Fixed Issues in March 14 Release (17R3.5)

Release Date: March 14, 2018

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Category Description Issue No.
EDC In Microsoft Edge, Vault EDC displays hover text displaying the expected date format for Date, DateTime, and Time Item fields. VDC-6456*
EDC Vault EDC does not accept values for date or date/time that are not English letters, Arabic numerals, or a question mark. VDC-6617*
EDC In Chrome, some Forms may display the + New Event button and Actions menu twice in the header. VDC-6826*
EDC Users can initiate the Reset Form action on a Form containing a controlling Item for a newly created Event Group. VDC-6903*
EDC When a user clicks to open a drop-down on a Form, and then scrolls, the drop-down moves up and down with the page. VDC-7037*
EDC In some cases, the Open Query dialog overlaps an Event when users open a query. VDC-7200*
EDC Vault EDC does not show any error message when deleting an Event Group with Offset Event dependencies. VDC-7464*
EDC Users with the appropriate permissions cannot see whether SDV is complete an Item field. VDC-7587*
EDC Different areas of the application use a different loading icon. In this release, the loading icon is now consistent across all areas of the application. VDC-7729*
EDC In some cases, Studio users cannot re-import an ODM XML of a casebook version with the version number incremented and additional objects added. VDC-7731*
EDC EDC no longer displays the timezone label after Date/Time, Date, and Time Item fields. VDC-7777*
EDC Studio users cannot click Create in Design view to create object definition records. In this release, we removed the option to Create object definition records in Design view. VDC-7897*
EDC The UI label "Common Log Forms" does not represent all possible use cases for these Form types. In this release, we relabeled this to "Common Forms". VDC-7978*
EDC Vault EDC does not send an email after a user peforms the Delete All Records job via the API. VDC-7986*
EDC Vault EDC displays overdue days in the Task Bar for Forms that have already been submitted. VDC-8084*
EDC Users with the Lead Data Manager security profile are able to provide a signature on a Form. VDC-8103*
EDC In Study Tools > Jobs, Vault EDC displays all Sites in the vault in the drop-down menu when selecting a Site for the Detail PDFs job. VDC-8105*
EDC Instead of displaying a warning message when a user imports an ODM XML with an invalid date mask, Vault disallows the entire import. VDC-8111*
EDC In an Unscheduled Event Group, Vault EDC groups Events incorrectly. VDC-8118*
EDC Users may receive a server error when viewing the audit trail of any object containing an Item marked Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-8124*
EDC In some cases, the left arrow to return to a previous Form or the casebook schedule appears to be clickable when it is not. VDC-8131*
EDC Users receive an "Invalid date format" error when removing an entered date value from a date-type Item control. VDC-8139*
EDC When a user collapses object definitions in Design view, the collapses don't persist after a user navigates away from and then returns to Browse view. VDC-8144*
EDC When a user completes a Form with an Item field marked as Intentionally Left Blank, the page gets stuck loading until the user refreshes the page. VDC-8147*
EDC When editing a completed Form, and a user marks an Item field as Intentionally Left Blank and sets the Reason for Change, Vault EDC does not save the selection for Reason for Change on other Item fields when the selection is different than the first. VDC-8151*
EDC When a Studio user switches between Browse and Design view, tabs do not preserve sorting. VDC-8154*
EDC When creating a new repeating form from table view, users receive an error. VDC-8157*
EDC When users create new a new repeating form, and Vault EDC has the maximum number of forms allowed from that repeating form, the hover text over the Add button is not specific. VDC-8159*
EDC Vault EDC displays incorrect data on repeating Forms. VDC-8161*
EDC When users set an Item to Intentionally Left Blank, the Item's Audit Trail is blank. VDC-8163*
EDC Users are unable to complete a Form after setting an Item of type DateTame to Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-8164*
EDC After a user sets an Item as Intentionally Left Blank and navigates to back to the Form, Vault EDC displays the Unsaved Changes dialog. VDC-8165*
EDC When a Study uses a dynamic study design rule to add or delete Event Groups, and a user enters a value on a Form to trigger the rule, Vault EDC fails to delete the Event Group and displays an error. VDC-8186*
