Fixed Issues in March 1 Release (18R3.5)

Release Date: March 7, 2019

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Category Issue Description Issue No.
Casebook Versioning After a casebook amendment including changes to a Codelist Item Definition, Users receive a server error after opening a blank Form in an In Progress Event. VDC-15171*
Casebook Versioning When selecting Sites for a casebook amendment, Vault removes selections after the user navigates to the next page in the Site list. VDC-21191*
Casebook Versioning Vault continues to show the Selected count even after a user applies filters to the Site list that remove the selections. VDC-21377*
Casebook Versioning Vault does not separate the selected Sites list with commas for new retrospective amendments. VDC-22119*
Casebook Versioning The Target Version drop-down does not resize correctly. VDC-22132*
Casebook Versioning When initiating a retrospective casebook amendment, clicking the Site Name or the "New Retrospective Amendment" header text returns the user to the Active Versions by Site subtab. VDC-22198*
Casebook Versioning When a casebook amendment adds or removes Items from a Form, Vault does not remove the completed Signature from the Form. VDC-22200*
Casebook Versioning Vault may list duplicate selected Sites for new retrospective amendments. VDC-22255*
Casebook Versioning Vault resets the selected Sites count to "1" after a user deselects one Site. VDC-22258*
Casebook Versioning After a retrospective amendment to a casebook with no sequences of a repeating Form, Vault adds a blank sequence of the repeating Form to the Casebook. VDC-22301*
Casebook Versioning Retrospective amendments may add dynamic Forms to the Casebook. VDC-22302*
Casebook Versioning During retrospective amendments, Vault adds Forms to Events when there is no Event Date or the Event is marked as Did Not Occur. VDC-22463*
Casebook Versioning The Version Breakdown is not ordered from earliest to latest by version. VDC-22471*
Casebook Versioning Users can click to sort the All Versions subtab by Description. With this release, users can no longer sort by Description. VDC-22495*
Casebook Versioning Vault may add sections of a repeating Item Group during a retrospective amendment. VDC-22505*
Casebook Versioning Users are able to select locked sites when initiating an amendment. VDC-22512*
Casebook Versioning The Select All checkbox for Sites doesn't select the first Site. VDC-22515*
Casebook Versioning When a user is selecting Subjects for an amendment, Vault does not show the Last Event for each Subject. VDC-22525*
Casebook Versioning Vault stacks the New Prospective Amendment and New Retrospective Amendment buttons. VDC-22568*
Casebook Versioning The New Prospective Amendments and Retrospective Amendment pages when access from the buttons do not match the pages when accessed from the Actions menu. VDC-22570*
Casebook Versioning Vault does not return completed Forms to their In Progress status when a casebook amendment modifies the Form. VDC-22593*, VDC-23008*
Casebook Versioning Clicking white space around the Back to Active Versions by Site link returns the user back to the Active Versions page. VDC-22631*
Casebook Versioning Users may receive a server error when navigating to a log Event after a casebook amendment introduced changes to that log Event. VDC-22839*, VDC-22867*
Casebook Versioning During amendments, Vault may add child objects to currently locked execution objects. VDC-23009*
Casebook Versioning After a prospective casebook amendment that changes the Repeat Maximum property of a repeating Form, Vault displays the wrong number of sequences for that Form in the form carousel. VDC-23173*
Casebook Versioning Vault displays a "Prospective Amendment" job type in EDC Tools > Jobs. This is not an available job type, and we removed this option from the Job Types drop-down. VDC-23488*
Coder When a Coding Request with no ATC is selected, a vertical scroll bar is displayed in the Code Request Properties panel Assigned Code card. Normally, the scroll bar should only be present if there is a code to display to allow the user to scroll down the card to read the entire code. VDC-20388*
Coder Tooltips are flickering when user hovers over column headers in Code Request Listing table. VDC-21078*
Coder When the user posts a Code Request note greater than 1500 characters in the Code Request Properties panel, a server error message is received. VDC-21122*
Coder Dictionary Search must allow terms with brackets and double quotes because WHODrug and MedDRA dictionaries contain entries with brackets and double quotes. VDC-21274
Coder The Code Request Listing table does not sort when a user clicks on the headers. VDC-21436*
Coder If a user types a long query in the Code Request Properties panel, the text is not transferred to the next line. VDC-21482*
