Fixed Issues in February 15 Release (18R3.4)

Release Date: February 15, 2019

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Category Description Issue No.
Coder This release includes the following changes to the Coder summary page: removed the page header, changed the "Reopened" status to "Uncoded", and set the pagination to 20 records per page. VDC-11857*
Coder This release includes the following changes to the Code Request listing page: Site and Subject no longer display in the Code Request Properties panel and adjustments to the opacity for highlighted values. VDC-11858*
Coder In Internet Explorer™, the Queries card of the Code Request Properties panel shows an unnecessary horizontal scrollbar. VDC-20228*
Coder When a user selects the checkbox for a Code Request's Verbatim, Vault doesn't automatically search for that Verbatim. VDC-20327
Coder When a user resizes the Coding panel, the Coding panel may hide other functional areas of the page. VDC-20331*, VDC-20329*
Coder When a user expands the Coding panel to its maximum size, the user must click again to resize the Coding panel. VDC-20407*
Coder When a user selects a Code Request, Vault does not automatically conduct a dictionary search for it. VDC-21289*
Coder Users cannot delete a synonym list if any suggestion from the list has been used to code. VDC-21290*
Coder The Status filter on the Code Request listing page does not provide Noncurrent as a filter option. VDC-21435*
Coder Autoassigned Coding Requests are not assigned codes. VDC-22114
Coder Tools When user makes changes to Application Settings, they are carried over to Study Settings. VDC-18994*
Coder Tools When a Coding Administrator attempts to assign a Synonym List to a Form Type in Tools -> Coder Tools -> Study Settings, they receive a server error. VDC-19929*
Data Entry Users receive an Unsaved Changes warning when leaving a Form via the Form Carousel. VDC-11976
Data Entry Users with the EDC Data Manager security profile cannot access Review > Study Jobs. VDC-18909*
Data Entry When a user creates a new repeating Event Group sequence, Vault asks users to provide a date in the New Event dialog. VDC-19046*
Data Entry Date Picker does not close as expected. VDC-19665
Data Entry Vault may create two dynamic Events instead of one if a rule is based on a repeating Event Group. VDC-19989*
Data Entry In some cases, if one half (the second item) of a composite item is Read Only, the option to mark the item as ILB is disabled. VDC-20073
Data Entry Vault doesn't display an error when users attempt to add Events to a locked Casebook. VDC-20303*
Data Entry With this release, Vault displays a friendlier error message when a user attempts to set an Event Date on a locked Event. VDC-20334*
Data Entry Vault does not default the Form-level Reason for Change to the Item level. VDC-20714
Data Entry After a user enters a date with unknowns, the Form may hang when that Date Item is referenced in a rule. VDC-21071
Data Entry Vault does not handle Daylight Savings Time for Event Dates, and so Planned Date Ranges may be off by one day. VDC-21086
Data Entry With this release, users can no longer click to open repeating Forms from the form carousel. VDC-21395
Data Entry With this release, when users click to create a new repeating Form, Vault references the Form version associated with the parent Event. VDC-21396
Data Entry With this release, users are able to open repeating Forms from the Form Carousel. When a user clicks to open a repeating Form, Vault now opens the Form referencing the parent Event's version. VDC-21465*, VDC-21426*
Data Entry If a casebook version update includes changing a required Item's data type, users receive a server error when opening any Forms containing that Item. VDC-21829
Data Entry When a user saves a repeating Form, with data entered on a controlling Item for a Disable rule, Vault creates a duplicate repeating Form sequence including any entered data. VDC-21897
Data Review Vault adds Review State records for all existing Casebooks, instead of only new Casebooks, when adding Reviews on Event Dates to an existing study. VDC-15028*
Data Review In the View as Site dialog, Vault displays the Label for Items instead of the Label (Default Display). VDC-20243*
Data Review Vault references Review State Definitions for Event Dates when assessing SDV and DMR requirements at the Item level. VDC-21091*
Data Review If a Study's Review Plan includes a Review State Definition, Vault does not create a new Review State record when creating a new Casebook. VDC-21180*