EDC Users are unable to set a Form to Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-8198*
EDC When adding study rules via the API, Vault EDC doesn't generate the CSV report when a rule fails. VDC-8208*
EDC Vault EDC displays a server error when a user navigates to a Study that has no Users. VDC-8212*
EDC When users attempt to execute a Query Rule job in Study Tools, the job fails. VDC-8220*
EDC When users attempt to set a Date Item to Intentionally Left Blank multiple times, multiple fields appear on the Form for that Item. VDC-8221*
EDC When editing an Item on a Form, the character count under the text box appears unclear. VDC-8223*
EDC Vault continues to display the + New Section button for disabled Item Groups. VDC-8230*
EDC When users enter an incorrect value type for an Item, attempt to save the Form, and then enter a correct data type, they cannot click the Complete button to submit the Form. VDC-8231*
EDC When users perform the Data Export action, the file name of the download file includes an extra ".zip" at the end. VDC-8232*
EDC The Change indicator icon does not always display on modified Items. VDC-8233*
EDC When an Item is set to Intentionally Left Blank, users receive a server error when attempting to edit the Item. VDC-8235*
EDC The Casebook Schedule displays "Before" instead of "On or Before" for a planned date. VDC-8285*
EDC Users receive a server error when opening the Query Rules tab if no Query-type Rules exist in the Study VDC-8298*
EDC Item Groups are not ordered on Forms as they are designed to in Studio. VDC-8299*
EDC In EDC Studio, users receive an error when interacting with components in Design view. VDC-8308*
EDC When two Items appear next to each other on a Form, users can only view the audit trail for the first Item. VDC-8310*
EDC When a user clicks Cancel in an Item's Intentionally Left Blank dialog, Vault EDC locks the Item, and users are unable to edit it. VDC-8312*
EDC Users can mark a Form as Intentionally Left Blank without selecting a reason. VDC-8317*
EDC When a Skip Item type rule uses an isNull function, Vault only disables the dependent Item fields once a user sets a value on the controlling Item field and then removes it. VDC-8321*,
EDC Vault does not display long rule names in the Query Rule drop down of the Add Job dialog. VDC-8327*
EDC When a Form is blank, Vault still prompts users to select a Reason for Change when marking an Item field as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-8330*
EDC Vault continues to display the user-entered value on an Item field after a user marks the Item field as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-8362*
EDC Error messages continue to display on Item fields after a user sets the Item field to Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-8363*
EDC Studio object tabs, when showing search results, do not update to reflect new record numbers after a user creates a new record. VDC-8369*
EDC In some vaults, users receive a server error when completing a Form. VDC-8372*
EDC When users perform SDV at the Form level and click the Complete All button, Vault EDC does not save the SDV status for the Items on the Form. VDC-8375
EDC In some cases, Vault EDC displays the incorrect user in the Audit Trail. VDC-8377
EDC When a Studio user imports a casebook definition, Vault requires that the casebook definition's Name be unique to the vault, not just to the Study. VDC-8384*
EDC The Insert Identifier drop-down may not display all expected Item Groups for a Form. VDC-8396*
EDC When a skip rule is configured with the primary Item as a boolean-type Item, the rule fails to disable target Items if the primary Item is null. VDC-8485*
EDC When a user re-imports a Study that was already imported, the second import fails becaue the name of the Study is a duplicate. VDC-8486*
EDC In the Form Audit Trail, there is a typo when records reference the System user name. VDC-8494*
EDC When a user hovers over a breadcrumb hyperlink, the browser displays a text control pointer. VDC-8535*,
EDC Vault does not display the appropriate Audit Trail message for changes in Form status. VDC-8705*,
EDC When a user imports an Item with the same name that exists in two different events and then exports the view set via the API, they receive an error. VDC-8736*
EDC Users experience slow performance when attempting to edit a Form on an Internet Explorer browser. VDC-8838
EDC When an Item is not editable due to a skip rule, the Reason for Change dialog is still available. VDC-8996*
EDC Users receive a server error why they reopen a Form that was marked as Intentionally Left Blank. VDC-9105*
*Internally found defects filed during the development of Limited Release features.

