error. VDC-89906
Vault Owners are unable to remove scheduled exports. VDC-90338*
When a listing has two columns with duplicate names, due to reusing an Item across multiple Item Groups, the SAS export file generated for that listing may be missing rows (due to an attempt to fill the duplicate columns with data from the next row) and the CSV export file may be missing columns. VDC-90365
Certain export definitions may not use External ID for headers when configured to do so. VDC-91168
When creating Export Listings for an SDTM-type Export Definition, CDB creates alphanumeric field names for External ID. VDC-91172
Users may be unable to generate CSV or SAS exports from raw-type Export Definitions. VDC-91700*
Export package generation fails for raw-type exports that contain only system listings. VDC-91723*
Export packages generated by users without the Restricted Data Access permission display data about restricted Forms in the Sys_Forms listing. VDC-91871*
Generation of SAS export packages may fail unexpectedly. VDC-94647

CDB - Import

Issue Description Issue No.
The import Audit Log doesn't display records for deleted Sources. VDC-80948*
In the Audit Log, Workbench disables the Apply button when the Import Date Range filter's date range is greater than 90 days, instead of preventing the selection of an End Date outside of that range. VDC-81625*
When a user uploads a key mapping file by browsing for it (instead of dragging and dropping), the page hangs. VDC-83018*
Workbench doesn't return an appropriate error message when a user imports data for a Study in a given Source, with a mapped Key for the Study Name, but the Key Mapping for that Study is only defined for a different Source. VDC-84954*
The import Audit Log doesn't include imports that are in progress. VDC-85398*
The import Audit Log doesn't show results for failed imports. VDC-85401*, VDC-85833*
Ingestion fails when there are two Item Definitions with the same Name but with different capitalization of that Name. VDC-85535
When a Study has a Form with only a repeating Item Groups, and then a new version adds a non-repeating Item Group to that Form, Workbench may not fully import EDC data for Casebooks using the earlier version. VDC-85925*
Import may fail when a Study includes a Form that has only repeating Item Groups. VDC-86125
In the Import Audit Log, the "Load Completion" column is incorrectly labeled as "Loaded Completion". VDC-86266*
Workbench continues to display deleted Key Mappings in the list of Key Mappings. VDC-86347*
Workbench generates a Date Applied value for the import Audit Log when the import of a package fails. VDC-86770*
In Studies with several Lab Panels in EDC, import from EDC may get stuck in the Pending status. VDC-86788
After importing new data, Workbench may mark certain valid Review Listings as Invalid. VDC-87132*
Import from EDC may fail unexpectedly for certain Studies. VDC-87278
If a new casebook version switches an Item Group from non-repeating to repeating, import fails. VDC-87434*
In larger Studies, transformation may take longer than usual. VDC-87645*
Import may fail when the manifest specifies a GroupID but doesn't specify event mapping. VDC-87796
Workbench may attempt the transformation job on packages that have already been transformed. VDC-87985
In the CSV export of the import audit log, the "Load Completion" column is now labelled correctly. VDC-88030*
When using key mapping on Event, Workbench may not generate Event Group Sequence Numbers as expected. VDC-88103
Users may receive an error when importing a key mapping file with the "name" mapping type after deleting a key mapping file with the "external_id" mapping type. VDC-89254
Import of third party data may fail due to a copy error. VDC-89403
Import may fail if a Code Request doesn't have a value for the Dictionary Release field in EDC. VDC-90648
Workbench fails to import packages from EDC if a study designer changed the Length or Precision properties for a unit-type Item Definition in EDC. VDC-90783