Coder On occasion, the Code Request Properties panel displays left/right arrows. VDC-21498*
Coder If a query icon in the Code Request Table has Response from Site status and the age contains two digits, a portion of the icon is not displayed. VDC-21523*
Coder When user click on the Status or Synonym List headers to sort the Code Request Listing table, a server error is received. VDC-21558*
Coder When user selects a Code Request batch and then deselects Code Requests, the primary selection changes to unintended Code Request. VDC-22080*
Coder Vault creates an EDC Execution User Role Setup object record for each Application Role for the System user in vaults with the Coder application. VDC-22209*
Coder If two batch coding groups are combined, the expanded group can not be collapsed. VDC-22274*
Coder The Code Request Listing table is not updated properly when a new Code Request being added should be located on the next page. VDC-22285*
Coder The Code Request Listing table's Age column is displaying an incorrect font color. VDC-22386*
Coder Grouped Code Requests do not display Age value. VDC-22387*
Coder When more than 20 Coding Requests are added to the Code Request Table the system creates a second page. The second page is not being populated with additional Code Requests. VDC-22477*
Coder An * is required at the end of an incomplete word to conduct a dictionary search. VDC-22499*
Coder When user batch codes, only the primary selection's verbatim should be added to the synonym list instead of each verbatim in the group. VDC-22585
Coder When a user with the Coder Administrator role attempts to delete a synonym list record a server error message is received. VDC-22586
Coder For the Medical Coding Item Def Related Items object, the Autocoding Property will not set to No. VDC-22710*
Coder Resetting a form or clearing the verbatim on a form should delete the corresponding Code Request. VDC-22863
Coder Code Request core properties should not be displayed in the Code Request Properties Panel when the Code Request Table is in Grouped Mode. VDC-22874*
Coder In some vaults, Seriousness, Indication and Route columns are displayed in the Code Request Listing table when they are not configured to be active in a study. VDC-22878*
Coder When a new verbatim which is identical to an existing verbatim (with a manually entered Assigned Code) is added to the Code Request Listing page, the new verbatim should be autocoded to the matching verbatim. Instead the system is assigning a code from the dictionary. VDC-22887*
Coder A WHODrug B3 import may fail if an individual record contained in the import is missing the Drug Name value. VDC-22920*
Coder When user hovers over the Pending Coding or Pending Review headers in the Code Request Listing table, a flickering tooltip appears at the bottom of the page. VDC-22979*
Coder When the Dictionary Panel is in a popped-out state, it displays a More dropdown button instead of an Uncode button. VDC-23063*
Coder Some users are experiencing loading issues with the Code Request Listing page. No verbatims are displayed and a constant loading icon is present. VDC-23155*
Coder The minimum and maximum height of the Coding Panel needs to be adjusted. VDC-23293*
Coder In the Code Request Table, ConMed verbatims are displayed in AE forms. VDC-23389*
Coder When user exports a coding configuration and then imports it into a separate vault, the autocoding and grouping properties for the Code Request Related Items object are not set correctly. VDC-23398*
Coder Tools The Synonym List-level Actions menu does not display all of the expected actions. VDC-18892*
Coder Tools In the Actions Menu for Synonym Lists in Synonym List Details, the Approve option has a grey background. VDC-21084*
Coder Tools If user views a synonym list and clicks the 'Back to Synonym Lists' link, the system navigates to the Study Settings tab rather than the Synonym Lists tab. VDC-22180*
Coder Tools If user views a synonym list and clicks the 'Back to Stop Lists' link, the system navigates to the Study Settings tab rather than the Stop Lists tab. VDC-22182*
Coder Tools Synonym List and Stop List export filenames are in an incorrect format. VDC-22257*
Coder Tools When a user modifies Study Settings from Coder Tools and attempts to save changes the page hangs. VDC-22664*
Coder Tools When a user edits the Name or Status for a Stop List and then saves the changes, the page hangs. VDC-22908*
Coder Tools When a Stop List is deleted loading icon is present and the page hangs. VDC-22909*
Coder Tools In the Actions Menu for individual synonym lists in the Synonym Lists tab of Coder Tools, the option to import synonyms should be called Import Items. VDC-22912*
Coder Tools The Import Synonyms page is titled Import Items. VDC-22913*
Coder Tools Setting Coder to not code with ATCs in Study Settings, the Dictionary Panel should remove ATC columns in the Dictionary Panel. VDC-23141*