Release Date: March 2, 2018

This week’s release includes fixes for the following issues:

Category Description Issue No.
Admin Customers receive a failure error when migrating a document number using a shared field auto-name token. DEV-161987
Admin Vault briefly displays checkboxes below Object Type names when an Admin reorders Object Types in Admin > Configuration > Objects > {Object} > Object Types. DEV-168834*
Admin Users receive errors when deploying Object Type configuration packages. DEV-169501
Admin When editing document tags, users receive a server error when they remove Phrases from Content. DEV-171834*
Admin The Overlayoverride component should not be an option in Admin > Deployment > Outbound packages or Admin > Deployment > Vault Compare. DEV-173729*
Admin In Vault Loader, a limit specified in the Where Clause does not limit the results. DEV-173739*
Admin In Admin > Configuration > Document Messages, some Messages appear in the list which are never used. DEV-174085*
Admin When users try to save an External User with an email address that has the same domain as Vault customers, the error message displayed includes the API error message. DEV-174814*
Admin Overlays with multiple override files are recreated with only one file when using inbound and outbound data packages. DEV-175069*
Admin Changing an existing user’s user name to a name already in use produces a cryptic error message, rather than a helpful one. DEV-175137*
Admin The Vault Java SDK Admin pages do not provide a link to learn more in Vault Help. DEV-175165*
Admin In Admin > Configuration > Tabs, editing a tab name results in a server error even though the name is correctly saved. DEV-175238*
Admin If a user name is longer than 64 characters, the error message says the user name is invalid but does not explain why. DEV-175386*
Admin In the API Usage Logs, the api_response_status and api_response_error_type values are always blank. DEV-175650*
Admin When deleting a document with the Power Delete permission, Vault only deletes document references in which that user has access. DEV-175721*
Admin System Administrators can activate an inactive user, even when that user’s domain status is inactive. DEV-175842*
Admin When creating a Date Based Document Operation job, users can set Additional Conditions and Trigger Date to the same value. DEV-175892*
Admin In some vaults, standard object type fields may display a placeholder icon instead of the Veeva logo in Admin > Configuration > Objects > {Object} > Fields. DEV-176120*
Admin After configuring a default value for a date field, using a case function that references an object field, Admins receive a Page Not Found error when attempting to view that date field in Admin > Configuration > Object > {Object} > Fields. DEV-176177*
Admin We’ve updated the Vault Loader notification when a loader job fails because a value is not unique. DEV-176453*
Admin We’ve updated the Create Document Template page to default the Type radio button to Controlled Document Template. DEV-176455*
Admin Picklists may continue to display values that an Admin deleted from the picklist. DEV-176570
Admin We’ve updated the Configuration Migration error message that occurs when the source and target vaults have an object with the same name but different lifecycle names. DEV-176721*
Admin Vault does not update fields in an Object job when a user updates the job with a new object. DEV-176821*
Admin When creating a job with Additional Conditions, Vault displays extra supported conditions for the Date field. DEV-176856*
Admin Migrating an Objectlifecycle and a new Formattedoutput causes and unknown error DEV-177538*
Admin In some cases, Vault does not display License Types when updating or creating users and customers receive an error when trying to create a user. DEV-177794
Admin In some cases, customers are unable to delete a Report Type. DEV-179275
Authentication When logging in from the vault login-page (SP-Initiated SAML mode), the user is logged into the vault which appears first alphabetically rather than the vault that the user last logged into. DEV-173916
Authentication In a domain where there is at least one Limited Release and one General Release vault, users receive an error when trying to log in after an Admin changed their user name. DEV-176072*
Authentication The Invalid Password Reset Link page displayed “{0}” instead of “24” in non-English languages. To resolve this issue, we removed the definition of link expiration from this page’s error message. DEV-176283*