CDB - Listings

Issue Description Issue No.
In the Cell Details panel, Workbench may not show up to date status icons for SDV, DMR, Signed, Frozen, or Not Locked. VDC-63853*
If a user clears the filters from a column via the Sort & Filter menu, Workbench doesn't clear any filters applied with the Is Null and Is Not Null operators. VDC-82204*
Workbench doesn't show any warning icon on Review Listings that include dynamic CQL or duplicate keys. VDC-83106*
If a listing references a View that uses a CASE statement, Workbench may not show all possible cell decorations. VDC-85879*
Workbench may not return search results when a user searches in the Source column for a listing. VDC-86191*
Workbench doesn't apply filters on the Listing Summary from the Modified In column. VDC-86316*
When a user creates a new Review Listing or enables review for an existing Custom Listing, if the listing's CQL contains certain clinical functions, such as ILB(), Workbench may mark the listing as invalid. VDC-86544*
When a listing references a View, Workbench doesn't show the correct decorations for Forms marked as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-86623*
For some studies, the Dashboard may incorrectly consider all listings as Invalid. VDC-86760*
Workbench attempts to apply decorations to Items marked as Intentionally Left Blank when the Item is retrieved as part of a subquery, causing an error. VDC-86795*
Workbench doesn't show the Filter icon in Core Listing columns where a filter has been applied via the Sort & Filter menu. VDC-86802
If a listing references a View, Workbench doesn't display the Source in the Listing Summary. VDC-87117*
After Workbench imports a new package into the Study, if a user creates a new review-enabled listing, Workbench displays duplicate Form pills. VDC-87137*
Certain Review Listings may be incorrectly marked as Invalid. VDC-87234*
Workbench may get stuck loading certain listings. VDC-87912
When a custom listing has a unit-type Item, if a user creates a review-enabled listing from it, Workbench marks the review listing as invalid. VDC-87975*
Workbench now allows users to save listings with invalid CQL. VDC-88419
After import of new data into an existing Study, Review Listings may be marked as Invalid when there are no errors. VDC-88931
If a user views an invalid listing, returns to the All Listings page, then views another listing, CDB disables the Save As action. VDC-90018*
Certain listings may return duplicate rows. VDC-91541*
Applying a filter to a codelist or boolean Item column in a review-enabled listing may result CDB marking the listing as invalid. VDC-94269*
When a user is filtering with the Sort & Filter menu, Workbench doesn't allow them to enter the second value of the range when using the BETWEEN operator for number-type columns. VDC-94406
Certain review-enabled listings may be incorrectly marked as Invalid with a "null" error message. VDC-94532
CDB may not display the Filter icon in the column header for UOM columns with filters applied. VDC-95068

CDB - Queries

Issue Description Issue No.
Workbench may not show the Open Query decoration on the Event Date unless a user interacts with a Query on an Item in the same row. VDC-86438*

CDB - Views

Issue Description Issue No.
Workbench doesn't display the correct CQL in the Reference CQL tab for Views. VDC-82669*
When creating a Review Listing by referencing a View that uses a subquery selecting from a repeating Item Group, CQL may return the "Unknown column '$sub.header_event__r.event_id' in 'field list'" error. VDC-86099*
Workbench allows users to save a View when the CQL references @Form attributes. VDC-86462*
Users may receive an error when attempting to download the latest CSV for a view from the Views summary page. VDC-86545*
When a View uses On Subject and Union, selecting from that View doesn't return the expected results. VDC-86627*
In View Listings, CQL returns boolean Item values as 1/0 instead of true/false. VDC-86628*
Workbench doesn't automatically set the Category to View, causing an error message when saving the new View, but Workbench successfully creates the View. VDC-86695*
When the view's CQL uses aliasing, CQL may return an error when a selecting from the View. VDC-86839*, VDC-86841*
When a listing is converted into a View, Workbench may not display column headers correctly. VDC-87206*
When using On Subject Unalign in a View Listing, CQL may not return all possible result rows. VDC-87825*, VDC-87972


Issue Description Issue No.
Some users encounter errors when attempting to upversion a dictionary in the Production environment. VDC-88356
Not all ConMed records that are entered are available to code. VDC-90715
Some Medical History Events are missing Code Requests. VDC-91670

Coding Configuration

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault doesn't prevent users from attempting to start batch upversioning when a single upversioning attempt is ongoing. VDC-86203*

Compare Versions & Vaults

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault produces an error message when users run a casebook comparison. VDC-87511
Cross Vault ID may appear differently in a Vault-level diff report. VDC-87951
Cross Vault ID may appear differently in a Vault-level diff report. VDC-88340
The Vault Comparison Job fails with an error under certain circumstances. VDC-91004*
Cross Vault ID may appear differently in a Vault-level diff report. VDC-91226