Data Entry Users can perform actions that interfere with Item Group creation while Vault is adding a new sequence of a repeating Item Group. VDC-15367*
Data Entry In some cases, Vault does not create dynamic Events as expected when the Event is within a repeating Event Group. VDC-21389*
Data Entry Users may receive a server error when entering an Event Date or completing a Form. VDC-21613*, VDC-22923*
Data Entry In some circumstances, Vault does not add all dynamic Forms to an Event after a user enters the expected data in the controlling Item field. VDC-21618
Data Entry For Events within repeating Event Groups, the task bar doesn't display the correct Event Date. VDC-21931*
Data Entry When a user enters an Event Date for an Event within a repeating Event Group, Vault replaces the user-entered date with the Planned Date. VDC-22000
Data Entry If a user marks an Item as Intentionally Left Blank before the initial entry is saved, Vault returns the user to the Study listing page. VDC-22416*
Data Entry The red outline for required radio button Item controls is misshapen. VDC-22461*
Data Entry In some cases, the task bar displays the incorrect task count for eSignature tasks on Event Dates. VDC-22872*, VDC-22950*
Data Entry In repeating Forms, Vault does not save the Intentionally Left Blank status for checkbox-type Items. VDC-22936*
Data Review Vault does not indicate locked, frozen, changed, and signed items in the View as Site dialog. VDC-16168*, VDC-16169*
Data Review Users are able to Sign at the Event level when there's an open query. VDC-16984
Data Review The View as Site dialog doesn't display the Item Group header when the Item Group has the Header Visible property selected. VDC-19009*
Data Review The Event & Form panel now includes Event Dates. VDC-22256*
Data Review When a user freezes or locks an entire Casebook, Vault does not freeze or lock Event Dates within the Casebook. VDC-22372*
Data Review Vault does not remove completed SDV when a user marks a Form as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-22498*
Data Review After a user freezes an Item, the page is stuck loading. VDC-22967*
eSignature Vault disables the Clear Form Signature option when there is an open query. VDC-21916*
eSignature With this release, we moved the Sign Form button to the left of the Edit Form button. VDC-22027*
eSignature Vault disables the Clear Event Signature option when there is an open query on the Event Date. VDC-22410*
eSignature Vault doesn't disable buttons and menus on the casebook schedule when a user is signing the Casebook. VDC-22676*
eSignature Vault does not disable the Sign button in the casebook schedule when there are no signable Forms. VDC-22771*
eSignature Vault does not disable the Sign button when the Study or Site is locked. VDC-22772*
eSignature Vault does not disable buttons or menus on the casebook schedule when a user signing. VDC-22873*
eSignature With this release, we removed the Apply Signature from the Event-level More Actions menu. VDC-22922*
eSignature Vault displays the "Unsaved Changes" dialog instead of the "Unsigned Events" dialog when a user attempts to leave a Casebook with a signature in progress. VDC-23043*
PDF Export Detail PDFs show Event Dates for common log Forms. VDC-21730*
PDF Export In certain circumstances, exporting a Detail PDF outputs a Blank PDF. VDC-23093*
Search & Filter In the Rule Editor, when a user clicks the X button in the Function search field, Vault doesn't clear the search query. VDC-21832*
Search & Filter Users are unable to filter the Synonym List import preview by Status. VDC-22946*
Search & Filter Searching in Event- and Form-level breadcrumbs is case-sensitive. VDC-23014*
Security Several Role by Study permission sets used EDC: Study Tools: Access to provide access to EDC Tools. We removed this permission from those permission sets. VDC-23079*
Security The standard "API Access" permission set does not include the Admin: Configuration: Vault Java SDK: Read, Edit, Create, Delete permissions. VDC-23372*
Study Administration Users with the EDC Lead Data Manager and EDC Data Manager security profiles have access to the Vault Admin area by default. VDC-20055
Study Administration Users receive an error when selecting Add as a Principal Investigator on a cross-domain user. VDC-22668*
Study Administration Vault allows users to search for inactive user accounts as cross-domain users from EDC Tools. VDC-22725*
Study Administration Users receive an error when attempting to add an inactive cross-vault user VDC-22731*
Study Administration Vault doesn't show an error when a user attempts to add cross-vault user to a vault in which that user already has an account. VDC-22734*
Study Administration Vault shows the cross-domain user options in EDC Tools > Users when the cross-domain users functionality is not available in that vault. VDC-22745*