Authentication SAML Requests include SAML value of 1.1 instead of SAML 2.0 value.. DEV-179045
Clinical In some cases, customers receive a server error when changing the type of an object record in TMF vaults. DEV-137315*
Clinical The Template_milestone__clin field is available on the Template Task object. DEV-173533*
Clinical EDL Item records sometimes show an incorrect Expected Steady State Count. DEV-174709
Clinical In some vaults, the Document Date token does not display the Document Date in document names. DEV-175122*
Clinical Users cannot mark Expected Document records as Favorites from EDL Hierarchical View. DEV-176174*
Clinical Vault may include documents by default in a document package when the Type Defaults settings reference a custom picklist value. DEV-176225*
Clinical The Vault Welcome email for new Site Users does not display the header image correctly. DEV-176330*
Clinical Some newer CTMS vaults are missing Monitoring Oversight metadata. DEV-176607*
Clinical In the FTP client, archived Clinical FTP Loader files have timestamps in milliseconds. DEV-176629*
Clinical The EDL Hierarchical Viewer does not display a Disabled icon on fields which a user does not have permission to view. DEV-176738*
Clinical Vault allows a CRA user to edit responses in a trip report in a locked state. DEV-176931*
Clinical In some cases, Vault welcome emails to Site Users are missing Custom Logos. DEV-177107*
Clinical After a user clicks the Show in Library link from the Matched Documents section of an Expected Document object record, Vault displays an error when the user attempts to navigate back to the Expected Document record. DEV-177158*
Clinical When using Kanji or other languages, CTMS tabs aren’t translated. DEV-177363
Clinical In some cases, the expiration_date__c token does display in notification messages. DEV-177597
Clinical Vault welcome emails to Site Users do not have the default Vault logo when the vault configuration is set to use the default Vault logo. DEV-177613*
Clinical The Complete Status column (Harvey Ball) in an EDL object does not display next to the EDL name. DEV-178265*
Clinical When initiating a Multisite Document Distribution, Vault displays inactive application roles in the role drop-down. DEV-178650*
Commercial User can still click Save to edit their Brand Portal homepage, even when the user did not make any changes. DEV-176579*
Developer Features Running VQL queries with constraints returns inconsistent results. DEV-158942
Developer Features The performance of the Create Multiple Documents API decreased significantly in v17.3+. DEV-172173*
Developer Features Uploading a new document version through the API does not save text in the description__v field. DEV-173737
Developer Features When creating a user from the API, if the license_type__v value in the app_licensing parameter is invalid, Vault does not fix this automatically. DEV-174562*
Developer Features The Import Package and Retrieve Package Deploy Results API responses changed in all versions of the API. This change is now properly versioned to only affect v18.1. DEV-175594*
Developer Features When attempting to change a binder’s lifecycle state that is in a workflow via the API, and the state includes a Binder Content Not in Workflow entry criteria , users receive an “An unexpected error has occurred” message. DEV-176122*
Developer Features We’ve updated the API error message that occurs when users attempt to create a controlled document template with the same name as an existing template. DEV-176716*
Developer Features Incorrect error message displays in API response when a user creates a Controlled Document Template DEV-177482*
Developer Features The enable_esginature attribute displayed in previous versions of the API DEV-178928*
Documents When a user selects 250 object records in a document object reference field, Vault only saves the first 200 selected object records in the field. DEV-166736*
Documents Vault doesn’t merge some fields when users create a document from a template. DEV-169153
Documents When Generate bookmarks based on Table of Contents and Lists of Figures is enabled and a user clicks a bookmark, the page jumps to the middle of the selected title. DEV-169234
Documents Users without Edit permission on Document Types are unable to see custom rendition types in the Document Type dialog. DEV-169555
Documents Users with correct permissions are unable edit the document Description field. DEV-171725
Documents In some cases, the Quick Look dialog in Brand Portal appears behind the documents in the Library. DEV-172716*
