18R2.3 Data Model Changes

Release Date: September 21, 2018

As part of the 18R2.3 release, we’ve made the following changes to standard configuration in all CDMS vaults:

  • Added the following values to the EDC Job Types (edc_job_type__v) picklist to support the Re-assign SDV & DMR from EDC Tools > Jobs feature:
    • DMR Re-assignment (tdmr__v)
    • SDV Re-assignment (tsdv__v)
  • Added the Order (order__v) field to the Item Group Definition - Item Definition (itemgroup_def_item_def__v) object to support the Views Editor Enhancements feature
  • Added the CDM Key (cdm_key__v) field to the following objects in support of future enhancements:
    • View Set Definition (view_set_def__v)
    • View Definition (view_def__v)
    • Column Definition</em< (column_def__v)
    • Column Binding Definition (column_binding_def__v)
  • Additional changes to support future enhancements:
    • Added the Integration Mode (mc_integration_mode__v) picklist
    • Added the Approval Workflow (mc_approval_workflow__v) picklist
    • Added the Approval Status (mc_approval_status__v) picklist
    • Added the MedDRA Coding Level (mc_meddra_coding_level__v) picklist
    • Removed the “User must always enter a value (required)” setting from the Value (value__v) field on the Medical Coding Application Settings (mc_application_settings__v) object