Data Review In certain circumstances, Vault does not include the query message in the "Query Opened" audit trail entry. VDC-21441
Data Review In some cases, Vault does not correctly evaluate review statuses (frozen, locked, signed, etc.) when the status propogates from a different object record. VDC-21470, VDC-22389
Data Review Vault deletes open, system queries when a user resets a Form. VDC-21999
eSignature Changing an Event Date when only some Forms within that Event are signed may not remove the signature from all Forms in the Event. VDC-20262*
PDF Export Users may receive a system error when exporting Detail PDFs at the Casebook level. VDC-20207*
PDF Export Detail PDF exports fail when a Form contains only a repeating Item Group with no existing sequences. VDC-20848*
PDF Export In some cases, Vault references earlier versions of a study when generating Blank PDFs, causing PDFs with missing components. VDC-21741
PDF Export Blank PDFs may include multiple sequences of repeating Item Groups. VDC-21755*
Search & Filter In the Review tab, Vault doesn't show incomplete SDV or DMR tasks on Event Dates when a user filters to hide complete tasks. VDC-18773*
Study Administration When a new user is created in EDC Tools, the notification email sent to the user contains the application role instead of the security profile for the new user. VDC-19682*
Study Administration The contents of the SAS error log are duplicated in the job log file in EDC Tools > Jobs. VDC-20686*
Study Administration Users may receive a server error when creating a new repeating Item Group sequence, when there are no existing sequences, after the Casebook was updated to a new version. VDC-21069*
Study Design Vault cannot import ODM XML files containing only coding data. VDC-20877*
Study Design Users may not be able to save Query-type rules after copying and pasting into the Query Message field. VDC-20988
Study Design The Offset Event property displays "event_def__v" instead of the Name of the selected Event Definition. VDC-20990
Study Design When a Rule Definitions references a Form Definition that no longer exists, validation fails unexpectedly. VDC-21118*
Study Design Vault may create duplicate Rule Definitions when a user copies the same form into their study more than once. VDC-21293*
Study Design Users may receive an "Item data type has been changed from INTEGER to FLOAT. This is not allowed." error when importing a Casebook Definition XML after updating the Length or Precision on an Item Definition. VDC-21295*
Study Design Users may receive an "Item data type has been changed from INTEGER to FLOAT. This is not allowed." error when importing a Casebook Definition XML after updating the Length or Precision on an Item Definition. VDC-21316*
Study Design Vault does not handle Private Keys appropriately during form copy and casebook validation. VDC-21327*
Study Design When an Event uses a dynamic Event as the Offset Event, Vault references the previous Event's Planned Date in Casebooks instead of the chosen Offset Event. VDC-21563
Study Design Vault doesn't import Rule design properties during Study import. VDC-21761*
Study Design Users receive a "Field cannot be decreased in size" error when increasing the Precision or Length properties. VDC-22652*, VDC-22693*
UI & Performance The Unset Intentionally Left Blank icon does not display after a user unfreezes an Intentionally Left Blank Item. VDC-14954*
UI & Performance When using Internet Explorer®, the contents of the country selector in EDC Tools are misaligned. VDC-15436*
UI & Performance When a form is marked as Intentionally Left Blank, each item of the form has the Edit button. VDC-15699*
UI & Performance In Studio, the content in the details panel is not positioned correctly. VDC-16657*
UI & Performance The Review tab does not display the Action Menu and Query buttons for form items with long text, when viewed in Internet Explorer®. VDC-16862*
UI & Performance Demography form does not save form upon completion, when Safari® is used. VDC-18070
UI & Performance In the Review tab, the SDV and DMR columns are aligned differently on repeating Item Groups. VDC-18083*
UI & Performance In some cases, the tooltip on the Previous Event and Next Event buttons flashes. VDC-18162*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, the breadcrumb menu doesn't update when a user navigates to a different subject. VDC-18344*
UI & Performance The Review tab doesn't display Short Labels for Events when one is provided. VDC-18433*