Data Entry

Issue Description Issue No.
If a repeating Event Group uses an Offset Event that is not within that Event Group, Vault does not calculate the Planned Event Date correctly for any cycle after the first. VDC-26725*
Vault doesn't show an error message when a user enters a value in an Item that populates a derived codelist Item and that value doesn't match any codes for existing codelist items (values). VDC-85883
If a user enters data on a repeating Form, then resets the Form, and then enters data again, they receive a server error once Vault attempts to autosave their entered data. VDC-86337*
Forms with editable grids can't save when completed when progressive display is configured. VDC-86861
With this release, Vault truncates translated values for unit-type Items at 15 decimal places. VDC-88339
Users are shown a server error message when navigating to a specific site. VDC-88858
Users should be able to sort events across all casebooks. VDC-88896
Users encounter a server error in vaults used for instructor-led training. VDC-89242
Vault doesn't allow users to submit a form after switching to form link view after an item autosaves. VDC-91482


Issue Description Issue No.
Changing application role names, deploying groups, then deploying roles deletes user managed groups. VDC-84380*
Deployments that include study roles may fail unexpectedly. VDC-85214*
Deployment fails if the multi-role security flag isn't the same in source and target vaults. VDC-86370*
Deployment fails after users create custom roles. VDC-87253
Deployment doesn't include "Included Security Profiles" when deploying new groups that have included security profiles. VDC-88246*
Deployment fails when deploying custom roles. VDC-89989
Deployment fails when deploying user roles. VDC-90006
Users are shown a duplicate name error when deploying an update of two permission sets, one of which has an edited name. VDC-90103*

Developer Features

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault returns the wrong error message when the eventgroup_sequence is invalid for a Create Form request. VDC-47870*
The Upsert Items API allows for the creation of new Item Groups on submitted Forms. VDC-84497*
The Retrieve Users API (v22.1) returns blank for lms_training_status instead of "trained__v". VDC-90005*


Issue Description Issue No.
In studies using version 2 of the data model, Vault sends "null" instead of "not_applicable__v" for Events where the SDV and DMR requirement mode is set to Not Required. VDC-80738*
In studies using version 2 of the data model, Vault doesn't send data from log-type Events to CTMS via the CDMS to CTMS connection. VDC-80739*
Users receive an error message when saving a Curriculum Map copy to multiple studies in the Learning Systems tab. VDC-85810*
In some vaults, users aren't marked as "Trained" in the Learning Systems tab. VDC-86865
CTMS jobs that call to CDMS "getevent" ID API take too long to complete and eventually fail. VDC-88284
In some cases, users aren't marked as "Trained" after completing training. VDC-88861
Users are shown an error message that points to an inactive user when attempting to set up a new Learning System. VDC-90571
Users are shown an error message when adding a new Learning System for a new study deployment in EDC Tools. VDC-91040
In some circumstances, Subject Status dates from CDMS don't populate in CTMS. VDC-91414


Issue Description Issue No.
Subject Progress Listing and Form Progress Listing jobs may fail unexpectedly. VDC-85602
If there are special characters in a file name for a Study Listings job, those characters should be replaced with underscores. VDC-85901*
In the Query Detail Listing job output, Vault shows the Study Role for the Closed By column, instead of the user who closed the query. VDC-86261
Retrospective amendments fail with a query-related error for some users. VDC-86263
Form Progress Listing jobs may fail unexpectedly. VDC-86377*
Form labels don't show up in the resulting file of a Data and Definition Export job. VDC-86636*
The Subject Progress Listing job fails for certain studies. VDC-87300*
Users receive an error email when running training reports for all studies. No errors are shown for single studies. VDC-87804
The Event Date not Frozen and Event Date not Locked columns in the Subject Progress Listing job pull data from the wrong object. VDC-87893
The Audit Trail Export by Study job fails due to a specific data setup. VDC-87977
The Core Listing job fails with errors when running from the DEV1 environment. VDC-88133
In some cases, the Validation job in Studio doesn't find invalid rules when run after a change made during Post Go Live. VDC-89174
Audit Trail Export jobs fail due to incorrectly created custom trigger data. VDC-89377
Users receive an error message when running the Delete Study Data job. VDC-89468
The Data and Definition Export job fails when the Site is missing a Casebook Version VDC-89598
Retrospective Amendments shouldn't change translated values. VDC-90760
The "Late" and "Overdue Values" columns don't populate for Form Progress Listing jobs. VDC-92590
The Subject Progress Listing job fails in Production instances. VDC-93143