Documents When the source vault in a CrossLink relationship is in migration mode, the document in the CrossLink vault is not bound to the latest source document version. DEV-172795
Documents Image fields are exposed when creating lookup fields. DEV-175635*
Documents When deleting a document with the Power Delete permission, Vault only deletes document references which that user has access. DEV-175672
Documents Some document File Names include special characters, such as “%”, when the source file did not include these characters in the file name. DEV-175880
Documents OCR is not currently supported for multi-page Tagged Image File Format (TIF, TIFF) documents. DEV-176414*
Documents When comparing document versions, Vault does not highlight changes unless the user is viewing the document in Annotate mode. DEV-176451
Documents When users select the Make a Copy action on a video file and select only the Copy content or Copy fields checkbox, the video fails to load. DEV-176460*
Documents After a user clicks Cancel during login, Vault File Manager may redirect the user to an unexpected screen. DEV-176486*
Documents When users click the Show In Library link from the Matched Documents section of an EDL Item object record to export the documents via a bulk action, the documents on the Refine Selection page don’t match the Matched Documents. DEV-177255
Documents Link to content is enabled when edit relationship permission is disabled DEV-177447*
Documents When a user lacks Edit Relationship permission, that user is still able to click delete button on his own link annotations, which causes server error DEV-177449*
Documents w\When users click the delete button from the attachment version history dialog, it causes an error message. DEV-177452*
Documents In some cases, Binder sections disappear when customers up-versions a binder. DEV-177780
Documents In some cases, when a User Action fails, Vault returns a generic error without details on why the failure occurred. DEV-178432*
Documents In some cases, some document fields aren’t updated when the related object is updated. DEV-178825
Documents Ability to “Add Document Level Comments” missing from tooltip on Security Settings label for Annotate. DEV-47334*
Lifecycle & Workflow In some cases, the user’s verdict does not display on the timeline view nor on the Audit Trail after completing a task. DEV-134380*
Lifecycle & Workflow Entry criteria only checks the first 1,000 records, ignoring any records beyond 1,000. Vault now shows an appropriate error message if the number of records exceeds 1,000. DEV-173043
Lifecycle & Workflow Adding a participant to a workflow displays as User Name: System in the document audit trail. DEV-175433*
Lifecycle & Workflow Users can delete picklist values even if the value is in use through a conditional entry action. DEV-175601*
Lifecycle & Workflow When using the Add Participants action to add participants to an active object workflow via the API, a user is able to assign tasks to users who are in the correct roles. DEV-176254*
Lifecycle & Workflow When users Add Participants to an active object workflow that includes Sharing Settings, the Reassign Task dialog shows incorrect users in the drop-down list. DEV-176263*
Lifecycle & Workflow Users receive a server error when attempting to Add Participants to an active object workflow if the participant group includes only groups and not individual users. DEV-176402*
Lifecycle & Workflow We’ve updated the Add Participant dialog for object workflows so that users cannot click the Submit button until fields are populated. DEV-176516*
Lifecycle & Workflow Admins can configure Create Related Document or Binder user and entry actions referencing standard (__vs) relationships. DEV-176630*
Lifecycle & Workflow In some cases, existing Web Actions are not displayed on the Web Actions page. DEV-176696
Lifecycle & Workflow When adding a group to an active object workflow with the Add Participants action, Vault records the users and the task as “null” in the document audit trail. DEV-176899*
Lifecycle & Workflow In an object workflow, the Start dialog, Add Participants dialog, and Reassign Task dialog all use the current workflow configuration, rather than the workflow version that was started for the object record. DEV-176909*, DEV-176994*
Lifecycle & Workflow Users are able select Add Participants or Cancel Workflow for object workflows that have been canceled or completed by other users. DEV-176959*
