Fixed Issues in July 13 Release (18R1.4)

Release Date: July 13, 2018

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Category Description Issue No.
Data Entry With IE11, when creating a new, Weekly Job in Study Tools, the Repeat on field does not display correctly. VDC-10695*
Data Entry When a User Name in Add Study User window exceeds 255 characters, Vault does not show an error message. VDC-10966*
Data Entry In IE11, when a user opens a URL from a Form, Vault continues to display the link callout after opening the URL. VDC-11151*
Data Entry When a user includes a "." in the User Name field, Vault displays the incorrect error message. VDC-12165*
Data Entry With Internet Explorer, when a marks an Item on a repeating Form as Intentionally Left Blank, and then clicks Complete before Vault finishes autosaving, Vault creates a duplicate repeating Form sequence. VDC-12246*
Data Entry Vault EDC updates the Event Date (event_date__v) field on the Event object whenever the Event Date Time (event_datetime__v) field is updated. It also updates Event Planned Date (event_planned_date__v) when Event Planned Date Time (event_planned_datetime__v) is updated. This causes discrepancies with UTC date/time normalization. With this release, Vault EDC preserves both UTC-normalized (within Event Date Time and Planned Event Date Time) and user-entered entries (within Event Date and Planned Event Date). This update does not change how dates display in the Casebooks tab or affect the calculation of offset dates. VDC-12670,
Data Entry Users may receive a server error when attempting to open a repeating Form. VDC-12812
Data Review A query remains open on a dependent Item after the Item is disabled. VDC-10366*
Search & Filter For composite Items, the Item-level More Actions menu displays multiple Freeze Item actions. VDC-11654*
Search & Filter Updating the Subject ID Range Start field on the Study Configuration object causes a server error when there are existing Casebooks. VDC-12102*
Search & Filter If a user attempts to search within Studio > Rules, Vault only highlights instances of the search term in the listing, instead of showing only matches in the listing. VDC-12247*
Search & Filter In Study Tools, Vault does not filter listed Studies when a user searches for a Study. VDC-12627*
Study Administration In Internet Explorer, users cannot double click on a query Rule to add it to a new query rules Job. VDC-10462*
Study Administration The Save button in the Study Tools Edit Query Rule dialog is unexpectedly disabled. VDC-12188*
Study Administration Study Tools users may be able to bypass the new user profile step of Study user creation without filling all required fields. VDC-12308*
Study Administration When creating a new user in Study Tools, Vault does not accept email addresses containing capital letters. VDC-12314*
Study Design When an Add Schedule-type rule references an Event Date that will not yet be entered at the time of rule execution, Vault may incorrectly calculate Planned Event Dates. VDC-11960
Study Design In some cases, Studio users may be unable to successfully import a new casebook definition version from one vault to another. VDC-12829*
Study Design Adding a Derived-type Column Binding may cause a server error. VDC-9407*
UI & Performance In the New Job dialog in Study Tools, the fields for Frequency and Name do not fit within the dialog boundary. VDC-10691*
UI & Performance For users with the EDC Data Manager security profile, the Freeze Form option is missing icon in Action Menu. VDC-11695*
UI & Performance When multiple casebook forms are frozen, there is no available option to unfreeze. VDC-11740*
UI & Performance In Study Tools > Users, users cannot scroll when selecting a Site to filter the listing by. VDC-11780*
UI & Performance In New Job dialog under Study Tools, the Site field is in wrong location after a Site is selected. VDC-11863*
UI & Performance In Study Tools > Jobs, users are unable to save when creating a new job. VDC-11864*
UI & Performance When a new repeating form is created for a casebook and Freeze option is selected for form a Server Error occurs. VDC-12040*
UI & Performance When attempting to Freeze an Event in a Casebook, users receive a server error. VDC-12086*
UI & Performance In some vaults, autosave and Form submission may take slightly longer than expected. VDC-12596*,
*Internally found defects filed during the development of Limited Release features.