Issue Description Issue No.
Users receive an error email when importing normal ranges. VDC-88965
Users should not be able to have duplicate labels for Unit Item Def and Codelist Item Def. VDC-89274
Users are shown an error message when using the same name for the Lab Unit Name and Lab Unit Label. VDC-89328
Deployment fails when deploying the analyte library. VDC-90671


Issue Description Issue No.
This release corrects some of the Japanese translations for dialog text. VDC-78163*

Protocol Deviations

Issue Description Issue No.
Some Protocol Deviation reports are missing Event, Form, and Item fields. VDC-88308

Publishing Validation

Issue Description Issue No.
Some users experience validation errors due to rules that aren't supported. VDC-90452


Issue Description Issue No.
In some specific cases, Query Team restrictions are not enforced after changing users. VDC-88143


Issue Description Issue No.
Users receive a server error when redispensing kits or devices but the redispense still occurs. VDC-69947*
Masked Device/Kit ID's should remain masked after redispensing in Data Entry. VDC-85812*

Reports & Dashboards

Issue Description Issue No.
A new summary repair job should start at the same time that the previous successful summary repair job started. VDC-88362*

Review Plan Assignment

Issue Description Issue No.
The Reorder Assignment job fails with errors. VDC-88474*

Role & User Management

Issue Description Issue No.
In vaults using multi-role security, if a user renames a Study Role, Vault doesn't automatically rename the corresponding User Managed Group. VDC-78461*
In vaults using Multi-Role Security, if a user has access to CDB, but only one of two Studies, that user is able to see both of those Studies on the Studies page. If the user clicks to open the Study that they don't have access to, the page doesn't load. VDC-89139
Cross domain users are shown an "Invalid User Name/Password" error when entering credentials to edit normal ranges in the Labs module. VDC-91272
In some cases, custom roles have more field permissions than the roles they were migrated from. VDC-91508
In some cases, users can manage lab units and codelists despite not having permission to do so. VDC-93395

Rule Editor

Issue Description Issue No.
If a user copies Subject Groups from another Study, then creates a rule to add a subject to one of those groups, if they save the rule then attempt to reopen it, they receive an error. VDC-86593
Some Protocol Deviation rules regarding Lab forms that are ILB don't execute properly if the rule syntax doesn't reference the ILB value of a specific item within a Lab form. VDC-90344*

Rule Execution

Issue Description Issue No.
Vault doesn't handle dates without unknowns correctly when passing through a MinDate/Time or MaxDate/Time function. VDC-86098
Rules for repeating event groups don't execute properly. VDC-86801
Rule execution job files return blank when forms are added by the job. VDC-87282*
Vault produces an error message when users attempt to save a rule with DateTime values. VDC-87514
Some rules produce duplicate lines for the same result in the resulting file. VDC-89494
Users are shown an error message when submitting a form on a repeating DateTime item when the item is set up to allow for unknown parts or if there is a blank instance of the item on the form. VDC-89612
A Protocol Deviation with a reference to a recently deleted form can be created if a Protocol Deviation rule executes during an event reset. VDC-90384
Some rules that use aggregate identifiers don't execute properly. VDC-91606
Users receive an email regarding errors encountered while running rules on a form that previously had data entered but is currently marked "Intentionally Left Blank." VDC-94733