Lifecycle & Workflow Users receive a server error when adding a read-only user to an active object workflow through the Add Participant action. DEV-177048*
Lifecycle & Workflow Users receive a server error when attempting to Add Participants to an active object workflow when the a role is empty. DEV-177177*
Lifecycle & Workflow After starting an object workflow, the Add Participant workflow action is available to API users but does not have a label. DEV-177189*
Lifecycle & Workflow In some cases, Vault displays a workflow completed message when a workflow fails. DEV-178211
Lifecycle & Workflow In some cases, customer workflows stop working and have to be deleted. DEV-178885*
Lifecycle & Workflow Original user receiving Task Reminder Notifications after a Workflow Task was completed by the delegated user DEV-179278
Localization View Link button shows the wrong Japanese translation. DEV-165696*
Localization After an Admin deselects the Edit localized labels for {language] checkbox for a user, Vault continues to display localized labels to that user in Admin. DEV-176030
Localization Vault does not include translations for the Completeness Status field on the Expected Document object in Clinical Operations vaults. DEV-176615*
Localization The Japanese translation is incorrect for the Undo Acceptance link on accepted workflow tasks. DEV-176827*
Localization Report Type translations are missing on the Reports tab. DEV-177215*
Multichannel When viewing an Email Preview on an IPad, the preview does not have a device border around the preview. DEV-178361*
Objects Users receive a server error when they enter an invalid field name in the Edit Formula of Default Value dialog and click Validate. DEV-171518*
Objects If the Formula Fields Minimum Value and Maximum Value reference another object, they appear as null. DEV-174343*
Objects Vault does not enforce the Maximum Length setting on formula fields. DEV-174357*
Objects When creating a formula field, the Text(Number/Date, Format) causes a server error. DEV-174447*
Objects Formula Fields don’t show their value in the record creation page if the Formula Field value is static. For example, a Formula Field with the expression today(). DEV-175449*
Objects Users can delete objects that have configured jobs. DEV-175520*
Objects Icon field values do not display in the Search dialog when selecting an object in an object reference field. DEV-175903*
Objects The Preview button for VQL criteria causes a server error for the standard User Role Setup object type. DEV-176056*
Objects Object field formulas that reference picklist fields on related records do not evaluate correctly. DEV-176282*
Objects If there is a column for a formula field, Vault may populate formula fields on records of an object type that does not include the formula field. DEV-176669*
Objects In some cases, users receive server errors when attempting to create a parent object record from a related section of a child object record. DEV-176806*
Objects In some cases, object records don’t display in Business Admin list view.. DEV-177127*
Objects Formula field values may not display in custom object tab list views when a field referenced in the formula is hidden. DEV-177129*
Objects Users receive a server error after clicking the Show in Tab link for related object records. DEV-177149
Objects Vault may not display some record icons in an object record list view. DEV-177203*
Objects When using inline editing on a formula field with an excluded field value, Vault still populates the field. DEV-177361*
Objects Yes/No fields displays vertically instead of horizontally on object record page layouts. DEV-177691*
Objects Adding a second parent object field to a complex join object causes a server error. DEV-177817*
Objects When using the User action View Expected Documents for Milestones, the page refreshes and the viewer does not display the EDL. DEV-177819
Objects When using Formula Builder, users cannot select fields of different relationships pointing the same object DEV-178157*
Objects Vault displays number field values without commas on an object record details page. DEV-178527*
Objects Users receive a server error when creating a lookup user reference field DEV-178935*
Objects The Create button doesn’t display when there is only one creatable object type in the related section and the user has no edit permission DEV-179289*
Performance & UI Tabular View layout is slow to load. DEV-153810*
Performance & UI The Create Menu is slow to load. DEV-159393*