Study Administration Users receive a server error when attempting to add a cross-domain user from a domain that does not have cross-domain users enabled. VDC-22750*
Study Administration Deleting study data does not clear the Job History or remove any Scheduled Jobs. VDC-22896*
Study Administration There is a typo in the Delete Study Data and Delete Site Data dialogs. VDC-23048*
Study Design When a Skip Item rule expects a Number data type, and receives a Codelist Item (text data type), users receive a server error upon completing the Form containing the Item. VDC-15301*
Study Design When a user copies an Item, Vault may not copy the item's Data Type correctly. VDC-20057*
Study Design If a user changes the item's Data Type to Number and sets the Precision and Length fields in the same Edit session, Vault may not save the Precision and Length changes. VDC-20683*
Study Design When copying a Form from another Study, Vault copies cross-form Rules that don't resolve in the target Study. VDC-21323, VDC-21466
Study Design Vault does not include Rules or Exports in the SDS when the user selects those options. VDC-21440*
Study Design Users can edit Codelist and Unit Item Definitions from previous casebook versions. VDC-21511*
Study Design In the Rules Editor, users must click in the first character position of the first line to display the cursor. VDC-21890*
Study Design In the Rule Editor, the "Save" and "Save and New" buttons are now always enabled for both new and existing rules. VDC-21918*
Study Design Vault displays some deprecated functions (from the V1 Expression Grammar) in the Rules Editor. VDC-22062*
Study Design The Study Design Specification Schedule - Grid worksheet lists repeating Forms. VDC-22067*
Study Design The Study Design Specification uses "Query Future" as a column header instead of "Future Date". VDC-22068*
Study Design The Study Design Specification displays the Repeat Maximum for object records that aren't repeating. VDC-22073*
Study Design Annotated PDFs don't include URL-type Items. VDC-22193*
Study Design Vault does not allow users to save a rule that doesn't use all of its defined variables. VDC-22319*
Study Design Annotated PDFs don't display the OID annotation for label-type Items correctly. VDC-22322*
Study Design Annotated PDFs display a Max Length annotation for Codelist-type Items. VDC-22325*
Study Design When a user presses Tab to move out of the Data Type property on a Codelist-type Item, Vault creates a new relationship definition object record. VDC-22503
Study Design Vault does not successfully import rules with the new expression grammar (v2). VDC-22624*
Study Design Blank forms are not included in Annotated PDFs, but Vault includes them in the Table of Contents. VDC-22680*
Study Design Forms aren't sorted in Unique CRF PDFs. VDC-22681*
Study Design When a study has multiple versions, users receive an unfriendly error message when updating the Label property of a definition object record. VDC-22700*
Study Design In certain circumstances, if a user edits a property other than Name in the Properties panel, Vault closes the Properties panel without saving. VDC-22702*
Study Design Vault does not consistently sort the available Forms to copy from another Study. VDC-22721*
Study Design Users receive a Save Error when saving a Rule after removing the Rule Action. VDC-22886*
Study Design Vault does not delete Rule Action records as expected when users create Rule Actions records and copy Rules from the Rule Editor. VDC-22892*
Study Design Vault fails to import the ODM XML of a Study when the exported Study has no value (null) for the Event's Dynamic property. VDC-22899*
Study Design In the Rule Editor, the Insert button does not insert the function. VDC-22941*
Study Design The page hangs when a user copies Form from another Study containing Unit Conversions that use the V1 Expression Grammar into a Study using V2. VDC-22942*
Study Design In some cases, Vault does not include the expected annotations in the CRF PDF exports. VDC-22952*
Study Design Vault does not ask the user to confirm when the user attempts to leave the Rules Editor with an unsaved Rule. VDC-22955*
Study Design In some cases, users receive an error when saving a Disable-type Rule. VDC-23013*
Study Design Error messages in the Rule Editor separate identifiers with a "/" instead of a ".". VDC-23020*
Study Design When a Medical Coding Item Definition is not related to a Synonym List, Study Design Specification generation fails. VDC-23021*
Study Design Vault doesn't place the cursor correctly after a user inserts a function. VDC-23065*
UI & Performance The 'View as Site' dialog is showing a Cancel button instead of a Close button. VDC-15991*
UI & Performance The 'View as Site' dialog is missing an X button to close the dialog. VDC-15993*
UI & Performance In Studio, the Copy from Study dialog displays "Copy 1 Forms" instead of "Copy 1 Form". VDC-19771*
