Fixed Issues in November 6 Release (18R2.4)

Release Date: November 6, 2018

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Category Description Issue No.
Coder Clicking on the Form icon in the Coding listing page does not display form. VDC-16484*
Coder When a EDC CRC user resets a Form related to a Code Request, Vault does not delete the related Code Request. VDC-16633*
Coder Tools In the Coder Tools > Application Settings, none of the dropdown menus are functional. VDC-16246*
Data Entry If a user views a recently completed Form in another browser than the one it was originally submitted in, the Form's Item fields are blank. Clicking on a checkbox Item control on that Form returns the user to the Study listing page. VDC-10169*
Data Entry Users receive an error when adding a dynamic Form to a frozen Event. VDC-14983*
Data Entry If a user clicks Cancel in the confirmation dialog when editing data to disable a dependent Item, and then quickly performs any action that causes Vault to autosave, the change to the controlling Item saves but does not clear the dependent Item. VDC-15174*
Data Entry In repeating Item Groups, Vault allows users to mark disabled Items as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-16329*
Data Entry Users receive an error when marking a Form as Intentionally Left Blank if that Form contains default Item values. VDC-16713*
Data Entry Vault may not save a Codelist-type Item as Intentionally Left Blank if a user marks the Item, unmarks it, and then marks it as Intentionally Left Blank again. VDC-16731*,
Data Entry Users with the EDC Clinical Research Coordinator security profile can't view the correct values in the Signature completed column of the Casebook listing page. VDC-17760
Data Review Listing pages in the Review tab may be slow to load. VDC-16905*, VDC-17037*
Data Review In some circumstances, Vault may not save SDV review for all Items before a user navigates away from the Form. VDC-18441*
PDF Export With this release, exported PDFs now include a submissions-ready table of contents. VDC-15978*
PDF Export With this release, the font and margins in exported PDFs are now submissions-ready. VDC-15979*
Search & Filter When a user clicks Search from a tab other than Casebooks, Vault opens the Casebooks tab, instead of the search results. VDC-16947*
Security The Lead Data Manager and Data Manager security profiles have permission to Review For SDV. VDC-16714*
Study Administration After updating a Casebook to a new version, in which the new version replaces one Form with another, the old Form, even if it contains data, is removed from the Casebook. Users also receive a server error when attempting to access the new Form. VDC-10547*
Study Administration In some cases, rows may be out of order in a Data Export CSV. VDC-10618*
Study Administration When a study is in the Validated state, and a user edits a record's properties, Vault keeps the Study in the Validated state. VDC-16677*
Study Administration When importing users, study administrators can't enter a page number to navigate to that page of the preview. VDC-16695*
Study Administration Vault expects "All Site" instead off "All Sites" for Site Access when importing users. VDC-16726*
Study Administration Vault sets users as Active upon import, even when the user is set to Inactive in the imported CSV file. VDC-16747*
Study Design Users may receive a server error when dragging and dropping an Item from one Item Group to another. VDC-15458*
Study Design In the Properties panel, Vault continues to show an error and prevent saving after the user updates invalid values to valid ones. VDC-16613*
Study Design Users receive an error when moving Items within an Item Group. VDC-16899*
Study Design In some cases, Studio users may be unable to import XML files including Medical Coding records. VDC-16929*
Study Design When a Studio user copies a Skip Item-type rule, and then deactivates the duplicate rule, Vault does not execute the new rule. VDC-17114*
Study Design Creating an Item in the Component panel and then adding the item to the design results in a server error. VDC-17157*
Study Design When moving an Item from one Item Group to another, users receive a server error, and Vault deletes all Items from that Item Group. VDC-17516*
Study Design If an Item is used in two different Item Groups, and is referenced in a derived Item expression, than Vault may not calculate the derived Item value correctly. VDC-18294*
UI & Performance Data in the Casebook header displays in random order. VDC-11791*
UI & Performance Vault clears values in the Casebook header when a user edits a submitted Form containing Header Items. VDC-11795*
UI & Performance In some cases, Vault may replace values in the Casebook header with values from later Forms. VDC-11797*
UI & Performance If a user opens a Form in the Casebooks tab from within Admin > Business Admin, the user is no longer able to navigate to other Forms. VDC-12217*
UI & Performance Text- and number-type Items may shift position slightly after a user clicks into the field. VDC-13794*
UI & Performance The Review tab's Forms and Items Actions menu do not function. VDC-14359*
UI & Performance Uses cannot select the Close option in the Queries card drop-down menu. VDC-14587*
UI & Performance The Review tab's Content panel does not resize with the browser window. VDC-14607*
UI & Performance The Edit Mapping link does not display on Column Mappings in the View Editor. VDC-16175*
UI & Performance In the form header, Date/Time values display in the incorrect format. VDC-16320*
UI & Performance Users may experience slow load times in some areas of the application. VDC-16545*
UI & Performance In Studio, navigating to Org->Study->View set does not display listings page. VDC-16587*
UI & Performance In Studio, when study item groups are edited and saved, the Properties panel is not updated to show changes. VDC-16608*
UI & Performance Hidden column icon appears on non-hidden columns in Studio. VDC-16656*
UI & Performance In Studio > View Sets, clicking Next Page does not navigate the user to the next page.  VDC-16658*
UI & Performance In the Review tab, Vault displays "100" as the query count when there are more than 100 queries. VDC-16668*
UI & Performance Vault doesn't display the banner message when a user initiates a View Set Data Coverage job. VDC-16680*
UI & Performance Vault doesn't display the Note icon in the Code Request Notes column when the request has a note. VDC-16733*
UI & Performance Users receive a server error when attempting to sort by a column in Studio > View Sets. VDC-16742*
UI & Performance When Header-type Items are used more than once in a Study, the values are added to the Subject Header each time. VDC-8640*
Views & Data Export Vault may not successfully transfer the SAS file export to an FTP server. VDC-13775*
Views & Data Export When a Studio user updates the SAS Length property on a Column Definition, the exported SAS file does not reflect the new column length. VDC-16290*
Views & Data Export Data Export jobs of the SAS export file type and with the Include Merged View checkbox selected fail unexpectedly. Users cannot download the log file for this failed job. VDC-16291*
Views & Data Export In some cases, data exports in SAS format result in empty or missing files in the ZIP file. VDC-16362*
Views & Data Export Data Export jobs may fail unexpectedly when a referenced Form includes more than one Item Group. VDC-16477*
Views & Data Export SAS export does not include a SAS transport file (XPT). VDC-16494*
Views & Data Export Data Export jobs for SAS format exports fail unexpectedly. VDC-16526*
Views & Data Export For Data Export jobs, the definitions.csv file may contain incorrect column titles. VDC-16541*
Views & Data Export When a layout relationship is removed from one version to another, the Main Study Extract job may fail when a column references one of the related records. VDC-16716*
Views & Data Export The Views Editor does not prevent users from creating Column Definitions referencing Label-type Items, even though including Label-type Items causes the export to fail. VDC-16734*
Views & Data Export In studies with a large number of repeating Forms, data export CSVs may not include rows when data is missing but there are Required columns. VDC-17041*
Views & Data Export The SAS data export ZIP file contains an unnecessary /scripts directory. VDC-17759*
Views & Data Export When a Studio user opens an existing view, Vault does not display more than 100 rows in the View Editor. VDC-17806*
Views & Data Export When a View Definition has columns referencing Item Definitions from different Item Groups, Vault may not display those columns in the View Editor. VDC-17876*
Views & Data Export Data Extract jobs may fail when a view includes a blank, static column mapping. VDC-18731*
*Internally found defects filed during the development of Limited Release features.