Known Issues in 17R1

Release Dates: April 14 & 21, 2017

The issues listed below may impact Vault functionality for some users. We are actively investigating all known issues and will be providing fixes and updated information in future Vault releases. Learn about Vault releases.

Category Issue Description Issue Number
Admin After clicking the "Picklist is used by # fields" link within an object field detail page, users see a blank page. DEV-133907
Admin Creating a custom document field called "Document ID" causes errors because the name conflicts with the standard Vault ID value. DEV-133721
Admin Admins see a "Server having problems" banner when trying to edit document type details. This issue only affects a single vault. DEV-135302
Admin Some components do not appear in when selecting components for a Configuration Migration Package. DEV-135940
Admin License information on multi-application vaults is sometimes incorrect after the release. DEV-135839
API & VQL Customer integration using API isn't working with files that have certain special characters. DEV-135608
Documents Users receive a server error when adding a deleted document to their Cart. DEV-136096
Documents Users see an error when trying to create a document relationship that points to a non-latest version of a document if the users do not have View Document permission on the latest version. DEV-133111
Documents When reclassifying a document in a binder, the document inherits the binder's values for some fields and Vault ignores the field dependencies that should be applied. DEV-132763
Documents In some situations, document fields referencing custom objects show blank values in the Library tabular view. DEV-132181
Documents On PDF files with digital signatures, the signatures become invalid after uploading the PDF as a source file to Vault and then downloading. Note: This affects Adobe eSignature functionality, not Vault eSignatures. DEV-135472
Documents Users cannot delete documents that are referenced by an object field, even after clearing the object field. DEV-135441
Documents When users edit and save submissions, submission details do not display on the same page when the document is opened from the viewer tab. DEV-133869
Documents Type, Proprietary Name, Date Submitted, and Established Name do not populate in auto-generated 2253 forms. DEV-136389
Documents In auto-generated renditions for MSG files, a "?" appears at line breaks. DEV-136284
Documents After user moves a document into a new lifecycle state from a user action, the UI stays greyed out. DEV-136084
Documents MP3 playback isn't working when viewing Vault from Windows 7 using Internet Explorer 11. DEV-135829
Lifecycle & Workflow Users trying to complete an object task that includes steps to update fields on the record sometimes see errors. DEV-135128, DEV-130374
Lifecycle & Workflow When the same workflow task is assigned to a single user multiple times within the same workflow instance, the user's latest task comments overwrite the previous task comments. DEV-131748
Lifecycle & Workflow When setting up object lifecycles, Vault allows users to select the same lifecycle for two objects, but then displays a server error when saving. DEV-134926
Lifecycle & Workflow Users see a banner that says "Vault has experienced the network issue" when they navigate to an object lifecycle and then to the user action configuration within the lifecycle. DEV-134708
Objects Users cannot access Project object records after deploying a PMO package. DEV-134915
Objects Users sometimes see a blank page when navigating into an object record. DEV-134393
Objects Users are unable to create object records. This issue is limited to a single vault. DEV-134810
Objects Pagination is not correct on Objects > [Object] > Object Types > [Type] page. DEV-135435
Performance Occasionally, actions to change state on an object record take a long time or the page freezes. DEV-136071
RIM When creating a new submission from the Activities object, the date field "Planned Submission Date" does not populate when the user selects a date. DEV-134392
RIM Users see intermittent errors when creating field dependencies. DEV-133402
Security Users whose security profile grants the Application > Audit History permission cannot access an individual object record's audit trail. DEV-116134, 129164
User Interface Dropdown list is not fully visible (bottom is cut off) in 1366x768 resolution displays. DEV-134381