UI & Performance In the Views Editor, Vault displays the + New View button and Search field. VDC-19981*
UI & Performance In Studio, the Study breadcrumb drop-down options not ordered correctly. VDC-20384*
UI & Performance With this release, we moved the Lock icon to the right of the Study name in the EDC Tools Study listing. VDC-20457*
UI & Performance When a user attempts to enter a name for a casebook version that is already in use, Vault does not display the Save button as disabled. VDC-21273*
UI & Performance We changed the dialog title from "Error" to "Signature Exceptions" when Vault cannot apply a user's signature to one or more object records. VDC-21313*
UI & Performance In EDC Tools > Casebook Versions > Site Summary, Vault does not display Arrow icons on sortable column headers. VDC-21451*
UI & Performance In some circumstances, Vault doesn't display the Sequence number or navigation arrows for the last repeating Form sequence. VDC-21481*
UI & Performance In the Rule Editor, the Rule Scope tooltip extends outside of the viewable window. VDC-21697*
UI & Performance In the Rule Editor, when users search for a function and then try to return to All Functions, Vault doesn't display functions in the list. VDC-21833*
UI & Performance In the Rule Editor, users are able to remove the "All functions" label. VDC-21836*
UI & Performance In the Rules Editor, users can expand the Description field so that it extends behind the Expression field. VDC-21904*
UI & Performance Vault outlines the form carousel when a user clicks the Left or Right buttons on the carousel. VDC-22006*
UI & Performance There is a typo in the in the information banner for new retrospective amendment. VDC-22111*
UI & Performance The "Formula Language Reference" link in the Rule Editor doesn't lead to the CDMS Formula Reference Guide. VDC-22330*
UI & Performance In Internet Explorer™, certain page elements may be misaligned in EDC Tools > Casebook Versions. VDC-22412*
UI & Performance In the Rule Editor, the "Back to Rules" link's clickable area spans the width of the page. VDC-22413*
UI & Performance Clicking in a rule's Name column opens the Rule Editor instead of the Properties panel. VDC-22415*
UI & Performance In EDC Tools > Jobs > Job History, Vault doesn't display job information when a user hovers over the Information icon for an Audit Trail Export job. VDC-22440*
UI & Performance In the casebook schedule, the grey line is visible behind transparent icons. VDC-22669*
UI & Performance In the Rule Editor, Vault doesn't disable the Save a copy button when a user enters an invalid expression. VDC-22868*
UI & Performance In the Rule Editor, Vault doesn't disable the Save a copy button when required fields are empty. VDC-22895*
UI & Performance In Studio, the Hide checkbox for Codelist and Unit Items may be hidden with certain resolutions. VDC-22943*
UI & Performance The standard Matching Sharing Rule "CRC - Study, Site" is incorrectly labelled. With this release, we renamed this rule as "CRC - Study, Country". VDC-22994*
UI & Performance The Edit User dialog in EDC Tools > Users displays the Last Name field before the First Name field. VDC-23489*
Vault Configuration With this release, we removed some of the standard, Vault Platform Application Roles that do not apply to the Vault CDMS application family: "Approver", "Assigned To", "Checklist Respondent", "Consumer Coordinator", "Editor", "Owner", "Reviewer", and "Viewer". VDC-23492*
Views & Data Export Vault may not successfully transfer the SAS file export to an FTP server. VDC-13775*
Views & Data Export The email notification for Data Export job completion does not include the name of the Study or View Set. VDC-20824*
Views & Data Export The "CodelistLabels.csv" includes a "Short Label" column. VDC-21083*
Views & Data Export When viewing a newly copied View Definition in the View Editor, Vault may not display the column headers. VDC-21398*
Views & Data Export When a user creates a new View from within a View Set, Vault doesn't autopopulate the View Set Definition field. VDC-21734*
Views & Data Export Users receive a Save Error when copying a View Set in a Study with the new expression grammar (v2) enabled. VDC-21963*
Views & Data Export Vault doesn't show an error when a user enters text in the column's Display field that exceeds the maximum length. VDC-22571*
Views & Data Export Vault doesn't display the expected error message when a user enters double underscores in a column Name. VDC-22580*
Views & Data Export The column Display field doesn't allow double underscores. VDC-22661*
Views & Data Export In some cases, the Data Export job fails in vaults with the new expression grammar (v2) enabled. VDC-22797*, VDC-22870*
Views & Data Export In the Data Export ZIP file, the CodelistLabels.csv file is not in the "specs" folder. VDC-23375*