Performance & UI In some vaults, Vault may be slow to load the Entry and User Actions and Entry Criteria configuration associated with a lifecycle state. DEV-172028
Performance & UI Exporting a report to PDF takes a long time. DEV-172349*
Performance & UI The help tooltip for dashboard permissions references reports, not dashboards. DEV-174335*
Performance & UI Vault Selector’s loading icon is misaligned. DEV-174791*
Performance & UI In the Japanese UI, the “フィールドの編集” button in Step 2 of Bulk Actions is not clickable. DEV-175471
Performance & UI The Lock icon does not have a tooltip. DEV-175525*
Performance & UI When initiating a SubmissionsArchive import, the dialogue box which allows users to attach a file takes too long to load. DEV-175817
Performance & UI Extracting bookmarks takes too long. DEV-175857*
Performance & UI Document relationship reports, both Source with Target and Target with Source, run too slowly. DEV-175869
Performance & UI Vault takes a long time to import Submissions via FTP. Vault also takes a long time to remove those Submissions. DEV-176172
Performance & UI Vault notification emails may not display images correctly. DEV-176557*
Performance & UI When filling a object lookup field, the performance is very slow if the field is multi-select and uses Dynamic Reference Constraints. DEV-176756*
Performance & UI Vault does not fully display Help Text in the eSignature dialog box. DEV-177056
Performance & UI We’ve updated messages in the Add Workflow Participant dialog box for object workflows. DEV-177106*
Performance & UI In some cases, when the Vault language is changed for a domain, Vault doesn’t properly translate Tabs for all vaults in the domain. DEV-177193*
Performance & UI In some vaults, the Release Notes link on the Help page within Vault leads to the incorrect page DEV-177702*
Quality Vault does not display the correct data if a user includes angled brackets (< or >) in a field value. DEV-176571
Quality In some newer vaults, QMS component types are not deployed. DEV-177131*
Quality In some cases, the Check Sibling Record entry action fails when a record does not meet the field requirement. DEV-177948*
Quality In the QC Task of a QC workflow, the Due Date is not assigned a value of ‘Due Date’ so no workflow task due date is populated or assigned DEV-178264
Quality In some cases, customers receive an error message when trying to reject a Document Change Request from the ‘Open’ state DEV-178311*
Reporting When users navigate to an object report from a Dashboard and drill down to an object record, the breadcrumb link on the object record detail page says Back to Report instead of Back to Dashboard. DEV-172610*
Reporting The Flash Report dialog does not show the current user’s local time. DEV-174189*
Reporting Selecting the Audit Trail action in the report viewer does nothing. DEV-174286*
Reporting Vault does not confirm that a user hasn’t exceeded the maximum number of scheduled reports when a user scheduling a report. DEV-174427*
Reporting The name of a copied report is applied to the original report before the copy is saved. DEV-175123*
Reporting Users can delete document subtypes even if they’re used as a static report filter. DEV-175135*
Reporting Flash Report migration fails if report’s name (such as myreport__c) changes after scheduling. DEV-175360*
Reporting Users can create reports with the Report Object as the report type. DEV-175390*
Reporting The bulk document action is missing from the report Actions menu in preview mode. DEV-175556*
Reporting Vault does not filter reports when the filter references a formula object field on the up object. DEV-176384*
Reporting Vault may not apply filters based on formula fields or relationships on reports correctly. DEV-176385*
Reporting Reports may fail to run if a formula field references a field with a different Maximum Length than the formula field. DEV-176463
Reporting Users can sort their Reports by the Is Shared and Scheduled columns. DEV-176559*
Reporting When a user runs a report, drills down to a document, and updates the document title, Vault does not display the updated title when the report is opened again. DEV-176715*
Reporting Users are unable to copy a report they created after they log out and then log back into Vault. DEV-177026*
Reporting When creating a report for a report type using a primary object with an up object, if a user filters on a formula field of the up object, Vault doesn’t apply the filter to the report. DEV-177159*
Reporting After a user creates a dashboard and drills down to a report from the dashboard viewer, the Actions menu on the report doesn’t load. DEV-177166*