Safety Link

Issue Description Issue No.
If an Item Name is long enough, the E2B ID of adjacent rows may be pushed outside the viewable area. VDC-84803*
If a Safety Case has two SAEs and no Treatment forms, the E2B XML includes an extra instance of G.k.1 and G.k.2.2. VDC-86543*
ID root values are missing when Treatment forms are configured but none are submitted. VDC-86778*
Study Drug is listed twice in the E2B XML when treatment forms aren't configured. VDC-87492
In Safety Configuration > Medical History, the E2B XML shows "null null" when an Item isn't mapped. VDC-87970*
Sometimes ConMed information doesn't transfer to Safety Vault. VDC-88481
If a user chooses the same Form for both Concomitant Medication and Treatment, then the page hangs when the user saves. VDC-88976*
G.k.10.r should not be included in the XML when it isn't mapped or has no value. VDC-89939
In some cases, Seriousness Criteria isn't included in the generated XML file in Safety Link. VDC-90819
Users are shown an error message when attempting to import a JSON file from UAT to Production. VDC-93194
The Safety Scheduler Export Job fails while attempting to generate the E2B XML when a related AE form and SAE form both have a value for the Action Taken Item. VDC-93219


Issue Description Issue No.
In the Review tab, some events are marked as fully SDV'd even though the form is not fully SDV'd. VDC-89227


Issue Description Issue No.
Training records in System Tools are duplicated for some users. VDC-82946*
User Account Domain names are case sensitive, which results in an Invalid User Name validation error. VDC-85642*
In some cases, the User Activity Report doesn't show tracked events. VDC-93731

Study Administration

Issue Description Issue No.
Copied forms carry orphaned rules to the Library and Study, causing errors that block deployment. VDC-87501

Study Data Extracts

Issue Description Issue No.
The Datetime and Time columns should use SAS format. VDC-77345*
The SDE returns an SAS translation error when the Custom Object label contains special characters. VDC-84348*
The Study Data Extract job may fail unexpectedly when a study includes assessments. VDC-85666
Vault is unnecessarily truncating values over 100 characters for LABID and PDRES in SAS outputs. VDC-86334
In some studies, Vault may add an extra underscore to SAS labels. VDC-86509
Scheduled SDE jobs occasionally fail with an error. VDC-86943
Hyphens in study names are replaced with underscores. VDC-87557
With this release, Vault no longer prefixes the Event label with the Event Group label for repeating Event Groups (Cycles). VDC-87662
Lab forms show labels instead of names in column headers. VDC-90638*
The ITEM column in the SYS_PD dataset is truncating to 100 characters. VDC-92141
The Item to Form Linking column headers should be capitalized. VDC-94060*

Study Design

Issue Description Issue No.
Copying an Event Group with rules included may fail when the Rule uses the Send Email action to an Email Group that doesn't exist in the target Study. VDC-77929*

UI & Performance

Issue Description Issue No.
Workbench ingestion may take longer than usual for very large studies. VDC-77844*
Vault shows users an error message when saving certain queries in Data Entry. VDC-81985
The Delete Listing and Delete View dialogs don't include a dialog title. VDC-85547*
On Query Listing pages, if a user selects rows, the text for "Rows Selected | #" and "# Records" may overlap. VDC-85934*
Users should be shown a warning message that prevents a subject with a duplicate name from moving when the user is transferring sites. VDC-87123
Certain listings for Forms with repeating Item Groups may take a long time to load. VDC-87581
Users may be unable to delete certain objects in Workbench. VDC-88034*
Users are shown a server error message when loading some casebooks in Data Entry and the Review tab. VDC-88650
In some circumstances, users may get an HTTP 500 error when attempting to access Workbench. VDC-88789
The original data isn't restored when a user cancels an edit in System Tools > Users. VDC-88970*
Users receive an empty ZIP file when downloading a site closeout PDF. VDC-89707
Users are shown a server error message in Studio when attempting to access Casebook Variables for birth date in a study configured with labs. VDC-90698*
Vault should display a warning dialog when users move an item that is being used as a Display Item to a different Item Group. VDC-91085*
Vault should display a warning dialog when users delete an item that is used as a Display Item. VDC-91086*
The radio buttons in the Core Listings job dialog are positioned incorrectly. VDC-93764*
A Progressive Display label appears on the wrong Item Value until the form is saved. VDC-93770
Users can't edit the first Item entered in the first row on a repeating Item Group until the form is submitted. VDC-94127
Vault doesn't display the Change Reason pop-up dialog for users to enter a Change Reason when changing a Lab Location in Data Entry. VDC-94224

Vault Administration

Issue Description Issue No.
Users can access Study links before completing required training. VDC-86531