UI & Performance In the Casebooks tab, Vault doesn't show the Frozen and Locked icons on Items after a user freeze or locks a Form until the page refreshes. VDC-19143*
UI & Performance Item Group link should redirect to the Form for the Item Group. VDC-19566*
UI & Performance Casebook link should redirect to casebook schedule. VDC-19583*
UI & Performance Log Forms from previous casebook versions may not display in the Form Carousel after a Casebook Version Upgrade. VDC-19844*
UI & Performance When an Event Group is locked, the button to add a Repeating Event should be disabled. VDC-19955*
UI & Performance In some cases, Study import takes an unacceptable length of time. VDC-19966*
UI & Performance Filter toggle is not functional for event lising filter. VDC-19972*
UI & Performance Modify format of User Import from File link. VDC-20070*
UI & Performance When an Item has more than one query, Vault doesn't display queries in the order they were created. VDC-20227*
UI & Performance In the Create Query dialog, there is no padding between the Save button and the text entry field. VDC-20253*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, the Event History dialog is not centered in the user's browser window. VDC-20304*
UI & Performance Vault may take longer than expected to load a Form. VDC-20392*
UI & Performance Vault doesn't show tooltips for task filters in the Review tab. VDC-20461*
UI & Performance Vault may take longer than expected to create a new Casebook. VDC-20498*
UI & Performance In some vaults, it may take a very long time for Data Export jobs or ODM XML exports to complete. VDC-20736*
UI & Performance Vault may be slow to display a newly generated Subject ID on the casebook schedule. VDC-20738
UI & Performance Users receive a server error when sorting Casebooks by Enrollment. VDC-20771*
UI & Performance Disabled checkbox controls do not display as disabled. VDC-20873*
UI & Performance For repeating Item Groups, Vault continues to display the "No records to display" message after a user creates one or more sequences of the repeating Item Group. VDC-21055*
UI & Performance In some circumstances, Vault may display the incorrect sequence number in the repeating Form table view. VDC-21066
UI & Performance In some circumstances, Vault does not display values for the Minimum and Maximum Date/Value properties. VDC-21203
UI & Performance For repeating Item Groups in the Review tab, Vault displays the Item Group name even though the Header Visible checkbox is not selected for that Item Group. VDC-21826
Views & Data Export After a user updates a column's SAS Type to "Num", the exported Definitions.csv may list "Char" instead of the updated SAS Type. VDC-16554*
Views & Data Export Import for label translations is producing inconsistent results. Some labels are not properly translated. VDC-19692*
Views & Data Export We set an acceptable range of 3 to 8 for the SAS Length field when SAS Type is set to "Num". We also added validation preventing users from saving column Names starting with a number. VDC-19895*
Views & Data Export The Data Export output file is now organized into three (3) folders: specs (Definitions.csv, Definitions_runtime.csv), sas (SAS dataset files), and xpt (SAS transport files). The exported CSVs for each View within the set are still at the top-level within the ZIP folder. VDC-19953*
Views & Data Export Users may not be able to download the output ZIP from a Data Extract job based on a Study Data Extract view set. VDC-20822*
Views & Data Export When the first column in a view has a static-type column binding, Vault may not set the correct SAS format during SAS conversion. VDC-20936*
Views & Data Export When a view set contains multiple views, Vault may not correctly set the SAS Format for columns with Date, Time, and Number data types during SAS conversion. VDC-21042*
Views & Data Export During SAS conversion, Vault formats columns with Number, Date, and Time Item Definition data types as "Char". VDC-21097*
Views & Data Export Data Export jobs may fail with a "Problem finding an item group to compare against columns..." error when an Item Group Definition is reused in the same Study, containing different Item Definitions in each use. VDC-21114*
Views & Data Export Column order may not match Item order on Forms in Study Data Extract view sets. VDC-21200*
Views & Data Export In certain circumstances, Data Export jobs that export large data sets fail unexpectedly. VDC-21250*
Views & Data Export Data export jobs fail unexpectedly when a view references the Unit Value field. VDC-22095, VDC-22163