Reporting Vault returns blank reports if a user edits columns and selects a formula field of type Date when creating and running an object report. DEV-177167*
Reporting After navigating to an object record from a Workflow with Object report, clicking Workflow Timeline view navigates the user to the home page. DEV-177168*
Reporting Customer receive a network error and the Action menu does not load when adding fields as columns to reports. DEV-177442*
Reporting When users copy and save a report, then drill down into any report, the copy will be exported instead. DEV-177463*
Reporting Users receive an error when attempting to delete a report from a dashboard. DEV-177466*
Reporting In some cases, recently viewed reports don’t display in the reports tab after saving a copied report. DEV-177644*
Reporting When scheduling a flash report from the viewer, the flash icon does not display and an error occurred when attempting to open the schedule dialog again. DEV-177904*
Reporting Recent objects aren’t sorted by DocLastViewed from the Reports tab. DEV-179588*
RIM Users with the “SubmissionsArchive” security profile cannot import submissions DEV-164882*
RIM If the “Match EDL Items to Documents” job is active and the “Enable document migration” setting is off, the Create Binder action fails in some RIM vaults. DEV-166595*
RIM When a user exports a Content Plan or Content Plan Item, and there are no matched documents or the user does not have view permission on such documents, the summary file has only a header row. There are no error messages. DEV-167202*
RIM In some Submissions, the Submissions Archive Viewer tab may display sections out of order or with incorrect titles and formatting. DEV-168343*, DEV-169127*
RIM The Submissions Archive Viewer may truncate section titles unnecessarily. DEV-168358*
RIM The Submissions Archive Viewer displays section Names with mixed capitalization. DEV-168818*
RIM On the Select Registered Details page of the Manage Registered Detail wizard, when users click the question mark icon next to the Country field, the dialog appears blank except for a Learn More link. DEV-171204*
RIM Vault will not create a Registered Clinical Study record via the Manage Registered Details wizard if the referenced Submission Clinical Study record has no associated Site. DEV-171216*
RIM When promoting a vault to RIM Submissions, the Registered Drug Product lifecycle configuration changes, and the lifecycle and becomes inactive. DEV-171459*
RIM When using bulk Submission export, the column order in the CSV summary file does not match the column order of the Submission object’s list layout. DEV-172251*
RIM In some RIM vaults, when the User Profile language is set to Chinese, Vault doesn’t fully translate the Impact Assessment Report and Report Type. DEV-172709*
RIM Users cannot set the standard field archive_sections__v to active or inactive. DEV-173859*
RIM In RIM Maintenance > Extract, “type-ahead” searching for field values does not work. DEV-175183*
RIM Submission owners cannot see the submission record if Enable Custom Sharing Rules is selected. DEV-175396*
RIM When a user initiates Copy from Content Plan, Vault does not create Submission Clinical Study records. DEV-175838*
RIM When users without the Vault Owner security profile attempt to publish a Matched Document, Vault creates a placeholder document and sends an error notification. DEV-176250*
RIM When the Vault Base Language and the User Profile Language are set to Chinese, Vault doesn’t translate new lifecycle states for the SubmissionsArchive lifecycle. DEV-176587*
RIM When bulk creating Investigational Registrations, Vault does not populate the Lead Investigator field on the Study Details page. DEV-176989*
RIM When users perform a second Initial Load of the same version of the MedDRA dictionary, the success numbers in the Vault notification are incorrect. DEV-177219*
RIM Customers receive a COMPLETED_WITH_ERROR message when running a Manage Registered Details job. DEV-177431*
RIM In some cases, an imported Submission does not display properly in Viewer. DEV-177764
RIM In some cases, running a report action in RIM causes a server error. DEV-177820
RIM When a user adds a Correspondence document based on an Applications field, the Submissions field is populated on the exported summary report in error. DEV-178922*
Security Some Vault forms are vulnerable to Web Parameter Tampering attacks. DEV-168304*
* Internally found defects filed during the development of Limited Release features.