Fixed Issues in June 14 Release (18R1.3)

Release Date: June 14, 2018

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Category Description Issue No.
Data Entry When a user enters a value on a controlling Item field that disables dependent Item fields, Vault EDC displays the Reset Entered Values dialog even when those dependent Item fields are blank and the Items are already disabled. If the user clicks Continue, the dialog closes, but once the user clicks away from the controlling Item, the dialog reopens. VDC-10787*
Data Entry With the 18R1.0.4 (4-20-2018) release, we disabled the 18R1 feature "Mark Field as Intentionally Left Blank" to address an issue involving this feature and custom permission sets. This fix re-enables that feature, and Admins can now configure any custom security profiles to have permission to mark Item fields as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-10830*,
Data Entry After a user disables and then enables a repeating Item Group using a Skip Item rule, the New Section button remains disabled. VDC-11320*
Data Entry If a user attempts to save data in an invalid format on a repeating Form, the page hangs. VDC-11322*
Data Entry Once a user marks an Item field on a repeating Form as Intentionally Left Blank, users may be unable to edit some Item fields on that Form. VDC-12566
Data Entry Vault saves user-entered data and the repeating Form record after a user clicks the Cancel button. VDC-5124*
Data Entry When a user attempts to mark an Item field with a checkbox (boolean) control as Intentionally Left Blank, Vault redirects the user to the Casebook listing page and does not hide the checkbox control. VDC-8335*
Data Entry When a user attempts to mark an Item field with a checkbox (boolean) control as Intentionally Left Blank, Vault redirects the user to the Casebook listing page and does not hide the checkbox control. VDC-8335*
Data Entry When selecting a date, the highlight to indicate the current date is slightly misshapen. VDC-8411*
Data Entry When a user edits a Form with a Signature, Vault does not update the Form status as expected. VDC-8993
Data Entry The Change Reason selection does not default onto the next Item field when a user edits a Form and marks an Item field as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-9939*
Data Review When a Form containing an Item field marked as Intentionally Left Blank is Frozen, the Form automatically updates to the Submitted status. VDC-10301*
Data Review When new casebook form is completed for a study without SDV or DMR review plans, the task bar shows tasks for Review for DMR and Review for SDV. VDC-10539*
Data Review Query message text does not wrap correctly within the query dialog. VDC-10799*
Data Review Users cannot close a query on an Event Date after correcting the invalid date value. VDC-10900*
Data Review Users cannot create queries on read-only Item fields. VDC-11834
Data Review The Reset Form action does not undo completed Data Manager Review. VDC-9776*
Data Review Users may receive a server error when performing DMR or SDV on a Form containing Composite Item rows. VDC-9947*
eSignature Users can provide an eSignature on Events with open queries. VDC-6986*
Localization Some UI messages were not translated. VDC-8509*
PDF Export Users may receive a "Error exporting form" error when attempting to export a single-form blank PDF. VDC-9010*
Search & Filter Users may receive a server error when navigating to or away from any page containing a breadcrumb menu. VDC-11234*
Study Administration When a user attempts to create a new job in Study Tools, with some fields left blank, and clicks Enter page hangs. VDC-10706*
Study Administration EDC Job completion notification emails include a link to Vault Home > Notifications, which is unavailable in the EDC application. VDC-8089*
Study Administration When adding a user via Study Tools > Users, if a user navigates backwards a step, any selections are not saved. VDC-9143*
Study Administration When a user adds an additional role to another User in Study Tools > Users, the dialog freezes. VDC-9795*
Study Administration When a study administrator is adding a new user to the study and does not correctly fill an access level row, Vault does not disable the Save button. If the user clicks Save, the page hangs. VDC-9795*
Study Administration When adding a User to a Study in Study Tools > Users, if a user goes back to the Profile step from Access, and then clicks Next again, the Save button is disabled. VDC-9798*
Study Administration When a Study does not have any Review Plans, users still receive the same confirmation dialog as if there were Review Plans when clicking on those jobs. VDC-9820*
Study Administration Users cannot expand the input field for Description or Expression when editing a query rule if the input field was previously reduced to the smallest possible size. VDC-9977*
Study Design Skip Item type rules are not validated correctly. VDC-10019*
Study Design When a Studio user switches studies while in Design view, the relationship-related Properties panel fields do not display until the user refreshes their browser. VDC-10468*
Study Design Importing an ODM XML of a new version of an existing Casebook Definition version may fail and cause a server error. VDC-10684*
Study Design When a user quickly drags and drops multiple objects around Studio's Design view, Vault does not delete the join records after the user removes an object definition from its parent in the design palette. VDC-10688
Study Design When a user updates a property field on an object definition record, the system updates all object records related to that updated record to reflect the change. Users are unable to update an object definition record if that change will need to apply to more than 500 related records. With this fix, users can make updates regardless of the number of impacted records. VDC-10806*
Study Design After a user updates a Form Definition's Label or Short Label in Design view, Studio displays the object record ID as the tab label. VDC-11236*
Study Design Importing a Casebook Definition Version containing View Definitions may create duplicate Column Binding Definition records. VDC-12225*
Study Design Studio users cannot sort rules by the Message or Form Definition columns. VDC-5707*
Study Design In some vaults, search results in Studio's Browse view are not preserved when the user navigates away from and then returns to Browse view. VDC-8136*
Study Design Importing and then re-importing again a single Casebook Definition version that contains a Codelist Definition causes an error. VDC-9818*
Study Design Importing and then re-importing again a Casebook Definition version that contains a Codelist Definition causes an error. VDC-9818*
UI & Performance In Studio's Browse view, sorting Rules by Action does not sort records alphabetically. With this fix, users can no longer sort by the Rule Action column. VDC-10017
UI & Performance The text counter is to the right of text field, rather than to the bottom right of input control. VDC-10276*
UI & Performance When a user creates a new item in the Study Admin Tool, the Type is Text by default. If the Type for the new item is changed to Unit, the Precision field is empty rather than showing a value of 0. VDC-10323*
UI & Performance In Casebooks task count for All Tasks in left column does not match task count in adjacent right column. VDC-10680*
UI & Performance The Data Freeze icon does not display correctly for Items on a frozen Form. VDC-11196*
UI & Performance Views-only exports from Studio take much longer than expected. VDC-12065*
UI & Performance In the Firefox browser, the Query dialog's text entry field extends outside of the dialog. VDC-2006*
UI & Performance In some browsers, the user sees the text insertion cursor in Studio's Design view. VDC-9664*
UI & Performance When a user navigates away from Studio's Design view using the breadcrumb menu, opening a Study again does not open the Study in Browse view as expected. VDC-9778*
UI & Performance Not all content of Study Tools is viewable, including the scrollbar on right. VDC-9790*
UI & Performance The task bar does not refresh the form highlight when a user navigates to the repeating Form table view. VDC-9803*
UI & Performance Tooltips move if a user scrolls or resizes the browser window. VDC-9937*
*Internally found defects filed during the development of Limited Release features.